Director of Operations / Production Manager

Join a vibrant opera training program and lifelong music learning institute as a key member of the management team. Position: Director of Operations / Production Manager Reporting to: General Director Location: Eureka Springs, Arkansas Opera in the Ozarks is seeking a skilled, highly motivated and detail oriented individual to join the team as a Director of Operations / Production Manager. The ideal teammate will have the demonstrated ability to provide facilities management, speci...
Tags: Art, Jobs, United States, Arkansas, Broadway, Operations, Nwa, Ozarks, Fayetteville, Northwest Arkansas, University of Arkansas, Walton Arts Center, OPERA America, Eureka Springs, Beaver Lake, Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge

Inside the 2021 Cadillac Escalade

Design that reflects the fact that customers now buy cars from the inside out The 2021 Cadillac Escalade has arrived and the evolutions in both its exterior and interior design are likely to please fans. Elements of the brand’s Escala concept car from 2017 have taken root—the large curved OLED display and interior touches like fabric, for example. When we published a series on that concept, …
Tags: Auto, Design, Interviews, Cars, Automotive, Automobiles, Interiors, SUVs, Cadillac, Cadillac Escalade, Escalade, Car Design, Escala, Auto Design, 2021 Escalade

Inclusively designed washing machine that takes a new ‘angle’ on doing laundry

Taking everyday home appliances and turning them into inclusive design products is an art and the world needs more of it! While most kitchen appliances have become smarter, tasks like vacuuming the house or doing laundry, require the user to be completely able which makes a lot of people dependent on others. Slip Wash is a concept design for a laundry machine that aims to solve this issue and make independent living possible for wheelchair users.The usual washing machine takes up more space with...
Tags: Home, Design, Technology, Lifestyle, Appliances, Washing Machine, Bathroom, Product Design, Inclusive Design, Clothes Washing, Inclusive/Special Needs, Inclusive Product

Metropolitan Opera: Director, Sponsorship and Corporate Relations

Position Summary The Director of Sponsorship and Corporate Partnerships will lead a refocus on the corporate sector, generating a list of new high-level prospects, creating engagement strategies and actively working on cultivation and solicitation. We are seeking a highly organized and detail-oriented individual who exhibits a stellar sense of diplomacy and tact and a love of hosting and entertaining prospects. The ideal candidate will exhibit excellent oral, written, and computer skills,...
Tags: Art, Jobs, Corporate Partnerships, Lincoln Center Corporate Fund Ensure, Lincoln Center Corporate Fund Entertain

Video: Roger Bart Performs 'It Works!' from BACK TO THE FUTURE The Musical

Get a sneak peek of Roger Bart as Doc Brown in Back to the Future the Musical as he performs, 'It Works' a triumphant ode to scientific success. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, BWW News Desk, Roger Bart

VIDEO: Josh Gad Shares His Reading Tradition With TODAY SHOW

Josh Gad from the movie aoeFrozena shares his love of reading. See Gad's Olaf, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven and Anna impersonations on 'Open Book' with TODAY's Jenna Bush Hager. [Author: Stage Tube]
Tags: Theatre, Anna, Josh Gad, Gad, Jenna Bush Hager, Stage Tube, Olaf Elsa Kristoff Sven

As Vienna Shifts Away From Car Mobility, A Car-Free IKEA Appears

It is difficult to imagine an IKEA designed to be accessed by foot. If you live in the US, your image of an IKEA may be like my Midwestern expectations of the furniture superstore: a massive, cubic building, set in the middle of a even larger parking lot, somewhere off of the highway, probably a 30-45 minute drive from the nearest big city. In Europe, however, things are a bit different and for the Austrian capital Vienna, most people living in the center city don't own a car. Which is why IKEA ...
Tags: Europe, UK, Design, US, Earth, Urbanism, Architecture, Vienna, Ikea, Sustainable Design, Querkraft Architekten, IKEA Vienna Westbahnhof

20200205c-d-e install with a drawing

[Author: Unknown]
Tags: Design, Unknown

Design Job: Double Down on Your Career as an Industrial Designer at Blackjack Lighting in Buffalo Grove, IL

Blackjack Lighting, designs and produces creative modern lighting for commercial and residential spaces. Located in Buffalo Grove, IL, our company offers a collaborative, design oriented environment with opportunities to grow. The company was founded by Stephen Blackman, a veteran industrial designer who specializes in developing decorative lighting for consumer and architectural environments. LED light sources and new control technologies are revolutionizing the lighting industry. Blackjack Li...
Tags: Design, Jobs, Buffalo Grove IL, Blackjack Lighting in Buffalo Grove IL, Stephen Blackman

Hell in a Handbasket: Budweiser Now Printing Labels Backwards, for Legibility in Selfies

Here are three rings of a Venn diagram:- A company solving its own problems, not yours- Dumb design- Relying on end users' vanity for free promotion*Right at the intersection of this: "Budweiser's new #SelfieBud, a special edition bottle featuring a backwards label, designed to be compatible with selfie mode on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok and WeChat."Then again, maybe the third ring could be retitled as below.Dammit, I might be the dummy here.
Tags: Design, Budweiser, Packaging, Instagram Facebook Snapchat TikTok

Ruin a Classic Design Book Title by Adding One Word

There's a fairly funny meme going around started by Jimmy Fallon called #AddaWordRuinABook. It's similar to those wordplay contests periodically held by The New Yorker, and here are some examples: I can't top any of those, but I thought I'd at least give the treatment to design books--those classic tomes that we either bought in school or read to keep up after we joined the workforce. Here we go:- Architecture: Form, Space Aliens & Order- The Art Carney of Innovation- Cradle to Charg...
Tags: Design, Jimmy Fallon, Kenya, Carney, Ideo, William McDonough, Design Business, Don Norman, Bill Moggridge, Development Hell Universal Studios Principles, Francis D K Ching, Tom Kelley Cradle, Michael Braungart, Yoshiharu Shimizu, Dick Powell Product Design and Development, Karl Ulrich Steven Eppinger

Pilot's Bottle-2-Pen (B2P) is Made From Recycled Water Bottles

Japan-based writing utensil manufacturer Pilot struck upon a cool idea: Why not make pens out of recycled water bottles? Their resultant B2P (Bottle-2-Pen) units come in both gel and ink varieties, made from 89% and 86% recycled plastic bottles, respectively. And they've designed the pens to visually evoke water bottles as well:There's no mention of the pens being recyclable a second time, but they are refillable.A 5-pack of the ink variety is six bucks and change, while the gel 5-packs run clos...
Tags: Japan, Design, Sustainable Design, Sketching, Pen B2P

Tag Yourself in This Epic New Star Wars Poster

I’m Han Solo in the trash compactor!
Tags: Art, Star Wars, Science, Posters, This Is Awesome, Mondo, Scott C, Scott Campbell, A New Hope

Center Theatre Group to Dim Lights for Kirk Douglas

This evening. Center Theatre Group will dim its lights in honor of screen legend and philanthropist Kirk Douglas who passed away today, February 5, 2020. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Kirk Douglas, BWW News Desk, Center Theatre Group


The creator and star of 'Latin History for Morons,' available now on Netflix and Audible, has been following the Democratic primary race very closely and has determined that caucus size matters. [Author: Stage Tube]
Tags: Stephen Colbert, Theatre, Netflix, Stage Tube, John Leguizamo Talks Caucus

Live Drawing Live - my results and conclusions

I have to say Life Drawing Live flew by yesterday and the two hours were up in not time at all. You can see my results below with some quickie comments from me. Live Drawing Live - The... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
Tags: Art, Making A Mark

Actor Kirk Douglas, 103

“[His] distinctive cleft chin, raspy voice and highly charged dramatic energy whose starring roles in Spartacus, Lust For Life, Champion, Ace in the Hole and Paths of Glory helped him become one of Hollywood’s foremost leading men and enduring stars.” – The Washington Post
Tags: Art, Hollywood, People, Kirk Douglas, 02.05.20

Teenage Engineering x IKEA's Frekvens...

Teenage Engineering x IKEA's Frekvens collection of modular electronics is just arriving in stores... and they have celebrated the launch with a lot of 3D printable frekvens hacks! (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
Tags: Design, Ikea, Submitted, FREKVENS

Italian Couple Restores Stone Medieval Village as a Home, for Just 25,000 Euros

We've all seen our share of home renovations on TV, but you've never seen anything like this. In the Italian countryside lay a ruined, ancient village known as Ghesio, first settled in Roman times and built up in the medieval era. Abandoned sometime in the 19th century, nature reclaimed it. In recent years, a fellow named Maurizio Cesprini and his partner Paola Gardin, an architect, decided to take it back and live there. Kirsten Dirksen of Fair Companies captured some incredible footage of the ...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Sustainable Design, Kirsten Dirksen, Gardin, Ghesio, Maurizio Cesprini, Paola Gardin, Cesprini, Ghesio Cesprini

A bamboo and aluminum hi-def speaker that sounds as good as it looks

With an aesthetic that melds Japanese and French aesthetics together, the iFi Aurora is a hi-fi speaker that literally looks like it’s levitating off the surface of the table or mantelpiece it’s kept on. The audio unit is clad in a casing made of bamboo, with slatted strips around its periphery, adding contrast while also creating what one would perceive to be the grill for the speaker’s 8 drivers. The speaker is lifted using a pyramid-shaped aluminum frame that helps demarcate Aurora’s contro...
Tags: Music, Design, Audio, Speakers, Luxury, Product Design, Aurora, High Definition, Ifi Audio, Hi-fi Sound System, Julien Haziza

Photo Flash: See Skylar Astin, Alex Newell, Lauren Graham & More at a Singalong Party for ZOEY'S EXTRAORDINARY PLAYLIST!

The cast of NBC's new series 'Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist,' including Jane Levy, Skylar Astin, Alex Newell, John Clarence Stewart, Peter Gallagher and Lauren Graham, hosted an intimate sing-along party on Tuesday, Feb. 4, at Tramp Stamp Granny's in Los Angeles. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Nbc, Theatre, Los Angeles, Lauren Graham, BWW News Desk, Skylar Astin Alex Newell Lauren Graham, Singalong Party, Tramp Stamp Granny

Kirk Douglas Dies at 103

BroadwayWorld is saddened to report on the passing of the legendary Kirk Douglas, who died today at age 103. [Author: TV News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Kirk Douglas, TV News Desk

What Ails The BBC

“The BBC needs more than simply defending in its current state, as if any criticism will render it only more helpless in the face of a hostile government. If the BBC is to survive the mid-term review of the Royal Charter in 2022, let alone charter renewal in 2027, it will have to face up to its faults and make some radical changes without giving ground to some of the more specious claims of its opponents.” – London Review of Books
Tags: Art, Media, Bbc, Royal Charter, 01.23.20

Barnes & Noble’s Blackface Celebration Of Black History Month

“Seriously. To honor black people, they decided to showcase a selection of white-centered literary tomes. But, instead of acknowledging that the books were written by white people who wrote about white people, these genius marketers simply slapped a diverse selection of black faces on the books’ covers.” – The Root
Tags: Art, Words, Barnes, 02.05.20

Chad Burris Will Join MEAN GIRLS on Broadway as Damian

BroadwayWorld has just learned that Chad Burris will step into the role of Damian Hubbard in Mean Girls on Broadway, beginning March 10. Burris, who currently stars as Olaf in Frozen, takes over for Tony nominee Grey Henson, who plays his final performance on March 8. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, Tony, BroadwayWorld, Olaf, Burris, Damian, Grey Henson, BWW News Desk, Chad Burris, Damian Hubbard

Podcast: BroadwayRadio's 'Tell Me More' Chats with Eden Espinosa about Unplanned Concerts, Fighting for LEMPICKA

On today's episode of 'Tell Me More,' Matt Tamanini talks to one of his favorite Bradway performers, Eden Espinosa. Whether you were first exposed to her via the original, live cast album for the musical 'Brooklyn,' you saw her as Elphaba in 'Wicked' on Broadway, you have her albums 'Look Around' and 'Revelation' in heavy rotation on your streaming service of choice, you know her as the voice of Cassandra on the Disney animated 'Tangled' series, you saw her touring the country as Trina in 'False...
Tags: Theatre, Brooklyn, Broadway, Cassandra, Trina, Eden Espinosa, Elphaba, Matt Tamanini, Bradway, BroadwayRadio

AO Auction Recap – London: Impressionist, Modern and Surrealist Sales, February 4th-5th, 2020

Tamara de Lempicka, Portrait de Marjorie Ferry (1932), final price: £16,280,000, via Christie’s With the UK now into its first days of Brexit, attention turned to London this week for a string of Impressionist, Modern and Surrealist Sales that looked to take the first test of the market.  Considering the results this week, a path forward seems uneasy […]
Tags: Art, UK, London, Show, Brexit, Art News, Featured Post, Christie, Auction Results, AO Auction Recap, Tamara de Lempicka Portrait de Marjorie

Pioneering Immersive Artist Lucio Fontana at LA’s Hauser & Wirth

Timeless experiential artworks from the avant-garde Italian artist Installation art isn’t new, though it’s perhaps been garnering more attention over the past few decades, as technology rapidly improves and expands. Light and Space artists have been concerned with the transformation of physical environments since the 1960s, tapping into a centuries-old practice through inventive uses of glass, neon lighting, and various other techniques and materials. One …
Tags: Art, Design, Interviews, La, Los Angeles, Culture, Exhibitions, Galleries, Art Shows, Hauser And Wirth, Hauser, Wirth, Lucio Fontana, Art Exhibitions, Immersive Art

Rembarrassment, Nitwhoppering, Lenniness and More Newly Defined Emotions

After recognizing that society has long-embraced the belief that there is a finite—even minuscule—number of basic human emotions, the editorial team at The Cut has introduced 78 new complex emotions based on the idea that if you can say it, you can feel it. As the brain loves concepts and classifications, words like FOMO and hangxiety have found a place in our vernacular. The Cut’s …
Tags: Psychology, Design, Culture, Language, Linguistics, Emotions, Linkaboutit, Fomo

Critic Philosopher George Steiner, 92

He was what many people call a human encyclopedia—not in the American sense, a blank vault of facts, but in the French Enlightenment one: a critical repository of significant knowledge. His long book reviews for this magazine, written over thirty years, from 1966 to 1997, were dotted with allusions of the kind that a naturally horizontal thinker couldn’t help but include. But they were never imposed or forced—his mind truly, on its way to Borges, passed through Sophocles and stopped for a...
Tags: Art, People, Sophocles, Borges, George Steiner, 02.05.20, Heidegger Steiner

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