This pill-shaped wardrobe comes with an mirror to give you instant escapism!

When you tell a child to draw a wardrobe, he will always make it in the shape of a rectangle. Even as an adult when I go out shopping for room furniture, I can say about 99% of the closets I see are rectangular. Orior made a simple switch to the shape and it’s got everyone thinking “Wow! I never imagined a pill-shaped wardrobe” which just goes to show how conditioned we are to live within the walls (or doors) or what we know. But Orior decided to shatter the notions of regular expectations by ad...
Tags: Home, Design, Living, Lifestyle, Furniture, Interiors, Vintage, Wardrobe, Product Design, Furniture Design, Closet, Furniture Style, Orior, Narnia Orior

This ecological public restroom is the future of public amenities!

Overlooking the River Miño and Deva in O Valińo, in Trado, Spain, is a unique structure or to be more specific, an ecological restroom. The location is a popular hiking route, which attracts a growing number of visitors, with a healthy population of local citizens residing there. In an attempt to meet their needs, MOL Arquitectura unveiled plans for these ecological restrooms. The aim was to create a space that complements the natural environment and merges seamlessly with it. A container create...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Mol, Deva, Green/Sustainable, Ecological Public Restroom, MOL Arquitectura, River Miño, Valińo, Trado Spain, Local FSC

Pricing a Pastel and Pastel Society Annual Exhibition Metrics

The annual exhibition by the Pastel Society is the largest exhibition of artwork in pastels and other dry media in the UK every year. The Pastel Society Private View I reviewed the exhibition... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
Tags: Art, UK, Pastel Society, Making A Mark, Pastel Society Annual Exhibition Metrics

Fosbury & Sons Transform a Landmark Building in Amsterdam into Contemporary Cowokring Spaces

Occupying an historical canal-side building in Amsterdam, Fosbury & Sons Prinsengracht is the first co-working location outside the company’s native Belgium.
Tags: Art, Amsterdam, Fosbury, Amsterdam Fosbury Sons Prinsengracht

How to 3D Print Something That Convincingly Looks Like Wood, Using Simple Hand Finishing Techniques

Justine Haupt, the polymath behind that killer rotary cell phone, has a lot of other tricks up her sleeve. On her projects page I found this concertina (an accordion relative) that she 3D printed, as you can tell by looking at it:However, the finished product rather convincingly resembles wood:So how'd she do it? In a nutshell, some 60-grit, stain, wood finish and (directional) elbow grease. You might be able to figure it out from there, but click here for details on her process. It's as simple ...
Tags: Design, Digital Fabrication, Justine Haupt

Visual Explorations and Experiments of Sneakers made in 3D

Visual Explorations and Experiments of Sneakers made in 3D AoiroStudioFeb 16, 2020 Sneakers! We love them, we collect them and why not create imaginative 3D models just like what David Padilla is doing through visual explorations and experiments. They are delightful, playful and purely creative through many styles of color palettes waiting to be devoured by our eyes. David does a tremendous job of giving his personal pieces, visual identities, and proper auth...
Tags: Design, David, David Padilla, Almería Spain, David Padilla David

New Bob Marley Musical GET UP, STAND UP is Headed to the West End in 2021

A new Bob Marley musical is headed to London's West End in 2021 [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: London, Theatre, Bob Marley, West End, BWW News Desk

Miniature Vases

Beautiful and unique vases created in tiny scale on miniature pottery wheel. Miniature ceramic and porcelain vases handcrafted by Almeda Pottery. Also check out: Transparent Vases
Tags: Design, Tech

Let’s Talk About This ‘Classical’ Architecture Thing, Strongmen, And Fascism

Dear United States, this isn’t new – but it is alarming. “For centuries, autocrats, authoritarians, and dictators have held a fascination with using architecture as a political tool to glorify their regimes, often while also dismissing modern architectural styles as lowbrow, cold, or weak. The current crop of far-right world leaders with authoritarian impulses is no different—and that now appears to include President Donald Trump.” – Slate
Tags: Art, United States, Issues, 02.14.20

Making Art So Big It Can’t Be Ignored

Jordan Casteel paints portraits – huge portraits. And that means something to her subjects. “‘I knew I wanted to use this opportunity to place my mom and I in the art historical canon,’ said Emmanuel Amoakohene, one of Ms. Casteel’s students, who posed with his mother in 2019. The scale of the radiant, seven-foot canvas, he said, ‘makes me feel like I matter.'” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Visual, Jordan Casteel, Casteel, 02.14.20, Emmanuel Amoakohene

David Byrne's AMERICAN UTOPIA Will Return to Broadway This Fall

David Byrne's American Utopia is headed back to Broadway this fall [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, David Byrne, BWW News Desk, American Utopia

Warm organic products for you and your pet to bond over!

Pets are an integral part of our lives, in fact, it’s safe to say that we share our lives, homes, and hearts with them. They’re always around us, while we sleep, eat, rest, watch TV, basically as we go about our daily lives. In an attempt to emphasize and encourage this connection between humans and their pets, designer Laia Fusté Cusó designed Cluc. Cluc is a collection of objects designed especially for cats, a series of products for them to play with and learn from. These products encourage i...
Tags: Design, Pets, Product Design, Pet Product, Cluc, Laia Fusté Cusó, Pet Furniture Collection, Cluc Cluc

Making Sense Of Through Tiny Nuggets Of Narrative

Tropes actually help us all make sense of the world (so writers, calm down; even trying to go against tropes is a trope of its own). Take a famous narrative of the late 1990s and early 2000s: “How do you make sense of something sprawling like Harry Potter? You divide it into digestible pieces. The Chosen One goes to a Wizarding School and forms a Power Trio. He’s opposed by the Evil Overlord who is Only Mostly Dead. The books get Darker and Edgier leading up to a Final Battle and a widely mocke...
Tags: Art, Ideas, Harry Potter, 02.14.20

Living At The Intersection Of Dance, Social Media, And Teenage Life

Who profits when a 14-year-old Black teenager creates a dance and shares it – and it goes viral? Not she.”TikTok, one of the biggest video apps in the world, has become synonymous with dance culture. Yet many of its most popular dances, including the Renegade, Holy Moly Donut Shop, the Mmmxneil and Cookie Shop have come from young black creators on myriad smaller apps.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Dance, Audience, 02.13.20, Intersection Of Dance Social Media, Renegade Holy Moly Donut Shop, Cookie Shop

DANCE CAPTAIN DANCE ATTACK: Ben is Rollin' with TINA's Leandra Ellis-Gaston!

In this latest episode, Ben is rollin' on the riverwith the choreography of Tinaand the help of Leandra Ellis-Gaston. Can you keep up [Author: Ben Cameron]
Tags: Theatre, Ben, Tina, Ben Cameron, Leandra Ellis Gaston, Leandra Ellis Gaston Can

When Plays Explore Trauma, Performers Bear The Brunt Of The Pain

Especially during fringe festivals, playwrights are often performers, and because of the pressure of budget and time, they’re exploring their own experiences and pain. “Rawness can make for heady theatre – it can be exhilarating – but it can also leave you worrying about the psychological implications, the emotional toll.” – The Stage (UK)
Tags: Art, Theatre, 02.14.20

Elizabeth Cullinan, Who Helped Redefine Irish American Literature, Has Died At 86

Cullinan was hired as a typist at The New Yorker when she was 22, but soon the magazine started publishing her stories as well. “Ms. Cullinan helped redefine Irish-American literature, veering away from the male tradition of ‘ward bosses and henchmen, larger-than-life political fixers, tavern social life and father-son relationships,’ Patricia Coughlan, who taught Irish literature at University College Cork, wrote in a 2017 essay in The Irish Times.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Cullinan, University College Cork, 02.14.20, Elizabeth Cullinan, Patricia Coughlan

Two Men Broke Into A London Bookshop Intending To Rob It, But Then They Found The Prosecco

They found no cash, but there was alcohol. “Front and back windows at Gay’s the Word, which became the UK’s first gay bookshop when it was opened in 1979 and which featured in the film Pride, were smashed last Sunday. But after ransacking the shop and drinking a bottle of tequila left on the premises after a member of staff’s birthday, the burglars were caught by police in the store’s kitchen drinking prosecco.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, UK, London, Words, 02.14.20

VIDEO: Sara Bareilles Reveals The Ingredients For WAITRESS Hit 'She Used To Be Mine'

Sara Bareilles is currently making her West End debut in WAITRESS, playing Jenna alongside Gavin Creel as Dr. Pomatter. On the show's Twitter account, Bareilles revealed some of the 'ingredients' that make up hit song 'She Used To Be Mine' in a new series called WaitressUnbaked - watch the video below [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Jenna, Sara Bareilles, Gavin Creel, BWW News Desk, Bareilles, Pomatter

AO On-Site – Los Angeles: Spring/Break LA at Skylight ROW DTLA, February 14th – 16th, 2020

Jonathan Paul Continuing its own intriguing and honed perspective on booth its surroundings in Los Angeles and on the model of the art fair, SPRING/BREAK has once again touched down in the City of Angels, launching a supplementary event that offers an ample supply of artists and galleries presenting in a concept that stands as a stark contrast to the traditional fair […]
Tags: Art, Los Angeles, Show, Art News, Featured Post, City Of Angels, Jonathan Paul

The Virginian Jackson Hole, a Borbay Neon Painting

Introducing, my latest neon painting — ‘The Virginian’ — an iconic beacon in the Jackson Hole skyline. But why The Virg? Why now? Well, you may have heard the property is on sale for a crisp $60,000,000 (the painting will be available for slightly less)… and, as it happens, the broker is friend, collector and …
Tags: Art, Real Estate, Process, Jackson Hole, Painting Process, Borbay, Neon, Neon Sign Painting, Neon Painting, Jackson Wyoming, How To Paint, Borbay Art, Mets, Radio City, Sign, Sign Art

Nedda Casei, Mezzo-Soprano Who Became A Labor Leader, Has Died At 87

Casei “in the 1960s and ’70s could be reliably heard as Suzuki, Maddalena, Lola and other bread-and-butter mezzo-soprano characters at the Metropolitan Opera before transforming herself into a pathbreaking labor leader.” She performed at the Met for 20 years, starting with Maddalena in Rigoletto and ending as Larina in Eugene Onegin. Then she became president of the American Guild of Musical Artists – and she was a transformational labor leader for the performers’ union. – The New York Times ...
Tags: Art, People, American Guild of Musical Artists, Eugene Onegin, Maddalena, Larina, 02.15.20, Nedda Casei Mezzo Soprano, Casei, Suzuki Maddalena Lola

Checking In On (What’s Left Of) This Professional Writers Organization

After massive fallout from accusations of racism and pandering to a small (possibly racist) publisher, Nora Roberts weighing in on the homophobia of the organization, Twitter-led discoveries of years of lies and ignoring actual ethics violations, and numerous chapters resigning their memberships, you’d think things might be changing, but the Romance Writers of America continues to face consequences: The entire board (some of whom had been appointed by a president-elect at the center of the cont...
Tags: Art, Words, Nora Roberts, Romance Writers of America, 02.13.20

Can The Worldwide Vinyl Boom Recover From The Apollo Factory Fire?

A billion dollar industry dependent on one factory in California? That’s physical manufacturing, so perhaps not. The factory, where 75 percent of the world’s blank lacquers were made, burned in early February. “Pressing plants and mastering engineers are assessing the future. Some have expressed fear that the fire will disrupt the global production of new album releases and slow the seemingly endless supply of reissues that major labels churn out.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Music, California, Los Angeles, 02.14.20

BWW TV Exclusive: Watch Danielle Steers Perform The Title Track From Her Debut Album!

SIX and BAT OUT OF HELL star Danielle Steers has announced the release of her debut album-and BroadwayWorld has an exclusive sneak peek of Steers performing a song from it in the video below [Author: BroadwayWorld UK TV]
Tags: Theatre, BroadwayWorld UK TV, Danielle Steers

Historic Uzbekistan theatre under threat from developers

The independent Ilkhom theatre in Tashkent opened under Soviet rule in 1976A cherished independent theatre in Uzbekistan is fighting eviction after real-estate developers in the booming capital selected its historic location for a new business centre.The Ilkhom theatre of Mark Weil, which has provided a rare venue for experimental theatre and culture in Tashkent since the Soviet era, says it could be forced out of its home for up to two years because of renovations required by a new building own...
Tags: Theatre, Communities, Society, World news, Culture, South and Central Asia, Heritage, Stage, Uzbekistan, Regeneration, Tashkent, Mark Weil

A.E. Hotchner, Writer And Co-Founder Of Newman’s Own, Has Died At 102

Hotchner was “a novelist, playwright, biographer, literary bon vivant and philanthropist whose life was shaped and colored by close friendships with two extraordinarily gifted and well-known men, Ernest Hemingway and Paul Newman.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Ernest Hemingway, Newman, Paul Newman, Hotchner, 02.15.20

Sheldon Theatre (Red Wing MN) seeks Executive & Artistic Director

Seeking a visionary leader to advance the Sheldon’s mission to entertain, educate, and enlighten the community and its visitors through the transformative power of the performing arts in this beautiful Minnesota town on the Mississippi. Executive & Artistic Director, Sheldon Theatre The City of Red Wing and the Sheldon Theatre Board of Directors seek a visionary leader to advance the Sheldon’s mission to entertain, educate, and enlighten the community and its visitors through the ...
Tags: Art, Jobs, Minnesota, Mississippi, Microsoft, Minneapolis, City, City Council, Board, Sheldon, Red Wing, Memorial Park, Red Wing Shoes, Red Wing Stoneware, Sheldon Theatre Red Wing MN, City of Red Wing

Think Fan Fic Is New?

Nope. Take a look at this Gulliver’s Travels (yes, Gulliver’s Travels) fanfic. “In the 18th century, as now, fan fiction was usually more explicitly sexual than its source material.” Oh. – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Words, 02.14.20

The New York Public Library Is Turning 125, And Here Are Its 125 Most Favorite Books

“The list is full of classics, of course, but it’s also got a few refreshing surprises in there.” – LitHub
Tags: Art, Words, New York Public Library, 02.14.20

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