Changing seasons are the inspiration behind this vintage-esque typewriter!

The number of people who opt for laptops over desktops has been increasing by the day. Not everyone prefers keyboards, but they are essentially useful for people who tend to type a lot on a daily basis such as writers, journalists and etc. We’ve seen a lot of innovative portable keyboard designs over the years, however, Lofree’s Four Seasons Keyboard is an ode to the past. Inspired by quintessential typewriters, the Lofree Four Seasons is a retro-esque mechanical keyboard. As the product’s name ...
Tags: Apple, Design, Technology, Keyboard, Product Design, Lofree, Lofree Four Seasons, Lofree Four Seasons Keyboard, Hibernal Black, Aestival Blue, Vernal White

BWW Review: Ivo van Hove's Alarmingly Charmless WEST SIDE STORY

Dear kindly Ivo van Hove,I often like your work,But when you stage revivalsYour concepts go berserk.Your symbolism's clunky,Your edits are too thick.West Side Story doesn't need your schtick. [Author: Michael Dale]
Tags: Theatre, Ivo van Hove, West Side Story, Michael Dale

Pop-Up Book Celebrating the Design of Immersive Sega Arcade Game Cabinets from the 1980s

In the videogame arcades of the '80s, the rank-and-file games were pushed up against the wall. But in the middle of the room were the special ones--larger, immersive cabinets that you climbed into, paying 50 cents rather than 25 for the privilege. For an extra quarter you got to sit in a cockpit, in a driver's seat or on a superbike.In the early 1980s, Yu Suzuki, a young videogame developer working at SEGA developed a series of groundbreaking arcade games – physically impressive, custom-built ca...
Tags: UK, Design, Sega, Object Culture, Yu Suzuki, Darren Wall

Pensa Tackles Aluminum Luggage Redesign for Zero Halliburton

Erle P. Halliburton wasn't an industrial designer, but he was both an industrialist and a designer. In the 1930s he traveled to various oil fields in America, implementing the new method of oil well cementing he'd invented; the frequent travel led him to design his own suitcase, which was made from a then-newfangled material called aluminum.The suitcases caught on, and in 1938 Halliburton launched his own company to produce them. Movie star Marlene Dietrich was a fan, and either Halliburton form...
Tags: Hollywood, Design, America, Brooklyn, Bags, Halliburton, Marlene Dietrich, Dietrich, Pensa, Erle, Zero Halliburton, Mark Prommel Partner

Lyric Opera of Kansas City seeks Director of Marketing and Communications

Lyric Opera of Kansas City seeks a poised and professional candidate who will be responsible for the strategy, implementation, evaluation and achievement of earned ticket revenue goals and for the development and effective implementation of communications. The Director is charged with providing clear and consistent leadership and oversight of the Marketing and Ticketing and Patron Services (T&PS) teams. The Director is responsible for developing short-term and long-term marketing an...
Tags: Art, Jobs, Microsoft, Kansas City, Michael, Company, The Company, Lyric Opera, Director of Marketing and Communications, Kauffman Center, Lyric Opera of Kansas City, East Crossroads, Marketing and Ticketing and Patron Services T PS, The Marketing and Communications, Kansas City Arts Community, Opera America Level

Hot Tip: You Can Access Free Tutorials on Coding, AutoCAD, Graphic Design and More Through LinkedIn Learning with a Public Library Card

On my daily Twitter morning scroll, I came across an interesting tweet by designer Amelie Lamont in response to a valid design education question for 2020: as more students come to class already knowing the basics of Adobe programs, what are good online resources for in-depth tutorials so teachers can direct students to learn those basics on their own and focus their class time on teaching more advanced lessons?Lamont's response to question led me to an exciting discovery: anyone with a New York...
Tags: New York, Design, US, New York Public Library,, Lynda, Brooklyn Public Library, Simply Google, Amélie Lamont, Public Library Card

Sketching/Rendering Challenge: Can You Make This Bugatti Look Ugly, Using These Specific Design Cues?

I just read a classic "design fail" story whose three stages you'll find familiar:1. Concept is unveiled, everyone loves it2. Upper management committee gets involved, requests conflicting design changes3. Revised design is a visual disaster, project gets canceledWe've all heard this story a million times, but this one is frustrating because only parts 1 and 2 have been visible to the public. No one knows what part 3 looked like.The object in question is the Bugatti Galibier, a four-door concept...
Tags: Design, Cars, Atlantic, Bugatti, Sketching, Hagerty, Achim -RSB- Anscheidt, Anscheidt

Ash & Thorn Shows Women of Any Age Can Save the World

In April, Ahoy Comic is debuting a new series from writer Mariah McCourt and artist Soo Lee. Ash & Thorn is kind of like “what if Buffy was a lot older?” Lottie Thorn is selected as a new mystical champion to save the world, trained by Lady Peruvia Ashlington-Voss. The first issue can be preordered now from your local comic shop with Diamond code FEB20 1416. I enjoyed seeing older women headine an adventure comic; it’s still rare to see [...]
Tags: Art, Comics, Buffy, Mariah McCourt, Soo Lee Ash Thorn, Lottie Thorn, Lady Peruvia Ashlington Voss

Executive Director: Boston Children’s Chorus

The Boston Children’s Chorus (BCC) seeks to identify a talented Executive Director who can bring their knowledge and lived experience to the critical discussions inspired through our commitment to cultural equity, critical inquiry, and social change. The incumbent will report to the Board of Directors and will be responsible for overseeing the staff and progress towards strategic objectives. Executive Director BACKGROUND: Boston Children’s Chorus harnesses the power of music to ...
Tags: Art, Jobs, Boston, Bcc, Board, Boston Children 's Chorus, Boston Children 's Chorus BCC, Vision Leadership, Development and Marketing Provide, Board Establish, Attend Board

VP, Marketing & Communications at Segerstrom Center for the Arts (Costa Mesa, CA)

The Vice President, Marketing & Communications (“VP”) is a critical member of the Executive team at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts (“the Center”) in Costa Mesa, California, and leads a division that is responsible for $31 million in earned revenue while overseeing a marketing budget of $5.5 million. The Center’s diverse array of programming spans touring Broadway, classical and contemporary music, dance, cabaret, and more. The successful VP will understand the nuances and unique sales...
Tags: Art, New York, Jobs, Broadway, Orange County, Center, Segerstrom Center for the Arts, Costa Mesa California, VP Marketing Communications, VP Marketing amp ; Communications, Segerstrom Center for the Arts Costa Mesa CA

Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia

Making note here that I’m glad that Titan Comics is continuing its translation of the manga adaptations of the Sherlock series. They’re currently in the middle of the first episode of season 2, “A Scandal in Belgravia”, with issue #4 (of 6) coming out at the beginning of March. This is the episode where we meet Irene Adler. (The three previous are now available in collected form as Sherlock: A Study in Pink, Sherlock: The Blind Banker, and Sherlock: The [...]
Tags: Art, Comics, Sherlock, Belgravia, Irene Adler, Titan Comics

Animated Data Visualization of U.S. Population Growth Makes Americans Look Like a Virus

A moderator over at the DataArt subrebbit put together this data visualization of U.S. population growth from 1790 to 2010: I couldn't help but notice it looks like an animation of a virus spreading. Of course, that's probably (and in some cases literally) what it felt like to the Native Americans. It should be noted that the visualization does not show indigenous populations of any of the regions.The creator's data sources are listed here.
Tags: Design, Visual Communication

Review: Royal Society of British Artists Annual Exhibition 2020

The online catalogue of the Annual Exhibition 2020 of the Royal Society of British Artists promises that it might be a good exhibition. I viewed it today and the actual exhibition more than lives up... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
Tags: Art, Royal Society Of British Artists, Making A Mark

Annual Hieronymus Bosch parade on water celebrates the life and ideas of the 15th century artist

An annual parade of kinetic sculptures and other artworks and performances in a Dutch canal to celebrate the work of hometown hero Hieronymus Bosch? More of this in the world, please! Bosch is known for his symbolic paintings often tying in gruesome representations of the afterlife and human desire and fear. He is also regarded as one of the earliest genre painters, depicting common people and their everyday experiences. The annual Bosch Parade is described by organizers as “a theatrical and mus...
Tags: Art, Post, News, Netherlands, Parade, Bosch, Hieronymus Bosch, Hertogenbosch, Kinetic Sculpture

Review Roundup: WEST SIDE STORY Opens On Broadway - See What the Critics Are Saying!

Tonight, tonight Tony Award winnerIvo van Hove's new production ofWest Side Storyopens tonight at the Broadway Theatre. [Author: Review Roundups]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, Hove, Broadway Theatre, Review Roundups

Breaking: THE INHERITANCE Will Conclude Broadway Run This Spring

Producers Tom Kirdahy, Sonia Friedman Productions, and Hunter Arnold announced today that Matthew Lopez' THE INHERITANCE, directed by Stephen Daldry, will conclude its Broadway run on Sunday, March 15th. THE INHERITANCE began previews on Broadway at the Ethel Barrymore Theater 243 West 47th street on Friday, September 27th, 2019 and officially opened on Sunday, November 17th, 2019. At the conclusion of the run, the production will have played 46 previews 28 of The Inheritance and 18 of The Inher...
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, Stephen Daldry, Inheritance, Matthew Lopez, BWW News Desk, Hunter Arnold, Ethel Barrymore Theater, Tom Kirdahy Sonia Friedman Productions

Salt Lake City’s Arts Funding Rewards Largest Organizations At Expense Of Small. Should The Formula Change?

That system sometimes “reward[s] bad behavior. We reward those who keep spending without regard” and sometimes “penalize organizations that take thoughtful, correct and prudent cuts to their budget and then they get less as a result.” – Salt Lake Tribune
Tags: Art, Salt Lake City, Issues, 02.19.20

These universal air-tight lids turn regular food bowls into vacuum-packed containers

There’s this hilariously true Seinfeld bit about milk. Buying milk isn’t a financial transaction… it’s a race between you and the milk’s expiration date. The minute you pay for the milk, the clock starts ticking and it’s just a matter of who gets to the milk first… you? Or that use-by date! This is true for practically every grocery item you buy. Avocados spoil in days, wine spoils in weeks, and dried food like nuts or cornflakes can spoil in months. We, as a species, waste 1.3 billion tonnes ...
Tags: Deals, Kitchen, Design, Dining, Containers, Product Design, Fresh Food, Lids, Expiration Date, Equilibric, Air Tight, Freshy, Vacuum-sealing

Alanis Morissette Announces 2020 European Tour

Today, seven-time GRAMMY Award-winner and multi-platinum singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette announces her much anticipated European leg of her 2020 World Tour celebrating 25 years of Jagged Little Pill and her upcoming album Such Pretty Forks In The Road. The run will see Alanis perform in 13 cities across Europe, kicking off in Copenhagen on 23rd September and concluding at Paris' AccorHotels Arena on 22nd October. Alanis will be joined by Liz Phair across all dates. Tickets go on general sale...
Tags: Europe, Theatre, Copenhagen, Liz Phair, Alanis Morissette, TV News Desk, Paris AccorHotels Arena

This Spring’s Most Anticipated New Books, in Pictures

The artist Sophie von Hellermann, whose new solo show opens in London this summer, illustrates scenes from this season’s new releases.
Tags: Art, London, News, Charles, King, Lily, Yu, Greenwell, Sophie, Aravind, Books and Literature, Garth (1978-, Cleanness (Book, Interior Chinatown (Book, Amnesty: A Novel (Book, Adiga

Bebe Neuwirth Will Recur on THE FLIGHT ATTENDANT

Deadline reports that two-time Tony winner Bebe Neuwirth has been cast on 'The Flight Attendant,' a new series at HBO Max. [Author: TV News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Tony, TV News Desk, Bebe Neuwirth, HBO Max

Martin Filler: The Fascist Implications Of Trump’s Architectural Plans

This effective ban on modern architecture commissioned by the US government is horrifyingly reminiscent of Hitler’s insistence that public buildings in the Third Reich hew to the Classical tradition (though usually a stripped-down version of it) and that modern design, except for some industrial uses, was streng verboten (strictly forbidden). – New York Review of Books
Tags: Art, US, Hitler, Visual, Trump, Martin, 02.19.20

Face ID Masks

Respirator masks with printed images of realistic human faces protect people from viruses and allow them to unlock their phone without removing the mask. Unlock your iPhone or iPad with surgical mask that looks just like you. N95 respiratory masks designed to work with facial recognition software. Facial ID Respirator Masks printing service by Danielle […]
Tags: Design, Tech, Danielle

LAMA’s Plan To Remake Its Museum Home Starts With A False Premise?

Zumthor’s single, integrated composition (now tan instead of black!), raised high above the grime of the city, is just a building. The strength of LACMA as it stands now is its complexity; it’s more like a city, and a vibrantly messy one at that. It’s connected to the street, the neighborhood and its varied parts, encouraging movement between structures, levels and plazas, whether you’re in the museum or not. It’s one of the few major destinations in L.A. that feels like a true urban en...
Tags: Art, Visual, LACMA, Lama, Zumthor, 02.20.20

The Whitney Houston Hologram In Concert Is… Kinda Creepy

The result, at least in what producers were careful to call a dress rehearsal, is intermittently convincing. The hologram gets some of Houston’s physical tics right, and the lip-syncing — if that’s the right word for it — looks pretty real; detailed visual touches like that rippling fringe aid in the suspension of your disbelief. It certainly helps too that the live band cooks. But… – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Music, Houston, Whitney Houston Hologram, 02.20.20

Bonnie MacLean, Psychedelic Poster Artist, Is Dead at 80

The posters she made for concerts at the Fillmore in San Francisco helped define the 1960s.
Tags: Art, News, San Francisco, Graham, Posters, MacLean, Deaths (Obituaries, Pop and Rock Music, San Francisco (Calif, Bill (1931-91, Bonnie (1939-2020, Fillmore Auditorium, Bonnie MacLean

Photo Coverage: Nickel the Buffalo Takes Residence at AMERICAN BUFFALO

To celebrate the upcoming revival of David Mamet's AMERICAN BUFFALO, directed by Neil Pepe, Nickel the Buffalo, a9' x 5', 90 lb. life-size buffalo, took residence atthe Circle in the Square today. Nicknamed Nickel, after the rare American Buffalo Nickel that sets the plot of the play in motion, the buffalo will greet patrons and ticket buyers in the theater's lobby during all box office hours and performances. Check out photos of Nickel's big moment below [Author: Jennifer Broski]
Tags: Theatre, David Mamet, American Buffalo, Jennifer Broski, Neil Pepe Nickel, American Buffalo Nickel

Photo Flash: Original Stars Carol Lawrence and Jaime Sanchez Return to WEST SIDE STORY

Tonight tonight's the night Tony Award winnerIvo van Hove's new production ofWest Side Storyopens tonight, February 20, at the Broadway Theatre. Just last night, however, the company welcomed two very special guests- original Maria, Carol Lawrence and original Chino,Jaime Sanchez. Check out photos of the pair as they visit the cast backstage over sixty years later [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, Hove, BWW News Desk, Carol Lawrence, Jaime Sánchez, Maria Carol Lawrence, Chino Jaime Sanchez Check

BWW TV: Hangin' with the Cast of THE MINUTES on Broadway!

Performances for Steppenwolf's production of The Minutes by Tracy Letts, directed by Anna D. Shapiro, begin Tuesday, February 25, 2020 at the Cort Theatre 138 W 48th St on Broadway, and officially opens on Sunday, March 15, 2020. This is a 16-week limited engagement through Sunday, June 14, 2020. What's the new play all about [Author: TV - Press Previews]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, Steppenwolf, Tracy Letts, TV - Press Previews, Anna D Shapiro

Colorful Conflict at Frieze, Felix + Art Los Angeles Contemporary Art Fairs

Six highlights from LA's exemplary week of artistic immersion As four art fairs—Frieze Los Angeles, Felix Art Fair, Art Los Angeles Contemporary, and SPRING/BREAK Art Show in (DTLA)—vied for attendee attention in LA, works within each outpost grappled with the role of color. Highlights of this nature were plentiful—crowned by James Turrell‘s exquisite releases at Pace Gallery and Ugo Rondinone‘s “Ten Mountains + One Sun,” …
Tags: Design, La, Los Angeles, Culture, Art Fairs, Pace Gallery, FELIX, James Turrell, Frieze, Ugo Rondinone, Alac, Frieze Los Angeles, Frieze Los Angeles Felix Art Fair Art Los Angeles

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