Art (Graphics) Instructor (Reg FT 10 month, with benefits)

The primary responsibilities of the faculty are to teach and to develop the curriculum. Art (Graphics) Instructor (Reg FT 10 month, with benefits) Position Title: Art (Graphics) Instructor (Reg FT 10 month, with benefits)Department: ArtCampus: Allegheny Campus Additional Information: This position will remain open until filled. However, in order to ensure consideration for an interview, please submit your completed application, cover letter and resume by no later than March 12, 2020....
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Social Adhesion: New Museum Dedicated to the History of Stickers

For most of human history, art was created one piece at a time. When it moved from cave walls to portable canvases, that must have blown minds. Ditto for when we gained the ability to reproduce art, cranking out millions of copies. But an often overlooked innovation that really got art, or minor art at least, into our lives was simply to add an adhesive backing.To several generations' worth of youth, stickers were the fastest way to prettify something, vandalize something or establish some attem...
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Industrial Designer Michael DiTullo's Thoughts on Sketching

While the folks at Freethink had the cameras rolling for that video on Jonathan Ward and Icon, they captured participating designer Michael DiTullo talking about sketching. Not all of that footage was relevant to the Icon video, so they spliced it together into this short-'n-sweet video capturing DiTullo's thoughts on sketching: Says DiTullo: "[Sketching] isn't a talent anymore than learning to speak French is a talent. It is a skill that is cultivated overtime through discipline and practice."...
Tags: Design, Sketching, Jonathan Ward, Michael DiTullo, DiTullo, Freethink

German-Designed Domestic Underground Storage Elevator System and Garbage Hideaway

If you've ever visited Germany you know that they love order, revere engineering, and take pride in keeping tidy homes. As a prime example of this, check out German manufacturer Wöhr's Underground Waste Lift, which lets you store untidy lawn equipment, garbage and recycling bins, and the odds and ends you don't want cluttering up your lawn, driveway or garage.The bi-level solution lets you stop the lift at either of the two levels, of course. I must say, I'm a sucker for crisp German copy: "The ...
Tags: Design, Germany, Object Culture, Klaus, Wöhr

Interview with musician and artist Genesis P-Orridge

Since the 60s Genesis P-Orridge has been the mastermind behind artist collective COUM Transmissions and seminal music acts Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV. Beyond that, P-Orridge has had an astonishing career in the visual arts, founding an artist collective called Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth, as well as helming the infamous pandrogeny project in, which P-Orridge and deceased partner Lady Jaye went through ongoing plastic surgery sessions to resemble each other in an attempt to, as New York's...
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Pensole Offering Tuition-Free Master Class on Sustainable Design

Looks like Nike's not the only one thinking about designing sneakers created from cut-offs. PENSOLE Academy, D'Wayne Edwards' venture for training the next generation of footwear designers, has partnered with direct-to-consumer footwear brand Allbirds to offer a master class on sustainable design.Only 12 designers will be selected for the tuition-free, housing-free three-week class, which will be hands-on and held at PENSOLE's Portland, Oregon location from March 23rd thru April 10th."We want to...
Tags: Design, Nike, Portland Oregon, Sneakers, Sustainable Design, Edwards, Wayne Edwards, Pensole

In this fashion my colleague Wesley Virgin's a...

In this fashion my colleague Wesley Virgin's adventure begins with this shocking and controversial VIDEO.Wesley was in the military-and soon after leaving-he unveiled hidden, "SELF MIND CONTROL" tactics that the government and others used to get whatever they want.These are the EXACT same methods tons of celebrities (especially those who "became famous out of nowhere") and the greatest business people used to become wealthy and famous.You've heard that you use only 10% of your brain.Real...
Tags: Art, Anonymous, Wesley, Wesley Virgin

The Imperfect Residence: An Apartment in Hong Kong Embraces the Beauty of Imperfection

Designed by Nelson Chow of Hong Kong-based architecture practice NCDA, “The Imperfect Residence” is somewhat misleadingly named: the recently refurbished Hong Kong one-bedroom apartment is in fact a paradigm of domestic perfection. The title nevertheless succinctly references the designer’s guiding light, namely the ancient Japanese philosophy Wabi Sabi which is based on finding beauty in the...
Tags: Art, Hong Kong, NCDA, Wabi Sabi, Nelson Chow

Apple's $400 Mac Pro Wheels Have a Major Design Flaw

I'd argue that in order to design effectively, designers have to live in the real world, rather than hunker down in carefully curated studios. The danger of achieving great success and wealth is that those things can isolate you from the experiences of common people, and particularly the imperfection of their situations.Apple has made their share of Ivory Tower gaffes. Remember the brouhaha over their HomePod speaker leaving indelible rings on wood surfaces? You couldn't help but feel the design...
Tags: Apple, Design, Object Culture, Ivory Tower, Marcus Brownlee

The Bentley Centanne concept encases the riders with a panoramic all-glass top

Almost like a convertible, but with an all-glass top, the Bentley Centanne literally captures the feeling of driving under the stars. The bespoke ‘grand tourer’ concept comes with a design that flows from start to end in the iconic powerful olive green, and with a panoramic glass top that cascades from the windshield all the way to the rear of the vehicle in a spectacular fashion. The front grill features an embossed 8, doing a hat-tip to the Le Mans 8. The coupe seats two at the front, but also...
Tags: Transportation, Design, Automotive, Bentley, Concept, Joseph Robinson, Centanne, Bentley Centanne

L.A. artist plans to blanket the county with artistic tents, if homeless issue doesn’t improve

“Humans should not be living in tents.” Those words came from a man who plans to hand out 5,000 tents — each of them a work of art — if the homeless crisis doesn’t ease in Los Angeles in the next year. A homeless man packs up his bedding during artist and social activist Ed Massey’s unveiling of his art tents on Friday, February 28, 2020 at the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and 26th Street in Santa Monica where his 7’ sculpture of a homeless man has been showing for months. Massey, who is kno...
Tags: Art, Business, News, Housing, Los Angeles, Sport, Homelessness, Soccer, Homeless, Santa Monica, MASSEY, Wilshire Boulevard, Top Stories LADN, Top Stories Breeze, Sarah Reingewirtz, Pasadena Star News

Betrayal Of Education: America’s College Adjunct Crisis

According to the UC Berkeley Labor Center, 25 percent of part-time faculty nationally rely on public assistance programs. In 1969, 78 percent of instructional staff at US institutions of higher education were tenured or on the tenure track; today, after decades of institutional expansion amid stagnant or dwindling budgets, the figure is 33 percent. More than one million workers now serve as nonpermanent faculty in the US, constituting 50 percent of the instructional workforce at publi...
Tags: Art, US, America, Issues, UC Berkeley Labor Center, 03.12.20

Aaron Tveit, James Taylor Will Guest on LIVE WITH KELLY AND RYAN

Nationally syndicated morning talk show aoeLive with Kelly and Ryana announces the lineup of guests appearing on the show the week of March 2-6. [Author: TV News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Kelly, Ryana, TV News Desk, Aaron Tveit James Taylor

NASA’s Philippe Starck-Designed Private Space Homes

“My vision is to create a comfortable egg, friendly, where walls are so soft and in harmony with the movements of the human body in zero gravity,” enterprising designer Philippe Starck says of his latest commission: private accommodation on the International Space Station (ISS) for commercial tourists. NASA partnered with Axiom Space on the project, who then tapped Starck. The project should be complete by 2024—and …
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Photo Coverage: Ciara Renee, McKenzie Kurtz, Ryan McCartan and the Cast of FROZEN Meet the Press

The new stars of Frozen on Broadway McKenzie Kurtz, Ciara Rene, and Ryan McCartan, along with continuing stars Ryann Redmond and Noah J. Ricketts attended a press meet greet atSardi's earlier today. [Author: Jennifer Broski]
Tags: Theatre, Ryan Mccartan, Ryann Redmond, Jennifer Broski, Ciara Renee McKenzie Kurtz Ryan McCartan, Broadway McKenzie Kurtz Ciara Rene, Noah J Ricketts

How Coronavirus Is Affecting The Entertainment Industry

Theaters in China, the world’s second largest box office market behind the U.S. and Canada, have almost entirely shut down. So have theme parks and film shoots. Travel bans meant to curb the global spread of the virus have affected business conferences and live events, such as concerts. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, China, Canada, Issues, 02.28.20

BWW TV: The Cast and Creatives of NOLLYWOOD DREAMS Meet the Press

Nollywood Dreams begins performances on Thursday, March 19th, 2020, in the Newman Mills Theater at The Robert W. Wilson MCC Theater Space 511 West 52nd Street, with official opening night set for Monday, April 13th. The cast and creatives ofNollywood Dreams recently met the press and chatted with us about the show. [Author: BroadwayWorld TV]
Tags: Theatre, BroadwayWorld TV, Newman Mills Theater, Robert W Wilson, MCC Theater Space 511 West 52nd Street

We Can Make It Our World

The credits for Head Over Heels say "Based on The Arcadia, by Sir Philip Sidney." But it's so much more complicated than that.First of all, there are two Arcadias. Sidney wrote it, then later substantially rewrote it, and the two versions are called The Old Arcadia and The New Arcadia. And there are some huge differences between the two.But also, to say that Head Over Heels is "based on" Arcadia is only vaguely true. Maybe "inspired by" would be more accurate. The show's creators, Jeff Whitty a...
Tags: Politics, London, Musicals, Theatre, America, Sexuality, Broadway, Theater, Shakespeare, Arcadia, Aristotle, 1980s, Delphi, Mira, Plato, Pamela

Inflatable Latex Pants

Creative latex pants designed to look like inflated balloons on human legs. “Let’s Put Him in a Vase” – graduate collection created by new menswear designer Harikrishnan for in-house presentation at London College of Fashion features inflatable pants made out of latex. Also check out: High Waisted Pants
Tags: Design, Inspiration, London College of Fashion, Harikrishnan

The Downside Of Learning With YouTube How-To’s

Many of these videos fall into what Carlson calls “infotainment,” where the goal isn’t to teach, but to pass on information, even if it doesn’t lead to understanding. “They’re not saying, ‘Here’s how you would do the problem yourself,’” Stephen agrees. “They’re just handing you a bunch of microwaved facts.” – Fast Company
Tags: Art, Media, Stephen, Carlson, 02.27.20

The INVISI is the ballpoint pen in its purest form

Invisi is perhaps the purest form a pen can assume, according to designer and stationery-enthusiast Raft Wong. Its no-nonsense design is minimal yet striking, with a basic cylindrical form crafted from solid brass and an equally simplistic ball-socket stand to match.Fashioned out of machined brass billets, and designed to even retain the brushed texture achieved by the moving drill-bit, the Invisi is all about creating something visually impactful and desirable without the design details. The ...
Tags: Design, Stationery, Product Design, Raft Wong, Invisi, Invisi Pen, Rcube Design Studio

Musicians Talk Horror-Airline Stories

“You can have a bad experience whether flying with it in your hand or freighting. I’ve seen a forklift go right through a guitar case before. Airlines should be as explicit as possible on their websites about their policies. But if you’re not a platinum member, don’t expect any special treatment.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Music, Airlines, 02.28.20

Luhring Augustine Opening Space in Tribeca on May 1st

Luhring Augustine will open its new space in Tribeca on May 1st, a 3,500 square foot space on White Street.  The inaugural exhibition will showcase a selection of sculptures and works on paper by the late Lucia Nogueira.  Read more at Resnicow      
Tags: Art, News, Art News, Minipost, Tribeca, Luhring Augustine, Lucia Nogueira Read

Paper Mill Playhouse's GUESS THE SEASON Game is Back

Each year Paper Mill Playhouse distributes images that tease the titles of the five productions in the upcoming season. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, BWW News Desk

Trump Gets 45-Minute Briefing On The Play “FBI Lovebirds: Undercovers”

Trump hasn’t seen the play, according to playwright Phelim McAleer, but praised its concept: a script based entirely on congressional testimony and the text messages between former FBI agent Peter Strzok and former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, who discussed the FBI’s investigation into Trump’s campaign and Russia while having an affair. The play’s leads—Superman actor Dean Cain and former Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress Kristy Swanson—also attended the White House meeting. – The Daily Beast
Tags: Art, White House, Russia, Superman, Theatre, Fbi, Trump, Dean Cain, Kristy Swanson, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, Phelim McAleer, 02.27.20

Pairing Krug Champagne with the Music of Chloe Flower in Palm Beach

Within the home of Amy and John Phelan, an overflow of sensory stimulation In April 2015, we toured Berlin with two Oxford neuroscientists on a flavorful journey to understand how sound influences the way we taste. Krug Champagne spearheaded the initiative—and our experience forever shifted the way we perceive the relationship between senses. Almost five year later, and thousands of miles away, we returned to …
Tags: Florida, Design, Alcohol, Berlin, Oxford, Champagne, Food + Drink, Amy, Palm Beach, Krug, Ezinma, John Phelan, Chloe Flower

Grayson Perry Wins Erasmus Prize

Grayson Perry has won the prestigious Erasmus Prize, one of the Netherlands’ highest honors. “I always love a medal. I’ll probably design an outfit to match,” he said.  Read more at Art News
Tags: Art, News, Grayson Perry, Art News, Minipost

Alex Newell Hopes ZOEY'S EXTRAORDINARY PLAYLIST and His Character Start Conversations

Alex Newell currently stars as Mo on the new NBC musical dramedy series Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist. In the series, Mo is Zoey Clarke's effervescent landlord-turned-confidant after she discovers she has the power to hear people's inner thoughts via song. [Author: Kaitlin Milligan]
Tags: Nbc, Theatre, Alex Newell, Kaitlin Milligan, Zoey Clarke

She’s Been Dead For 45 Years And She’s Still The Arab World’s Favorite Star

“There is no western counterpart to Umm Kulthum, no artist as respected and beloved as she is in the Arab world.” She sang everything from the most complex classical Arabic music to nationalist hymns; her sold-out performances ran for five hours or more; her monthly live concert broadcasts had entire nations glued to their radios. (It was said that Umm Kulthum was the only thing that unified the Arab world.) You still hear her voice in cafes and taxis throughout the Middle East and the Arab dia...
Tags: Art, People, Middle East, Umm Kulthum, 02.28.20

How One Expert Discovered The Creative Freedom Of Early Music

“I finally realized it felt more creative to be doing what I was doing in early music because there was so much that we hadn’t figured out; there was so much that was not in the scores. And just because you can’t make up all the notes doesn’t mean you can’t make up most of them. I played continuo, where you’ve got a bass line and you make it up. And I liked that.” – Van
Tags: Art, Music, 02.26.20

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