BWW TV: A Sneak Peek From The 20th Annual WhatsOnStage Awards

BroadwayWorld UK reports Jamie Body and Cindy Marcolina attended the event and here is a sneak peek at what went down at the awards. [Author: BroadwayWorld UK TV]
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Jan Morris, ‘At The End Of Things,’ Takes Stock Of Her Long, Literary Life

“If you are not sure what you think about something, the most useful questions are these,’ she says. ‘Are you being kind? Are they being kind? That usually gives you the answer.'” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, People, Jan Morris, 03.01.20

This Feature Film Could Be 700 Hours Long

Well, probably not, but that’s about how much footage the Russian director shot of the DAU project, “a multiyear experiment in which hundreds of nonprofessional actors lived and worked in a replica of a Soviet research institute, what may be the most ambitiously immersive film set ever made, in Ukraine. People played versions of themselves, transposed to lifestyles and careers of the Soviet Union. Artists, scientists and religious leaders visited the set, becoming part of the production  and ev...
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A List Of All The Books Referenced In The Brilliant British Comedy ‘Sex Education’

Perhaps you haven’t yet watched the Gillian Anderson-fueled comedy (it’s streaming in the US on Netflix), but you should know that there’s a high school girl who is a love interest for Anderson’s character’s son. But more than that: “What we learn about Maeve over the course of the show is that she is, secretly, a real Lit Girl. While her classmates are drinking cheap beer at house parties, she’s home reading the classics.” – LitHub
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Gerald Krone, Co-Founder Of The Negro Ensemble Company, Has Died At 86

Krone was a theatre producer and manager who joined with Douglas Turner Ward, an actor and playwright, and Robert Hooks, an actor and producer, to found the company in 1967. The company won a special Tony after two years of existence, and sent three plays to Broadway. “In 1981 it staged, Off Broadway, the premiere of Charles Fuller’s A Soldier’s Play, with a cast that included Denzel Washington and Samuel L. Jackson; the play won the Pulitzer Prize.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Broadway, Samuel L Jackson, Denzel Washington, Tony, Krone, Robert Hooks, Negro Ensemble Company, Charles Fuller, Douglas Turner Ward, 02.28.20, Gerald Krone

How Bob Iger Transformed Disney, And Hollywood

When Iger, who suddenly stepped down as CEO of Disney last week, took over at the top 15 years ago, no one expected much from him – and they said so in the press. He was called “a loyal drone,” for example. But the man who said that also said, “The expectations were so low for Bob. … But no mogul in traditional entertainment has accomplished what he has.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Disney, Iger, Bob, Bob Iger, 03.01.20

In One Of The Most Expensive Cities In The World, Ballet School Decides To Offer Room, Board

The San Francisco Ballet School is facing an unpleasant reality for its dancers – and (finally, say some) changing up the way it operates. “For the San Francisco Ballet to operate both a school and a full-service dorm — with plans for healthy food service and in-residence physical therapy to meet the needs of dancers — might set a new standard.” – San Francisco Chronicle
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As Roman Polanski Wins Best Director, Actors Leave The Césars, Calling Him A Pedophile

While most of the César ceremony was predictable (and perhaps this was too), “the ceremony’s most notable moment was only indirectly related to what was happening on its stage, as Portrait Of A Lady On Fire star Adèle Haenel [and director Céline Sciamma, followed by other actors] pointedly walked out of the theater after the announcement of this year’s Best Director award, which went to convicted sexual abuser Roman Polanski.” – France24
Tags: Art, Issues, Céline Sciamma, Adele Haenel, 02.29.20

BWW Review: Beth Malone Grandly Skippers New Progressive-Minded Musical Vaguely Resembling THE UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN

'Revitalized' is new euphemism for 'about 80 rewritten', or at least it appears that way in regards to the new musical that carries the name The Unsinkable Molly Brown. [Author: Michael Dale]
Tags: Theatre, Michael Dale, Beth Malone, MOLLY BROWN

Comedy Duo Dedicates A Tiny Confederate Statue To Iowa Politician Steve King

King is generally regarded as a white nationalist; he has a decades-long history of xenophobic and racist comments which earned him censure from other Republicans. One of the comedians said the four-inch statue should definitely be seen as a metaphor. “Racists are trying to bring down others so they can make themselves feel better. That’s the mark of somebody who is very small.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Iowa, Visual, Steve King, 02.28.20

BWW TV: the Kid Critics Get Connected at EMOJILAND!

We are continuing the series with Tai 13, Isabella 15, and Charles 12, who recently headed to the Duke on 42nd Street to check out Emojiland. Curious about what they thought about the show Find out below [Author: BroadwayWorld TV]
Tags: Theatre, Charles, Isabella, Tai, BroadwayWorld TV, Emojiland

What A Time To Be Making A Plague Movie In Italy, As Coronavirus Mounts In The Country

The director, calmly: “It’s certainly been strange. … This synergy between what we’re working on and what’s been happening in the world, with the quarantine line getting closer.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Media, Italy, 03.01.20

The Soothing, Anti-Prestige, Counter-Programming Of Network TV

Stressed by prestige TV on streaming networks? Hey, here’s the solution: Just go with the networks. “It’s a soft parade of uniformly telegenic people in clothes that always fit perfectly, bantering like aliens who grew up watching only Friends and ER. Nothing bad can happen to me while these sitcoms and dramas are on, twirling through the latest iteration of an ancient dance. Everything is alright, and if it’s not, it’s surely headed for a quick resolution.” – Fast Company
Tags: Art, Media, Audience, 02.28.20

Upcoming CD Releases for March 2020

Check out the latest in upcoming releases of Broadway and theatre related CDs for March, 2020.
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BWW Flashback: GRAND Horizons Makes a Grand Exit

As BroadwayWorld previously reported, Grand Horizons will play its final performance today at The Hayes Theater, following 35 previews and 45 regular performances. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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An Iranian Director Barred From Leaving The Country Wins Berlin’s Golden Bear

Mohammed Rasoulof won the Berlin Film Festival’s highest honor for his film There Is No Evil, which is about the death penalty in Iran – and for which he was imprisoned and banned for life from making films. “Accepting the award on his behalf, producer Farzad Pak thanked ‘the amazing cast and crew who, put their lives in danger to be on this film.'” The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Media, Berlin, Iran, Farzad Pak, 02.29.20, Mohammed Rasoulof

Lee Phillip Bell, Journalist Who Co-Created ‘The Young And The Restless,’ Has Died At 91

Hall and her husband created two mainstays of daytime TV – the soap operas The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful. Yes, many people laugh at them, “the dramas have attracted millions of viewers while tackling difficult topics like incest, alcoholism and teen pregnancy.” – The New York Times
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What In The Heck Is Going To Happen To All Of Our Books?

At some point, academics and scholars but also fiction lovers have to face the facts: Kids or other descendants aren’t going to want all of those lovely books. What happens to them? (And, uh, everything else in a country that “has become awash in stuff.”) – Inside Higher Education
Tags: Art, Words, 02.26.20

London’s Leicester Square Is Decorated With Statues To Mark A Century Of British Film

Why Leicester Square for the statues commemorating various decades of film (including Mary Poppins, Gene Kelly, and Paddington Bear)? “Leicester Square was first home to a cinema in 1930, with the first premiere taking place there in 1937. It has subsequently cemented its place in British cinema history and regularly plays host to some of the most high-profile events in the country’s film calendar.” – BBC
Tags: Art, London, Media, Paddington Bear, Leicester Square, 02.27.20, Mary Poppins Gene Kelly

How Do Political Candidates Do When Their Usually Bad Dance Moves Go Viral?

Well, Tom Steyer did drop out after the South Carolina primaries, but it will be hard to forget what happened onstage the night before: “At a Friday night rally at historically black Allen University in Columbia, Steyer was joined onstage by Juvenile for a rendition of the rapper’s 1999 hit, ‘Back That AzzUp.’ Though the candidate did wield a mic, he largely left the verses to the pro (Steyer’s wife and daughter served as backup dancers). Footage of the spectacle was suddenly everywhere, in twe...
Tags: Art, Los Angeles, Dance, South Carolina, Tom Steyer, Steyer, Allen University, 02.29.20, Columbia Steyer

This Land Is Only Made For Woody Guthrie’s Descendants, Apparently

Though it might seem like common sense that, like “Happy Birthday,” the iconic Woody Guthrie song “This Land Is Your Land” should come out of copyright anytime now, that’s not what a recent court case decided – and not what his daughter wants. Nora Guthrie says this is about more than money; keeping it in copyright “allowed the song’s message of inclusion to be protected from abuse and political jingoism.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Woody Guthrie, Issues, Nora Guthrie, 02.28.20

Of Course Ireland Has A Secret Tree Inscribed With Literary Autographs

Obviously. If you had to pick a country for this, Ireland would be high up on the list.”Though the centenarian tree’s stubborn, and frankly rude, refusal to stop growing has caused some of the names to warp a little over the decades, if you look closely you can still make out the signatures of such Gaelic literary luminaries as Sean O’Casey, … and, of course, the OG softboi of Irish poetry: W. B. Yeats.” – LitHub
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Indian Artists Drops Lawsuit Against MeToo Instagram Account

The whistleblower account Scene and Herd took down its 2018 posts accusing artist Subodh Gupta of sexual harassment, and the courts in Delhi allowed the creators to remain anonymous. – Hyperallergic
Tags: Art, Delhi, Visual, Subodh Gupta, 02.28.20

VIDEO: Christina Aguilera Reveals She Has Written New Music For the Live-Action MULAN Film

Christina Aguilera has confirmed that she has recorded new music for the upcoming live-action Mulan film. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Christina Aguilera, Theatre, BWW News Desk

VIDEO: SNL Parodies PHANTOM, WEST SIDE STORY, ANNIE, WICKED, and More in New Musical Sketch 'Airport Sushi'

Last night's episode of Saturday Night Live brought us an all new musical parody sketch, featuring host John Mulaney and musical guest David Byrne [Author: Stage Tube]
Tags: Theatre, David Byrne, John Mulaney, Stage Tube

VIDEO: David Byrne Performs 'Once in a Lifetime' and 'Toe Jam' on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE

Last night, David Byrne was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live He performed his Talking Heads hit 'Once in a Lifetime' as well as 'Toe Jam' live on the SNL stage. [Author: Stage Tube]
Tags: Theatre, David Byrne, Stage Tube, Toe Jam

The 'Broadwaysted' Podcast Welcomes GIRL FROM THE NORTH COUNTRY's Legendary Luba Mason

This week, the Broadwaysted Crew is thrilled to sit down and share some laughs with the legendary Luba Mason, one of the stars of the new Broadway musicalGirl From The North Country. [Author: Broadwaysted]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, Broadwaysted, Luba Mason

Resurrected tech: How discarded devices are recycled across the globe

How are global innovators overcoming the inequality that is forged in the technologies of Silicon Valley?Ramesh Srinivasan, a professor at UCLA, points to examples of indigenous communities in Mexico that have created their own cell phone networks, as well as groups in Ghana and Nairobi that recycle discarded devices from the West to make entirely new technologies.These groups have successfully decentralized technology governance by using their resources and upping the ante on creativity and inn...
Tags: Design, Technology, Internet, Mexico, Africa, Environment, Sustainability, Society, Computers, West, United States, Innovation, Inequality, Consumerism, Ghana, Srinivasan

A New Opera In LA Shows The Area’s Rich And Tragic History

Genius grant winner Yuval Sharon says it’s time for opera to reckon with the past. “Sweet Land has been described by its creators as ‘an opera that erases itself.’ It achieves an effect not unlike that of traveling back in time to witness the first Thanksgiving, then returning to the present to hear its story warped through the traditional, wholesome retelling.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, La, Yuval Sharon, 02.28.20

When You’ve Devoured Hilary Mantel, These Are The Historical Novels You Could Hit Up Next

Sure, yes, we all love (reading about) Thomas Cromwell, but there’s a lot more history out there. “A novel set centuries ago has a freedom denied to fiction that goes back only decades, to times for which we still have records or even memories. Some contemporary novelists clearly find historical distance a liberation.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Words, Thomas Cromwell, 02.29.20

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