VIDEO: Karen Olivo Vows to Not Work With All Who 'Fund Organizations That Perpetuate Inequality'

Karen Olivo has posted a video on Twitter, stating that she vows to withhold her artistic services from 'any theatre, company, or persons, who would knowingly fundorganizations that would perpetuate inequality.' [Author: BWW News Desk]
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VIDEO: YouTube Hosts 'Dear Class of 2020' Featuring Billy Porter, Beyonce, Taylor Swift and More; Tune in Now!

YouTube's'Dear Class of 2020' global virtual commencement ceremony is streaming now [Author: BWW News Desk]
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How The Black Death Changed Art And The Human Imagination

The Black Death “was the most devastating incident in human history. It altered not only human society but the imagination itself. Its traces can be perceived today, and perhaps more lucidly during these difficult days.” – The Guardian (UK)
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Black Lives Matter Protesters In Bristol Topple Statue Of Slave Trader And Throw It In The River

Why did the protesters pull down Edward Colston’s statue? “The 18ft bronze statue, erected in 1895, has long been a focal point for anger at the city’s role in the slave trade and the continued commemoration of those who were involved in it.” – The Guardian (UK)
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BookExpo Online Was Surprisingly Good

No huge crush at the Javits Center and no real timeline for rescheduling a live event meant one of publishing’s biggest events had to move, at least partially, online – in this case, to Facebook Live. “The result was a shadow of the usual spectacle, but it reached a lot of people and offered lessons for the industry as future prospects for mass gatherings remain clouded.” – The New York Times
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Composer Shaina Taub Pulled Off Her Stoop And Arrested By NYPD

Taub, a composer who has written music for the Public’s Twelfth Night and As You Like It, was cheering on a peaceful protest on her street, from her own stoop, when she and her husband were arrested. – Vulture
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RECAP: Former Phantoms Talk About How They Booked the Part & Backstage Secrets on STARS IN THE HOUSE

Stars in the House continued Saturday night 8pmwith a special Phantom-themed episode, featuringRamin Karimloo,Sierra Boggess,Norm Lewis,Howard McGillin, andHugh Panaro. This episode was in support of the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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The Quai Branly’s Exhibits Are Firmly Built On France’s Colonial Past

And the museum’s new director will have to decide what to return to the former colonies, as well as giving the museum a new direction. (One might wonder why these tasks are given to “the first director of indigenous descent to lead a major French museum,” if one were thinking about structural racism.) – The New York Times
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How The French Made The Modern Restaurant A Key Part Of A Good Life

Restaurants are reopening in France and elsewhere, and thus social life may be (somewhat) reborn. But how did the modern restaurant become the heart of social life in Paris, London, New York, Rome, and elsewhere? Look to Auguste Escoffier. – Le Monde
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Second City Owner Andrew Alexander Resigns After Twitter Accounts Of Racism

The theatre group tweeted out something that said Black Lives Matter. Then former SCT employee and actor Dwayne Perkins weighed in, sparking a series of tweets from Black actors and other actors of color about many Chicago theatres. In Alexander’s resignation letter, he said, “On stage, we dealt with the absurdity of the equal opportunity narrative that society uses to oppress BIPOC. We dealt with the double standard that rationalizes violence against people of color. We dealt with the cynicism...
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Be Gay, Do Film Reviews, And See What Changes Over Three Decades

What’s happened in the movie industry during the time David Rooney has been reviewing for THR? A little, and a lot. “The sheer multiplicity of themes and styles, of representations across the queer identity spectrum in the past 20 years, is staggering to a critic who still remembers the long drought of near-invisibility, when even a brief appearance by a gay neighbor in a lame comedy would make me sit up with a misplaced sense of gratitude. Things are far from perfect; gay-panic humor still get...
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, David Rooney, 06.04.20

VIDEO: Black Broadway Artists Call on the Community to Do Better in 'Are You Listening, Broadway'

A group of Black Broadway artists have created a video, titled 'Are You Listening, Broadway.' The video was posted to YouTube by Timothy Oliver Reid. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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California Film Production May Restart This Week

Different counties may recommend different start dates, with Los Angeles County being one of the hardest-hit by the virus, but June 12 is the first day filming may resume in the state, with strict guidelines in place, including a Covid-19 compliance officer on each shoot. “Shooting costs could increase by 10% to 20% per day, JP Morgan media analyst Alexia Quadrani wrote in a Thursday note to clients” – and shoots on soundstages will return sooner than those on location. – Los Angeles Times
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The Musicians’ Union In Britain Calls For A Relaxation Of Coronavirus-Related Rules

For musicians, that is. Two meters (roughly the USian-advised 6 feet) of distance is just too far to be practical for performing musicians, according to Musicians’ Union leader Horace Trubridge. “Many musicians had been earning £20,000 a year or less even before coronavirus, and some were missing out on furlough payments and loans, he said, adding: ‘I can’t see anything really significant happening this year to help them out of this hole.'”- BBC
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Writer Grace Edwards, Who Published Her First Mystery At Age 64, Has Died At 87

Edwards started writing when she was 7, but published her first novel almost 50 years later. She wrote six detective novels, “mysteries set in Harlem starring a female cop turned sociologist and accidental sleuth named Mali Anderson, always with a backbeat of jazz,” and also became director of the Harlem Writers Guild for nearly a decade. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Harlem, Edwards, Harlem Writers Guild, 06.05.20, Mali Anderson

Mark Gatiss Says Regional Theatre Is The Lifeblood Of The Industry In The UK

The actor – known to American audiences as a Sherlock and Doctor Who writer, and Mycroft Holmes on Sherlock – says, “There’s always a debate about how London-centric theatre is,” but adds that regional theatres have been “part of the ecosystem forever.” They’re in deep peril now, thanks to the Covid-19 shutdown and uncertainty about the future. – BBC
Tags: Art, UK, London, Theatre, Sherlock, Mycroft Holmes, 06.04.20

Where Have All The Grand Projects Gone?

In the 20th century, thousands of people worked together on large projects with a vision of a better future. What’s our vision now? “In the hands of technology entrepreneurs, driven by the imperatives of shareholder value and richer even than the robber barons of a century ago, the future has been displaced into the soma of fantasy, colonised by people who want you to pay a subscription for an app that helps you sleep, a delivery service that allows you to stay indoors when it’s wet out, or a p...
Tags: Art, Ideas, 06.04.20

VIDEO: Bernadette Peters, Andre De Shields, and More Talk Broadway Shutdown, the Ghost Light, and How They're Coping on CBS Sunday Morning

CBS Sunday Morning correspondent Mo Rocca chatted with 'Hadestown' star Andr De Shields, multiple Tony-winner Bernadette Peters, Broadway producer Jennifer Ashley Tepper, and Seth Rudetsky James Wesley [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Bernadette Peters, Broadway, Cbs, Tony, Mo Rocca, Jennifer Ashley Tepper, BWW News Desk, Bernadette Peters Andre de Shields, Andr De Shields, Seth Rudetsky James Wesley

VIDEO: Original APPLAUSE Cast Members Len Cariou, Penny Fuller, Lee Roy Reams and More Perform For Charles Strouse's Birthday

Broadway luminaries Len Cariou, Penny Fuller, and Lee Roy Reams join the NYU Steinhardt School's 50th Anniversary cast of Applause in a video birthday salute to composer Charles Strouse on June 7th, 2020. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, Charles Strouse, BWW News Desk, NYU Steinhardt School, Lee Roy Reams, Len Cariou Penny Fuller Lee Roy, Len Cariou Penny Fuller

Sending Support To Dancers Speaking Out Against A System That Takes Brutal Advantage Of Them

Eva Yaa Asantewaa, senior director at the Gibney Dance Company, and expert writer about dance, says, “We’ve gone too long doing a lot for very little, and now we’re all completely screwed. I’m in New York where the issue is not so much can a queer arts worker catch a break? It’s can a queer arts worker pay the rent? Can anybody? How can we make this life, in which we give so much of our hearts, truly sustainable? Artists are workers.” – Hyperallergic
Tags: Art, New York, Dance, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Gibney Dance Company, 06.06.20

Broadway Books: 10 Monologue Books to Help You Hone Your Acting Chops in Quarantine

Looking to hone your acting chops while stuck inside Preparing for your next big audition, whenever that may beWe've rounded up 10 monologuebooks that are sure to fit the bill [Author: Stephi Wild]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, Stephi Wild, Monologue Books

VIDEO: Zakiya Young Shares Her Experiences as a Black Performer on Broadway

Zakiya Young, who has appeared on Broadway in The Little Mermaid and Stick Fly, has taken to Instagram to share her experiences as a black performer on Broadway. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, Little Mermaid, BWW News Desk, Zakiya Young

VIDEO: Ramin Karimloo, Sierra Boggess, Norm Lewis, Howard McGillin, and Hugh Panaro on STARS IN THE HOUSE

Stars in the House continued yesterday with a special Phantom-themed episode, featuring Ramin Karimloo, Sierra Boggess, Norm Lewis, Howard McGillin, and Hugh Panaro. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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VIDEO: Randy Rainbow Tackles Trump's Flee to the White House Bunker With New Parody 'The Bunker Boy'

Randy Rainbow is at it again with another hilarious song parody. This time, he parodied 'The Jitterbug' from The Wizard of Oz.The new video, called 'The Bunker Boy' takes on Donald Trump's infamous flee to the White House bunker amidst the protests last week. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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Mayor Bill de Blasio Lifts Curfew in New York City, Effective Immediately

Mayor Bill de Blasio put a city-wide curfew in place this past weekamidst the ongoing protests. The curfewhad initially been extended through tonight, June 7. However, today de Blasio has lifted the curfew, effective immediately. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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David Shrigley's monk-like lockdown: rice, drawings and 'balls cold' sea swims

Isolation in Devon has inspired the artist, with an outpouring of 400 black ink drawings about anything from coronavirus to Donald Trump. He reveals why his wife would prefer him to wash the car‘Sometimes,” says David Shrigley, “I feel like a monk transcribing the Bible.” The artist, speaking by phone from lockdown in Devon, is referring to the meditative form of creativity he has been practising ever since isolation began. His aim is to produce a set number of drawings each day. “Sometimes it’s...
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Abbey Road Studios Reopens With ‘Extraordinary Measures’ To Record Jazz Album

The recording studios in London, which didn’t close even during WWII, had been shuttered for ten weeks during the coronavirus lockdown. Managing director Isabel Garvey: “Ordinarily we would have an 80-100 person orchestra, but we’ve reduced that right down to 40.” And the main jazz singer? Is “joining the sessions remotely” from Paris. – BBC
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Some People Have Been Flocking To ‘The Help’ On Netflix During Weeks Of Protests

Podcast host Akilah Hughes on Twitter in response the news that the 2011 white savior movie The Help is topping Netflix’s most-watched lists: “If you watched the Help this week you have to donate $500 to black charities.” (Twitter also offered many helpful ideas about what to watch.) – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Twitter, Media, Netflix, Akilah Hughes, 06.06.20

A Scenic Designer Adapts From Creating Sets To Creating Personalized Condolence Cards

But the adaptation isn’t easy or OK. “‘This is the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do,’ [Nicole] Carroll said of working in the theatre. ‘It feels like a grieving process, letting go for a while of the thing that you’ve wanted to do for so many years.'” – American Theatre
Tags: Art, Theatre, 06.05.20, Nicole -RSB- Carroll

Art Basel Has Been Cancelled

The Swiss art fair held out for a long time. Then, on May 30, dealers sent a letter. “‘Art Basel is the most important and powerful art fair in the world but even in the best possible scenario, an edition held this year would be a mere shadow of its established stature and imperil its reputation,’ the letter said. Signed by more than 50 dealers, it concluded: ‘We believe that risks are simply too great and that regrettably 2020 is a lost year.'” – The New York Times
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