VIDEO: Watch Laura Bell Bundy, Hailey Kilgore, Judy Kuhn & More in BELTING FOR BIDEN

Broadway for Biden, in partnership with Broadway Sessions, Women for Biden-Harris, and Women of Color for Biden-Harris, will present its first performance fundraiser for the Biden-Harris campaign, Broadway Sessions Presents Belting for Biden, tonight, September 3, 2020 at 900pm EST. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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VIDEO: Watch Laura Bell Bundy, Hailey Kilgore, Judy Kuhn & More in BELTING FOR BIDEN- Live Now!

Broadway for Biden, in partnership with Broadway Sessions, Women for Biden-Harris, and Women of Color for Biden-Harris, will present its first performance fundraiser for the Biden-Harris campaign, Broadway Sessions Presents Belting for Biden, tonight, September 3, 2020 at 900pm EST. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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VIDEO: John Lithgow's Latest TRUMPTY DUMPTY Book Arrives!

This afternoon John's anticipated sequelTrumpty Dumpty Wanted a Crown, out later this month, arrived at his front door. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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VIDEO: Laugh Out Loud with Lewis Black on Stars in the House

Stars in the House continues tonight 8pm with comedian Lewis Black [Author: BWW News Desk]
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Are Americans Losing Faith In Our Scientific Institutions?

We’ve reached a sort of meta-crisis of scientific authority, one in which our leading experts have lost their faith in the public’s faith in the leadership of experts. – Wired
Tags: Art, Ideas, 09.02.20

Broadway Rewind: Orlando Bloom and Condola Rashad Bring ROMEO AND JULIET Back to Broadway

Today we rewind to 2013 for the latest revival of Romeo and Juliet. The classic play opened on September 19the Richard Rodgers Theatre, where it ran for 93 performances. [Author: BroadwayWorld TV]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, Orlando Bloom, Richard Rodgers Theatre, BroadwayWorld TV

Swiss artist makes portraits in shattered glass, then leaves them around Geneva

Simon Berger just needs a hammer and a sheet of safety glass to make a fascinating shattered glass portrait. Here's a cool timelapse of how he does it, though it's interesting that in the other video he works with the glass in place, hammering it vertically. Image: YouTube / AFP News
Tags: Art, Video, News, Glass, Geneva, Fine Art, Portraits, Simon Berger

Two California Theatres Lay Off Their Artistic Directors. Now What?

The decisions suggest that the theater world will likely continue to feel the effects of the pandemic long after artists and audiences are again allowed to gather. Eliminating a position, as opposed to merely furloughing or laying off, adds another obstacle to theaters reopening and rebounding. Either a hiring committee must decide to re-create a leadership position and rehire, or a theater must rebuild after the pandemic while deprived of a leader. – San Francisco Chronicle
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Flooring Trends To Pay Attention To in 2020

Staying on top of interior design trends is never easy, especially different floors. Many people decorate their home according to the most current trends only to find that, just a month later, what they have done is no longer on trend and there is a new style leading the way for interior design. The good news is that while flooring trends come and go, there are some that you can rely on to last a long time. In this article, we are going to look at some of the flooring trends in 2020 tha...
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A Different Way Of Thinking About The Purpose Of Education

Too often schools are tasked not simply with caring for their students but with repairing an entire social order. Schools can do so much we do not ask of them, like developing solidarity, fostering political responsibility, and ensuring a love of learning for its own sake. Yet the one thing we are most insistent they accomplish, the ensuring of “equal opportunity,” is something even the best school is simply not capable of achieving. – Hedgehog Review
Tags: Art, Ideas, 08.27.20

How A Young Unknown Redefined Fame In The 1800s

In May 1884, long before the likes of Kim Kardashian achieved celebrity through the careful curation and promotion of self, a young unknown named Marie Bashkirtseff staked her desire for fame on the publication of her personal diary. – Public Domain Review
Tags: Art, Kim Kardashian, People, Marie Bashkirtseff, 09.02.20

Why Do Some Technologies Transform Our World And Others Don’t

Although the private sector brought electricity to the big cities—New York, Chicago, St. Louis—the federal government’s Rural Electrification Administration brought electricity to much of America, helping to make radio, electric appliances, television and telecommunications part of everyone’s daily lives. A good deal of private investment created these technologies, but the transformations that they wrought were enabled by the “hidden hand” of government, and citizens often experienced their va...
Tags: Art, America, Ideas, Rural Electrification Administration, 09.20, New York Chicago St Louis

Broadway Brainteasers: Lindsay Mendez Word Scrambles!

Today, we're bringing you a word scrambles based on the career of Tony Award-winner, Lindsay Mendez [Author: Alexa Criscitiello]
Tags: Theatre, Lindsay Mendez, Alexa Criscitiello

This company makes windows that convert to balconies

HofmanDujardin makes Bloomframe windows that work like a Murphy bed, opening up into a balcony. The only disconcerting part might be the pane of glass that doubles as a floor. That might trigger guests' vertigo, and walking around on it seeks it might scuff or scratch it. I would cut a piece of carpet for when it's down, or at least make guests take of their shoes. Here's another demo and a Chinese ad: Image: YouTube / HofmanDujardin
Tags: Video, Design, News, Windows, Architecture, Engineering, Balcony, Hofmandujardin

How a tiny house couple used $35,000 to hack their 290-square-foot living space, rejecting minimalism and maximizing practicality

Tony and Charlie Perez live in a tiny house in California. CharpLenz Photography Tony and Charlie Perez live in a 290-square-foot tiny house outside of Sacramento, California.They've spent $35,000 building and designing the tiny house, which creatively maximizes space and takes on influences from their many travels.But they say they're not minimalists. Instead, they told Business Insider, they designed their home around practicality.Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.Tony an...
Tags: Asia, Europe, Design, California, Life, Africa, US, Sacramento, America, Trends, Features, Egypt, Jordan, Tiny Houses, Tiny Homes, Tiny House

Who’s Leaving the Metropolitan Museum? A Partial List of Retirees

It’s with dejected déjà vu that I report the imminent departure of some 90 Metropolitan Museum staffers from more than half a dozen departments. – Lee Rosenbaum
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, 09.03.20

Community Engagement Network

Two years ago ArtsEngaged created the Facebook group Become Indispensable as a mechanism for people interested in community engagement in the arts to learn and share. That group’s advisory board has had its first meeting, and here are some of the changes and ideas we discussed. – Doug Borwick
Tags: Art, Facebook, Ajblogs, 09.02.20

The Prejudice Against Those With Less Education

Building a politics around the idea that a college degree is a precondition for dignified work and social esteem has a corrosive effect on democratic life. It devalues the contributions of those without a diploma, fuels prejudice against less-educated members of society, effectively excludes most working people from elective government and provokes political backlash. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Ideas, 09.02.20, Prejudice Against Those With Less Education

‘What The Country Needs Now Is A Really Good Four-Letter Word’

Wilfred McClay: “I hear you, gentle reader, saying that surely I must be kidding. We need more profanity? Aren’t we already being inundated with it? … And that’s exactly the problem. Our curse currency has become grossly inflated and devalued. … When what once was salty loses its savor, it becomes worthy only to be trampled underfoot.” – The Hedgehog Review
Tags: Art, Words, Summer 2020, Wilfred McClay

Good Improv Performers Adapt To Almost Anything On The Spot. How Are They Adapting To COVID?

“An art form and industry built on ‘Yes, and …’ face a world of ‘no,’ ‘maybe,’ and ‘who knows.’ … Whether it’s reshaping content to fit a new medium, staring down the possibility of permanent closures, or facing their own reckoning with a legacy of racial and cultural exclusion, improv and comedy theatres are learning just how important it is to be able to listen and adjust.” – American Theatre
Tags: Art, Theatre, 09.01.20

Biomimicry Institute reveals 2020 Global Design Challenge finalists

The Biomimicry Institute has revealed this year’s 10 Biomimicry Global Design Challenge finalist teams, which have created innovative solutions for sustainably tackling global issues. The proposals, which all take inspiration from nature, address one or more of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The 10 finalists were selected from over 81 student teams as well as 26 teams of professionals from 17 countries in total. Of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, half...
Tags: Design, Architecture, United States, United Nations, Solar Power, Sustainable Development Goals, Biomimicry, Australia Canada, United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Biomimicry Institute, Urban Heat Island Effect, NexLoop, Biomimicry Institute Images, Bottlebricks, A Sensitive Wall, Biomimicry Global Design Challenge

‘There are Mechanisms in Place’: Collaboration births sacred text

‘There are Mechanisms in Place’, comprising text, poetry and visual analysis of Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum’s practice, reveals how working together is a powerful philosophy The post ‘There are Mechanisms in Place’: Collaboration births sacred text appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
Tags: Art, Books, Collaboration, Philosophy, Friday, Blade Nzimande, Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum, Fees Must Fall, Briona Butler, Michaelis Galleries, Nkule Mabaso, Nomusa Makhubu, Sacred Texts, There Are Mechanisms in Place, Visual Analysis

Is Punctuation Finished?

Enter the international Apostrophe Protection Society, with its attempts to call out misuse and spread good practice. But November 2019 saw the announcement of the society’s demise, and owing not only to the highly respectable age of its founder John Richards (96): it would close, the society said, because of the ‘ignorance and laziness present in modern times’. – Aeon
Tags: Art, Words, John Richards, Apostrophe Protection Society, 09.02.20

Wendell Pierce, Lisa Arrindell and Billy Eugene Jones to Star in 12 ANGRY MEN... AND WOMEN: THE WEIGHT OF THE WAIT

On Saturday, September 12, 2020 at 8PM ET, The Billie Holiday Theatre will present its mainstage fall presentation for 2020 online with 12 Angry Men...and Women The Weight of the Wait. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, BWW News Desk, Wendell Pierce Lisa Arrindell, Billy Eugene Jones

Audra McDonald Will Appear on CBS THIS MORNING

Find out what's happening on Listings for CBS THIS MORNING and if it's a new episode, airing on CBS on Monday, September 7, 2020 [Author: TV Scoop]
Tags: Theatre, Cbs, TV Scoop, Audra McDonald Will Appear

Governor Andrew Cuomo Announces That NYC Casinos and Malls Can Re-Open Next Week

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced this morning in a teleconference that additional steps will soon be made to move New York City back towards a state of normalcy. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: New York City, Theatre, Andrew Cuomo, BWW News Desk

LISTEN: Iain Armitage Joins TAKE A BOW Podcast, Hosted by Sydney Lucas and Eli Tokash

Tony and Grammy-nominated actress, Sydney Lucas, and Broadway and TV veteran, Eli Tokash, in association with the Broadway Podcast Network, have announced this week's episode of TAKE A BOW. Iain Armirtage takes his bow in this week's episode of Take A Bow [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, Tony, Sydney Lucas, BWW News Desk, Iain Armitage, Broadway Podcast Network, Eli Tokash, Iain Armirtage

VIDEO: See Bette Midler in a Clip from COASTAL ELITES on HBO

HBO's special presentation COASTAL ELITES explores our current world of deeply divided politics and the universal pursuit of human connection, spotlighting five distinct and impassioned points-of-view across the United States. When the shutdown forces these characters to cope in isolation, they react with frustration, hilarity and introspection. [Author: Stage Tube]
Tags: Hbo, Theatre, United States, Bette Midler, Stage Tube, Coastal Elites

Matthew Morrison, Krysta Rodriguez & More to Take Part in Orange County School of the Arts Virtual Season Premiere

Orange County School of the Arts will presentits fifth annual Season Premiere - virtually Highlighting the best of previous Season Premiere shows, this year's event features new, never-before-seen professionally recorded performances by all four of OCSA's past guest artists. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Orange County School of the Arts, OCSA, BWW News Desk, Matthew Morrison Krysta Rodriguez

Pillsbury Launches Limited-Edition MEAN GIRLS Toaster Strudel

On Wednesdays, we eat pink To celebrate Paramount Picturesa enduringly popular teen comedyMean Girls, Pillsbury Toaster Strudel is getting a makeover with the launch of its limited-edition Mean Girls Toaster Strudel, featuring pink icing in collaboration with the iconic film a and itas so fetch [Author: BWW News Desk]
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