[Podcast] The Future of Design Education & The Business of Design with Douglas Davis

In this bonus episode, we have Douglas Davis join us, Jacob Cass & Matt Davies, to discuss the current state of design education and what it takes to remain relevant as we evolve as creatives in these disruptive and turbulent times. We explore his book, Creative Strategy & The Business of Design as well as the future of design. There has never been a more timely episode. Douglas Davis is a strategist, author and professor at the New York City College of Technology, a part of the The City Univers...
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Be Careful Not to Lose the Way

We were in the middle of a sold-out, critically acclaimed run of Head Over Heels. It was truly one of the coolest, most original shows we've ever produced. And that's saying a lot!And halfway through the run, the pandemic hit and the theatres were closed down.At first, I didn't know what to feel. What could I do with the idea that the only thing I've ever cared about in my life, the thing on my mind literally every waking minute -- the musical theatre -- is now deadly. My whole life's work has ...
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Broadway Rewind: THE SECRET GARDEN Blooms Again 25 Years Later

Today we rewind to 2016for the Manhattan Concert Productions 25th Anniversary presentation of The Secret Garden. [Author: BroadwayWorld TV]
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Glass Bridge in China

World’s longest transparent glass-bottomed suspension bridge constructed at the Huangchuan Three Gorges Scenic Area in Lianzhou, China. Bridge floor made out of 4.5-centimeter-thick ultra-clear glass supported by wind-resistant cable system connected to concrete anchors. Suspended at the height of 201 meters, 526.14 meter bridge is the longest suspension glass bridge in the world. Constructed under the supervision […]
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BWW Album Review: A KILLER PARTY Is More Fun Than Mystery

A Killer Party has figured out exactly how to tap into digital-theatre-era frustrations and jokes. A murder mystery that leans gleefully into the campiness of the genre more than the horror, the soundtrack to this video-conferenced musical is as far from deadly dull as it gets. [Author: Amanda Prahl]
Tags: Theatre, Amanda Prahl, Killer Party

#MeaningfulMonday - Meet Elizaveta with Student Mentors

It's MeaningfulMonday Learn about how Elizaveta is mentoring students at a local orphanage [Author: BWW News Desk]
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Broadway Jukebox: 50 Songs for a Very Broadway Labor Day!

Those summer days may have drifted away, but oh- autumn has arrived Labor Day usually triggers the official start of the fall theatre season, and while the lights of Broadway will remain dark for the rest of 2020, you can still celebrate your day off with showtunes. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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Award-winning Fly-Ash chair uses recycled coal byproduct

In an effort to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) furniture design graduate student Erica Stine created the Fly-Ash chair, a modern and eco-conscious chair constructed entirely of recycled coal waste. The sustainable furniture design concept recently earned a notable honor in the 2020 international Red Dot Design Competition’s “Home Furniture” category.  Fly ash, the world’s most common industrial byproduct, is produced by coal-fired power plants ...
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VIDEO: Watch Derek Klena, Tom Kitt & More on Jim Caruso's Pajama Cast Party- Live at 8pm!

Join the party tonight 8pm with special guests Warren Wright, Terry Burrell, Tom Kitt, Rich Jill Switzer, Derek Klena, Brain Carter and Stephen Mahy. [Author: Jim Caruso]
Tags: Theatre, Jim Caruso, Derek Klena Tom Kitt, Stephen Mahy

New Arizona highrise takes sustainable luxury to another level

This 12-story residential tower doesn’t just boast an impressive luxury highrise condominium design, but also an award-winning green building design. The luxurious 7180 Optima Kierland is located in one of North Scottsdale’s most desirable areas, with lavish amenities throughout and a vertical landscape system with self-containing irrigation. The building debuted a new green design created by David Hovey Jr., Optima’s president and head architect. The architectural firm has already earned a rep...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Luxury, Arizona, Green Building, Sustainable Design, Condominium, Sky Deck, North Scottsdale, New Arizona, Post-format-gallery, Drought-resistant Plants, Optima Kierland, David Hovey Jr Optima

LAVA designs a cyclist bridge to make Heidelberg bike-friendly

LAVA, schlaich bergermann partner and Latz + Partner have been awarded first prize in an international competition for their design of a cycle and pedestrian bridge in the German university town of Heidelberg. The winning proposal weaves together functionality with beautiful, minimalist design that is visually appealing both up-close and from afar. The 700-meter-long bridge will cross over the Neckar River and connect urban developments from north to south. Commissioned by the City of Heidelber...
Tags: Design, Germany, Bicycle, LEDs, Lava, Urban Development, Bridge, Hamburg, Public Spaces, Heidelberg, Prefab, Prefabricated, Neckar River, Bicycle Bridge, Bicycle Infrastructure, Bike Friendly

Meet the 8-foot-tall robot designed to insert Elon Musk's Neuralink AI brain chip — here's how it works

Neuralink surgical robot. Woke Studios Neuralink held a live demo showing off its ability to read the brain activity of a pig with a surgically implanted chip that transmits data wirelessly. Musk founded the neural tech company in 2016, and says the chip will enable a "symbiosis" between the human brain and AI. Engineers built a robot to implant the device that would work in clinical settings and make patients feel comfortable.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Elon Musk...
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School of Rock: Spotlight on 20 Broadway Stars Making Original Music

While we wait for Broadway to bounce back, check our list of some Broadway stars you can keep close by and even get to know them a little better by enjoying and supporting their original music [Author: Alexa Criscitiello]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, Alexa Criscitiello

Broadway Brainteasers: Laura Michelle Kelly Word Search!

Today, we're bringing you a Laura Michelle Kelly-themed word search puzzle Find the names of just a few of Laura's shows and roles [Author: Stephi Wild]
Tags: Theatre, Laura, Laura Michelle Kelly, Stephi Wild

Dee Hoty, Leah Gardiner, Kim Shaw and Francis Jue Host Broadway for Biden Tonight

Dee Hoty Actor Eastern Regional Vice President, Actorsa Equity Association, Leah Gardiner Director Board Member, SDC, Francis Jue Actor, Actorsa Equity Association, and Kim Shaw Company Manager, ATPAM will host the evening on behalf of Broadway for Biden. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, Biden, BWW News Desk, Dee Hoty, Dee Hoty Leah Gardiner Kim Shaw, Francis Jue Host Broadway, Kim Shaw Company, ATPAM

Another semester of home-schooling: How to create a space for kids

We were all hoping for a miracle to avoid it, but the harsh reality is that another school year has rolled around, and we're still dealing with a pandemic. Here's how to create a productive home-school environment for kids this year.
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If You’re Somewhere in the Messy Middle

Several years ago, I followed an embroidery account on Instagram. The wild creativity and intricate detail drew me in, frequently resulting in wide-eyed wonder at the finished projects. Over and over, I told myself, One day I’m going to try that and This will be the year. Over and over, my fingers scrolled social media, tapping “like” but never picking up a needle. A few months ago, as the realization settled in that my new normal for the foreseeable future required a screen not only for work bu...
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Potsdam's 'game of thrones': New Hampshire village battles over toilet art

Village has ordered Hank Robar to remove ‘Potty Gardens’ from his properties, the latest move in long-running disputeAgainst a backdrop of heated debate over US statues and monuments, a long-running dispute between Hank Robar, the creator of a series of controversial “Potty Gardens”, and the vexed village elders of of the town of Potsdam in New Hampshire may be one of the strangest.For close to 15 years, Robar has been battling the village over a display of toilets and urinals filled with bright...
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Jude Law: 'When I became a parent, I would cry at anything'

As he plays a troubled dad trapped on a sinister island in The Third Day, the star reveals how the drama unlocked his deepest parenting fears – and shares his worries about its 12-hour, live-action section Osea, a small island off the coast of Britain reached by a causeway, is too unsettling a place to be charming but it is certainly intriguing. Its inhabitants add salt to bottled water to make it palatable. They also wear large fish heads and carry oversized scissors to “cut out” evil from chil...
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Audra McDonald Will Appear on CBS THIS MORNING

Find out what's happening on Listings for CBS THIS MORNING and if it's a new episode, airing on CBS on Monday, September 7, 2020 [Author: BWW News Desk]
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VIDEO: On This Day, September 7- RENT Closes on Broadway

On this day, we remember the original, groundbreaking Broadway production of Jonathan Larson's RENT, which played its final performance at the Nederlander Theater on this day in 2008. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, Jonathan Larson, BWW News Desk, Nederlander Theater

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