The new line drawing feature in SlideMagic was put in to support the connection of boxes in organisation charts and flow diagrams, but you can use it more creatively as well. The attached examples of the use of hexagon shapes shows how you can bypass SlideMagic’s strict limitations on shape types (basically boxes). But do you need to? ...
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Jazz Bassist Gary Peacock, 85

Peacock’s personal philosophy enabled him to work with a wide variety of musicians and facilitate great depth in those sessions. In a 2017 interview, he told Ken Bader of the Arts Fuse,“I’m not after my statement or my identity as a bass player or improviser. It’s not about me. It’s about the music. It’s about my responsibility to be in a particular place that other people can share, enjoy and feel something.” – NPR
Tags: Art, People, Peacock, Gary Peacock, 09.08.20, Ken Bader

Turns Out Most Of Scots Wikipedia Is Fake. What To Do About It?

If there is any reason to think the situation with Scots Wikipedia will improve over time, it might simply be that Wikipedia editors themselves are quite industrious—and, relatively speaking, more forgiving. – Slate
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Market-Based Creativity (As Found In Nature)

“One could say that capitalism produces greater artistic variation, thereby speeding up aesthetic evolution. But if the species is rapidly evolving toward decadence and possible extinction, then its proliferation of increasingly varied forms of art and music is destined to be short-lived, however ingenious and enjoyable those forms may be.” – Resilience
Tags: Art, Ideas, 08.19.20

Will Artificial Design Intelligence Takeover Web Designing and Development?

The worlds are colliding. Web designing and development happens in two primary ways: DIY (bloggers and small business owners buying readymade themes, web hosting account, and setting up the website after reading a lot of online resources) Agencies (dedicated agencies that create websites from scratch, using manual coding and templates, and these are usually high […] The post Will Artificial Design Intelligence Takeover Web Designing and Development? appeared first on
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Frazetta's "A Princess of Mars" painting sells for $1.2 million at auction

A Princess of Mars (1970) is one of Frank Frazetta's most famous works. He painted it for the 1970 hardcover edition of Edgar Rice Burroughs' first John Carter of Mars novel. Interestingly, Frazetta feared the publisher wouldn't return the art so he painted a copy for himself. The copy is generally thought to be superior to the version he created for the book cover. It sold this week at Heritage Auctions for $1.2 million. "Frank Frazetta always felt that his art transcended genres," said Nadi...
Tags: Art, Post, News, Death Star, Darth Vader, Mars, Heritage Auctions, Leia, Luke Skywalker, Nadia, Frank, Ellie, Dejah Thoris, Frank Frazetta, John Carter, Edgar Rice Burroughs

Designhill Logo Maker Leverages Artificial Intelligence

Getting a custom logo design doesn’t need to be a confusing or expensive process. When you take the more traditional route of hiring a freelance designer or a design firm, you may end up with a logo that isn’t quite right and you’re still stuck with footing the bill. But just as technology companies are […] The post Designhill Logo Maker Leverages Artificial Intelligence appeared first on
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Juicer Ring

Manual citrus squeezer attached to double finger ring will help you make fresh orange juice every morning. Ring Juicer designed by Object Rights. Handmade in USA out of ceramic. Double rings for fingers. Limited Edition of 900. Comes in different colors. Also check out: Watering Can Lemon Squeeze
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How To Create Your Blog Visual Marketing Strategy

If you are not into visual content marketing yet, you are way behind! Visual marketing is booming and evolving year by year with new platforms, tools and tactics popping up monthly! Any method of visual marketing can create a visual buzz, and so improve your campaign and results. But you might not be certain of […] The post How To Create Your Blog Visual Marketing Strategy appeared first on
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Meet The New Artificial Intelligence That’s Got Everyone’s Attention

GPT-3 is a marvel of engineering due to its breathtaking scale. It contains 175 billion parameters (the weights in the connections between the “neurons” or units of the network) distributed over 96 layers. It produces embeddings in a vector space with 12,288 dimensions. And it was trained on hundreds of billions of words representing a significant subset of the Internet—including the entirety of English Wikipedia, countless books, and a dizzying number of web pages. Training the final model alo...
Tags: Art, Wikipedia, Ideas, GPT, 09.09.20

Film Festivals Lose Something Essential When They Go Virtual

From the outside, many of these events look incredibly glamorous, even excessive — none more than Cannes, with its black-tie premieres in the Palais and its exclusive yacht parties off the shore. As such, it’s not hard to imagine civilians questioning why the world might need such gatherings during a time of austerity and caution. But the truth is, film festivals serve an essential function to the ecosystem of cinema that can’t be reproduced by virtual events. – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, Cannes, Audience, Palais, 09.08.20

California Considers Fix To Its Gig-Economy Law That Put Musician Contracts In Peril

As we reported earlier this year, the collateral damage caused by AB 5 was nearly instantaneous, as numerous smaller arts organizations that didn’t have the wherewithal to meet the new requirements felt it was safer to cancel seasons and shutter venues than it was to risk potential penalties. – San Francisco Classical Voice
Tags: Art, Music, California, San Francisco, 09.08.20

Janet Malcolm Writes About Second Chances

“When I took the stand at the trial in San Francisco in 1993 I could not have done worse than to present myself in the accustomed New Yorker manner. Reticence, self-deprecation, and wit are the last things a jury wants to see in a witness.” – New York Review of Books
Tags: Art, San Francisco, Ideas, Janet Malcolm, 09.24.20

Quick About-Face: Metropolitan Museum Follows Drastic Staff Reductions with Strategic Additions

I’ve suggested that the Met’s radical downsizing of staff (necessitated by the Virus Crisis) might give its leaders an opportunity to install their own hand-picked team “sooner and less controversially than would have otherwise been possible.” “Sooner” turns out to be immediately. – Lee Rosenbaum
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, 09.09.20

Vigilantes In Burkas: New Pakistani Series Give Taboos A Good Clobbering

“The stars of Churails — which means ‘Witches’ in Urdu — are a gang of female avengers who wield fists and hockey sticks in anger. … Thrown together by chance, the quartet run a secret agency that aims to help wronged women exact revenge. They use a clothes shop in Karachi as a front for their activities. The heroines drink, swear and take drugs. There are lesbian characters and a trans one.” – The Economist
Tags: Art, Media, KARACHI, Urdu, 09.03.20

Kafka’s ‘Metamorphosis’ Has Become A Video Game

In the transition to the new medium, though, the story has metamorphosed as well. It’s now a mashup with The Trial, starting off with Gregor Samsa awakening with (what he thinks is) a hangover in Josef K.’s apartment after celebrating the latter’s birthday. Most of the other characters in the game are also insects (one complains about his ex-mate and having to pay “larva support”) that Gregor meets as he (i.e., the player) makes his way to “the Tower.” – The Washington Post
Tags: Art, Media, Words, Kafka, Gregor, Gregor Samsa, Josef K, 09.08.20

ORA inserts a modern home into a romantic brick ruin

When Znojmo-based architecture studio ORA was tapped to reconstruct a fascinating old ruin into a new home in the Czech town of Jevíčko, the young architects quickly decided against a traditional repair. Originally built as a homestead that was converted into a granary during the communist regime, the existing brick building had suffered significant damage. But it still retained a strong architectural character that ORA believed would be lost if a traditional renovation was attempted. Instead, t...
Tags: Design, France, Homes, Energy Efficiency, Insulation, Historic Preservation, Ruins, Recycled Materials, Salvaged Materials, Green Renovation, Adaptive Reuse, Brick Architecture, Ora, Open-plan, Reconstruction, Jevíčko

Christiane Eda-Pierre, France’s First Black Opera Star, Dead At 88

Born in Martinique to an accomplished family (an aunt was the first black female student at the Sorbonne), she first made her mark in coloratura roles such as Leïla in The Pearl Fishers and the title role in Lakmé. She went on to have a stellar career in Paris and abroad, noted especially for Mozart, Rameau (she sang in the first modern revivals of several of his operas), and contemporary works (she created the role of the Angel in Messiaen’s Saint François d’Assise). – Barron’s (AFP)
Tags: Art, People, Paris, Martinique, Messiaen, Leila, Sorbonne, Francois, Mozart Rameau, 09.07.20, Christiane Eda Pierre France, First Black Opera Star Dead, Assise Barron

Mealworms can serve as protein source, research says

A new study published in the Journal of Insects as Food and Feed has revealed that yellow mealworms can serve as an alternative protein source for animals and, possibly, humans. The study comes at a time when global food demands keep rising. Spontaneous population growth in developing countries has led to a shortage of protein sources, prompting researchers to look for alternative options. The new research, conducted by Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), proposes yellow m...
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Fantastic Azerbaijan rug woven to look like it's melting Azerbaijan textile artist Faig Ahmed employs ancient craft to create mind-bending textile sculptures. His work is featured in an online exhibition at the Sapar Contemporary gallery, titled "Textile Traditions Re-Imagined." (via Laughing Squid) View this post on Instagram Close-up of "Doubts" by Faig Ahmed. • "Doubts make you move forward and pursue answers. Doubts are ...
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Pandemic Guggenheim

Only 113 days remain in 2020. This 366 day lap around the sun is about ceding control. And so, while creating the 12th work in my 20-year Guggenheim Painting Series — I embraced our new reality, and went rogue. This was painted entirely with my left hand. First with a brush, then with a palette …
Tags: Art, Facebook, New York, New York City, City, 2020, Manhattan, Exhibition, Series, Jackson Hole, Painting Process, Guggenheim, Borbay, Frank Lloyd Wright, Guggenheim Painting, Painting Of The Guggenheim

Oscars’ New Diversity Rules Ignite A Debate

Predictably, the backlash has already begun. The Academy’s announcement was greeted on its own website by comments including: “You ruined the Oscars. It’s no longer about a cinema as a genre of art. Now it’s totally about politics,” and “forced diversity lowers quality of the product”. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Media, Academy, 09.09.20

Diana Rigg, 82

Three or four generations loved her for television roles from Emma Peel in The Avengers to Mrs. Danvers in Rebecca to Olenna Tyrell (the “Queen of Thorns”) in Game of Thrones; film roles from Tracy (the only Bond girl to get James to put a ring on it) in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service to Vincent Price’s daughter in Theatre of Blood to Miss Piggy’s employer in The Great Muppet Caper; and stage roles from Euripedes’s Medea to Shakespeare’s Cordelia, Regan, and Hermia to Edward Albee’s Martha to ...
Tags: Art, People, Rebecca, Edward Albee, Secret Service, Shakespeare, James, Diana Rigg, Martha, Loewe, Lerner, Henry Higgins, Hermia, Olenna Tyrell, Emma Peel, 09.10.20

Wildfires have burned 2.3M acres across California this year

Over 2 million acres of land have burned in California this year alone, according to the U.S Forest Service. Unfortunately, fires are still breaking out and more destruction is expected. The state is bracing for the worst as summer comes to an end. Normally, the period preceding fall is the most dangerous in terms of fire outbreaks, and California has already witnessed more acres burned so far this year than ever recorded in a similar period. Currently, two of the state’s largest fires in histor...
Tags: Design, Climate Change, California, Wildfire, U S Forest Service, Moore, Pacific Gas Electric, Randy Moore, Pacific Southwest Region, San Francisco Bay Area More

Andrew Lloyd Webber Warns Theatres Are At The Point Of No Return

“We simply have to get our arts sector back open and running … We are at the point of no return, really,” he told Parliament’s Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee by video. “There comes a point when we really can’t go on anymore. Theatre is an incredibly labour-intensive business.” – HuffPost
Tags: Art, Theatre, Andrew Lloyd Webber, 09.08.20

Retro Inspired Illustrator for Lightspeed EP

Retro Inspired Illustrator for Lightspeed EP abduzeedo09.10.20 João Marques shared this retro inspired illustration and motion design project for the Lightspeed EP. In September of 2019, DJ/producer KURA released a new EP on Spinnin' Records entitled 'Lightspeed'. A really energetic and fierce EP, especially the title track ‘Lightspeed’, a big room production with a hard drop and cool sample snippets.  The artwork for this was inspired by the musical element...
Tags: Design, Lightspeed, Spinnin Records, Kura, João Marques

Is Online Streaming Of Performances Here To Stay?

“While widespread live performance without social distancing remains unlikely until 2021, streaming platforms have found their moment in the spotlight, offering audiences access to a library of theatre. Key figures in the digital theatre movement tell Tom Wicker about what the future holds for streaming services.” –
Tags: Art, Issues, Audience, 09.09.20, Tom Wicker

PEN America’s New President On Cancel Culture, Literature And Politics

Pulitzer-winning playwright (Disgraced, The Invisible Hand, Junk: The Golden Age of Debt) and novelist (the new Homeland Elegies) Ayad Akhtar: “I’m not convinced that literature is the best way to form political opinions. It’s the great form of nuanced intellectual discourse. We can have profound conversations about literature, but I’m not sure that political opinions — like who to vote for — are the purview of literature. But increasingly everything has become politicized, and I think an organ...
Tags: Art, Words, Ayad Akhtar, Pen, PEN America, 09.08.20

Are Parking Lots A Solution For Live Venues?

There are other pop-up drive-in theaters in North Texas, but none are as focused on bringing back the performing arts as Tin Star. “I’ve lived my life in theaters,” Nolan McGahan says. “Just because there’s a pandemic doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dreams.” – Dallas News
Tags: Art, Issues, North Texas, 09.09.20, Nolan McGahan

Early learning center sustainably embraces rural New Zealand

In the rural New Zealand haven of Dairy Flat, U.K.-based architecture firm Collingridge and Smith Architects has recently completed the Fantails Estate, an early learning center for 154 babies and preschoolers. Designed to sit sensitively within its rural context, the modern building is built primarily of timber and opens up to the outdoors with large windows and areas for outdoor play. Sustainability has also been naturally woven into the design, which includes a rainwater harvesting system, on...
Tags: Design, Education, Schools, New Zealand, Canopy, Natural Ventilation, Timber, Rainwater Harvesting, Thermal Mass, Collingridge, Classrooms, Wastewater Treatment, Learning Center, Natural Materials, Collingridge and Smith Architects, Smith Architects

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