How A Washington State Choir Changed The Course Of COVID Research

Along with new data at the time on the virus’s potential for asymptomatic spread—cases when infected people are less likely to spew heavy droplets through coughing—the report out of Skagit Valley further intensified the transmission discourse: If COVID-19 could spread so thoroughly and quickly through a choir, did that mean the coronavirus was airborne? And if the primary route for the disease’s spread was through the air, had our initial response been woefully misguided? – Slate
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10 of the biggest houses in the world

How big are the biggest houses in the world? Check out some of the biggest houses and their amenities, owned by some of the wealthiest people on the planet.
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Rethink: Time To End Playwright Submission Fees

It is exceptionally unusual to find a theatre that charges playwrights to read their script through conventional submissions. But look around at contests, competitions, workshops, residencies and more, and you’ll spot submission charges without having to look too hard. – The Stage
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Melting Carpet

Creative optical illusion version of traditional decorative carpet looks to be melting onto the floor. “Doubts?” melting carpet made by conceptual artist Faig Ahmed and his team from Baku, Azerbaijan. “There are no more doubts in this carpet, destroying geometric intelligible boundaries of the patterns – overflowing they geal on the floor – this is the […]
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What The Uk’s Music Organizations Are Learning About Streaming

“What we know is that the donation only model works well for the first two events that you do, and then it tails off dramatically, so our view is that the more sustainable model is pay-per-view.” – Bachtrack
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Festival-Free Edinburgh Lost 2 Million Tourists In August

The Edinburgh Hotels Association said the average occupancy was down to just 50 per cent in August – at a time when they would normally be almost full. – The Scotsman
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An Initiative To Rebuild America’s Arts

Some actions within the 15-point plan could be achieved in one day through executive orders, such as directing federal departments to employ creative workers or completing the authorisation and funding of an ArtistCorps within AmeriCorps. Others involve the development and passage of new laws and policies in conjunction with Congress—for example, making permanent the ability of gig workers and independent contractors to access federal unemployment benefits, or taking up and passing legislation ...
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Poster of every Motor Trend "Car of the Year" from 1949 to 2020

The Australian insurance company Budget Direct created this nifty graphic of every Motor Trend "Car of the Year" winner in the United States. After the Plymouth Volare (1976), my eyes glazed and interest waned. They created similar graphics for awards in Australia and the UK. "Award-winning cars: Every Car of the Year Winner" (Budget Direct)
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Beirut’s Cultural Community Is In Tatters

The port of Beirut explosion left close to 200 dead, thousands injured and more than 300,000 people homeless, but it also attacked the very heart of the cultural community of the city. The quarters most affected—Gemmayze, Mar Mikhael and Ashrafiyyeh—had previously been spared much of the full-scale destruction of the Lebanon’s long civil war between 1975 and 1990. – The Art Newspaper
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New York’s Ice Dancing Company Takes To The Concrete

“So what happens when there’s no ice and the rinks are closed? During the coronavirus pandemic, the figure skaters of Ice Theater of New York have found their flow by trading ice for concrete and blades for wheels. They’ve taken to the streets — and parks and playgrounds and basketball courts — with inline skates.” Gia Kourlas reports. – The New York Times
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Team Digitally Recreating Venice To Preserve It

They have used a LiDAR (light-detection and ranging) scanner, which sends out a pulsed laser light towards the target object and measures the time it takes the laser to return. It calculates the distance the light has travelled, and plots that point in a digital 3D space. The LiDAR has recorded inscriptions so high up they cannot be read from the ground. – The Art Newspaper
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The ‘Gentrification Font’ (There’s Really A Typeface For Rich People Taking Over Poor Neighborhoods?)

“‘Gentrification font’ applies to any stylish sans serif that decorates houses and real estate developments, especially in changing areas. Users replying to the viral Twitter thread pegged it as anything from Avenir to Futura to Century Gothic, which look identical to an untrained eye.” But the font most identified with gentrification is Neutraface, most familiar from the restaurant chain Shake Shack. Here’s a deep dive into how this phenomenon developed. – Vice
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A midcentury home receives a sensitive renovation in Montreal

Local practice Salem Architecture has recently renovated the Maison Ave Courcelette, a stately, midcentury home with an improved indoor/outdoor connection in the heart of Montreal. Originally constructed in 1947, the house was built with beautiful attention to detail and sculptural, rounded openings — elements that both the architect, Jad Salem, and the owner wanted to preserve and highlight. The resulting transformation achieves those goals while generously opening up the interior to the large ...
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First Look: The Academy Museum to Open With a Hayao Miyazaki Retrospective Exhibit

Hayao Miyazaki is one of the few anime filmmakers who can claim crossover success, with beloved classics like My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away leaving an indelible mark on global pop culture (and the latter winning the director a much-deserved Oscar). But the Studio Ghibli filmmaker has never yet had a North American museum retrospective dedicated to his art and works. Until now. The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures announced that its inaugural exhibition will be Hayao Miyazaki, a retrospe...
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The Need For Facts, The Threat Of Feelings

When it comes to interpreting the world around us, we need to realise that our feelings can trump our expertise. This explains why we buy things we don’t need, fall for the wrong kind of romantic partner, or vote for politicians who betray our trust. In particular, it explains why we so often buy into statistical claims that even a moment’s thought would tell us cannot be true. Sometimes, we want to be fooled. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Ideas, 09.10.20

Giant Sculpture That Sings — Flight 93 National Memorial Is A Massive Wind Chime

To mark the place in Pennsylvania where the fourth plane went down on 9/11/01, architect Paul Murdoch and his team designed the Tower of Voices, a 93-foot-tall open-air structure with 40 specially designed and tuned aluminum chimes, one for each passenger and crew member. Carolina Miranda talks to Murdoch and others about the incredible technical and aesthetic (and, yes, political) challenges that building the memorial posed. – Los Angeles Times
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UN report shows global warming could pass 1.5C limit before 2030

According to the United Nations’ United in Science Report 2020, global temperatures could exceed the 1.5°C limit set in the Paris Agreement in the next decade. Global temperatures have been on a steady rise since the 1800s due to the effects of industrialization. According to the report, global temperatures have already risen by 2°F (1.1°C) since the late 1800s. Of greater concern is the fact that the last five years have been hotter than previous years. Although the high temperatures experience...
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Minnesota Public Radio Fires Its Only Black Classical Music Host

Garrett McQueen said he was taken off the air after his shift on Aug. 25. He was then given two warnings — one of which was about his need to improve communication and the other warning was for switching out scheduled music to play pieces he felt were more appropriate to the moment and more diverse, McQueen told MPR News. – MPR
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20 Stage Professionals Weigh In On How To ‘Revolutionize’ American Theater

“Here, six months after most stages went dark, 20 theater figures — many far from the heart of the commercial sector — offer their own suggestions.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Audience, 09.11.20

How To Remake American Theater In The Wake Of COVID? Five New York Times Critics Offer Their Ideas

“Things clearly had to change — and with the enforced pause of the pandemic, the opportunity has now arrived in the nick of time. If ever there was a need, and a moment, to fix the theater, this is it. So for the six-month anniversary of the shutdown, The New York Times asked its theater critics … what those fixes might look like.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, New York Times, Audience, 09.11.20, Five New York Times

Global investment managers say no to carbon

A European group of global investment managers and pension funds has devised an ambitious plan to cut their portfolios down to net-zero carbon. The Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change includes more than 1,200 members in 16 countries. Together, they control over $40 trillion in assets. The group distributes its recommended measures to asset managers to help them reach the European Union’s goal to be climate-neutral by 2050. Its policies are based on a framework developed with more tha...
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#CancelNetflix Becomes A Thing As Anger Mounts Over Film Sexualizing Young Girls

“Controversial French film Cuties — about a young Senegalese girl in Paris who joins a ‘free-spirited dance clique’ to escape family dysfunction — has spawned a new backlash against Netflix by critics who allege it goes over the line in portraying children in a sexualized manner.” – Variety
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How Does This Classical Music TV Series Attract Millions Of Viewers? It’s Made Like A Cooking Show

Each episode of Now Hear This “manages to turn its exploration of a single subject into a hybrid of travelogue, mystery, history, cultural study, documentary and performance — all with … intricate webs of narrative that connect composers across episodes and eras.” Showrunner Harry Lynch and host Scott Yoo freely acknowledge that they were inspired by the approach of food-TV stars such as Anthony Bourdain. – The Washington Post
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Fauci: When It Will Be Safe To Go Back Into Theatres

Basically, a year after the vaccine. Anthony Fauci made his prediction in a 30-minute interview with the actress Jennifer Garner on Instagram Live about vaccines, lockdowns, and the coming flu season. – Business Insider
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Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross: Episode One Hundred Sixty-Three

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross:  Episode One Hundred Sixty Three This latest edition of Radio City…  finds Jon and Rob, yet again, pondering the happenings in New York City, as things unravel further under deBlasio’s mayorship.  Sports takes center stage as several baseball teams have to stop play due to positive coronavirus testing; the NHL gets back to playing, followed closely by the NBA resuming; the usual political mishigas, while Jon and Rob have some fun with “In Our Heads”. Eve...
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Cleveland Artist Creates a Giant Portrait of Donald Trump Using Thousands of Dildos

Cleveland artist Stephen Manka has created a portrait of President Donald Trump using 2,020 metal sex toys. The portrait, currently constructed in a studio, measures 12 by 20 feet. Manka launched a Kickstarter fundraiser to raise money for the project, ultimately aiming to create a touring installation that would stop by Washington D.C., Wisconsin and Dallas ahead of the November presidential... Source
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Meet Rachael, the World’s First Fully Automated Autonomous 3D Design Influencer on Instagram

Built with Unreal Engine 4, her capabilities are specially designed to create “likeable” images representing popular visual languages on the platform. Since May 2020, she has been posting to the Instagram account @rachaellic one new image per day. She will continue posting without any human intervention, as long as the computer she is running on is online. More: Instagram... Source
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A disused factory becomes an office with a landscaped bamboo roof terrace

Located in Shenzhen, China, the If Factory utilizes a sustainable design that transforms an old and disused factory into a creative mix of office spaces. While the heart of the building contains a public stairway with an inclusive view of the inside, the landscaped bamboo roof terrace is an even more impressive token of the project’s combination of sustainability and community. Rather than demolish the original factory before rebuilding the office space, a project that would require extensive r...
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LeSportsac's ReCycled collection uses recycled water bottles

In 1974, LeSportsac opened its doors for business in New York City. Much has changed since then, but not the company’s focus on creating innovative, colorful and useful bags that encourage an on-the-go lifestyle. With the modern-day zeitgeist squarely aimed at improving sustainable practices, both in the private and business world, LeSportsac’s most recent release removes plastic from the waste stream while encouraging fans to continue their LeSportsac journey. Called ReCycled, the new bags com...
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3 Essential Ways Packaging Design Will Change Because of Covid-19

Product packaging - always an unsung hero - has developed an even more vital role in the Covid-19 world. Here's how you can evolve your packaging.
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