SpaceX rocket inspired pen stands on your desk like a mini replica of the Falcon 9 rocket!

Remember when ‘space pens’ were a rage? They were the only pens that could work in zero gravity and were developed for the express purpose of writing in space. I’m here, however, to talk about another kind of Space Pen. Inspired by the democratization of space travel and how one private company, founded by Elon Musk is leading the charge to make space-travel accessible to all, the Nominal Pen is literally designed to look like a rocket… making it perhaps the most literal take on the ‘space pe...
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[Podcast] Psychology-Driven Brand Strategy with Kaye Putnam

In this episode we sit down with the wonderful Kaye Putnam, a psychology-driven brand strategist from South Carolina. We geek out about all things brand thinking. We get into the meaning of ‘psychology-driven branding’, about knowing your brand and living your brand. Kaye shares her ‘4C Brand Strategy Framework’ which helps to bake psychological principles into brands. We also discover Kayes inspirational story, her obsession with human decision making and how this helps her in her work + how sh...
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For First Time Since The 1980s Vinyl Outsells CDs

on the first half of 2020 across the recorded music industry reads: “Vinyl album revenues of $232m were 62% of total physical revenues, marking the first time vinyl exceeded CDs for such a period since the 1980s.” The report acknowledged that vinyl records accounted for only 4% of total recorded music revenue. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Music, 09.14.20

Museum’s Plans To Sell Pollock To Diversify Trivializes An Important Issue

The museum’s origins date back more than a century, when it became the first to be dedicated specifically to American art. It’s shocking that the Everson has now chosen to sell off an irreplaceable artifact — a rare formative work by the first American painter with profound international impact. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Visual, Everson, 09.14.20

Historical Plague Thinking: What We Can Learn

The conditions that made the outbreak possible were thus directly connected to the new social relations flourishing in Europe, Central Asia, and the Far East in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. It was the booming trade in silks and luxury goods, as well as the growth of towns and cities with relatively stable sedentary populations, that laid the ground for the deadly pandemic. – Boston Review
Tags: Art, Ideas, Far East, Europe Central Asia, 09.04.20

AirPods Holder Earrings

Modern earrings designed to act as a hidden support for your Apple AirPods. MISHO Pebble Pods and Minimal / Active Tall Pods created to revolutionize the way you wear and style your wireless Apple earphones. Sterling silver, one size fits all, golden earrings designed so that you can effortlessly slip your AirPods in and out through […]
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Hong Kong’s Cautionary Tale: How 40 Years Of Neo-Liberalism Fueled A Crisis

This blurring of the division between public and private finds governments overtly working on the behalf of capital to extenuate an economic system that favors global capital over labor, private corporations over society and social welfare, and economic concentration over economic democracy. It is a system that is perpetuated by the attenuation of politics and capital, whereby the rich purchase beneficial economic policies that further insulate their position and wealth. Through political influ...
Tags: Art, Hong Kong, Ideas, 09.10.20

Retro 1940s-Inspired race-car concept is powered by an electric drivetrain!

The Helvezzia Tipo-6 exists in a parallel universe where electric vehicles were commonplace back in the 1940s. I wouldn’t be surprised though, if the world, plagued by the 2nd World War and the need to have an efficient way to transport humans and resources, developed electric cars on a mass-production scale. [Fun Fact: EVs did, in fact, exist in the 1900s but were soon phased out after the discovery of large petroleum reserves in the USA] Let’s step out of that scenario for a second to admire ...
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Playwright Michael Frayn On British Theatre And The State Of The UK

The European Union was a remarkable human artifact—still is. And for us to smash down our part in it is . . . I suppose you just have to expect that people can’t sustain positive actions for very long. Sooner or later, they just want to behave badly and do something very simple, kick something or hit someone. – The New Yorker
Tags: Art, UK, Theatre, European Union, Michael Frayn, 09.13.20

“Porgy” and Race — continued

On “the Porgy Exchange,” in which an ordinary woman changed, on the spot, the opinion of two prominent Black opera singers that white baritones should be able to take on the lead role in Gershwin’s opera. – Joseph Horowitz
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, Gershwin, 09.11.20

BBC Gets 15,000 Complaints After Dance Group’s BLM Performance

The dance group, who won the talent show in 2009, took to the stage with a politically charged performance during the ITV show’s semi-finals this month. It depicted a white police officer kneeling on the Diversity star and temporary BGT judge Ashley Banjo, echoing the killing of the unarmed black man George Floyd in the US. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Media, US, Bbc, Audience, BGT, Ashley Banjo, George Floyd, 09.13.20

In Praise Of Essential Small Talk

Americans in particular are small-talk artists. They have to be. This is a wild country. The most tenuous filaments of consensus and cooperation attach one person to the next. So the Have a nice days, the Hot enough for yous, the How ’bout those Metses—they serve a vital purpose. – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Words, 09.13.20

Is it possible to build a mile-high skyscraper?

Frank Lloyd Wright originally proposed The Mile-High Illinois in the 1950s. Innovations in construction materials and elevators are necessary to reach the one mile height and beyond.We may see the first mile-high skyscraper by the middle of the 21st century. Humanity has been on a quest for millenia to build bigger and taller structures. In our reach skyward we've built ziggurats, pyramids, and coliseums. Our mythologies placed the seat of the gods in lofty towers high on mountaintops. We've had...
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A “Supply Chain”? – How Metaphor Insulates Us From Seeing Injustice

There is, of course, no actual chain linking companies together, but since then the image of a supply chain has shaped the way we picture our global economy and how products move through it. It’s become so entrenched in our thinking that we find it hard to describe the process in any other way. But when we lose sight of the role that these images play in our thoughts, our ideas and imaginations are left constrained, shaped by a metaphor we’ve forgotten is there. – Aeon
Tags: Art, Ideas, 09.12.20

Museum Votes To Sell Prized Jackson Pollock To Fund Diversity

Its sale will fund acquisitions of work by artists of color, women artists, and other marginalized artists underrepresented in the museum’s collection. The early Pollock painting will be included in Christie’s New York Evening Sale of 20th and 21st Century Art on October 6 and is estimated to sell for between $12 and 18 million. – Hyperallergic
Tags: Art, New York, Visual, Christie, Pollock, 09.10.20

Gaia & Dubos debuts a sustainable fall clothing collection

Do you know where your clothes come from? How they’re made? What impact they have on the environment? When it comes to many clothing manufacturers, the answers are probably all no. But companies like Gaia & Dubos want you to know exactly how their clothing is made and everything they do to provide sustainable fashion for all. This brand’s new collection creates as little impact on the environment as possible without compromising style or comfort. The fashions provided by Gaia & Dubos are so wel...
Tags: Design, Earth, Canada, Leonie, Dubos, Gaia Dubos, René Dubos, Cariuma, Leonie She

Still Woozy: BS

Still Woozy’s new self-produced single “BS” proves short and sweet but layered. Soft digital drums and synths form the song’s foundation, while distorted echoes, breathy harmonies and ad-libs add to the overall breezy feel. It’s another genre-blending release from Still Woozy (aka Sven Gamsky) who also self-directed the song’s off-kilter visual treatment.
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Dvořák and the American Experience of Race — An Antidote to “Checkbox Diversity”

Dvořák’s “New World” Symphony may not have been the work of a Black composer. But Dvořák embraced the African-American experience to a degree that would be controversial today. – Joseph Horowitz
Tags: Art, Dvorak, Ajblogs, 09.14.20

The Science Behind That Bright Orange San Francisco Sky

The reason for the orange—and for the wan yellows and sickly grays that followed—is a combination of atmospheric chemistry and the physics of teeny-tiny things. – Wired
Tags: Art, Visual, 09.10.20, San Francisco Sky

How one company designed the ultimate camera bag for every photographer

Designing a camera bag can often be an extremely challenging task given the demanding and everchanging needs of photographers. Some travel with large lenses, others require dedicated storage for a drone, tripod, external flash, or extra clothes on a lengthy shoot. The issue with (and the challenge behind) designing the perfect camera bag revolves around this uncertainty, the fact that cameras and accessories come in different sizes and shapes, and that every photographer has their own setup. ...
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First Hollywood Blockbuster “Tenet” Earns $2000M Worldwide, Only $6.6M In US

The time-bending sci-fi thriller Tenet generated $6.7 million in the U.S. and Canada during its second weekend of release, representing a 29% drop compared to opening weekend. Initially, Warner Bros., the studio behind “Tenet,” touted a $20 million debut. But a closer dissection of those numbers reveal they were heavily spun to include weekday preview screenings and the long holiday weekend. In reality, “Tenet” only made about $9 million between Friday and Sunday. – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, US, Canada, Warner Bros, Audience, Tenet, 09.13.20

Surfing citizen scientists collect important ocean data

A new U.S. nonprofit called Smartfin is enlisting surfers to collect data on warming oceans. Smartfin distributes special surfboard fins, which track location, motion, temperature and other data while surfers ride the waves. “Most people who really call themselves surfers are out there, you know, almost every single day of the week and often for three, four hours at a time,” Smartfin’s senior research engineer Phil Bresnahan told Chemistry World. You could hardly imagine a group that is already ...
Tags: Design, Global Warming, Oceans, San Diego, University Of California San Diego, Warming Oceans, Walden, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Smartfin, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Bresnahan, David Walden, Phil Bresnahan

This foldable laptop can be carried around like a clutch for the ultimate tech-fashion statement

Gadgets these days are shrinking in size owing to the technological innovations and design implementations that compliment them. There are foldable phones like Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Surface Duo that are radically changing how we perceive our mobile devices to be like. Laptops have also seen this paradigm shift – with young buyers preferring lightweight folding screen products that promise ultra-productivity on the go. As a refreshing approach to what a laptop could be – designer Heesung C...
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Dance Out In The Wild – NYCB And Martha Graham Dancers Out Of The Theatre And Online

The next day, back home in Brooklyn, I watched the livestream of the Saturday evening show, curious about the difference. In truth, the virtual experience was in some ways an improvement. The frame of the camera, like the arch of a proscenium stage, brought a focus and a sense of proportion to the choreography that it had lacked outdoors. “Natural History,” I thought, is a theater dance without a theater. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Dance, Brooklyn, NYCB, Martha Graham, 09.13.20

Meet Phade, the biodegradable, bioplastic eco-straw

Environmentalists say straws are harmful, and the argument makes a lot of sense. But as an iconic beverage accessory, many people don’t know how to live without straws. Thanks to Phade, they don’t have to. This biodegradable plastic straw looks and fees like a standard disposable straw. There’s just one twist: Phade is way better for the environment. If you’ve ever tried paper straws, you may have a pretty bad impression of biodegradable straws options. Phade straws are different; they’re crafte...
Tags: Design, News, Plastic, Straws, Bioplastic, Phade, WinCup

Toots & The Maytals: Funky Kingston

Singer-songwriter for Toots & The Maytals, multi-instrumentalist and reggae pioneer Frederick “Toots” Hibbert has passed away in Kingston, Jamaica—the birthplace of the music he helped create. His 1968 song “Do The Reggay” remains widely believed to be the first to namecheck reggae (at the time a fledgling genre influenced by mento—Jamaican folk music that combines elements from Africa and Europe—as well as jazz and R&B, …
Tags: Europe, Music, Design, Africa, Culture, Obituaries, Jamaica, Reggae, Kingston, Rocksteady, Listenup, KINGSTON Jamaica, Toots, SKA, Toots and the Maytals, Funky Kingston

The Smiley Pig That Got This Violinist Fired

Responding to a post on social media about Chinese-American relations a few months ago, he typed in the image of the smiley pig face — “the cute one,” Yi-Wen Jiang said — and went about his day. But his posting soon caused an outcry and he was called a bigot for what his critics said was his effort to deride the Chinese people as pigs. Within days, Mr. Jiang had lost his job and, he said, his reputation. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, Jiang, Yi Wen Jiang, 09.13.20

Online Chess Is A Breakout Online Streaming Hit

The coronavirus pandemic and stay-at-home orders have crowned a host of unlikely winners catering to bored audiences. But watching livestreams of chess games? Could one of the world’s oldest and most cerebral games really rebrand itself as a lively enough pastime to capture the interest of the masses on Twitch? Turns out, it already has. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Media, 09.08.20

A quiet cabin and outdoor adventures in Montana's Seeley-Swan Valley

As Andy Aldeen strides across his Montana land, a can of bear spray stuffed in his back shorts pocket, you’d never guess the Midwestern-born hay farmer had spent 25 years working in finance in Hong Kong and Tokyo. Now, his three-generation family is rooted here in the Swan Valley, haying and running three VRBO units for visitors craving clean mountain air far from cities. A homesteader cabin That’s what brings my husband, dog and me here. With COVID-19 numbers rising, we hesitated to plan ah...
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Marco Brambilla’s Free “The Four Temperaments” AR App Experience Starring Cate Blanchett

On view at Berlin’s Michael Fuchs Galerie, video installation artist Marco Brambilla’s The Four Temperaments exhibition and sound installation explores four sets of distinct character types as outlined by the Greek philosopher Galen: sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic. Acclaimed actress Cate Blanchett embodies each opposing personality, drenched in correlating colors. Brambilla’s has also released the three-and-a-half-minute work for free on the Acute Art augmented reality …
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