MPR Fires DJ After Reporter Quits Over The Story

“Eric Malmberg will no longer be a DJ on The Current,” said a statement from MPR President Duchesne Drew. “Our hosts have to be able to attract an audience that wants to listen to them and trusts them and over the last 36 hours those conditions have changed for Malmberg.” – The Star-Tribune (Mpls)
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Finally: What The New LACMA’s Galleries Will Look Like

Other than necessary mechanical systems and bathrooms, the building’s entire second story will be devoted to galleries, a total of 110,000 square feet of exhibition space. The galleries are composed of two dozen rectilinear spaces — basically, boxes — arranged in clusters and surrounded by interstitial spaces that will also display art. – Los Angeles Times
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Do The Arts Oversell Their Benefits?

“If we read, for example, that the arts are ‘crucial to reducing poor health and inequality’ as claimed in a press release from University College London on the release of the WHO report, our critical antennae should begin to vibrate. We all know that the major social determinant of poor health is poverty, and that decent food, housing, education and employment are the crucially important determinants of health. Can we really regard the arts as being ‘crucial’?” – ArtsProfessional
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MPR Reporter Quits, Accusing Bosses Of Sitting On Harassment Story

Marianne Combs claimed that MPR News’ legal team cleared her story, but the editors still refused to air it. “They described him as ‘a real creep,’ but worried that airing a story about his behavior would invite a lawsuit,” she said. – The Star-Tribune (Mpls)
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Time To Rethink How We Classify Science Fiction

Realism is not a binary. It is at a minimum a spectrum. If you charted fictional realities on a football field, you’d find that work on the 45-yard “Realism” side is closer to the 45-yard “SFF” marker than it is to, say, Sally Rooney over the 8-yard line. But even a spectrum doesn’t accurately capture the vast ocean of fiction that takes our reality and heightens, stylizes, distorts, or warps it in different ways. – LitHub
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‘Conceptual Virtuosity’ — Clever Classical Musicians Are Treating Their CDs As Brainy Mixtapes

“Among the smartest recording labels, one-composer programs — the norm since the arrival of the LP record in the early 1950s — are giving way to conceptual collections of music that juxtapose the ancient and modern, progressive and retrogressive, as well as the familiar and the obscure. … Is this fusion cuisine, classical music style? I prefer the term ‘conceptual virtuosity,’ since these programs often have an intellectual depth that goes beyond any Spotify algorithm.” David Patrick Stearns ex...
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Streaming Has Turned Recorded Music From A Product To An ‘Entertainment Service’. Here’s Why That’s A Problem.

Back when we bought vinyl albums or CDs, writes Lukas Krohn-Grimberghe, we gave particular music and musicians both money and shelf space in our homes, incorporating them (at least a bit) into our identities. (“Remember browsing through someone’s record collection? That’s what I am talking about.”) Online streaming may give us almost unimaginable choice for little money, but, argues Krohn-Grimberghe, it changes both the listening experience and how we relate to the pieces we hear (as well as se...
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Why Converting Turkey’s Historic Museums To Mosques Is A Powerful Statement

As museums, Hagia Sophia and Chora embodied both Byzantine and Ottoman pasts, and became symbols of multi-faith co-existence. Their conversion implies a hierarchy prioritising their Islamic past over all other layers. – The Conversation
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Southern California’s KCRW Makes Large Cuts

The cuts represent a loss of 18% of the NPR affiliate’s staff, reducing it to 127 full- and part-time employees. It comes less than two years after the station began moving into its $38-million media center on the campus of Santa Monica Community College. – Los Angeles Times
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Is Morality A Gut Decision Or The Product Of Reasoning?

To ask whether people reason about moral issues, we need to answer two kinds of questions. Firstly, what kinds of moral principles and beliefs do people hold at the outset? And secondly, do people form moral judgments based on those prior principles and beliefs – that is, do humans form moral judgments that align with their moral principles and beliefs? It turns out that they do, from a surprisingly young age. – Psyche
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Company Gives Ballet Dancers Whose Studios Are Closed A Place To Keep Their Technique Up

Says Festival Ballet Providence director Kathleen Breen Combes, “I kept getting these emails of dancers saying they just need a place to train this year. I thought, What if we could provide a space for dancers to get stronger, experiment and try new things in a nonjudgmental and no-pressure environment?” And so the company’s Leap Year program was born. – Pointe Magazine
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A Last Chance To Save Music Venues

“Music venues, theaters, and movie houses help make cities desirable, interesting, and economically humming—but they simply cannot operate in a pandemic. Following one of them through the past six months reveals a lot about how America’s economic relief left many kinds of businesses behind—and how much worse off these places will be unless a presently gridlocked Congress does something.” – Slate
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Get Ahead in the Entertainment Industry

Showbizing provides career coaching to entertainment professionals at all stages of their careers. Through one-on-one coaching and small group workshops, you’ll discover a renewed sense of purpose and clear strategies for moving forward. Do you want to land your dream job or see your passion project finally come to life? Are you looking to add film or television credits to your theater resume? Join veteran producers Jane Applegate and Julie Crosby at Showbizing. With our combined experienc...
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Managers At WAMU Kept Trying To Fire Repeat Sexual Harasser. American University Overruled Them.

Two senior executives at the Washington, DC public radio station lost their jobs — general manager J.J. Yore had to resign, and former chief content officer Andi McDaniel had to give up the position she was about to start in, general manager at WBEZ in Chicago — after it came out that WAMU traffic reporter Martin Di Caro was kept on for over two years after violating the first of what would be two “final warnings” over wildly inappropriate behavior towards female colleagues and associates. Newl...
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Tim Egan: Why Seattle Is A City Of Readers

“Nature, in the form of the predominant gloom that pervades our skies for much of the year, forces us inward — to a creative frontier that matches the geographic one. Thus, an obscure poet at a midweek reading on a winter’s eve, hoping for an audience beyond a few bookstore employees, will be happily shocked to find the room packed. People in Seattle love to come in out of the rain and tell stories, or to hear them.” – Crosscut
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Michael’s Lowest Price of the Season Sale 60% Off Canvas, 70% Off Frames, 60% Off Beads, & More!

Hurry, there is a a great Michael’s deal to keep everyone busy. Michael’s Lowest Price of the Season Sale 60% Off Canvas, 70% Off Frames, 60% Off Beads, & More!   Learn some awesome tips and trips for shopping at Michaels too! For Even More Awesome Online Deals
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Banksy Loses Trademark Claim Over His Work

“The artwork, which depicts a masked protester throwing a bouquet of flowers, appeared on a wall in Jerusalem in 2005. It has since been reappropriated by the UK card company Full Colour Black, which has used the artwork on cards. In 2014, Banksy successfully applied for an EU trademark for the work, which was then challenged by Full Colour Black. The company argued that the artist was not entitled to the trademark as he did not wish to use it for trade purposes or for branding.” – The Independ...
Tags: Art, UK, Jerusalem, Eu, Banksy, Visual, Full Colour Black, 09.17.20

Why Cities And Towns Are Suing Netflix, Hulu, And Disney+

“Throughout the nation, one American town after another is struggling to figure out how to pay overtime for the city workers who disinfect public transit plus come up with funds so that schools can buy laptops for children learning remotely. Many officials have concluded that streamers should be contributing more for local government services and are shirking legal obligations by not doing so.” – The Hollywood Reporter
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Steve Carter, Playwright Of Black Arts Movement, Dead At 90

“An award-winning playwright who explored the African-American and Caribbean-American experiences with incisiveness, humor and a willingness to wrestle with difficult themes, … Mr. Carter was one of many playwrights to emerge from the renowned Negro Ensemble Company in New York City in the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, New York City, People, Carter, Steve Carter, Negro Ensemble Company, 09.17.20

A New Wave Of BIPOC Leaders Takes Charge At U.S. Theater Companies

Peter Marks: “The hires and promotions mark what may be a turning point for a field coming to grips with a challenge from Black, Latinx, Asian American and other racial and ethnic groups: to examine its White bias and bring more diversity into its leadership ranks.” – The Washington Post
Tags: Art, Theatre, Peter Marks, 09.17.20, U S Theater Companies

Banksy's Monet tribute to go on sale for up to £5m

Tribute that adds abandoned shopping trollies to the impressionist image of water lilies to be sold at Sotheby’s auction Street artist Banksy’s version of Claude Monet’s impressionist masterpiece will go on sale at Sotheby’s London gallery for an estimated £3-5m.The painting, called Show me the Monet, was created in 2005. It is framed around Monet’s famous water lilies picture but is filled with jarring images of upside-down shopping trolleys and a traffic cone bobbing in the water. Continue rea...
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Gerhard Richter Says This Is His Final Major Artwork

Three tall twin-panel stained-glass windows unveiled at Tholey Abbey, Germany’s oldest surviving monastery building, constitute what the 88-year-old artist says will “certainly” be his last numbered opus. (He plans to limit himself to drawings and sketched from now on.) – Artnet
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Trump Administration Says It Will Ban TikTok And WeChat (Unless It Doesn’t)

“The U.S. Commerce Department said it will issue an order Friday that will bar people in the United States from downloading Chinese-owned messaging app WeChat and video-sharing app TikTok starting on September 20. Commerce officials said the ban … could be still rescinded … before it takes effect late Sunday as TikTok owner ByteDance races to clinch an agreement over the fate of its U.S. operations.” –
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Can Arts Groups Successfully Charge Viewers For Online Content? And How Much?

“The wave of free content [put online during the COVID lockdown] was a generous gesture with some lasting side effects – not least of which is the emergence of a price anchor, an expectation that digital culture is somehow free to produce and therefore free to watch. This will take some time to shake off.” Here’s an analysis – with some surprises, both happy and worrisome – of data from a recent survey of more than 130,000 regular arts attenders in the UK. – Arts Professional
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Turns Out Contemporary Art Museum Houston’s Ex-Director Didn’t Resign For The Reason He Claimed

Two years ago, when Bill Arning stepped down “effective immediately,” he told ARTnews, “I was feeling I wasn’t making progress, and I wasn’t getting done what I needed to get done. … They need a new leader, and I need a new life.” Last week, as Arning announced that he would open a commercial gallery in Houston, allegations appeared on Instagram charging him with serious sexual misconduct. Now CAMH has released a statement: “In October of 2018, [the museum] immediately removed Bill Arning as di...
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WD-40, a Favorite of Mechanics, Gets Some Bodywork Done

WD-40 is one of those rare successful products that defies basic branding conventions. Nobody agrees on exactly what's it's good for, since the product has over 2,000 documented uses (among them debugging windshields and removing chewing gum). Few people know what the name means, either (but just for the record, it's Water Displacement, version No....
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Manager, Audience Research Program, WolfBrown LLC

To advance the vision of more equitable access to high quality market research in the arts sector, WolfBrown seeks a qualified professional to join our small team of researchers in developing and implementing a variety of audience research initiatives over the coming years. Manager, Audience Research ProgramWolfBrown LLCSubmission Deadline: October 18, 2020 Background WolfBrown is a leading provider of market research and management consulting services to cultural institutions, arts age...
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Contemporary Christmas Table Decorations

The natural dining table decor for Christmas 2010 in these house decorations plans was looking so decorative and inspiring. Through the layouts of these house decors, we will see the great ideas of both interior and the decoration of both furniture and several additional accessory plans. The great ideas in this site were the integrations decorations of the main stuff with the main stuff. The luxury Christmas decors layouts that available in this house decorations plans will make our dining room ...
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SOTD 18.9.2020

Perfume PosseSOTD 18.9.2020 A SOTD (Scent Of The Day) thread is a really good conversation generator. The idea is you’ll chime in through the week with whatever scent you are wearing. You don’t need to be super knowledgable, have high faluting tastes or… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseSOTD 18.9.2020
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