Wild plants of Barbados illustrated on plantation ledgers – in pictures

Artist Annalee Davis was walking in fields once used for sugarcane in her Barbados homeland when she spotted unfamiliar plants. “I was taught to see them as weeds but now I understand their value offering biodiversity to exhausted land and their historical use in bush medicine.” Davis started pressing and using specially mixed Victorian paint to draw these plants on old plantation ledger pages. Colonialism wiped out Barbados’s biodiversity in the 17th century by replacing local vegetation with t...
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This $199 acrylic helmet with HEPA filters powered by fans designed to wear instead of a mask is being compared to sci-fi movies

Air. Microclimate MicroClimate created a visor with air filters that looks like a helmet, called Air. Air is just one of many unusual designs for face coverings since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. People have critiqued the design on social media, with a common theme being it looks too futuristic. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. In the dystopia of 2020, being able to afford a personal microclimate helmet to wear around might be the next status symbol.The coronavirus is stil...
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'Frustrations at US policies' behind Melania Trump statue, says artist

Brad Downey says first lady shows contradiction between US’s position on race in 2020The American artist behind a controversial statue of the US First Lady Melania Trump, unveiled this week in bronze in her native Slovenia, has defended the work as a representation of the contradictions of her husband’s presidency.Brad Downey, a conceptual artist from Kentucky based in Berlin, said the statue that replaced an earlier wooden carving destroyed in an arson attack in July, was motivated by his “frus...
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