[DESIGN] Justin Trudeau: Lock Him Up

Buy it here: Short link: ... [This is a content summary only. Click the Title to see the full content] [Author: Past Expiry]
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The Conservation Challenge Of A Piece Of Fruit

Honestly, how is the Guggenheim supposed to conserve something like a banana duct-taped to a wall? Ah: The artwork contains no actual banana. “Comedian, as sold, does not include a banana or tape. What one buys is a ‘certificate of authenticity,’ a surprisingly detailed, 14-page list of instructions, with diagrams, on how the banana should be installed and displayed.” – The New York Times
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Best Seller Inception Loop

How do you write a best seller? Long years of hard work and editing? Sheer lightning and writing skill? All of this, and also by getting published by Penguin Random House. – The New York Times
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While TikTok Makes A Deal, A Judge Keeps WeChat Around, For Now

Early Sunday morning, U.S. Magistrate Judge Laurel Beeler in San Francisco said in an order that the Commerce Department’s prohibitions against the popular Chinese messaging app “burden substantially more speech than is necessary to serve the government’s significant interest in national security, especially given the lack of substitute channels for communication.” – Reuters
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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Loved Opera, And Opera Loved Her Back

When Justice Ginsburg’s death was reported Friday night, tributes poured in from everyone associated with the art form. “She saw her first opera — a condensed version of La Gioconda — in 1944, when she was 11, and was immediately hooked, becoming the kind of aficionado who goes to dress rehearsals, and then opening nights, and then closing nights, too, for good measure.” – The New York Times
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How Chaotic Will Tonight’s Virtual Emmys Actually Be?

The Creative Arts Emmys wrapped with an awards snafu after five nights of awards, but Primetime Emmys are coming to the screen, or screens, on Sunday night. Picture 130 video feeds at once, many of them operated remotely or by the nominees. “It’s honestly pretty nifty, but it contains the potential for so, so much chaos.” – Vox
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Can You Spot A Social Media Troll?

It’s getting harder and harder. “As the tools for online media evolve faster than the public’s visual and media literacy, this was bound to happen.” – Hyperallergic
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Anne Stevenson, Poet And Biographer Of Sylvia Plath, 87

The poet completed 16 poetry collections and won prestigious prizes, including from the Lannan Foundation for lifetime achievement. But she’s most well-known for a biography of Sylvia Plath, which veered from the accepted narrative of Plath’s husband, poet Ted Hughes, “portraying Ms. Plath as ‘a wall of unrelenting rage’ prone to outrageous behavior, while depicting Mr. Hughes as generous and caring.” – The New York Times
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Royal Academy Claims It Needs To Sell A Michelangelo To Fund 150 Jobs

Should the Royal Academy sell the “Taddei Tondo,” nickname for Michelangelo’s The Virgin and Child with the Infant St John? “The 515-year-old sculpture had been given to the London gallery in 1829 following the death of its owner, Lady Margaret Beaumont, as an inspiration to students in the academy’s schools.” The debate is contentious. – The Observer (UK)
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RBG’s Filmmakers Reflect On Their Access To Her Extraordinary Life

Julie Cohen and Betsy West spent years making the documentary RBG. Cohen learned a lot: “When you think of power and toughness, you expect that you’re talking about a big, loud, forceful man and Justice Ginsburg was none of those things. … She was tiny, she had a soft voice, she was an introvert. And yet there was just no question that she had power and that power came both from the wattage that was her brain but also from her level of determination.” – Los Angeles Times
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A Treasure Trove Of Rare Stolen Books Has Been Found Under A House In Rural Romania

The $3.2 million cache came from a 2017 heist at a London warehouse, one of books so rare and with such niche interest that “one source, in Smithsonian, said that ‘a wealthy collector known as ‘The Astronomer’ may have hired the thieves to steal the books for him.'” Turns out it was an organized crime group in Romania. – LitHub
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The Struggling Pacific Northwest College Of Art Gets A Merger Bailout

After a $34 million remodel of a new (to the college) building attracted no additional students, the Portland arts school was struggling. Luckily, PNCA had been in talks about a merger with Willamette University, based in Salem and about 50 miles away, for years. – The Oregonian
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The Carpenters Of Notre Dame’s Rebuild Display Some Expert Medieval Techniques

“With precision and boundless energy, a team of carpenters used medieval techniques to raise up — by hand — a three-ton oak truss Saturday in front of Notre Dame Cathedral, a replica of the wooden structures that were consumed in the landmark’s devastating April 2019 fire that also toppled its spire.” The feat was intended to show that officials made the correct decision to rebuild the cathedral using the same methods as builders did 800 years ago. – St. Louis Post-Dispatch (AP)
Tags: Art, Notre Dame, Visual, 09.19.20

A Rare Edition Of Shakespeare’s Final Play Is Found In A Scottish College In Spain

It’s a 1634 volume that a researcher into Adam Smith found in the archives of the Real Colegio de Escoceses, which in the 17th century was a seminary and “an important source of English literature for Spanish intellectuals.” – BBC
Tags: Art, Spain, Words, Adam Smith, 09.19.20, Real Colegio de Escoceses

Get Reading Because Here Are The National Book Award Nominees

If you need to make plans for staying inside, safely, this winter, there’s a lot to choose from here – and very little overlap with the Booker lists. – The New York Times
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ASLA Awards - II

2020 ASLA Professional Awards (continued) photos: James Ogilvy Award of Excellence, Residential Design Marshcourt, Hampshire, England LA: Reed Hilderbrand, Cambridge, MA Not everyone has the pleasure of working on one of the most famous landscapes in Britain, a historic estate that dates back to 1901-04, with plantings by garden designer... [Author: Jane Berger]
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Britain’s Kannah-Mason Family Wants To ‘Demystify’ Classical Music

The siblings, including the cellist who played at the wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle, just recorded an album “aimed squarely at children. It is all part of their mission to demystify classical music, especially for young people.” – BBC
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The Fading Upright Pre-WWI Pianos Of Australia

In Darwin, people are leaving them on the curb as they clean out their houses before “cyclone season,” but in Hobart, the older ones are more common, and perhaps slightly more tunable. A piano tuner says, “Unless it’s a Steinway it’s not worth fixing.” – ABC (Australia)
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The Marine Corps' changes to its rifle qualification course will likely mean fewer expert shooters

Marines shoot targets during a new experimental annual rifle qualification (ARQ) at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, September 2, 2020. US Marine Corps/Lance Cpl. Christian Ayers The Marine Corps' new Annual Rifle Qualification will replace Annual Rifle Training with a more challenging course of fire that presents Marines with a more dynamic environment. The Corps expects to see fewer Marines shoot expert next year when the service fully transitions to the more realistic, ...
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Doubt Is Horrifying, And It Also Leads To Clearer Thinking

At least, that’s what Kirkegaard believed. “In order to philosophize, you must have doubted everything.” – Aeon
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This $500 million concept megayacht was inspired by Japanese anime and designed to look like a swan — take a look at the Avanguardia

The Avanguardia concept megayacht. Lazzarini Design Studio Rome-based Lazzarini Design Studio unveiled the Avanguardia, a concept megayacht shaped like a swan. The design was inspired by 1970s and 1980s Japanese anime shows, according to its maker. The "neck" is movable, and the "head" — which otherwise serves as the command center — can be detached and turned into a tender. If a client wants to build the yacht, Lazzarini Design Studio estimates the total cost would be about $500 million. ...
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This sleek futuristic off-grid smart home can cost up to $413,00 and only takes 90 minutes to install — take a look inside 'Space'

iOHouse. iOHouse iOhouse designed Space, a totally off-grid tiny home.  With all the highest end customizations, the home costs about $413,000 and can be installed in just 90 minutes. As a smart home, every feature is controlled through the owner's phone. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Swedish company iOhouse created a luxury, futuristic smart home with Space. The contemporary design comes completely move-in ready, with everything from furniture to sheets and wine glas...
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Let’s Talk About The True Subject Of ‘Cuties’

And it’s not, despite the hysteria of an orchestrated backlash, pedophilia. “What I found was a film about rage. That sudden, inchoate, unidentifiable female fury that rises in so many girls, often self-destructively, when they realize that certain rules are not about protecting them but controlling them.” – Los Angeles Times
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Readers Are Turning, In Droves, To Octavia Butler’s Post-Apocalyptic Fiction

There’s nothing like it – and it feels eerily prescient, too. “The Earthseed books are instructional in a way that other apocalypse fictions are not. They are not prepper fiction, though reading them will teach you a thing or two about go bags and the importance of posting a night watch. According to people who love the books, myself included, they offer something beyond practical preparations: a blueprint for adjusting to uncertainty.” – Slate
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Royal Academy's cruel dilemma: sell a Michelangelo or lose 150 jobs

The cash-strapped London gallery is to debate the sale of a Renaissance masterpiece that could fetch more than £100mWhen the British artist John Constable first saw Michelangelo’s marble masterpiece, known as the Taddei Tondo, in the Royal Academy, he said it was “one of the most beautiful works of art in existence”.The 515-year-old sculpture had been given to the London gallery in 1829 following the death of its owner, Lady Margaret Beaumont, as an inspiration to students in the academy’s schoo...
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