Huntington Library acquires painting of 18th Century British actress

SAN MARINO >> The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens announced Wednesday, Sept. 23, that it has acquired a newly discovered painting by American-born artist John Singleton Copley depicting Mary Robinson, one of Britain’s most famous actresses of the late 18th century. The Huntington also announced it has acquired works by British artists Alice Mary Chambers (1855-1920) and Madeline Green (1884-1947), and a set of screen prints by R.B. Kitaj (1932-2007), who, like Copley, was b...
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What Virtual Theatre Is Lacking

“When I tune into a play or a devised theater piece, I’m not looking to be dazzled by computer graphics. Clever Zoom backdrops don’t seize my imagination. I want what I always want from the stage: a confrontation with what it means to be human.” – Los Angeles Times
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JK Rowling’s Controversial New Book Tops Sales List

Sales figures from Nielsen BookScan reveal that Troubled Blood has hit the No 1 spot in the UK’s book charts, selling 64,633 copies in the five days to 19 September. According to the Bookseller, this is “by far” the biggest single-week sale for any Galbraith title, almost double the first-week sales of the novel’s predecessor, Lethal White. – The Guardian
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Metropolitan Opera Decides To Cancel Entire 20/21 Season

The decision is likely to send ripples of concern through New York and the rest of the country, as Broadway theaters, symphony halls, rock venues, comedy clubs, dance spaces and other live arts institutions grapple with the question of when it will be safe again to perform indoors. Far from being a gilded outlier, the Met, the nation’s largest performing arts organization, may well prove to be a bellwether. – The New York Times
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Why Does Netflix Keep Canceling Series After Two Seasons?

Data from media analytics firm Ampere Analysis suggests that on average, a Netflix Original gets just two seasons before being canceled. – Wired
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What Does It Take To Make A Good Movie About American Slavery?

“Films about slavery have an uphill battle to climb with critics, historians and audience members. There is a responsibility lurking behind each reel: A dialogue should be sparked; perspectives should be shifted. It’s an incredibly tall order for any piece of art. … What makes a good slave movie? Or, perhaps, more importantly, what makes a bad one? For the experts — researchers, teachers, writers, actors — the answer lies somewhere between holding on to the past and pushing the narrative forwar...
Tags: Art, Media, 09.18.20

How We Perceive Time May Be Related To How Wealthy We Are

“Research already suggests that, on average, wealthy people live longer ,biologically. Now, emerging work hints that varied and novel experiences could create more “time codes” in the human brain as it processes memory formation. This, in turn, could mean that people who can afford to enjoy more vacations and hobbies, and who have more stimulating jobs, will recall having lived for a longer time on Earth.” – National Geographic
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‘The Translator Is A Writer, The Writer Is A Translator.’ Oh, Really?

“How many times have I run up against these assertions? — in a chat between translators protesting because they are not listed in a publisher’s index of authors; or in the work of literary theorists, even poets. … In recent months, I have been dividing my working day between writing in the morning and translating in the afternoon. Maybe comparing the two activities would be a good way to test this writer–translator equation.” For Tim Parks, at least, they’re not at all the same. – The New York ...
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Top 20 iOS homescreen customization apps reach 5.7M installs after iOS 14 release

The iOS 14 homescreen customization trend is driving a new set of apps to the top of the App Store charts, and delivering record downloads for sources of inspiration, like Pinterest. According to new data from app store market intelligence firm Sensor Tower, installs of the top 20 homescreen customization apps reached 5.7 million total downloads worldwide in the first four days following the release of iOS 14 on September 16. Remarkably, the three most-downloaded apps — Widgetsmith, Color Widget...
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$40-Million Collection-Care Goal: Brooklyn Museum’s 1st Round of Art Sales Under AAMD’s Relaxed Rules

The American Alliance of Museums’ Code of Ethics for collections, which states that sale proceeds can be used only for “acquisition or direct care of collections” [emphasis added]. Brooklyn’s disposals may serve as a role model for other financially pressed art museums, because it’s a pioneer on this new trail. – Lee Rosenbaum
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Why A Russian Billionaire Is Buying Up Unwanted Confederate Statues

“If the monuments are going to be thrown out, chucked away, we’re happy to buy them and dismantle them and put them together back in Russia for future generations to enjoy and to appreciate. The idea is preserving those things for history. History has two sides of it always. Bad or good, it’s a piece of art.” – Washington Post
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Industrial Designers Create New 'Human-God Interfaces'

A joint project between students in the Industrial Design course at the University of Wuppertal, Germany, and the Catholic Educational Institution in Bonn is bringing (sort of) high tech to the Catholic Mass.Read more...
Tags: Art, Science, Religion, Bonn, University of Wuppertal Germany, Catholic Educational Institution

Is It Fair To Call ‘Tenet’ A Flop? Not Exactly …

“Overall, it can be agreed [that Christopher Nolan’s] palindromic thriller is gradually coming to be viewed as a theatrical launch failure — certainly not a flop in traditional terms, but no doubt a studio example of what not to do in pandemic circumstances with your biggest IP.” – Vulture
Tags: Art, Christopher Nolan, Media, Audience, Tenet, 09.22.20

Why The Internet Is Debating “Canceling” Beethoven

A musicologist and a songwriter, stars of Vox’s ‘Switched on Pop’ podcast produced with the New York Philharmonic, have been criticised for their new reading of Beethoven’s Fifth, which argues that white men embraced the work and turned it into a “symbol of their superiority and importance.” – ClassicFM
Tags: Art, Music, Beethoven, Vox, New York Philharmonic, 09.22.20

iPhone users are creating custom app icons in iOS 14 to mimic everything from older iPhones to video games — here's how to do it

iOS 14 icons. Mary Meisenzahl Apple just released iOS 14, the newest software update for iPhones. Users are using widgets and app icons to customize home screens. On social media, people show off detailed phone screen designs. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Apple just released iOS 14, with some major updates to home screen organization, plus all kinds of improvements to Messages, Siri, and more.The new customization options have been well-received by iPhone users. iOS ...
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Marie Hale, Founder Of Ballet Florida, Dead At 87

A Mississippi native who began studying dance at age 2, she settled in West Palm Beach in her late 20s and began teaching. In 1973, she founded Ballet Arts Theater of Palm Beach, which grew to a four-productions-per-season schedule and a school with 300 students and a record of placing graduates in some of the world’s top troupes. In 1986, Hale reconstituted BAT as Ballet Florida, one of the few fully professional dance companies in the state. – Dance Magazine
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How BandCamp Became The Anti-Spotify

The platform, with its artist-first business model, has since its birth in 2008 become a player in the music streaming wars by celebrating niche communities while promising a radically transparent approach to royalties. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Music, 09.22.20

With Major Award, Milan Kundera And Czech Republic Kiss And Make Up

The great author and his home country, about which he wrote his most widely-known books, have not always gotten along since he fled the Communist regime in 1975 and didn’t return after it fell. (The latest flare-up happened earlier this year.) But now the 91-year-old Kundera has been awarded the Franz Kafka Prize, one of the Republic’s highest honors for writers, and he has “joyfully” accepted. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Words, Milan Kundera, Franz Kafka, Kundera, 09.22.20, Czech Republic Kiss

Accounts Of ‘Horrifying’ Sexual Abuse At Curtis Institute Confirmed By Investigation

“A months-long investigation by the law firm Cozen O’Connor into ‘horrifying accounts of rape and repeated sexual abuse’ from violinist Lara St. John while she was a student at the Curtis Institute of Music has found her claims to be credible. A report by the firm detailing her experience, as well as separate claims of abuse by about two dozen other students over a period of decades, was unanimously accepted Tuesday by the Curtis board,” which unreservedly apologized to St. John and thanked bot...
Tags: Art, Music, St John, Curtis, Cozen O Connor, Curtis Institute of Music, Lara St John, 09.22.20, Curtis Institute Confirmed By Investigation

The Thousand-Year Performance Turns 20

“Harnessing the pure sound of Tibetan singing bowls, this new composition was programmed to run for 1,000 years without ever repeating itself. Two decades on, Jem Finer chuckles at his own presumption. When he was devising the project in the late 90s, he says, he hadn’t understood the real challenge, which was that such a long-term project is only as good as the structures devised to look after it, keeping it relevant to a fast-changing world and up to date with a technological revolution that ...
Tags: Art, Music, 09.21.20

Musical Theatre Competition Criticized For All-White Semifinals; Organizers Cancel It, Candidates Allege Gaslighting

The Rob Guest Endowment is Australia’s most prestigious musical theatre prize, offering $50,000 (Aus) offers in scholarship money for professional development. In August, a field of 30 semifinalists was announced, and an outcry arose — supported by the candidates themselves — because none of the 30 were BIPOC. Now the Endowment, claiming concern for the semifinalists’ mental health because some have been “targeted and intimidated,” has suspended the award until 2022; the competitors themselves ...
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Sneaker resale platform GOAT raises $100 million, hits $1.75 billion valuation, sources say

GOAT Leading resale platform GOAT just raised $100 million in Series E funding, the company announced on Wednesday. The latest funding round brings the company's total valuation up to $1.75 billion, a source familiar with the deal said. A Cowen & Co. analysis from July said the sneaker resale industry was worth $2 billion in North America and could reach $30 billion globally by 2030. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. GOAT has joined the Unicorn Club.The global resale pla...
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The typography of Star Trek

Dave Addey is author of Typeset in the Future: Typography and Design in Science Fiction Movies, a book exploring the typography of films like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, WALL-E, and other classics. In an excerpt on his site, Addey studies the typography of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. From Typeset in the Future:…
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Gallery of jazz album lettering

Designer Reagan Ray isolated the lettering from various jazz album covers for a bunch of artists and made an online gallery of little cards. I love the variety and colors. But the most influential designer was probably Reid Miles, who created over 500 album covers for Blue Note Records. He pioneered the use of creatively-arranged type…
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Plans For Picasso Museum In Aix-En-Provence Collapse

“The Musée Jacqueline et Pablo Picasso, which would have held some 1,000 paintings by the artist, fell through as a result of a failed negotiation between the French town’s city council and Jacqueline’s daughter and Picasso’s stepdaughter Catherine Hutin-Blay, who headed the project for the institution.” – ARTnews
Tags: Art, Visual, Picasso, Jacqueline, Catherine Hutin Blay, 09.22.20, Picasso Museum In Aix En Provence Collapse, Musée Jacqueline et Pablo Picasso

As Coronavirus Stalks Its Ranks, Bolshoi Theater Sings And Dances On

“Plans were announced over summer for something approaching a full season of opera and ballet across its three stages, and on 6 September, the theatre started the season with an all-star cast performing Verdi’s Don Carlo” — which was canceled after two performances because two of those stars contracted COVID. “‘Said the Bolshoi’s general director, Vladimir Urin, ‘Unfortunately, in the current situation, it can become part of our everyday lives that at short notice we can no longer put things on...
Tags: Art, Issues, Verdi, Vladimir Urin, Don Carlo, 09.23.20, COVID Said

As COVID Stalks Its Ranks, Bolshoi Theater Sings And Dances On

“Plans were announced over summer for something approaching a full season of opera and ballet across its three stages, and on 6 September, the theatre started the season with an all-star cast performing Verdi’s Don Carlo” — which was canceled after two performances because two of those stars contracted COVID. “‘Said the Bolshoi’s general director, Vladimir Urin, ‘Unfortunately, in the current situation, it can become part of our everyday lives that at short notice we can no longer put things on...
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Van Cliburn Competition Postponed For First Time Ever

The decision by the organizers of the quadrennial event makes the Cliburn the first major music competition of 2021 to be called off because of COVID. As a result, in 2022 Fort Worth will host both the main competition (in June) and the Cliburn International Amateur Piano Competition (sometime in the fall). – CultureMap (Texas)
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Kumi Yamashita discusses her shadow art projects

Kumi Yamashita tells a cool story about watching a gallery visitor realize her art installations form shadows. The story is in English, though the interview appeared in her native Japan. See more at her website.
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100 Dancers To Perform In Royal Ballet’s Post-Lockdown Comeback

“The company has revealed ambitious details of its ‘comeback’ after a seven-month break from full performances on the Covent Garden stage. The plan is for a celebration performance with 100 dancers and a full orchestra on 9 October, livestreamed around the world. … And while it will be socially distanced, there will be dance duets thanks to couples in bubbles.” – The Guardian
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