Hollywood Says Movie Theatres Won’t Survive Without Federal Help

“Absent a solution designed for their circumstances, theaters may not survive the impact of the pandemic,” the industry groups said in the letter. “Cinemas are an essential industry that represent the best that American talent and creativity have to offer. But now we fear for their future.” – Los Angeles Times
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Working alone, together: presenting the Wits Young Artist Award 2020 winners

Vick Bester, Pebofatso Mokoena and Jade Palmer, this year’s Wits Young Artist Award winners, each engage with with the particularities of the places where they live, inviting us in to their personal spaces The post Working alone, together: presenting the Wits Young Artist Award 2020 winners appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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UK Government Warns Cultural Institutions Not To Remove Statues

In a letter sent September 22 to several public bodies, the secretary of state for digital, culture, media, and sport, Oliver Dowden, set out the government’s position on contested heritage: “The Government does not support the removal of statues or other similar objects.” – Artnet
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Peter Marks: What I Learned Watching An Experiment Unfold

“Rex Daugherty — whose work I’ve reviewed several times — and I were both interested in how artists and critics could learn more about each other’s functions, could demystify our roles in some small way. Social media has brought many reviewers into far closer proximity with theater artists than ever before. It occurred to us that exploring how the mistrust that often develops between critics and artists might be mitigated was worthwhile, especially when live theater has been sidelined and many ...
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How Big Tech Corrupted The Idea Of Creative Destruction

There is an odd tension in the concept of disruption: it suggests a thorough disrespect towards whatever existed previously, but in truth it often seeks to simply rearrange whatever exists. Disruption is possessed of a deep fealty to whatever is already given. It seeks to make it more efficient, more exciting, more something, but it never ever wants to dispense altogether with what’s out there. This is why its gestures are always radical, but its effects never really upset the apple cart. – The...
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Here's how the CEO of Figma went from a computer science intern to the head of a $2 billion company that's challenging Adobe for the love of designers across Silicon Valley

Dylan Field, CEO and co-founder of Figma Figma The demand for user experience and product design in tech are growing, and apps like Instagram, Uber, Slack, TikTok, and even Starbucks have become popular largely because of their design. Figma CEO Dylan Field launched the design software company to help teams better collaborate on their designs online. The growth in design and cloud collaboration has helped propel Figma to a $2.05 billion valuation, and helping it take on giant...
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Are Our Universities Becoming More Intolerant?

Universities everywhere have hosted eccentric cults and the gods of reason have somehow survived them. What was new in Critical Theory – at least in its latter-day incarnation – was its adoption of militant direct action to enforce its creed. – Times Literary Supplement
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$5 Million From Mellon Foundation To Support Black Theaters

“The initiative, known as The Black Seed, is described as the first national strategic plan to provide financial support for Black theaters across the country. It is backed by a $5 million lead gift from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation; … according to a news release, [it] is the largest-ever one-time investment in Black theater.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Andrew W Mellon Foundation, 10.01.20, Mellon Foundation To Support Black Theaters

‘Elusive Spring’ reveals South Africa today

Mike van Graan’s 2012 political thriller comes to life again ― and its themes are more relevant than ever The post ‘Elusive Spring’ reveals South Africa today appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Think Of A Debate As A Public Space. This Is What Happens When You Litter It

The beach or the park succeeds based on the willingness of everyone who enters to uphold commonly accepted expectations. Maintenance of the space becomes reflexive, a civic habit that is self-reinforcing: When you enter a beautiful space, you are inclined to keep it beautiful, no public shaming required. Unfortunately, the inverse is also true. If it isn’t a beautiful space, then most people aren’t inclined to keep it beautiful. And when these conditions begin to prevail, public spaces fail, of...
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Here’s An Antidote To COVID Grief: Studying Indian Classical Dance Via Zoom

In which Sejal Shah reconnects with Rathna Kumar, with whom she took master classes in South Indian dance three decades ago, and joins “Vintage Kuchipudi Divas,” Kumar’s WhatsApp group for middle-aged former students who take video dance classes together every week. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Dance, Kumar, Sejal Shah, 10.01.20, Rathna Kumar

Why This Social Practice Arts Organization Decided To Hibernate

Deborah Fisher, A Blade of Grass’s executive director, had to make an unenviable decision. She could retrofit the organization’s model to a pandemic-shaped world, continuing to employ her full-time staff, and ask an increasingly depleted pool of cultural funders for more and more money. Or she could make changes—big, fundamental, tough changes that would necessitate the sacrifice of people’s jobs for the prospect of a brighter future. – Artnet
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Washington State Sues Brown Paper Tickets

The ticketseller, which took on giant Ticketmaster, has been a favorite of thousands of arts organizations for selling tickets. But since March, the company has failed to pay event organizers for the tickets they sold. – Seattle Times
Tags: Art, Washington, Issues, Ticketmaster, 09.30.20

Open Letter From Hollywood Begs Congress To Save U.S. Cinemas

“Dozens of established filmmakers joined with the Directors Guild of America, the National Association of Theatre Owners and the Motion Picture Association to urge Congress to come to the aid of movie theaters devastated by COVID-19. ‘Absent a solution designed for their circumstances, theaters may not survive the impact of the pandemic,’ the letter warns.” (full text included) – Deadline
Tags: Art, Media, Congress, Motion Picture Association, 09.30.20, Congress To Save U S Cinemas

How Did Humans Fumble Their Stewardship Of The Planet?

In the latter half of the 19th century, when small-scale artisanal methods were giving way to larger-scale industrialization in many areas of resource extraction and use, Homo sapiens was not, in fact, just another species, an organism like any other. To the contrary, H. sapiens was just embarking on a period of more sudden environmental transformation than any single species had ever achieved. Homo sapiens was, in fact, quite special. – Nautilus
Tags: Art, Ideas, 09.30.20

The One Patriotic Song That Unites All Americans (Good Thing Most Folks Don’t Know Its History)

“A sharp little scene [in Mrs. America] points out how two political opponents could both relate to [Woody] Guthrie’s generous vision of the US, but it also raises a crucial question about the significance of a song so famous that it has been described as an ‘alternative national anthem’. Not knowing about the story behind the song may make it universal, but is that at the cost of diluting it?” – BBC
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Where is Your Focus–Process or Product?

When it comes to developing presentations, the overwhelm of deadlines, expectations and information can steal your focus. Deciding which approach to take while introducing your product or idea to your listeners requires great discernment. While knowing your product inside and out is paramount to your success, so is the process in which you go about delivering that information. Striking the balance between the two can prove challenging. Let’s highlight the differences between product-focused pres...
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Defendants In Trial For Theft Of African Art Turn Spotlight Back On French Colonizers

“[Mwazulu] Diyabanza, along with four associates, stood accused of attempting to steal a 19th-century African funeral pole from the Quai Branly Museum in Paris in mid-June, as part of an action to protest colonial-era cultural theft and seek reparations. But it was Wednesday’s emotionally charged trial that gave real resonance to Mr. Diyabanza’s struggle, as a symbolic defendant was called to the stand: France, and its colonial track record.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, France, Paris, Visual, Quai Branly Museum, 09.30.20, Diyabanza

100 Prominent Artists Sign Letter Protesting Postponement Of Guston Show

An A-list cadre of contemporary artists and intellectuals have similarly decried the museums’ decision in an open letter that asks them to reinstate the exhibition as planned. – Artnet
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"But the people who run our great institutions do not want trouble. They fear controversy. They lack faith in the intelligence of their audience."

"And they realize that to remind museum-goers of white supremacy today is not only to speak to them about the past, or events somewhere else. It is also to raise uncomfortable questions about museums themselves—about their class and racial foundations. For this reason, perhaps, those who run the museums feel the ground giving way beneath their feet. If they feel that in four years, 'all this will blow over,' they are mistaken. The tremors shaking us all will never end until justice and equity ar...
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How Convincing AI-Written Text Could Screw Up The Entire News Ecosystem

“With A.I.-generated writing able to fool many readers, disinformation-as-a-service will become possible, eliminating the need for human-staffed ‘troll farms.’ … [Software like GPT-3] could enable what sociologist Zeynep Tufekci calls ‘modern censorship’ — information campaigns that harass, confuse, and sow mistrust with the goal of undermining individual agency and political action.” – Slate
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How To Humanize A Technology Offering with Exceptional Brand Story and Brand Identity

How do you send digital files that are too large for email? Specifically, which provider do you use? Dropbox? Dropsend? Sharefile? WeTransfer? One of these tech companies is an impressive marketer with a full suite of tools for creative people. One of these companies believes in the power of brand, art, story to separate it […] The post How To Humanize A Technology Offering with Exceptional Brand Story and Brand Identity appeared first on Adpulp.
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Only A Fifth Of Major NYC Productions In 2017-18 Were By Nonwhite Theatermakers: Study

“A has found stark disparities in racial representation and pay gaps on the New York stage – the vast majority of writers and directors remain white, while some theater non-profits spent up to six times as much on white actors as actors of color.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, New York, Theatre, 09.30.20

Six Months Into Pandemic, Performing Arts Orgs Reeling As Revenue Keeps Shrinking

Among the findings in “COVID-19 and the Performing Arts – Six Months After Closure,” the fourth report from TRG Arts on the effects of the coronavirus shutdown, are that ticket revenues are down more than 80% from last year in North America and the UK and that individual donations have fallen by a quarter in North America but by almost two-thirds in Britain. – TRG Arts
Tags: Art, UK, Britain, North America, Issues, COVID, TRG Arts, 09.30.20

Baritone Mariusz Kwiecień, 47, Retires From Singing Effective Immediately

For more than 20 years he sang the lyric baritone repertory at the world’s top opera companies, with Mozart’s Don Giovanni a specialty. But, before the lockdown, he had been canceling appearances frequently, and he continued to do so as opera production restarted in Europe this summer and fall. Now he has revealed that, due to persistent back problems, he has ended his performing career and been named artistic director at the opera house in Wrocław, Poland. – OperaWire
Tags: Art, Europe, Music, Mozart, Don Giovanni, Mariusz Kwiecien, Wrocław Poland, 09.30.20

Renovations Could Close Pompidou Center In Paris For Three Years

“[The museum] could fully close for three years, beginning in 2023, or close partially for seven years, in order for necessary repairs to be made to the iconic 1970s building. … [Except for the external escalators,] no major work [has] been done on the structure since it opened in 1977.” – Artforum
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Antiquities Smuggling Is A Smaller Problem Than Many Think: Customs Report

“Despite reports from some officials that have characterized the illicit trade in antiquities as a multi-billion-dollar industry and the third largest black market after the drugs and arms trades, the new [World Customs Organization] report reveals that the scale is much more modest. In fact, cultural heritage crime is so minor compared with other risk categories globally that it barely registers on Customs’ radar.” – Artnet
Tags: Art, Customs, Issues, World Customs Organization, 09.28.20

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