Baltimore Museum Of Art Will Sell Three Major Works Of Art To Fund Diversity Efforts

The Baltimore Museum of Art’s board of trustees voted Thursday night to have Sotheby’s auction house sell three significant — and, it could be argued, irreplaceable — modern artworks later this fall in an effort to expand ongoing diversity initiatives. – Baltimore Sun
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Executive and Artistic Director, Deertrees Theatre

This could be the perfect summer job for a talented arts administrator wishing to spend 10 weeks in residence at historic Deertrees Theatre (founded 1936) in Harrison, Maine, with the opportunity to work part time remotely for the theatre the remainder of the year. The historic Deertrees Theatre in Harrison, Maine, is seeking a new Artistic and Executive Director. This is a year-round position which will require residence in Harrison for 10 weeks during the summer performance season and part ...
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LA’s Small Theatres Come Together

The LA Together Festival is proof that something positive has emerged from an unprecedented crisis: With mutual survival on the line, L.A.’s network of small theaters has strengthened its communal bonds, pooling resources, expertise and ingenuity and setting aside (at least for the time being) competition. – Los Angeles Times
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Last Straw: Movie Chain Closes All Its Theatres After James Bond Movie Postponed

Cinemark is the largest circuit in the U.K with more than 120 sites, and the second-largest in North America, where it operates roughly 540 locations under the Regal Cinemas banner. While many of its U.K. theaters had reopened at the end of July, a substantial number of its U.S. sites had remained shut after being forced to go dark because of the coronavirus pandemic. – The Hollywood Reporter
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How People’s Taste In Music Is Changing In The Pandemic

“While listeners gravitating to loud, aggressive, and fast-paced music during the pandemic was a common response to my inquiry, answers from people who instead went to ambient, jazz, and soothing instrumental music were just as popular.” – Vice
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Archaeologists Concerned About Azerbaijani Bombing Of Ancient City

While researchers initially expected Tigranakert to be a predominantly pagan and Hellenistic site, excavations have shown it to also be a major hub for Early Christianity. – Hyperallergic
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Do We Live In “Anti-Intellectual” Times?

 “We tend to say that one person should be treated the same as another, and we measure whether or not equality has been achieved by comparing individual cases. But what if the individual – and individualism – is part of the problem? It makes a difference to understand ourselves as living in a world in which we are fundamentally dependent on others, on institutions, on the Earth, and to see that this life depends on a sustaining organisation for various forms of life.” – New Statesman
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Venice Stays Dry As Barriers Hold Back Flooding For The First Time

By 10 a.m., all 78 floodgates barricading three inlets to the Venetian lagoon had been raised, and even when the tide reached as high as four feet, water levels inside the lagoon remained steady, officials said. – The New York Times
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Maybe The Movie Theatre Experience Could Come Back Better?

Normal was an ecosystem where huge marketing onslaughts created conversations around massive movies at the expense of smaller, more artistically adventurous ones, with entertainment outlets forever trying to find the balance between covering big releases that would get clicks and little ones that need all the support they can get. – Wired
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Is LACMA Sacrificing Its Art For Architecture?

To establish greater equity among artworks and subvert the presumed patriarchal and Eurocentric prejudice of LACMA collections, he is resorting to the hard and expensive corrective—architecture—rather than managing and expanding the collections, making them more complex and inclusive, and simply upgrading the existing buildings (which he had allowed to deteriorate). In Govan’s scenario, design would solve the problem by making the collections disappear. Intending to save the museum, Govan is de...
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Fantasy Writer Terry Goodkind, 72

Mr. Goodkind was a latecomer to writing: He spent years as a woodworker and wildlife artist before publishing his first novel, “Wizard’s First Rule,” when he was 45. But that book — the story of a heroic forest guide, Richard, who teams with a beautiful woman, Kahlan, to defeat an evil wizard, Darken Rahl — won legions of fans and earned positive reviews when it was published by Tor Books in 1994. – The New York Times
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Dance As A Political Act

“Regardless of who it is that you’re watching dance, whether they’re doing a classical ballet or a hip hop piece or a post-modern piece, who you are watching on stage is already a political statement, and it’s an artistic statement and those things are not mutually exclusive because we’re working with human bodies.” – KPBS
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Music Has A Philosophical Language All Its Own

Music is a Socratic teacher. Its melodies and call-and-response mechanisms, together with the subsequent variations in modulations and rhythms, steer us away from linear thinking and towards nuance. – Psyche
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Orchestras Have Quickly Added Music By Black Composers. So…

“There’s a real sense of people trying to save face. It has to be met with some skepticism. It’s always this concern that I’m being programmed just to fit a mold, like I’m being tokenized.” – The New York Times
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Chinese Garden - Huntington

The final phase of The Huntington's Chinese Garden (Lui Fang Yuan, the Garden of Flowering Fragrance), in San Marino, California, opens to the public on Friday, October 9. The new features add 11.5 acres of new gardens, pavilions, and other elements, making the landscape, at 15 acres total, one of... [Author: Jane Berger]
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This startup designed rentable backyard offices built out of used shipping containers — see inside the tiny workspaces

ootBox. Brad Feinknopf Startup OotBox created temporary tiny offices out of shipping containers. They're available to lease starting at $1,500 per month. The containers are delivered by truck, and just need to be plugged into a standard outlet.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Since March, millions of people around the world have been forced to figure out how to work from home, from improvised office space to quick childcare solutions. Startup OotBox's answer comes in t...
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This home made out of tiny units can be built in any configuration and proves prefab architecture doesn't have to be boring — take a look

The Anywhere House. Whitaker Studios Whitaker Studio designed The Anywhere House, which is being built in Canada. The house is built out of prefab units that can be put into any configuration. The studio has a history of modular architecture. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Since March, millions of people around the world have been forced to figure out how to work from home, from improvised office space to quick childcare solutions. London-based Whitaker Studio's unique...
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How The Met Became The Metropolitan Museum

In 1870, the Met’s founding signaled America’s cultural ascendance from provincial to international, from the sweaty work of building a nation from scratch to a time when enrichment of the mind was seen as not only possible but essential to a good life. – National Review
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How Should Museums Deal With Racist Art In Their Collections?

Removing works with problematic content won’t improve historical understanding, but keeping them on the wall without addressing their historical context doesn’t help either. Their fundamental meanings need to be faced head-on, no matter how ugly the content or how charming the painting. – San Francisco Chronicle
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Words We Can Grab From Elsewhere

“I’m really against translating or editing foreign speakers’ texts into seamless English. Not only because I know this disadvantage as a second language speaker (and writer) who has a hard time expressing the same ideas in a different medium. But also because any meaning carried by a given text is strongly nuanced by the author’s linguistic choices.” – Eurozine
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Ethereal flowers suspended in translucent liquids

Dutch photographer Robert Peek has a new series of flower photos where they are are submerged in milky liquids of varying consistency. The result, as shown with the Kniphofia above, is something vaguely familiar, yet haunting. You can find more on his website or Instagram: View this post on Instagram Flowerpower #flowersofinstagram #flowerstagram #flowerphotography #flowerslovers #flower_perfection #flower_beautie...
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Grading The Trump Presidency As An Act Of Theatre

Trump’s political drama is unlike anything we’ve seen before. No one can figure out the rules of the script. Just when you think the action is building to a climax — the Mueller report, impeachment, more than 200,000 dead from a pandemic — a different calamity usurps our attention. – Los Angeles Times
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