Back To The Museum – But Alas It Had Lost Its Charm

Phil Kennicott: “I had thought I might escape the outside world for a few hours, shut out the chaos and crisis. But in room after room, the vast majority of the objects were mute and meaningless, and only those that somehow referenced other periods of crisis spoke with clarity. I had entirely lost my ability to experience art as escape.”- Washington Post
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I made my way to the André Jacquemart Museum to have a look at the Turner exhibit there. The museum itself is also a work of art. This sweet sculpture is in the first room. Part of the really good movie, Gigi, was filmed in this museum. The lovely staircase. This is in the garden room. The bedroom of the wife of Jacquemart. She was an artist and had painted him. They spent their lives together collecting art that is seen in this museum, once their home. The most ...
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Political Signs Mean More Than The Politics

Political signs are objects with meaning beyond the literal messages they bear. And while whatever they signify depends a lot on the signs themselves and their context, it also depends on a world of cultural gestures operating below the surface. – The Baffler
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Much Of What We Think We’re Choosing Is Random Chance

This suggests that we like things because we chose them, which is very different than what we think we’re doing, choosing things because we like them. The babies’ behavior implies that this penchant for dismissing all the non-chosen options is a fundamental and hardwired part of human behavior. – Fast Company
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Guggenheim Museum Investigation Comes Up Empty But Chief Curator Is Leaving

An independent investigation into how the Guggenheim Museum handled last year’s exhibition on the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat has concluded there is no evidence that the show’s guest curator, Chaédria LaBouvier, who is Black, “was subject to adverse treatment on the basis of her race,” the museum announced on Thursday. The museum simultaneously announced that Nancy Spector, the artistic director and chief curator, who is white, was leaving “to pursue other curatorial endeavors and to finish her...
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Recording Mogul Give $25M To LA’s Music Center For Community Events

“The $25 million gift, which exceeds the entire annual programming budget of the Music Center, also will be used to create a network of community partners who codesign programs. Many of these partners will be in the arts, but the Music Center will look to other groups as well, said Moore, who cited a deep connection between access to the arts and mental health and wellness.” – Los Angeles Times
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Why Pantone’s Color System Is Problematic

On the surface, this system seems like a useful service, but ultimately it’s become a way to try and make color a private business. It does provide a standard for various industries around the world, but Pantone considers the colors and color formulas to be its intellectual property. This means that they can’t be openly shared, so in order to speak this language of color, you have to shell out for a guide, which will cost you around $650. – Slate
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The Man Who Brought Ballet Classes To Nigeria

“Born and raised in Lagos, [Daniel Owoseni] Ajala is the founder and creative director of the Leap of Dance Academy, which provides ballet [instruction] for young dancers. His school has gained worldwide attention ever since June, when he posted a video of one of his students dancing in the rain at his home. The clip went viral, leading to major scholarship opportunities and coverage from news outlets around the world. [We] spoke to Ajala about how he’s used his love for culture and dance to cr...
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The Artistic Value Of A Banana?

Conceptual artists in the 1960s argued that an artwork’s identity is not to be found in its physical manifestation but in the artist’s idea. That idea can, but does not have to, take material form. Following that logic, the material object is a manifestation of an idea, and it is the idea that is bought and sold on the art market. – The Conversation
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Preserving The Black Culture That Has Flourished Online

Jenna Wortham and Kimberly Drew: “With social platforms, there is newly shared culture, and in effect, shared history, but it is one that is vulnerable to a loss as arbitrary as a server migration or company sale. … In 2015, we set out to create our own analog archive of contemporary Black life by Black people and for Black people. … The ephemerality of social media terrified us, and as such, inspired us.” – The New York Times Magazine
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Why Really Busy People Should Have Hobbies

In reality, when the future comes, there isn’t more time–and this is just one of many reasons why you should commit to a hobby now. – Fast Company
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New Netflix Project: ‘Made By Africa, Watched By the World’

“Mixing new, original content with older African classics that have not previously been streamed elsewhere, this initiative … creates a path for stories that specifically address different slices of the African experience to see the light of day and reach a wider audience. Considering that there’s a growing feeling among Africans that inaccurate representation on screen is a given, that’s a good thing for everyone.” – The Guardian
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Artists sell paintings of medical bills to pay medical bills

Art-prank collective MSCHF made giant paintings of three individuals' huge medical bills and then sold the paintings to pay those bills. New York City gallery Otis bought the 6' tall artworks and are reselling "shares" in them through its fractionalized ownership platform. — Read the rest
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Jim Dwyer, Crusading Newspaperman, Dead At 63

“In prose that might have leapt from best-selling novels, [he] portrayed the last minutes of thousands who perished in the collapse of the World Trade Center’s twin towers on Sept. 11, 2001; detailed the terrors of innocent Black youths pulled over and shot by racial-profiling state troopers on the New Jersey Turnpike; and told of the coronavirus besieging a New York City hospital. … Colleagues called him a fast, accurate and prolific writer who crusaded against injustice, worked for six metrop...
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Is Netflix Too Quick To Cancel Series?

Exactly how Netflix makes the call on what to renew or not is something of a mystery – it never releases ratings or viewer figures that would illuminate its decisions. Instead, everything is driven by top-secret data. Netflix notoriously number-crunches every bit of viewer interaction – what you watch, when you watch it, the device you watch it on (TV, PC, phone, tablet, smart microwave, whatever), how many episodes you watch in a row; even when you pause and for how long. It then uses this to ...
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Are We Doomed To Social Media?

One of the most intriguing debates surrounding social media is how much agency we should expect of ourselves. Can’t we just choose to put down our phones once in a while? Or has this technology hooked us so deeply that our only chance of salvation is government regulation? – Nautilus
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As Late As 2019, Curtis Institute Failed To Respond To Lara St. John’s Allegations Of Rape And Sexual Abuse

“The damning, detailed 54-page report by the law firm Cozen O’Connor … shows that … time and again, the elite music conservatory on Rittenhouse Square failed to respond to St. John in a meaningful way to her accounts of rape and repeated abuse by violin professor Jascha Brodsky.” – The Philadelphia Inquirer
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Unknown Style Of Rock Art, 6,000 Or More Years Old, Found In Northern Australia

The Maliwawa Figures, as they’re called, date from 6,000 to 9,000 years ago and are unusual in picturing humans and animals together. Archaeologists say they are “a missing link in the history of Aboriginal art, bridging the gap between the large naturalistic animals characteristic of the dynamic figures, created about 12,000 years ago, and the stick figures that arose around 4,000 years ago, known as X-Ray art.” – Artnet
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How Can Choirs Can Sing Together Again COVID-Safely? In Cars, Drive-In Movie-Style

“It started with David Newman, a baritone on the voice faculty of James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Va. In May, after a widely discussed web conference on the dangers of singing, Mr. Newman set up a sound system with four wireless microphones, an old-school analog mixer and an amplifier. Several singers gathered in their cars on his street, and he conducted them from his driveway. It worked.” – The New York Times
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Royal Shakespeare Co. Will Keep Two Theatres Closed Until 2022; Layoffs Coming

“While the RSC’s smaller stages, the Swan and the Other Place, will remain shut, the organisation is to reopen its Royal Shakespeare theatre for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic closed venues in March. … The RSC has [slao] said that 158 people are currently in [jobs] at risk. Through voluntary redundancies and redeployment, the organisation hopes to keep the number of compulsory redundancies below 90.” – The Guardian
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3 Easy Steps to Beating Creative Block

As presenters, we all draw on whatever creative ability we possess in order to put together our presentation. Everything you do becomes part of your messaging. From font size and type to color palettes to storytelling–your slide deck is a creative masterpiece once completed. However, how often do you find yourself without a drive to create something special and new? Creative block plagues even the most inspired makers. In fact, the more seasoned you are in your position, the more likely you are ...
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Cool New Art: ‘Jaws’ Lenticular Poster, ‘The Iron Giant’, ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’, Marvel Studios Concept Art & More

New York Comic-Con kicks off today, and this week there’s a whole bunch of new pieces of pop culture art that you’ll want to get framed on your wall. But you’ll want to make sure you act fast before they sell out. First up, Bottleneck Gallery has added the classic Jaws poster to their new line of lenticular posters. But Grey Matter Art has a whole batch of different posters for the first day of New York Comic-Con, including Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse by Guillaume Morellec, The Iron Giant...
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Two Actors’ Unions Fight For Jurisdiction Over Streamed Theater

“Actors’ Equity Association [theater] is accusing SAG-AFTRA [film, television and radio] of raiding its turf and undercutting its contracts by negotiating lower-paying deals with theaters for streaming productions. SAG-AFTRA, in turn, says that work made for broadcast has always been its domain, and that it has offered to work with Equity through the pandemic but that the stage union has refused all efforts at compromise.” – The New York Times
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V&A Preparing To Return Items Looted After Ethiopian Battle

“The Victoria and Albert Museum in London has started talks with the Ethiopian embassy over returning looted treasures in its collections, including a gold crown and royal wedding dress, … plundered after the 1868 capture of Maqdala.” – The Guardian
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700-year-old drunken princes scroll fetches £32m in Hong Kong

Painting by government official Ren Renfa bears seals of several Chinese emperorsA 700-year-old Chinese painted scroll from the Yuan dynasty has fetched HK$306.6m (£32.2m) at an auction in Hong Kong.The 6.6ft Five Drunken Princes Returning on Horseback is by Ren Renfa, a renowned Chinese artist and government official. Continue reading...
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