Compelling Case For A Trump Opera?

“We’re accustomed, after all, to think of the opera house as a place where larger-than-life conflicts play out, amid crashing orchestral textures and powerful vocal exertions. And the standard operatic repertoire offers a broad array of deep-dyed villains, among whom Trump might seem to be well at home.” – San Francisco Chronicle
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Classical Music Is Changing Irrevocably

Both the pandemic and the protests have revealed how deep inequalities run within the music industry, among audiences and performers. There is no going back to normal. – Van
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The Climate Change Movement Needs A Bauhaus-Type Aesthetic

“Every movement has its own look and feel. And we need to give our systemic change its own distinct aesthetic—to match style with sustainability. This is why we will set up a new European Bauhaus—a co-creation space where architects, artists, students, engineers, designers work together to make that happen.”
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Kansas City Has A Brand New Classical Music Station

Using foundation and individual funding, the Curators of the University of Missouri purchased 91.9-FM from William Jewell College, which had owned the frequency since the 1970s and had leased it to various groups over the years. – KC Independent
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Broadway Will Stay Dark Until At Least May 31

A League statement suggested that producers imagine a staggered reopening, rather than all theaters opening at once. “Dates for each returning and new Broadway show will be announced as individual productions determine the performance schedules for their respective shows,” the statement explained. – The New York Times
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How The Fear Of Getting Eaten Shapes The World

Ecologists have long known that predators play a key role in ecosystems, shaping whole communities with the knock-on effects of who eats whom. But a new approach is revealing that it’s not just getting eaten, but also the fear of getting eaten, that shapes everything from individual brains and behaviour to whole ecosystems. – Aeon
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John Luther Adams On What Makes His Music Tick

“Musically, I came of age in a time when there was this ongoing war between smart music and pretty music. And one of the things that I discovered was that it’s a false dichotomy. … The construction of the music, the intellectual care, the mathematical rigor, the algorithmic detail — all that is essential, even if you don’t hear it or you choose not to listen to it. … Music can be intellectually airtight and still sock you in the belly or grab you by the ears or seduce you, ravish you.” – The Na...
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As Movie Theatre Chains Struggle, Indie Screens Are Flourishing In The UK

“There’s no getting away from the fact that overall it’s a difficult time,” said Jason Wood, creative director for film and culture at HOME in Manchester. “We feel huge sympathy for people losing their jobs. But it’s an exciting time for independent cinema. It’s really important to recognise there is an industry beyond the mainstream blockbuster film culture.” – The Guardian
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Reddit’s ‘Am I The Asshole?’ Is Addictive. It May Also Be Making The World A Better Place.

“You start reading AITA posts before bed instead of doomscrolling the news because here, at least, it feels like your opinion matters. … It’s a place where accountability actually exists, even if only in the form of branding someone right or wrong in one absurd situation. It’s also a place for growth: Sometimes posters return to talk about how their lives changed — almost always for the better — because of the advice they got from thousands of anonymous strangers. … AITA might [now] be the larg...
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Property at George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate asks $60M — Alexandria’s priciest listing ever

Mount Vernon's 16,000-square-foot River View estate combines history with modern amenities on the banks of the Potomac River.
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Google just released plans for a massive new 79-acre campus in San Jose — see how it could look

Google San Jose campus. Google Google just released renderings of a proposed new campus it hopes to build in San Jose, called Downtown West. Unlike other Google campuses, the San Jose location would be mixed-use and open to the public. The 79-acre area plan includes housing, office space, and nature areas, and is a major move by Google at a time when companies are rethinking office space needs in light of the pandemic forcing the workforce to work remotely. Visit Business Insider's homepag...
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What’s The Right Classic Movie For The Fall Of 2020? ‘A Face In The Crowd’

Jake Tapper: “The 1957 film … tells the story of Larry ‘Lonesome’ Rhodes (Andy Griffith), a charismatic, populist entertainer with a dark side, who uses the new medium of television to rise to the pinnacle of American power. … As Trump’s first term comes to a close, A Face in the Crowd is worth revisiting — less for what it reveals about the president than for what it says about the rest of us.” – The Atlantic
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Supreme Court Will Hear Case That Could Reshape The TV Industry

The case nominally focuses on the FCC’s attempt to lift a ban on any company owning both a newspaper and TV station in a single market, but it will impact broadcast regulation broadly. After all, the Supreme Court’s choice to take up the case comes as the FCC prepares to make its own decision on the worth of other rules that have lasted decades, including a prohibition on any merger between or among the Big Four broadcast networks, ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC. – The Hollywood Reporter
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Google's Concept for Its Massive San Jose Campus Actually Looks Kinda Neat

Google isn’t exactly a name you associate with urban planning, but for its San Jose campus are... pleasantly surprising. Unlike the typical closed-off tech campuses, the Downtown West project looks like an open plan neighborhood that’s actually part of the city itself. Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Design, Climate Change, Urban Planning, San Jose, Downtown West, San Jose Campus

National Gallery Director Defends Postponement Of Guston Show

“I am convinced we can’t do this show without having an African American curator as part of the project,” Kaywin Feldman said of the touring exhibition being presented by the NGA, Tate Modern, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. “It’s not about the artist, it’s about us.” – Washington Post
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Maynard Solomon, Founder Of Vanguard Records And ‘Psychobiographer’ Of Great Composers, Dead At 90

“A musicologist and record producer best known for influential, lucidly written biographies of Beethoven and Mozart as well as a hotly debated scholarly article on Schubert’s sexuality,” he was, as Donal Henahan once put it in a review, “one of the most persuasive voices on behalf of the perilous intellectual voyage known as psychobiography — or, less kindly, ‘psychobabblography’.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, Donal Henahan, 10.08.20, Maynard Solomon Founder Of Vanguard Records

At 40, Edward Watson Figured He Could Keep Dancing And Dancing. And Then …

“At 41 it all went wrong.” (There was a ruptured ligament, then a broken foot. Then the pandemic put a stop to the new Wayne McGregor Dante Project he would star in. So he’s up and retired, aged 44.) “It becomes very revealing how much you’ve put your body through. What I’ve done for the last 30 years, it’s not normal to do that to your body. But it is possible.” – The Guardian
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How The Philadelphia Orchestra Learned To Give Virtual Performance A Sense Of Occasion

The expanse of the Mann’s stage looks like some hip warehouse theater in Berlin. With black masks and plexi-glass partitions, the concert might be mistaken for an art installation in pre-COVID times. – Philadelphia Inquirer
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‘Second City Ruptured In Large Part Because America Ruptured First’

Chris Jones: “The pandemic that has closed its theaters — with no clear path to reopening — is a primary cause of trouble. But Second City is also suffering from the great American schism, the internal fury and polarization that has festered over the last four years, with direct encouragement from the top. Satire is on the ropes. A new owner can fix the internal problems, but the American people will have to decide if they ever can laugh together again.” – Yahoo! (Chicago Tribune)
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Google Nears Agreement With France To Pay Publishers For News

“The deal with French publishers would come on the eve of a ruling by a French appeals court on a so-called neighbouring right enshrined in revamped EU copyright rules, which allows publishers to demand a fee from online platforms for showing news snippets.” – Reuters
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Has England’s Christmas Panto Season Been Saved?

Most of the holiday-season pantomimes planned for this year were cancelled due to the pandemic: even with lockdowns lifted, the need for socially distanced seating meant too few tickets could be sold to make productions viable. Now comes Britain’s National Lottery to the rescue: “Operation Sleeping Beauty” will see the Lottery buy up tickets for theatres’ empty seats. – BBC
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Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum Promises To Repatriate Items Looted By Dutch Colonialists

“The directors of the Rijksmuseum and Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam said they would support the proposal made on Tuesday for a legal structure for the return of an estimated 100,000 pieces where a claim for restitution could be made, with the emphasis on return where ‘involuntary loss’ is identified.” – The Guardian
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British Gov’t Creates Billion-Pound ‘Culture Recovery Fund’

“More than 450 heritage organisations are set to share the first wave of a £1.57bn government handout to help them through the coronavirus pandemic. … A total of 455 organisations across England will receive cash aimed at keeping venues open and supporting those working in the heritage sector.” – BBC
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Cool Stuff: ‘The Dark Knight Trilogy’, ‘Doctor Strange’ and Video Game ‘Spider-Man’ Posters for NYCC 2020

It’s the second day of New York Comic-Con, and Grey Matter Art has a new line-up of collectible art inspired by some of your favorite comic book movies and video games after selling out almost all of their Day 1 exclusives. The second wave of Grey Matter Art 2020 NYCC exclusive posters includes a series of posters from Neil Davies inspired by The Dark Knight Trilogy, and they all combine to form a triptych image. There’s also a new foil version of Florey‘s trippy poster for Doctor Strange, and ...
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Florida Performance Venues Are Very Confused About Reopening (Thank You, Gov. DeSantis)

“The governor’s controversial lifting of pandemic protections [on Sept. 25], even as coronavirus infections rose, was just one of multiple conflicting and confusing directives from the state, counties and cities of Florida. … For official live-entertainment venues, the state’s Phase 3 plan … says concerts halls and auditoriums [may] ‘re-open fully with limited social distancing protocols.’ … But the situation for smaller venues, many of which are technically bars, is often different.” – Variety...
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SOTD 9.10.2020

Perfume PosseSOTD 9.10.2020 A SOTD (Scent Of The Day) thread is a really good conversation generator. The idea is you’ll chime in through the week with whatever scent you are wearing. You don’t need to be super knowledgable, have high faluting tastes or… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseSOTD 9.10.2020
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