Astral Artists seeks Executive Director

Astral Artists is seeking a dynamic and innovative Executive Director to build on the extraordinary work that has been done on behalf of aspiring performing artists. Astral is a nonprofit intensive mentoring program that specializes in developing the early careers of extraordinary classical musicians. Our approach is forward thinking. We concentrate our resources on a small number of rising-star soloists and chamber ensembles with the potential to be change-makers and influencers. As a result, c...
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Should The Oscars Even Happen This Year?

The easy answer is that by the April 25 ceremony date, movie theaters will have been effectively hobbled for more than a year, and people will need a reminder why movies matter. Or, perhaps more accurately, after the public has grown accustomed to watching movies at home. – Los Angeles Times
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Why The Arts World Went Nuts Over UK Job Retraining Ad

On Monday, the arts world rallied in support of a young ballet dancer, pictured in a government-backed advert. The campaign to encourage young people into the world of tech pictures a dancer, named as Fatima, with the words “rethink, reskill, reboot”. – Classic FM
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How Public Television Can Build Better Citizens

“As a more-than-full-time TV watcher I have a tremendous fondness and respect for the Public Broadcasting Service — and for the public-TV ecosystem that surrounds it — that aren’t based on grumpy butlers or colorful puppets. They’re based on something PBS and its member stations do more thoroughly than anyone else in TV: educate us to be better citizens.” – The New York Times
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Cynical Sci-Fi Imagines Cynical Stories. It Could Be So Much More

Cory Doctorow: “This is the thought experiment of a thousand sci-fi stories: When the chips are down, will your neighbors be your enemies or your saviors? When the ship sinks, should you take the lifeboat and row and row and row, because if you stop to fill the empty seats, someone’s gonna put a gun to your head, throw you in the sea, and give your seat to their pals?” – Slate
Tags: Art, Words, Cory Doctorow, 10.11.20

The Public Television Pledge Drive Trap

For many stations, the pledge drive has become a brand-identity paradox. To attract the most money to support their mission of quality television, many stations diverge from their usual lineup and resort to pledge programming of more doubtful merit — infomercials, specials that promote pseudoscientific advice, music documentaries that exist just to push you to choose a six-CD set as your “thank you” gift. – The New York Times
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"On retiring from acting, Nolan bought a remote farmhouse in Spain, where she forged a career... creating montages from her early publicity shots that deconstructed the notion of glamour in a feminist critique of the commodification of women."

"'Part of me was living behind this screen of men’s expectations,' she explained. 'That’s why I made some of them quite grotesque — the idea that I was this passive woman, being looked at. But behind my eyes, I knew what was going on.'"   From "Margaret Nolan obituary/Glamour model and actress who starred in Goldfinger and the Carry On films and epitomised ‘everything cool in the Sixties’" (London Times).  Nolan played the character who was painted gold and who appears in the opening credit...
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Fukuyama: Why Liberalism Is Under Attack

“The contemporary attack on liberalism goes much deeper than the ambitions of a handful of populist politicians. They would not be as successful as they have been were they not riding a wave of discontent with some of the underlying characteristics of liberal societies. To understand this, we need to look at the historical origins of liberalism, its evolution over the decades, and its limitations as a governing doctrine.” – American Purpose
Tags: Art, Ideas, Fukuyama, 10.05.20

The Best Of D.H. Lawrence Is In The Essays We’ve Forgotten About

“What doomed Lawrence, in the long run, was not an accusation of phallocentrism but his elevation to the canon. … It is because Lawrence’s own purpose was so big that his novels make such nerve-racking reads. His writing is most at ease when … it happens glancingly. Only when he is caught off guard does he catch the essence of divine otherness.” – The New Yorker
Tags: Art, Words, Lawrence, 10.08.20

The Man Who’s Saving India’s Rural Folk Music And The People Who Perform It

“Live and festival-centric performances, which is all these musicians have known through generations, barely bring in money, and an online presence has become mandatory for creative mileage. Many music traditions are dying out, with practitioners taking up menial labor to make ends meet.” Enter Abhinav Agrawal. – Ozy
Tags: Art, Music, India, 10.09.20

Study: Worst-Case Scenario Will Eliminate 95 Percent Of West End Jobs

The West End could also lose up to 97% of the total gross value added generated by its arts and culture sector under a worst-case scenario, in which more waves of Covid-19 might result in further lockdowns, widespread working from home, recommendations not to travel and digitisation of entertainment becoming the norm. – The Stage
Tags: Art, Theatre, 10.12.20

How “Creativity” Was Turned Into An Economic Argument

“Definitions of creativity were offered; tests were devised; testing practices were institutionalised in the processes of educating, recruiting, selecting, promoting and rewarding. Creativity increasingly became the specific psychological capacity that creativity tests tested. There was never overwhelming consensus about whether particular definitions were the right ones or about whether particular tests reliably identified the desired capacity, but sentiment settled around a substantive link b...
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Why We’re Finally Getting More Recordings Of Black And Female Composers: It’s Just Easier To Make Them Now

The key, writes David Patrick Stearns, is that there are “far more numerous entry points. … The era of self-produced recordings, ushered in by LSO Live!, allowed major symphonies by major artists to be delivered at a lower price, so buyers could take a chance on something they only might want to hear two or three times. The world has also become populated by boutique labels that will issue all manner of recordings, often handed to them ready-made by the artists with no overhead cost, and issued...
Tags: Art, Music, David Patrick Stearns, 10.07.20

A Prominent Journal Implodes. Was It The Editor Or The Field?

A narrative took hold among critics of HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory, The controversy, at root, wasn’t just about the journal or its editor, but also the ways in which contemporary anthropology is a morally corrupt, harmful institution in which the powerful prey upon the weak. – Chronicle of Higher Education
Tags: Art, Ideas, 10.05.20

Why Can’t Amazon Figure Out How To Create Good Video Games?

“Any veteran of the video games industry will tell you that good games are products of miracle. … Yet Amazon’s total inability to excel in gaming is remarkable. Breakaway wasn’t its first fiasco, or its last. After more than a decade of concerted effort, the tech company that brute-forced its way to dominance in books, retail, and cloud computing has failed to produce a single successful big-name title.” Why? As one former employee put it, “There’s this hubris. We’re Amazon. We can do it all. W...
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Upcoming elections too much to bear? Why not ‘live under a rock’?

If the pandemic and upcoming elections are stressing you out, maybe it's time to consider literally living under a rock with a promo deal from
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New ‘Star Wars’ Posters By Matt Ferguson, Mark Englert, Pablo Olivera & More On Sale Today

The Force is with you today as Bottleneck Gallery is offering up an eclectic array of new Star Wars posters inspired by A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, The Rise of Skywalker, and even The Clone Wars. Going on sale today, these offerings from artists Matt Ferguson, Mark Englert, Todd Slater, Pablo Olivera, and Lyndon Willoughby are each outstanding in their own way. So without further delay, check out the new Star Wars posters below and find out when and where to get the...
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A Creepy 19th Century Re-Creation of the Famous Ancient Roman Statue, Laocoön and His Sons

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts. We’ve all heard that proverb, but few of us could name its source: the Trojan priest Laocoön, a historical character in the Aeneid. “Do not trust the Horse, Trojans,” Virgil has him say. “Whatever it is, I fear the Greeks even bearing gifts.” He was right to do so, as we all know, though his death came not at the hands of the Greek army let into Troy by the soldiers hidden inside the Horse, but those of the gods. As Virgil has it, an enraged Laocoön threw a spear...
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Choosing a Color Palette

Deciding on a color palette is one of the earliest steps in the creative process. It helps the presentation take shape, granting your deck visual direction. Once decided, the color palette syncs the information on the page with the design direction in a beautiful, cohesive format. Before exploring color schemes, it’s important to ask yourself these three exploratory questions: 1-Is there a specific set of brand standard colors to adhere to? If so, should those standards be strict, or can the col...
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Henry Golding On The Classic Actor Narrative Of Playing A Role And Finding Yourself

The actor who found fame in 2018’s Crazy Rich Asians talks about making indie movies before he hit it big. “It was magical as an actor to be able to sit in a character’s feelings and confusion and history. I’ve been trying to find great material to work from like this, much more independent styles of movie making.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Media, Henry Golding, 10.09.20

Sign Of The Times: “Museum Of The Year” Prize Gets Split Five Ways

In recent years, the Museum of the Year winner has received £100,000, with four other shortlisted institutions getting £10,000 each. This year, the five winners will pocket £40,000 each. The Art Fund said the shake-up was a response to the “unprecedented challenges that all museums face this year”. – BBC
Tags: Art, Visual, Art Fund, 10.11.20

With Big, Flexible Spaces, Several New York City Venues Insist They Can Reopen Safely

“The Park Avenue Armory’s vast drill hall has nearly 40,000 square feet of unobstructed open area. The Shed’s central performance space has a 115-foot-high ceiling. St. Ann’s Warehouse has 10 big double doors and a new air ionization system. … They are pressing state regulators to consider a series of architectural advantages that they say should make their buildings easier to adapt for safety than the glorious but cramped houses that symbolize New York’s theater district.” – The New York Times...
Tags: Art, New York, New York City, Issues, Audience, St Ann, 10.12.20

U.S. Supreme Court Says Developer Who Painted Over New York’s Graffiti Mecca Must Pay Artists

“The real estate company that whitewashed graffiti works at 5Pointz in Queens will still have to pay millions in damages to the affected artists, the United States Supreme Court decided on Monday, October 5. … The [justices] declined G&M Realty’s petition to review the case, upholding a 2018 federal court ruling that awarded $6.7 million in damages to 21 artists at the site.” – Hyperallergic
Tags: Art, Queens, Visual, United States Supreme Court, G M Realty, 10.09.20

Ben Brantley: The Farewell Essay

“‘Don’t you ever want to just sit back and enjoy it?’ That’s a question I’ve often been asked during my 27 years as a daily theater reviewer for The New York Times. And … the short answer to that question is an undiluted ‘no.’ One of the main reasons I never stopped loving this job is that I can’t sit back and go limp, like a passive slab on a massage table.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, New York Times, Don, Ben Brantley, 10.13.20

Ben Brantley: The Exit Interview

“During quarantine, when I couldn’t feed that [reviewing] addiction, I found myself chafing at the place-holding journalism that was required. Then in a Zoom meeting with critics, The Times‘s executive editor, Dean Baquet, lingered over the question of whether arts reviewers should stay in their jobs indefinitely. And I thought, ‘That sounds like an exit cue to me.’ After that, it was a surprisingly painless decision.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Times, Ben Brantley, Dean Baquet, 10.13.20

Soprano Erin Wall Dead At 44

A finalist at the 2003 BBC Cardiff Singer of the World competition, she went on to perform with symphony orchestras and major opera houses throughout Europe and North America. She was diagnosed with cancer in 2018. – CBC
Tags: Art, Europe, People, North America, BBC Cardiff, 10.09.20, Erin Wall

A Veteran Broadway Dancer Laments What May Be The End Of His Career

“I wondered, but didn’t ask, if, like mine, my castmates’ bodies had already grown thicker and felt shorter and moved slower. I wondered if, like me, they didn’t recognize themselves without choreography to move through and other people to move with; if, like me, they were hoping this wasn’t the moment they’d always known would come: the moment they would have to redefine who they are and who they’re going to be.” – Dance Magazine
Tags: Art, Dance, 10.09.20

Walt Disney Co. Restructures Its Entire Entertainment And Content Operations

“Under the new structure, Disney is creating a Media and Entertainment Distribution group responsible for both the dissemination and ad sales for all of its content, including across streaming services including Disney+. … The newly created group will be responsible for the profits and losses for the entirety of Disney’s media and entertainment businesses and will oversee distribution, operations, sales, advertising data and technology for all of Disney’s content arms.” – The Hollywood Reporter...
Tags: Art, Media, Disney, Walt Disney Co, 10.12.20

England Gives £257 Million In Rescue Funding To Museums And Performance Venues

The money, distributed by Arts Council England, is part of the £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund announced last week by the UK government. In addition, £103 million has been given to heritage sites, with . Grants to larger organizations that asked for more than £1 million in aid have yet to be announced. – The Guardian
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