Zac Posen Headlines New Education Series for Stacey Bendet’s Creatively Job Platform

Stacey Bendet’s new job platform Creatively is now offering free educational programming. Celebrity fashion designer Zac Posen headlines the series, which kicks off on Oct. 19, with a class in draping on Oct. 27. Creatively, which is free, allows members to use its portfolio tools to showcase their work and find jobs and internships. The […]
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How Henry Ford’s Production Model Shaped Our Politics Ford would likely find his relevance to the current crisis of globalization a testament to his “producerist” philosophy. But as historian Stefan J. Link writes in his new book, Forging Global Fordism: Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, and the Contest over the Industrial Order, Ford’s peculiar ideals “projected a political (and moral) economy that hardly anticipated the American consumer modernity that eme...
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Ireland Gives €50M To Commercial Arts Venues

The new €50 million support for live events in 2021 (as well as funding for music and equipment grants) for next year in Irish venues, announced in this week’s budget, is the first time the commercial entertainment sector has received state support. – Irish Times
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How Much Does It Cost To Operate A Shut-Down Movie Theatre? About £20,000 A Month

Heating bills so the four-screen cinema does not get damp, water rates, insurance, monthly servicing projector costs, card reader machine contracts, IT costs and staff tax and national insurance have all contributed to the huge monthly outgoings. – BBC
Tags: Art, Media, 10.16.10

Why Have Tony Nominations Now?

“In theater, timing is everything, and the timing of these nominations is just plain embarrassing.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Los Angeles, 10.15.20

Toronto Indie Movie Theatres Resort To Non-Profit Tactics To Stay Alive

From offering patrons the chance to have their names grace cinema walls for a price, to selling concession stand staples at the front door, the theatres say they’re doing what they can to stay afloat. – Toronto Star
Tags: Art, Media, Toronto, 10.15.20

LA County debuts artwork of six artists for 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment

Los Angeles County this week debuted a half dozen artworks in honor of the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote in the U.S. The county’s Department of Arts and Culture collaborated with the Women and Girls Initiative to commission the art, which is intended to reflect a diversity of women and perspectives and highlight themes such as empowerment, civic engagement, resiliency and the right to vote. The county has made the artwork availabl...
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The AOL Decision That Ruined The Internet, Way Back In 1993

“For nearly 30 years, the internet’s culture has been defined by a corporation’s move that seemed to, without any care about what was left behind, ensure that a sense of order would never again drive the growth of this series of tubes. This phenomenon is, in many ways, the central tension on which the modern internet is built. And it’s a tension that most people aren’t aware of, even though it is an undercurrent secretly framing our online interactions.” – Tedium
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27 small gifts and gestures for friends or family members who are having a hard time self-isolating or social distancing

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. As the novel coronavirus progresses, many are continuing to practice social distancing, self-isolating when exposed, and quarantined in some cases.The situation can feel overwhelming and isolating, but sending someone you love a small gift during a difficult time can be a meaningful expression of kindness. While those who are quarantined and not feeling well should never open a door to accept deliveries, m...
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Is Earning A Living From The Arts No Longer Possible?

It has always been hard to make a living in the arts; what is new, William Deresiewicz contends, is that even moderately successful artists — who publish, show, or perform frequently — often struggle to lead a middle-class life. – Los Angeles Review of Books
Tags: Art, Ideas, William Deresiewicz, 10.13.20

How Do You Teach A Kids’ Choir Class When You Can’t Let Them Sing?

“Music teachers in Canada are being forced to improvise. Choir classes, for example, either must meet outdoors to rehearse or they simply hum and chant their way through class. Host Marco Werman speaks with Toronto-based Anita Elash about how music teachers are managing to keep music programs alive during the pandemic.” (audio) – PRX’s The World
Tags: Art, Music, Toronto, Canada, Marco Werman, 10.14.20, Anita Elash

Footnotes Are A Pain. But For Historians, Essential

Proper referencing is important; it creates a breadcrumb trail for your reader so that your footsteps can be followed. It means providing your academic genealogy and giving credit for ideas you’ve adopted. It means that your factual assertions can be verified and it works to keep us all operating in good faith. If you make an honest mistake, it means that your reader can steadily work their way back along the path to find out where you took the wrong fork. – History Today
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The University of Texas school song, "The Eyes of Texas," is disparaged as originating in minstrel shows.

I'm reading a WaPo column by Cindy Boren: "Texas players told to stand for school song, despite its origin in blackface minstrel shows."  The lyrics to “The Eyes of Texas” were inspired in part by Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, who after the Civil War was a teacher at what would become Washington and Lee University, where he made an impression on future UT president William Prather by repeatedly telling students that “the eyes of the South are upon you.” .  ... Edmund T. Gordon, a professor of...
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Framing The Guston Show Postponement

‘Clearly, there are a host of factors at play here, not all of which I am qualified to talk about. I want to add two concepts to the discussion of the competing new pressures museums are under: “context collapse” and “paranoid reading.” ‘ – Artnet
Tags: Art, Visual, Guston, 10.15.20

SOTD 16.10.2020

Perfume PosseSOTD 16.10.2020 A SOTD (Scent Of The Day) thread is a really good conversation generator. The idea is you’ll chime in through the week with whatever scent you are wearing. You don’t need to be super knowledgable, have high faluting tastes or… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseSOTD 16.10.2020
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This Movie Theatre Is Closed. It Still Costs $25,000 A Month To Run

What are the owners of the Dominion cinema in Edinburgh paying £20,000 for each month? “Heating bills so the four-screen cinema does not get damp, water rates, insurance, monthly servicing projector costs, card reader machine contracts, IT costs and staff tax and national insurance have all contributed to the huge monthly outgoings.” – BBC
Tags: Art, Media, Edinburgh, 10.15.20

The 25 Most Influential Works of American Protest Art Since World War II

The list includes comments on each work by the panelists who did the choosing: artists Dread Scott, Catherine Opie and Shirin Neshat, journalist Nikil Saval and Whitney Museum of American Art assistant curator Rujeko Hockley. (First on the list, which is in no particular order, is the now-graffiti-bombed and co-opted statue of Robert E. Lee on Richmond’s Monument Avenue.) – T — The New York Times Style Magazine
Tags: Art, Richmond, Visual, Robert E Lee, Whitney Museum of American Art, Shirin Neshat, Monument Avenue, Nikil Saval, Rujeko, 10.15.20, Scott Catherine Opie, Hockley First

Cool Stuff: New X-Men and Batman Prints Unleash Mutants, Sentinels, Rogues, and the Batmobile

New York Comic-Con may be over, but Bottleneck Gallery is still celebrating some of your favorite Marvel and DC Comics characters with yet another wave of outstanding new prints that will empty your bank account. This time, it’s the mutants of X-Men: The Animated Series teaming up to take down a Sentinel in a new print by Juan Ramos. There’s also a collection of Batman prints featuring a variety of incarnations of The Dark Knight from the classic 1966 TV series, Batman: The Animated Series, and...
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40 Black Playwrights Talk About The Confounding Racism They Face In American Theater

Theatermakers from Lynn Nottage and Robert O’Hara to Jocelyn Bioh, Radha Blank and Dominique Morrisseau “share their own experiences with insidious racism — sometimes subtle, other times blatantly cruel even amid the Black Lives Matter statements issuing forth industrywide.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Lynn Nottage, Robert O Hara, Dominique Morrisseau, 10.14.20, Jocelyn Bioh Radha Blank

San Francisco Will Give Shutdown-Affected Artists ‘Universal Basic Income’

“The policy, billed as the Basic Income Pilot for Artists, outlines details including directing almost $6 million in funding to arts organizations, artists, art teachers, and cultural workers, in addition to a Universal Basic Income program. Under the basic income, 130 artists will be selected to receive the [$1,000] monthly stipend for at least six months, beginning in early 2021.” – Artnet
Tags: Art, San Francisco, Issues, 10.14.20

This Dance Company Director Thinks The Shutdown Has Done Some Good

Zenetta Drew, executive director of Dallas Black Dance Theater: “The arts were dying as far as how you reach new audiences, how you create new revenue streams and how you reach underserved communities. Being forced to deal with COVID has changed all that.” And she doesn’t think audiences seeing dance for free online will keep them from coming to the theater later. Why? Look at football on TV. – SMU Data Arts
Tags: Art, Dance, Audience, COVID, 09.24.20, Zenetta Drew, Dallas Black Dance Theater

How The NYT’s 1619 Project Ignited An Ideological Fight

At the nation’s most significant moment of racial reckoning since the 1960s, it’s become one of the hottest culture-war battlefields, where the combatants include turf-guarding academics, political ideologues angling for an election-year advantage — and the fearlessly spiky journalism superstar who willed the entire thing into existence. All of this can make it easy to forget what the 1619 Project was — basically, a collection of smart, provocative magazine articles about the ways slavery shape...
Tags: Art, Ideas, Nyt, 10.13.20

Philadelphia Orchestra Musicians Accept Further Pay Cuts

“The deal, approved this week by the orchestra’s members, ties pay in part to the fortunes of the organization. Compensation for musicians will be reduced to 75% of normal pay retroactively to Sept. 12 and through the middle of March. Then, between March 15 and Sept. 12, 2021, pay could be lowered or slightly increased depending on the condition of the orchestra’s COVID-battered finances.” – The Philadelphia Inquirer
Tags: Art, Music, Philadelphia, 10.15.20

Mahmoud Yassin, Star Of Egyptian Cinema’s Golden Age, Dead At 79

“[He] had over 150 films to his name, with diverse roles ranging from romantic to serious, and from emotionally disturbed to upbeat and patriotic. His films included several based on stories by renowned Egyptian novelists, such as Nobel Prize laureate Naguib Mahfouz and Ihsan Abdel Quddous.” – AP
Tags: Art, People, Naguib Mahfouz, 10.14.20, Mahmoud Yassin

Arts Groups Say UK Gov’t Requires Them To Advertise Bailout Program In Order To Get Funds

A formal complaint filed with Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority charges that Boris Johnson’s government is insisting that all organizations receiving rescue money from the £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund promote the Fund on their social media accounts. – The Independent (UK)
Tags: Art, UK, Britain, Boris Johnson, Issues, 10.15.20

Baltimore Museum Of Art Stakeholders Ask State Of Maryland To Stop Sale Of Artworks

“Former trustees, committee members, donors and docents of the Baltimore Museum of Art have asked Maryland officials to halt the institution’s plans to sell paintings by Andy Warhol, Clyfford Still and Brice Marden, and to investigate what they describe as irregularities and conflicts of interest surrounding the sales.” – The Washington Post
Tags: Art, Maryland, Baltimore, Visual, Brice Marden, Baltimore Museum of Art, 10.15.20, Andy Warhol Clyfford Still

Edward Hopper’s Creative Process: The Drawing & Careful Preparation Behind Nighthawks & Other Iconic Paintings

Edward Hopper painted, but more importantly, he drew. His body of work includes about 140 canvases, which doesn’t make him especially prolific given his long life and career — but then, one of those canvases is Nighthawks. Here on Open Culture, we’ve previously featured Hopper’s “storyboards” for that time- and culture-transcending painting of a late-night New York diner. But those count as only a few of the voluminous preparatory drawings without which neither Nighthawks nor his other m...
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In the Age of Authenticity, What Role Does Design Play in Presidential Campaign Branding?

Can great creative and professional branding and design win an election? In 2008, many designers said yes--but in 2016 Donald Trump proved that less polished design can have a power of its own to unite voters behind a cause when it is unified with reflexive messaging. These two campaigns--Barack Obama's in 2008 and Trump's in...
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10 Plunge-Ready Celebrity Pools Where We’d Love to Lounge

Fall may be in full swing, but we’re still thinking about lazy days of poolside lounging — ideally with a cocktail or two in hand. And, even though they’ve become an icon of wealth and luxury that reflect the latest design trends or an interest in health and fitness, that wasn’t always the case. Swimming […]
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The Science Of Wisdom

Really? Science? Just how do you even define what wisdom is (as opposed to knowledge). Yet some have attempted to quantify it. – Psyche
Tags: Art, Ideas, 10.15.20

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