How Is French Cinema Coping With Covid?

Director François Ozon: “I believe in cinemas. If you look at French attendance figures, they’re 50% down from last year but that’s because there are no American films – whereas French films are maybe only 20% down. There’s a lot going on in French cinema at the moment – a lot of variety, a lot of debate, commercial films, auteur films, some very strong personalities, it’s pretty healthy. And there are a lot of film shoots happening in France right now – everyone’s making the most of it, in cas...
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Rhonda Fleming, A Princess In King Arthur’s Court And A Gambler At The O.K. Corral, 97

Fleming, like Maureen O’Hara, “was sometimes referred to as the Queen of Technicolor; both actresses had glamorous red hair, green eyes and fair skin. But in later years, she looked back on that as a drawback.” She worked in film, on Broadway, and on TV until, as she said, she just decided to work less. – The New York Times
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The Return Of The Prime Minister

As the Danish series Borgen returns to filming after seven years away, thanks to Netflix’s deep pockets, many people are finding the series on the streaming service for the first time. Its star is Sidse Babbett Knudsen, but she wasn’t eager to return to the role. “It’s taken them – what? Eight years? I mean, we talked about it once in a while. I met with Adam [Price, the creator of Borgen] and we both agreed that we had a really nice run, but let’s just stop there … Unless a good idea comes up....
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Seriously, Though, Will Moviegoing Survive?

With Netflix and Disney controlling so much content, and with both companies now indifferent to movie theatres, things are looking grim. “What if the pandemic, rather than representing a temporary disruption in audience habits and industry revenues, turns out to be an extinction-level event for moviegoing?” – The New York Times
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With Her First New Video In 25 Years, Artist Howardena Pindell Reclaims Her Childhood

Pindell’s video Free, White, and 21 remains a commentary on the pervasive whiteness of second-wave feminism, but her new Rope/Fire/Water has more to say about the traumas of childhood experiences of racism. And the artist is, finally, getting some of her due. – The New York Times
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Heidi Schreck, Playwright Of ‘What The Constitution Means To Me,’ Interviews One Of Its Inspirations, Norman Lear

Schreck met Lear backstage at an oratory contest when she was 15, and he had just given a speech called “The Constitution and Me.” Lear, who’s 98: “It’s hard to believe, as we talk now, that people aren’t gathering to go to the theater. That we’re living in a time where all of that is out of our lives for the time being. It hurts me.” – Los Angeles Times
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Richmond Ballet Is Onstage, But How?

Very, very carefully. After the city went to phase three, the dancers and administration met over Zoom to figure out a return. “The new criteria for the one-hour show, now without an intermission: only married couples or roommates performing pas de deux, choreographic selections that lean heavily on solos and trios, and masks mandated for everyone in the building.” – Pointe Magazine
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Setting Statue-Toppling In Context

The UK has its first Black woman history professor Her take: “I was very surprised by the whole movement. It was coming from young people taking matters into their own hands. But I also understand that this conversation has been going for decades and it looked as if we’d exhausted all other avenues.” – The Guardian (UK)
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Doreen Montalvo, ‘In The Heights’ And ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Actor, Has Died At 56

Montalvo, whom Lin-Manuel Miranda spoke about at length in a Twitter thread on Sunday morning, also performed in the forthcoming movies of In the Heights and West Side Story. – Variety
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A Hungarian Banker’s Art Collection Was Looted By The Nazis, And His Heirs Are Still Trying To Get It Back

The claims are 75 years old, and much of the collection disappeared into the maw of the post-War Soviet Union. The remainder is mostly in Hungary. Hungary’s lawyer says “Hungary owns the artworks at issue through lawful purchase, gift, and the uniform application of property laws.” – The New York Times
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Britain Will Investigate Whether Streaming Services Are Paying Musicians Enough

Honestly, does it truly take an investigation by Britain’s Members of Parliament to know the answer? Perhaps it does – to get honest, clear answers and clarity about where to go from here. – BBC
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Seattle’s Intiman Theatre Finally Finds A New Home

After nearly dying – twice – and eight long deracinated years, the battered company has joined forces with Seattle Central College. – Seattle Times
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The Lebanese Stained Glass Artist Who’s Trying To Rebuild After The Massive Beirut Explosion

Maya Husseini had celebrated her birthday and was feeling pretty good about her future as a retired artist when the explosion at a port in Beirut ripped the city, and her work, to shreds. “‘Thirty years of my professional life were gone,’ she said in an interview after the blast in her workshop near Beirut. ‘Dust!'” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Beirut, Visual, Maya Husseini, 10.16.20

Australia Council Flips Out, Pulls Funding From Artist

It’s remarkably reminiscent of the NEA Four, for those who lived through that terrible time: A queer artist wants to use their body for their work; gets approval and funding; word is leaked to conservative outlets; said outlets absolutely flip out and condemn the council; council removes funding. All too gross and familiar. “The decision to kill the contract raises worrying questions about the potential government overreach and the possibility of censorship in Australian cultural policy at a ti...
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Canadians Say Hollywood Needs To Catch Up In Depictions Of The Country’s History With Slavery

Movies and TV shows are, of course, great ways to get wide swaths of people interested in history. But “as popular culture tries more and more to address the international tragedy that is the slave trade, it is still far from accurately portraying that history onscreen — especially when it comes to Canada.” – CBC
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The Small Arts Organizations That Missed Out On Britain’s Government Funding

One jazz venue: “Our club has £52 left in our business account for the future. … Without change I fear that the future of the arts in this country, especially for those less well off, will be in jeopardy.” – The Guardian (UK)
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Aching For The Return Of Live Theatre

Mary-Louise Parker isn’t unhappy about her Tony nomination. But it’s poking at some of the profession’s pandemic wounds. “I just want to see a ghost light. I want to hear someone call, ‘Places!’ I want to walk through the stage door. There’s just something about theater — even nights when I feel like I’ve only done a decent job, I feel like I’ve given something in a way I don’t on film or TV. It feels like I’ve exerted all my energy.” – The New York Times
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Doing Live Opera In Vienna During The Pandemic

To be in live opera right now, soprano Lisette Oropesa gets constant COVID nasal swabs, writes down everyone she’s spent more than 15 minutes with, and wears a mask in the building except when she’s on stage. “Now we are in close quarters, you just have to trust that you’re negative and everyone else around you is negative, and at the time it’s okay to touch and sing close to each other. But it’s still a tiny bit never-wracking.” – The Irish Times
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Yes, The Hula Hooping Girl Is A Banksy

The artist admitted it on social media. In Nottingham, not everyone gets it … or cares. “Within hours the council had rushed to protect the piece by placing clear plastic sheeting over it. Vandals have spray-painted over the plastic two or three times already.” – The Guardian (UK)
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Your Indie Bookstore Wants You To Revive It, Not Help Murder It, OK?

Before the pandemic, indie bookstores were reviving to the tune of hundreds more per year. Now they’re closing, about one per week, and as a certain online behemoth pushed a certain discount deal, locals are sharpening their stilettos – and asking for help. – The New York Times
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