The End Of Fashion Photography As We Know It

The fashion world is in crisis: It is producing too much, moving too fast, and, with worrying frequency, offending consumers due to an inability to pivot convincingly from a position that champions a censoriously narrow vision of beauty. Brands are closing, and magazines are folding or becoming fully digital. Can the fashion photograph, of the sort that has littered bedroom walls and been reposted again and again on Instagram or Tumblr, survive? – The New York Times
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Indigenous Musicians Take On Bolsonaro In Brazil

The sociopolitical perspective driving Kaê’s music connects with a recent cultural movement gaining popularity among urban Indigenous artists, known as Indigenous futurism. Kaê says it is about “daring to envision ourselves in the future, and using new technologies to enhance Indigenous visibility”. – The Guardian
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First Mando Monday: New ‘The Mandalorian’ Action Figures, Artwork, Sneakers & More Revealed

During the upcoming second season of The Mandalorian, every week will have a special “Mando Monday” reveal with new merchandise tied to the live-action Star Wars series on Disney+. With the second season premiere coming up this Friday, this week brought the first Mando Monday, and while there weren’t any merchandise reveals that provided any insights into the show’s story, it does have a some fantastic new The Mandalorian action figures, officially licensed artwork, Adidas sneakers, and much mo...
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Artists Auction Future Royalties For Cash Today

While Royalty Exchange might sound like a dating service for those in the peerage, it’s actually a company geared to assisting artists looking to auction off some of their most valuable assets: their royalties and residual rights. Royalties and residuals are contract-guaranteed percentages doled out to creators and performers based on the use or performance of works they were involved in. And participation in a hit song, movie or TV show can mean they rack up pretty fast. – Los Angeles Times ...
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The Top 10 Highly-Desired Skills You Can Teach Yourself

We all have certain skills we’re particularly good at and may have been perfecting since childhood—things like art, cooking or fixing electronic gadgets. But as we age, we become painfully aware of our shortcomings and might decide we want to take up a new hobby and learn new things.Read more...
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Online Learning Platforms Report 400 Percent Enrollment Increases

While these more traditional education platforms have seen huge spikes in users and funding during the pandemic, consumers have also demonstrated a growing appetite for online classes geared toward entertainment and enrichment. MasterClass is adding more content, while Airbnb and Instagram Live have emerged as learning hubs, with influential instructors teaching everything from dance to poetry writing to cocktail making. – Fast Company
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The ABC's of Broadway Musicals: A Civilian's Guide

After thinking of myself as a director first, and a writer second, for my entire adult life (and that's quite a while, at this point), the Great Pandemic of 2020 has forced me to strike that and reverse it. For now -- for a while -- I'm a writer first, and a once and future director second.So I've been brainstorming writing projects to take up my time while I can't make theatre.If you're a regular reader of my blog, you know that I've already published my first two pandemic projects, my antholo...
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Humanities Education Is Struggling. But Out In The Real World…

The “crisis” cannot be adequately described either by the number of openings on the academic job market, or the number of Great Books on university syllabuses. The health of the humanities should be measured instead by whether our society provides ample opportunities for its citizens to ask the fundamental questions about the good life and the just society. By that yardstick, it seems, the humanities are healthier than the doomsayers might lead us to believe. – The New York Times
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Farther along

It’s just short of seven months since the death of my beloved wife, and not until recently did I feel that I was starting to become myself again. Sometimes the pain of Hilary’s loss takes me by surprise and I find myself crying — but not often. – Terry Teachout
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Alarming Preview: Sotheby’s Hawks Baltimore Museum’s Clyfford Still & Brice Marden

Sirens (coming from the street) were heard wailing at the beginning of Sotheby’s Virtual Preview of Highlights from Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary Art — a fleeting but thematically appropriate soundtrack. – Lee Rosenbaum
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Man Brings A Banksy On Antiques Roadshow And…

“I think the message here is that, if you do see a piece of graffiti art out there, leave it, leave it for the public,” Maas said in a manner reminiscent of a not-angry-but-disappointed dad. “I’m not lecturing you. I’m just saying, without that certificate, it’s just very difficult to sell. With it, it might be worth £20,000. Without it, you’re nowhere.” –
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Lear Lite

Shakespeare’s writing — all of it, poetry and plays — was repulsive to Tolstoy, who claimed in a pamphlet that whenever he read Shakespeare he was overcome by “repulsion, weariness, and bewilderment.” Orwell disagreed mightily: “Finally the most striking thing is how little difference it all makes.” – Jan Herman
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The Problem With UK Literary Prizes

In a country where publishing is so concentrated in the hands of just a few conglomerates who have acquired some of Britain’s most successful small presses, the chances of British novelists who are neither English, nor published by major London publishers, winning seems to be getting smaller. And for non-English UK novelists published by small presses (self-published works are ineligible for the Booker), the Booker is simply not a plausible option. – The Conversation
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Morton Revamps its Packaging so Shoppers Will Know the Brand Sells More Than Just Table Salt

Thanks mostly to the Morton Salt Girl, who has graced the brand's signature pour-top canister since 1914, Morton is one of the most recognized brands in the condiment aisle. There's only one problem: Morton's products are actually in plenty of places that aren't the condiment aisle. "Most consumers know us best for the iconic round...
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Life Is Getting Better (At Least Until Recently) So Why Are We Less Happy?

“Amid these advances in quality of life across the income scale, average happiness is decreasing in the U.S. The General Social Survey, which has been measuring social trends among Americans every one or two years since 1972, shows a long-term, gradual decline in happiness—and rise in unhappiness—from 1988 to the present.” – The Atlantic
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This Artist Turns 'Precious Moments' Into Halloween Horrors

If you grew up in a religious household–or had a grandparent who loved bric-a-brac—chances are you’re familiar with Precious Moments. They’re the porcelain miniatures that depict young children doing good deeds. They might be cute, but there’s always been something a bit “off” about them. Something one artist is using…Read more...
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Simon Rattle: Pandemic Is Forcing Many Musicians Out

“My worry is that so many musicians will be forced to leave the profession that we will not be able to return to anything like the cultural life that we enjoyed previously. And that this exodus is happening right now, and that it will not be noticed until it is too late,” said Rattle. – The Guardian
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A Comic Artist Has To Earn His Sources’ Trust Just Like Any Other Journalist

Joe Sacco is famous in certain circles for his comics journalism books that recount complex tales in places readers might not know well. And accuracy – even in a cartoon-like book – is key. His new book might be his most detailed. “It’s about indigenous people who say that the land owns them and they are part of the land. So in a way, drawing them as accurately as possible, drawing their clothing, drawing their tents, their dogsleds correctly, and drawing the land itself in detail was kind of m...
Tags: Art, Visual, Joe Sacco, 10.25.20

When Andy Warhol & Edie Sedgwick, the First Couple of Pop Art, Made an Odd Appearance on the Merv Griffin Show (1965)

// Andy Warhol adored television and, in a way, considered it his most formative influence. While his paintings, silkscreens, and films, and the Velvet Underground, might be all the legacy he might need, Warhol, more than anything, longed to be a TV personality. He made his first concerted effort in 1979, launching a New York public access interview show. In one of the show’s 42 episodes, Warhol sits in almost total silence while his friend Richard Berl...
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The Arts Bailout In The UK Gives Hope, And A Few More Months, To Some

The bailout came to more than 2,000 arts organizations and venues in Britain (and U.S. arts groups are feeling quite jealous). But: “For many, the joy might not last long. The terms of the grants state that they must be spent by Mar. 31 next year. After that, on Apr. 1, if institutions can’t operate profitably with social distancing limiting numbers, many will again face the prospect of layoffs or closing.” – The New York Times
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Pinterest’s new widget brings photos from favorite boards to your iOS 14 home screen

As iPhone owners began customizing their iOS 14 home screens with new widgets and custom icons, Pinterest iOS downloads and searches surged as the app became a top source for design ideas and inspiration. Today, Pinterest is more directly joining the home screen customization trend with its own iOS 14 widget of its own. Last month, Pinterest broke its daily download record when it saw more than 600,000+ downloads in a single day. Though third-party estimates disagreed on which day the new rec...
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Pinterest’s new widget brings photos from favorite boards to your iOS 14 homescreen

As iPhone owners began customizing their iOS 14 homescreens with new widgets and custom icons, Pinterest iOS downloads and searches surged as the app became a top source for design ideas and inspiration. Today, Pinterest is more directly joining the homescreen customization trend with its own iOS 14 widget of its own. Last month, Pinterest broke its daily download record when it saw over 600,000+ downloads in a single day. Though third-party estimates disagreed on which day the new record was...
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Keep Moving Forward

A hard fact to accept in the presentation space is that bad presentations happen to good speakers. Success is never guaranteed. The only way to fully own your mistakes is to keep moving forward. Understand that there is a way through any poor performance. While avoidance may seem like the easiest option, it will likely create crippling results long-term. Let’s dive into what it looks to fully own your deliverables by creating an actionable plan. Understand Your Inner Narrative If not dealt wit...
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Seattle Chamber Music Society Says Its Online Festival Went Surprisingly Well

What, cheerful classical music news right now? Yes. Adding comments such as “filled my life with joy,” hundreds of patrons responded to a survey about the Chamber Music Society’s Virtual Summer Music Festival. The festival “rated 8.4 on a scale of 10. It brought in 389 new ticket purchasers (32% of patrons) and 92 first-time donors, many international patrons, and 300 more subscribers than usual — likely because there were no constraints on the size of the concert-hall space.” – Seattle Times ...
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Michael Govan Responds To Criticism Of LACMA Redesign

“Far from representing a reduction in exhibition space, LACMA’s new building designed by Peter Zumthor, the David Geffen Galleries, is the final piece of a two decades-long expansion plan that effectively doubles the museum’s gallery space and replaces its ailing, nonfunctional facilities.” – New York Review of Books
Tags: Art, Visual, David Geffen, LACMA, Michael Govan, Peter Zumthor, 10.23.20

A Counter-Lawsuit In The City Ballet Scandal Presents The Photo Sharer As The Real Victim

Chase Finlay is the dancer who remains out of the dance world after his sharing of intimate photos of his then-girlfriend, fellow dancer Alexandra Waterbury, with others at City Ballet. He now claims “it was he who had been the victim of abuse at the hands of Ms. Waterbury.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Dance, Waterbury, Chase Finlay, Alexandra Waterbury, 10.25.20

The Nuns Singing, And Recording, Through The Pandemic

On the eve of lockdown in March, the Poor Clares of Arundel “were in the final stages of recording their debut album. The sisters hope it will bring some of the simple, balanced principles of cloister life to those struggling with the fallout from Covid.”  – The Observer (UK)
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Misty Copeland Thinks That After George Floyd, The Ballet World Is Listening

Copeland says that “for the first time in her 20-year career, people are starting to listen to her about the problem of diversity within the global ballet industry.” – BBC
Tags: Art, Dance, Copeland, George Floyd, 10.25.20

Donors Claim To Rescind 50 Million In Gifts To Baltimore Museum Over Warhol Sale

But, plot twist: Did those gifts ever exist in the first place? The “chairwoman of the board of trustees, said in an email that the museum has no record of a $50 million pledge or any pledges totaling that amount.” – Washington Post
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The Apple Watch design is already a classic — will it ever change?

The Apple Watch is a thing of absolute beauty. But, while using the Series 6, I was struck with a thought: will the Apple Watch design ever actually change? The Curpertino-based company isn’t exactly known for left-field approaches to product design. It’s all about evolution, about tinkering and perfecting. This leads to clear aesthetic growth across its products. Well, in everything but the Apple Watch. Don’t believe me? Well, have a look at the Series 1, released all the way back in 2015: And ...
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