Re-viewing America

On Election Eve, I’m taking a break from the anger and the stress. I’m looking back on a project I once participated in that gave me hope about America: the Art of the State book series.   You can read my essay on Medium. And if you haven’t yet voted, please vote. [Author: Nancy Friedman]
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NY City Ballet Uses Lincoln Center As A Set, But…

When it comes to digital site-specific work, there’s a thin line between a dance on film and a perfume ad. It’s dispiriting to say that in New York City Ballet’s New Works Festival we get plenty of eau de ballet. – The New York Times
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It’s Back to the Future for These ’70s Retro Homes

The 1970s are, perhaps unfairly, oft derided when it comes to style. Modern sensibilities say the decade took a deep dive into the Mariana Trench of bad taste where interior décor is concerned. Linoleum floors, avocado tiles, fake wood paneling, lava lamps, shag carpets and statement stone fireplaces populated the disco wonderland of design debacles […]
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Prognosis For Cable TV Is Even Worse Than You Think

“It’s all over for cable. Even Nielsen is saying that 25% of television viewing time is now streaming. Samsung is saying that if you’re a smart TV owner, over 50% of viewing time is streaming. That’s a problem for the cable networks. They have to follow the audience.” – Protocol
Tags: Art, Media, Samsung, Nielsen, Audience, 10.29.20

Streaming Services Likely To Dominate This Year’s Oscars

It was always inevitable that Netflix’s awards tally would tick upward. The same goes for Hulu, Amazon and their myriad competitors. With Hollywood’s traditional studios prioritizing big-budget franchises that don’t appeal to prestige sensibilities, streaming platforms are becoming go-to vessels for the original, star-driven films that attract Oscar esteem. – HuffPost
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Netflix, Hulu Amazon, 11.01.20

Zoom Reveals Architecture Is Even More Important

“I would like to think of every Zoom grid not as the death of architecture, but at its proliferation into different spaces that are trying hard to recreate, at the microscale of the individual grid square, a world made possible by the architecture that it exposes: a glimpse of a bedroom here, a garden there, a living room, a bookshelf. The absence of architecture is equally ostensible when for example, an image of the landscape is projected behind the person on the screen. We yearn for the pres...
Tags: Art, Visual, 10.14.20

Unions And Arts Orgs Argue About Renegotiating Contracts

The unions argue that the companies can’t cut off workers now and expect them to return when they’re ready to reopen. They also say that if concessions are made during the shutdown, salary, benefits, staffing minimums and guaranteed hours should be restored to pre-pandemic levels once things return to normal. – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Issues, 10.31.20

Deaccession Deactivation: Fallout from Baltimore Museum’s Pullout from Sotheby’s (& other pratfalls)

The misadventures of Sotheby’s David Galperin, hyping four anticipated highlights of Sotheby’s Oct. 28 Contemporary Art sale, would be ripe for parody if the underlying issues weren’t serious. – Lee Rosenbaum
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Two Hours of Twenty-Four

I’ve been e-mailed a rich, if daunting array of hour-long videos that make up Yoshiko Chuma’s Love Story, the School of Hard Knocks.There are twenty-four of them in all. Think about it. No, don’t. I’m about to try writing about just two of them. – Deborah Jowitt
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Why We Need More African Archaeologists

It is easy to take for granted our way of keeping things in museums. Yet many cultures do not have the tradition of museums as a concept. They are a European transplant in much of the world. Instead, knowledge is passed on through oral culture, festivals, songs, poems, commemorations and casual conversations and observations. Heritage can be just as much about relationships and performance. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Visual, 11.01.20

Cable TV Is Falling Off A Cliff

They expect about 25 million U.S. households to cancel their pay-TV subscriptions over the next five years. This is on top of the 25 million homes that have already cut the cord since 2012. At least three major media companies now expect pay-TV subscriptions to stabilize around 50 million, according to people familiar with the matter, who declined to speak on the record because their company plans are private. – CNBC
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Milwaukee’s Pabst Theatre Protests COVID Restrictions

Under the current Milwaukee pandemic order, bars and restaurants with approved safety plans are able to bring in any amount of customers as long as they can remain socially distanced inside the business. Bar and restaurant owners told WISN 12 News that usually amounts to about 50% capacity. However, the order only allows 10 people inside art and theater venues, not including staff. WISN (Milwaukee)
Tags: Art, Milwaukee, Issues, WISN, 10.31.20

What The Drawings Show About New LACMA Building

Although LACMA claims “the new building totals 347,500 square feet,” the plans show its true size as 261,000 square feet. The total square footage of the new building is 32% less than the buildings it replaces—a loss of 123,000 square feet. “This analysis demonstrates that Los Angeles County taxpayers, who are footing a hefty portion of the bill for the $750-million project, are being robbed of their museum and collections,” says architecture critic Joseph Giovannini, co-chair of The Citizens’ ...
Tags: Art, Citizens, Visual, Los Angeles County, LACMA, Joseph Giovannini, 10.29.20

A Quay Brothers Animation Explains Anamorphosis, the Renaissance Illusion That Hides Pictures within Pictures First appearances can be deceiving. Take physicist Emmanuel Maignan’s 1642 fresco in a corridor of Rome’s Trinità dei Monti monastery. Viewed head on, it appears to be a somewhat unconventional landscape in which one of the few remaining branches of a mutilated tree spreads over a city, far in the distance. Streaky clouds suggest heavy weather is brewing. Stroll to the end of the corridor and take another look. You’ll find that the tree has co...
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COVID Has Orchestras Rethinking The Need For Music Directors

What we are seeing is a breakdown of trust between musicians and maestros, a schism that will lead, post-Covid, to a downgrade or downfall of the music director. There has been, over half a century, a tremendous evolution in the role from Toscanini-like autocracy to a chummy collegiality in which maestros achieve harmony by consensus and drink beer after concerts in the musicians’ bar. But when the chips are down, as they often are, it is still the music director who makes key decisions and lea...
Tags: Art, Music, Toscanini, 11.01.20

Johnny Depp Loses Libel Case Against British Tabloid

After the tabloid The Sun called Depp a “wife beater,” the actor sued. But the judge in the civil lawsuit ruled that “the great majority of alleged assaults of Ms Heard by Mr Depp have been proved to the civil standard.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Media, Johnny Depp, Depp, 11.02.20

Magicians Sure Wish They Could Wave A Wand And Make This Virus Disappear

Meanwhile, they’re performing stage tricks from home for kids, also at home, who are often rather tired of screens. “The shift has been particularly jarring for people of this specialty, who’ve long argued that magic is best experienced in person.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, 10.31.20

What Motivates You?

Leaders often find themselves pondering how to propel teams toward a goal. As a team member maybe you’ve been asked what motivates you. When I was a manager, I used to ask that question to each potential new hire I interviewed to gauge whether I could effectively inspire them. There are three different kinds of motivation: intrinsic, extrinsic, and addiction. Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation can both correlate directly to the presentation space. Understanding their function and how to utilize ...
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Are You Stuck Missing Galleries And Museums?

No worries, London will bring the art to you – and to everyone else, as long as you can get to the central city. “Details have been announced of an art programme on a spectacular scale, involving 2,000 sq metres of 8K resolution, 360-degree screens near Tottenham Court Road tube station.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, London, Visual, Tottenham Court Road, 11.02.20

The Graphic Design Of Instagram Activism

Not unlike the activist graphic design of the past, woke Instagram design is easy to comprehend, is clever, and often contains familiar themes so that meaning doesn’t have to be spelled out. Companies are happy to seize on that visual language for their own vaguely worded “Go People” posts. But those can easily fall flat – audiences see through the language to the emptiness that lies below. – Hyperallergic
Tags: Art, Instagram, Visual, 10.31.20

How Professional Ballet Dancers Plan For Retirement

It involves a lot of money saving, a lot of private lessons, and now a lot of Zooming. – CNBC
Tags: Art, Dance, 10.29.20

The House Where Jane Austen Wrote All Of Her Novels Is In Some Structural Trouble

The building’s roof issues threaten the collection of the Jane Austen Museum, the museum says. – BBC
Tags: Art, Jane Austen, Words, 10.30.20

What Classical Music Loses In Screen Translation

The novelty of watching concerts over Zoom has worn off, and though audiences are still pleased to have anything, anything at all, to watch, the loss of physical space is real, and musicians and conductors feel it. “The absence of an audience subtracts something essential from the music as well; it becomes an unbalanced equation, an unanswered question.” – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Music, Audience, 10.31.20

Can’t Make It To The Gallery Because Of COVID Concerns?

That’s OK; your mobile robot can do it for you. (The show at the Saatchi in London also has some tightly restricted in-person options as well.) – BBC
Tags: Art, London, Visual, Saatchi, 10.30.20

A Nazi-Looted Painting Is Back In Court

A Parisian woman struck a complicated co-ownership deal with an Oklahoma museum where she found a painting the Nazis stole from her father. Now she wants to revisit the deal for Camille Pissarro’s La Bergère Rentrant des Moutons (Shepherdess Bringing in Sheep). – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Nazis, Visual, Camille Pissarro, 11.01.20, Oklahoma museum

Taking Choreography Offline

Or at least part of it. In a new work, Zoom participants bang pots and pans in their kitchens, and then received the “score” as a PDF to complete on their own. For choreographer Yanira Castro, “It’s hopefully a gift that’s like, you can do this if you want. But “being present with the page” is also a form of performance. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Dance, 11.01.20, Yanira Castro

A Site Built To Compete With Amazon, But For Indie Bookstores, Makes Moves In Britain

Bookshop opened in the U.S. in January, hoping to build its site slowly while helping independent bookstores in the States. Five weeks later, cue COVID-19 shutdowns. “By June, Bookshop sold $1m worth of books in a day. The platform has now raised more than $7.5m (£5.7m) for independent bookshops across the US.” Now it’s starting to partner with independent bookstores in the UK as well. Why not? Amazon certainly threatens their existence as well. – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Amazon, Art, UK, US, Britain, States, Words, 11.02.20

Don A Wig, And Paint Along With Bob Ross

Ross is dead, of course, but a new re-creation of his studio, along with “Master Classes” with the prolific pine painter, is just getting underway in Indiana. “‘This is fantastic,’ Brett Estes, the Best Bob winner said, outfitted in a Bob wig (from a costume shop), beard (real) and light blue button-down. His brushes were tucked in the front pocket.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Indiana, Bob, Ross, Visual, Bob Ross, 11.01.20, Brett Estes the Best Bob

Under A Cloud Of Accusations, Artist Aydin Aghdashloo Faces Repercussions

At least 13 women have accused the artist of sexual misconduct, and an exhibit of the artist’s work was canceled in Iran, where the Tehran auction is also considering not including his work this year. But in Canada, where the artist has dual citizenship, a cultural festival that often invites him decided to remain “noncommittal about the accusations.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Iran, Canada, Tehran, Visual, 11.01.20

Teaching The Arts To Students Via Zoom Requires Every Last Piece Of Teacher Creativity

And arts teachers in public schools are creative, no doubt about it. One middle school teacher quickly “created online tutorials on how to make art supplies at home, like glue and paint, from materials that could be found in a kitchen or recycling bin. She delivered content to her student by using her classroom’s Instagram and YouTube accounts, posting videos and images on topics like community art.” Music teachers do the same, with berry containers and rubber bands. It’s not easy. – Oregon Art...
Tags: Art, Instagram, Youtube, Oregon, Issues, 11.02.20

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