virtual walking tours of new york city, hosted by ny times architecture critic michael kimmelman

During the pandemic shutdown, there were so many offers of interesting things to do online -- cooking, crafting, indoor exercise, art classes, author readings, and on and on. I didn't do any of it. I began piano lessons with Pianote, read books, took walks, and generally (although somewhat guiltily) enjoyed myself.One online series looked interesting to me, but I kept forgetting to do it. The New York Times posted walking tours of different areas of New York City, hosted by Michael Kimmelman. Ki...
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How To Stay Creative During COVID Lockdown

The sameness and lack of novelty in our Covid existence can negatively impact our creativity — our ability to put ideas together in new, useful combinations to solve problems. Creativity is often enhanced when we’re exposed to new situations. – Harvard Business Review
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From Natural Hot Springs to Playground of the Stars: a History of Palm Springs

You know it as a midcentury modern mecca and major center for art and culture. But Palm Springs, Calif., has a long history that stretches back beyond the 1940s and 1950s — all the way to pre-colonial times, when a Native American tribe inhabited the area hundreds of years before the arrival of Europeans in […]
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A Conversation On Editing-Driven Writing

“Commentary Magazine has, from the beginning, been an editor’s magazine. Very few pieces that Elliot Cohen edited, or that I edited, or that Neal edited, were not worked over, sometimes radically worked over. There are arguments about whether this is a good way or a bad way, but that’s the way it was at COMMENTARY. I don’t think any other magazine, except possibly the New Yorker, is as heavily edited as Commentary has always been.” – Commentary
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Prominent Director At NY Gagosian Gallery Fired

A prominent figure within the New York art market, Sam Orlofsky had been one of the most visible leaders at Gagosian, where he recently helped launch a program known as its “Artist Spotlight” series, through which works by Damien Hirst, Jenny Saville, and more were sold for large sums of money online. – ARTnet
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The Guston Show Problem: Racist Images Versus Depicting Racists

The real tell is that in a statement he [Darren Walker] said that to mount the exhibition now would have been “tone deaf.” That’s the language of corporate image control. To many of the people who run our museums—not art people but bean counters—art is merely branding for the institution. – The Nation
Tags: Art, Visual, Darren Walker, 10.30.20

What Exactly Is “Theory” In The Humanities (And Why Should We Care?)

The Theory Wars, that is the administrative argument over which various strains of 20th-century continental European thought should play in the research and teaching of the humanities, has never exactly gone away, even while departments shutter and university work is farmed out to poorly-paid contingent faculty. – The Millions
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What Exactly In “Theory” In The Humanities (And Why Should We Care?)

The Theory Wars, that is the administrative argument over which various strains of 20th-century continental European thought should play in the research and teaching of the humanities, has never exactly gone away, even while departments shutter and university work is farmed out to poorly-paid contingent faculty. – The Millions
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The Modern Dance Collective That Was Like A Rock Band, Right Down To The Groupies

Born in 1970 as a sort of successor to Judson Dance Theater, The Grand Union (named after a supermarket chain) lasted only for six years. Yet the group and (subsequently) its members — among them Yvonne Rainer, Trisha Brown, Douglas Dunn, David Gordon, and Steve Paxton — changed the course of the art form. Not long ago Wendy Perron came across some old Grand Union videotapes and wondered if the work could be as good as she remembered: “It was even better.” – The New York Times
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Scientists Are Applying Electricity To The Brain Again In Search Of Therapies

The breadth of mental processes and behaviours for which stimulation has been argued to have an effect is quite staggering, including creativity, appetite, multitasking, memory, mind wandering, attention, motoric processes, sensory processing and theory of mind, to name but a few. – Psyche
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Bronx Cheer! Hall of Fame for Great Americans (Championed Here) Gets an NEH Chairman’s Grant

As an mild antidote to severe post-election anxiety, let’s savor a morsel of good news from the federal government: Although it falls short of what I’d hoped for, I’d like to think I may have had something to do with this announcement last week from the NEH. – Lee Rosenbaum
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The Traditional Japanese Theater Genre That’s Like ‘Rocky Horror’

“Stepping into a taishū engeki show is like being welcomed into a wild and flamboyant secret society. As performers in outlandish costumes dance on stage, delighted fans dance along in unison from their seats. Somehow, everyone knows the moves. Periodically, an excited fan will scurry up to the stage with an envelope or wrapped gift, or will jump into the aisles looking for more room to wave a glow-stick. This might sound like a crowd of teenagers at a pop concert, but many women in attendance ...
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Calculating The Value Of A Single Vote (Precisely)

“If you’re in a competitive district in a competitive election, the odds that your vote will flip a national election often fall between 1 in 1 million and 1 in 10 million. That’s a very small probability, but it’s big compared to your chances of winning the lottery, and it’s big relative to the enormous impact governments can have on the world.” – 80,000 Hours
Tags: Art, Ideas, 10.28.20

Enzo Mari, Who Brought Radical Politics To Everyday Design, Dead Of COVID At 88

“[He] produced thousands of objects over a 60-year career, from pen holders and toys to chairs and vases. Each of those items drew inspiration from the Arts and Crafts movement, in the simplicity of their form, and from his own uncompromising belief in communism.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, People, Enzo Mari, 11.01.20

Hollywood Likes Broadway Again

After decades of sporadic adaptations, Hollywood has suddenly thrown a lot of financing — and entire brass sections — at theatermakers. Which means that film’s latest special effect is a millenniums-old art form that’s mostly feet and breath and plywood. – The New York Times
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Creating DeepFakes To Make Controversial People Confess

Recently, Stephanie Lepp has been experimenting with a maligned technology, deepfakes, to create Deep Reckonings, a series of synthetic videos that imagine controversial public figures having a reckoning; in the deepfake footage, Alex Jones, Brett Kavanaugh, and Mark Zuckerberg reflect on the damage they have inflicted on society. – Forbes
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When Bernstein, Sondheim, And Robbins Tried To Adapt Brecht

It was a decade after West Side Story, and Jerome Robbins got the idea to make one of Bertolt Brecht’s didactic plays into a musical. Though Sondheim in particular required some convincing, it eventually became a promising project, with John Guare writing the book and Zero Mostel engaged to star. Finally, the piece was set to premiere on Broadway in 1968, and then 1969, as A Pray by Blecht. (The title was Lenny’s.) Never happened, of course. Jesse Green recounts the story of how it came togethe...
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Book Festival Bosses Talk About How They Turned Their Events Digital On Almost No Lead Time

“Here, the directors of five festivals — Sara Ortiz of the Believer Festival, Lissette Mendez of the Miami Book Fair, Amanda Bullock of the Portland Book Festival, Steph Opitz of The Loft’s Wordplay, and Conor Moran of the Wisconsin Book Festival — discuss how their teams made it work.” – Literary Hub
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"What the Constitution Means To Me" is a good alternative to doomscrolling that still engages with important issues

There's a parallel universe where the real estate con-man president didn't sit back and let a virus ravage the country in order to protect a few economic metrics with no intrinsic meaning. And in that parallel universe, the theatre where I met my wife would have been hosting a production of Heidi Schreck's Pulitzer-finalist play What the Constitution Means To Me. — Read the rest
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Approved And Then Dropped By San Francisco, Design Of Maya Angelou Monument Is Approved Again

“Last year, an opaque selection process opened a rift between public officials and local artists when the city suddenly rejected [Maya] Thomas’s winning design. The reversal attempts to heal divisions. On Monday, the San Francisco Arts Commission unanimously voted to approve a previous recommendation made by a 2019 review panel for Ms. Thomas to design the luminary’s sculpture.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, San Francisco, Visual, Thomas, San Francisco Arts Commission, 11.03.20

Pandemic Could Permanently Change How Movie Box Office Figures Are Reported

Revealing a movie’s grosses is not something studios are obligated to do, and for decades, they didn’t. So why, in the late 1980s, did Hollywood start? Because it made for buzz within the industry and beyond to (some of) the audience; sometimes, worldwide headlines were made. But now that lockdowns have led to the release of even major blockbuster titles online, “studios get to rethink whether they want to continue sharing grosses on a 24/7 basis with rivals, analysts and the media.” – The Holl...
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, 11.03.20

Why Americans Think It’s All About Us

“American thought has always tended to a certain solipsism, a trait that has become more prominent in recent times. If Fukuyama and his neoconservative allies believed the world was yearning to be remade on an imaginary American model, the woke movement believes “whiteness” accounts for all the evils of modern societies.” – New Statesman
Tags: Art, Ideas, Fukuyama, 10.28.20

Australia Will Spend Millions To Buy Back Indigenous Artifacts From Foreign Museums And Collectors

“The Australian government has pledged A$10.1 million (about $7.2 million) in additional funds over four years toward the return Indigenous cultural heritage objects held in collections overseas.” – ARTnews
Tags: Art, Australia, Visual, 11.03.20

Virus And Lockdown Will Clear Out ‘A Bit Of Dead Wood’ From The Arts, Says Artist

Grayson Perry: “I think every part of life has probably got a bit of fat that needs trimming, a bit of dead wood. It’s awful that the culture sector has been decimated, but I think some things needed to go. … Too often, the audience for culture is just the people making it — theatres with whole audiences of actors, or exhibitions only put on to impress other curators.” Yes, many arts figures have criticized Perry for this, but some have defended him as well. – BBC
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Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu to allow theatres to reopen with restrictions: Reports

Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu will both allow film theatres to reopen after months of being shut due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the states announced separately, per reports in The Hindu and Mint. Theatres in Maharashtra can open starting Wednesday and in Tamil Nadu starting from November 10. Bollywood and Kollywood are some of India’s largest film industries, and theatres reopening in their home turf is a significant development, as COVID-19 cases in both states remain high, and dozens of daily deat...
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San Francisco Symphony Musicians Accept 30% Salary Reduction

“The announcement on Monday, Nov. 2, by the Symphony management cited a cumulative revenue loss of $40 million by the end of the 2020-21 season as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. All of the orchestra’s live performances through the end of the calendar year have been canceled.” – San Francisco Chronicle
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Classical Concerts Under COVID: Where Things Stand In Asia, Australia/New Zealand, And the Americas

With governments in China, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore mostly able to impose safety measures without too much pushback, case numbers are down and concert numbers are up, though usually with reduced audience. New Zealand is almost back to normal and Australia is getting there, with even a Ring cycle planned for Brisbane this month. Alas, reports David Karlin, “the contrast between Asia and the Americas could not be more stark,” though tentative returns to concert life are happening in Cana...
Tags: Art, Asia, Music, Australia, Singapore, Americas, New Zealand, Brisbane, Audience, Asia Australia New Zealand, China Japan South Korea, Canada Colombia, David Karlin, 11.02.20

How the Iconic Colors of the New York City Subway System Were Invented: See the 1930 Color Chart Created by Architect Squire J. Vickers

There may be no more welcome sight to a New Yorker than their own Pantone-colored circle on an arriving subway train. (Provided it’s also the right train number or letter; is making local stops (or express stops); has not been rerouted due to track work, death or injury, etc.) The psychological effect is not unlike a preschooler spotting her brightly-colored cubby at the end of a long day. Therein lies the comforting lovey—screen time, climate control, maybe a nap in a window seat on the way ho...
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Hubbard Street Dance Chicago – Artistic Director

As one of the world’s leading contemporary dance companies whose ensemble knows no boundaries, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago (Hubbard Street) brings artists, art, and audiences together to enrich, engage, educate, and change lives through the experience of dance. Hubbard Street grew out of the Lou Conte Dance Studio in 1977 when Lou Conte gathered an ensemble of four dancers to perform in senior centers across Chicago. Since then, the company has become one of the most original forces in contempo...
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Marketing & Communications Manager

Want to be challenged … ISC is the right place for you! Marketing & Communications ManagerInternational Sculpture Center The position is responsible for all internal and external communications for the ISC. The successful candidate must ensure ISC’s message is consistent and engaging. This position reports to the Executive Director. PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES Develop strategic communications planning for promotion and dissemination of content, liaising with other departments and the Ma...
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