God, This Standing Keyboard Is So Cursed

Now that this interminable election cycle has finally come to an end, we can get back to business as usual. Like gaping at this wholly unsettling standing keyboard that nobody asked for. Read more...
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Set Designing For Zoom Theatre Requires Something A Little Different

Kelly Lin Hayes: “For virtual theater I would say it is so different then set design. It taught me a lot about design, and storytelling, technology and the creativity of multimedia production, which is its strength.” – Token Theatre Friends
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Dancer And Choreographer Akram Khan Embraces A New Physical Challenge

The world of mixed martial arts is deeply violent – and Khan, who has been dancing for 30 years, wanted to confront his own fears about violence. He ended up choreographing for the fighters. “Once Khan realised that the spectacle surrounding MMA was just as important as the fight itself, he set about creating a dance-based narrative for Brazier’s walk-on to the cage, merging the controlled violence of both practices.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Dance, Khan, Brazier, Akram Khan, MMA, 11.06.20

These landscapes from Jehangir Sabavala’s new solo reveal the luminous beauty of his art

A master of light and play, with a blend of Impressionist and Cubist elements, Jehangir Sabavala’s blue-chip art has inspired a sense of wonder and awe. Akara Art’s latest show revives the late artist’s legacy Article by Shaikh Ayaz | Architectural Digest India PUBLISHED: NOV 04, 2020 | 09:30:19 IST Jehangir Sabavala, The Miasmic Shore, Oil on Canvas 28 x 42 inches, 1967 Puneet Shah remembers only one brief encounter with the late Jehangir Sabavala who passed away in 2011 at 89, but he met t...
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Don’t Let The Orchestra Become A Museum piece

Many orchestras fumbled the move to digital, which isn’t really a surprise since they weren’t prepared. “We need to draw people in with ideas they can relate to. Why do we need to do this? Theatre, dance, cinema, the visual arts have been doing this successfully for years. Their audiences are more diverse. Orchestras are several steps behind in this respect.” – The Strad
Tags: Art, Music, 11.06.20

After Losing Libel Case In Britain, Johnny Depp Is Asked To Leave The ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Franchise

Warner Bros. is recasting the role of Grindelwald for its third movie in the franchise. The British court’s decision last week “came after a trial in which Depp and ex-wife Amber Heard, 34, presented scandalous conflicting testimony about their turbulent years together — testimony that included admissions of heavy drug use by Depp and allegations of violence on both sides.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Media, Los Angeles, Britain, Johnny Depp, Warner Bros, Depp, Grindelwald, 11.06.20

How A Black Art Library Grew From Idea To Reality

Asmaa Walton had the idea at the end of 2019, and shared it during Black History Month of this year. “I was just like, I’m just going to start collecting the books to see what happens. I started collecting books and I made an Instagram account for it. Over time, people actually got really interested in it. I started to shift my view that maybe this needs to be a physical location. I started to formulate a plan to make this a real space that people can come and enjoy.” – Hyperallergic
Tags: Art, Visual, 11.05.20, Asmaa Walton

Watching Women Who Wallop

Mahnola Dargis: “I looked to Hong Kong (the great Michelle Yeoh), French nonsense (“La Femme Nikita”) and American exploitation flicks (the indelible Pam Grier), where the punches were in service to braless jiggling. Only recently did I grasp that the behind-the-scenes videos I was looking at were showing women kicking and punching their way to different kinds of female representation.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Hong Kong, Media, Michelle Yeoh, Pam Grier, 11.06.20, Mahnola Dargis

The Great British Bake Off’s Famous Illustrator Has A Secret

He doesn’t even like cake. But that’s OK; he likes drawing – and now he has a team of four to help him with the fun illustrations that accompany the bakers’ plans. Emphasis on the plans. Since in-tent bakes don’t always work, the show now also sends the illustrator photos of practice bakes, which usually do work a little better. – BBC
Tags: Art, Media, 11.07.20

Elsa Raven, Character Actress Extraordinaire, Has Died At 91

Though she played hundreds of roles on stage and screen, “none of those performances made a bigger impression than her role as ‘Clocktower Lady’ in Back to the Future, the top-grossing movie of 1985. Early in the film her character interrupts the young lovers played by Michael J. Fox and Claudia Wells in mid-kiss, urging them to ‘save the clock tower.’ The mayor, she tells them, holding out a donation can, wants to replace the clock.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Michael J Fox, 11.05.20, Elsa Raven, Claudia Wells

How To Market To Millennials And Zoomers?

Maybe ask this guy, who tweeted that he was going to write an erotic story about the president. “He released Trump Temptations: The Billionaire and the Bell Boy, a fictional account of Mr. Trump and a male lover, on Amazon. It blew up before it was taken down, at which point Mr. Daniel released it for free on Wattpad, a self-publishing site focused on fan fiction, where it was viewed 2.3 million times.” – The New York Times
Tags: Amazon, Art, Ideas, Trump, Daniel, 11.06.20

Penumbra Theatre Is 44, And In Middle-Age It’s Sitting Pretty Even During The Pandemic

With Ford and Mellon grants plus pledges of twice its annual operating budget from other sources, the St. Paul theatre is on firm financial footing. The artistic director says, “This allows us to dream,” while the managing director is happy that “We’re now resourced in a way that we’ve never been, so we’re getting out of grind mode.” It’s an enviable position to be in right now, but it only comes after decades of that grind. – Minneapolis Star-Tribune
Tags: Art, Theatre, Ford, St Paul, Mellon, 11.06.20

Shooting A Pivotal Plot Moment, Changed By The Pandemic, During The Pandemic

One of the actors on Superstore: “I 100% feel that the lack of convenience throughout this entire process has created a far more nuanced and realistic story, both on a narrative level and on an emotional level. … I feel so guilty having a reason to be excited about a deadly pandemic, but in this one little tiny corner of the giant hellscape that is coronavirus, it just became so much fuller and richer and more interesting.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Media, 11.05.20

Marguerite Littman, Truman Capote’s Inspiration For Holly Golightly, Has Died At 90

Littman was “a honey-voiced Louisianian and literary muse who taught Hollywood to speak Southern, but [she] left her most enduring legacy as an early force in the fight against AIDS” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Hollywood, People, Holly Golightly, Littman, 11.06.20, Marguerite Littman Truman Capote

Claire Messud On Observing The Heady Mixture Of Life, But Only Observing, As A Writer

Messud: “In some ways, to be a writer is to stand at the side, to be the observer, to be liminal. Wittgenstein said that all philosophy is neurosis. If you’re not neurotic then you don’t even have to write anything down, you’re just busy living.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Words, Claire Messud, Messud, Wittgenstein, 11.07.20

Hundreds Of Authors Come Together To Support Indie Bookstores In The UK

The UK’s second lockdown is terrifying for small bookshops in the run-up to Christmas. “Bestselling novelist Holly Bourne came up with the idea of providing stores with signed, personalised bookplates to incentivise customers to buy from their local shop rather than online.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, UK, Words, Holly Bourne, 11.06.20

How to Mix Vintage and Modern Home Design in a Way That Works

Gone are the days of going to a traditional furniture store, seeing a floor model room setup you liked, then buying it and recreating the look lamp-for-lamp in your own home. Now, our homes are carefully “curated” in a way that’s supposed to reflect our personal style and philosophy—or at least look good on Instagram.Read more...
Tags: Lifehacks, Vintage, Interior Design, Homedecor

The Woman Who Built Beethoven’s Pianos

Oops, Beethoven scholars: Nannette Streicher “owned her own company — employing her husband, Andreas Streicher, a pianist and teacher, to handle sales, bookkeeping and business correspondence. But many Beethoven scholars, perhaps finding it inconceivable that an 18th-century woman could build a piano, have turned Andreas into the manufacturer and Nannette into his shadowy helpmate.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, Beethoven, Andreas, Nannette, 11.06.20, Nannette Streicher, Andreas Streicher

Sure, Yes, Why Not Open A New Indie Bookstore In The Fall Of 2020?

Well … there are a lot of reasons why not, but if you’re Anne Marie Kessler in Klamath Falls, Oregon, you’re doing it to give back to your community – who also helped renovate the 1906 hotel that had been vacant before she and her husband decided to move in. “We’ve had 106 people who have volunteered labor to renovate this building. … I (could) just put out a group text and say, ‘Hey, I could use as many people as could come down this weekend,’ and we’ve had 15 people here hammering away.”- The...
Tags: Art, Words, Klamath Falls Oregon, 11.05.20, Anne Marie Kessler

The New GBBO Is All About Flowers

In a time of pandemics, wildfires, long election seasons, Brexit, and more, little can reassure a tired viewing audience, one that has seen every episode of The Great British Bake-Off (or The Great British Baking Show, in Netflix terms) and perhaps is jaded about the handshake. But then Britain comes through again with Full Bloom. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Media, Netflix, Britain, Brexit, 11.07.20

Back In Lockdown In Europe, What To Read?

For instance, take The Count of Monte Cristo. “At 1,200 pages, The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas has the look of a book that might be boringly good for you. … I don’t think I’ve ever read anything with such adrenalin, awe and immersive enjoyment, aided by the zippy and vivid translation.” – Irish Times
Tags: Art, Europe, Words, Monte Cristo, Count of Monte Cristo, Alexander Dumas, 11.07.20

Portraits Of First-Wave NHS Workers Helped Both Artists And Frontline Medical Staff

Tom Croft, an artist who usually listens to the radio while he works, couldn’t continue to do it while the pandemic raged in the spring. One day, he “started to think about the portraits of the great and the good that line our art galleries, and the fact that the Covid-19 pandemic will be one of the defining events of the 21st century. Why not commemorate NHS workers in the same way?” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, NHS, Visual, Tom Croft, 11.07.20

Will Paris’ Booksellers Along The Seine Survive?

The customers are gone, again (and the Americans never returned after quarantines began in March). “As lockdown restrictions to curb the coronavirus pandemic keep browsers at bay, the booksellers’ livelihood is rapidly being put in jeopardy. Many are bracing for what they fear may be the final chapter for a centuries-old métier that is as iconic to Paris as the Louvre and Notre Dame.” – The New York Times
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