The New Realities Of Live Music In Clubs

“It’s a new normal for these concerts, and yet another uncanny valley of the post-Covid world: a social experience where we can’t socialise; a show where dancing, hugging and head-banging are essentially illegal. Sweaty dance floors and beer queues are out, replaced by parlour-style seating and severely reduced capacities, often resulting in artists performing multiple shows a night. Dinner and a show has, against all odds, become the norm again.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Music, 11.10.20

How A Biden Celebration Ad Borrowed From An Iconic Work By Artist Lorraine O’Grady

“The video shows Americans from various backgrounds and hailing from different parts of the country holding empty golden picture frames to the tune of “America the Beautiful.” The video is a reference to O’Grady’s iconic 1983 performance “Art Is…” in Harlem, New York. In the performance, 15 performers, dressed all in white, carried empty gold picture frames during the annual African American Day Parade, inviting members of the community to pose as the subject of the artwork.” – Hyperallergic ...
Tags: Art, Media, America, O'Grady, Harlem New York, Lorraine O'Grady, 11.10.20

Covid Fan Tutti: Opera In Exotic Places

LA’s Pacific Opera Project’s unconventional, often playful productions have included a bilingual “Madama Butterfly” performed in the Aratani Theatre in L.A.’s Little Tokyo; a “Magic Flute” that took its cue from 1990s video games; and at the outdoor Ford Theatres, a version of Mozart’s “Abduction From the Seraglio” staged as an episode of “Star Trek.” Still, the company has done nothing quite like what it is attempting in the parking lot of Camarillo United Methodist Church in Ventura County, a...
Tags: Art, Music, La, Tokyo, Ventura County, Mozart, Ford Theatres, 11.10.20, Camarillo United Methodist Church

UK Culture Minister Questions The Value Of Public Broadcasting

The BBC is just one piece of a bigger puzzle. The world has changed, and every broadcaster needs to change with it. So I’m taking a close look at the future of our entire public service broadcasting system. That includes ITV and Channels 4 and 5 – and S4C in Wales and STV in Scotland, both of which are important to those nations. – The Telegraph (UK)
Tags: Art, UK, Media, Wales, Scotland, Bbc, STV, 11.10.20, Value Of Public Broadcasting

The Dance World Is Making Peace With This Online Class Business

“In the time between COVID-19’s first worrisome appear­ance in the U.S. and, for many, months of shelter-in-place orders, dancers and teachers alike found their opinions of online learning shifting: from outright resistance, initially, to begrudging acceptance, to — for some — actual enthusiasm.” – Dance Magazine
Tags: Art, Dance, 11.10.20

In The Age Of On-Demand Printing, Book-Binding Is Suffering

Poor printing is usually the printer’s fault, a mistake that publishers will correct once they learn about it. When I’ve received books that were hard on the eyes, I’ve complained to booksellers, left comments on Amazon, returned the books, and notified publishers. Generally, publishers can pressure their contractors to deliver higher quality. – First Things
Tags: Amazon, Art, Words, 11.20

Far out UFO house for sale

This rare, original Futuro home in Christchurch, New Zealand is up for sale. The good news is you can ship it anywhere! (Unfortunately, it doesn't fly on its own though.) No price is listed. Designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen, there were fewer than 100 of these prefab tiny homes (50 square meters) were constructed with little more than half surviving to this day. — Read the rest
Tags: Post, Real Estate, Design, News, Architecture, Homes, Houses, Christchurch New Zealand, Matti Suuronen

A Dance Critic On The Dancing In The Streets When The Election Was Called

Gia Kourlas: “Last weekend, the explosion of dance — which overtook social media, making it seem like it was happening everywhere — was a celebration of community. But for those of us in the dance world it emphasized another point: While the pandemic will continue to prevent public performances for what now looks to be another year or so, dance is still alive in the world. … Dancing is not just about moving your body, but reclaiming it — and with that, your faith in the world.” – The New York T...
Tags: Art, Dance, 11.10.20

An Architecture Critic Considers The Four Seasons Total Landscaping Venue

Four Seasons Total Landscaping joins the slabs of forlorn border wall and the graffiti-encrusted bathroom in Lafayette Square as the real monuments of an administration intent on ugliness and pathetic façades. Maybe the choice of venue was a not-at-all understandable mix-up. – Curbed
Tags: Art, Visual, Lafayette Square, 11.10.20

Playing Tetris With Patron Seating And Whack-A-Mole With Problems: How Front-Of-House Staff Reopened UK Theatres Under COVID

Before the latest lockdown, “it was all looking so hopeful. Reopening theatres after seven months was never going to be easy, but big and small teams across the country had been rising to the challenge and welcoming audiences back with gusto.” Here’s a look at how the ways they went about it. – The Stage
Tags: Art, UK, Theatre, House, Audience, 11.09.20

How Stories Featuring Differently-Abled Actors Are Changing

“The vast majority of characters with disabilities, whether they’re played by actors with disabilities or not, continue to represent the same outdated tropes.” – The Conversation
Tags: Art, Issues, 11.02.20

Research: How Coronavirus Changed TV Viewing Habits

Coronavirus fundamentally changed people’s reasons for watching TV. Whereas before it was often associated with distraction and unwinding, the people we spoke to were rife with anxiety and turned to TV to relieve the stress of COVID-19. Television provided a sanctuary during lockdown for those seeking familiar and “safe” content which offered an escape from the worrying realities of the pandemic. – The Conversation
Tags: Art, Media, Audience, 11.10.20

British Museum Initiative Documents Vanishing Traditional Skills Worldwide

“Centuries-old practices and traditions across communities worldwide that might be lost forever — from bee keeping in Kenya to creating the Dalai Lama’s clothes — are being quietly supported and documented online through the British Museum’s Endangered Material Knowledge Programme (EMKP).” – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, Kenya, Issues, 11.11.20

4 home design trends ushered in by the pandemic

From home offices to meditation rooms, both builders and sellers are now incorporating some of these new priorities to suit the needs of today’s buyer.
Tags: Design, Lifestyle, Radio, Luxury, Home Office, Teams, Agent, Select, Outdoor Space, Amenities, Amazon Room, Coronavirus, Mauricio Umanksy

With Hollywood Idled By The Virus, East Asia’s Film Industries Are Stepping Up

China has now overtaken the U.S. as the world’s largest movie market. South Koreans watch more films per capita than any other nation (and they made Parasite). Vietnam has more than 100 million people, a growing industry, and (with COVID-19 largely contained) open theaters. Japan, of course, has had a vibrant cinema for decades and is a world leader in animation. Says one well-placed observer, “I don’t think [these] countries … even need to think about America now. They’re like the Bollywood fi...
Tags: Art, Japan, Media, China, India, America, Vietnam, 11.10.20, Virus East Asia 's Film Industries

Black Friday Prices on Christmas Trees at Michaels! 7 Ft Trees Starting at $39.99!

Hurry, there is a a great Michael’s deal on Christmas Trees. Michael’s Tree Event! Get Black Friday Prices Today! Free Shipping $59+ A few of the tree deals:   Learn some awesome tips and trips for shopping at Michaels too! For Even More Awesome Online Deals
Tags: Deals, Art, Crafts, Kids, Coupons, Michael, Online Deals, Michaels, Michael's, Michaels Coupons

Strand Bookstore’s Owner And Remaining Staff Aren’t At Each Other’s Throats, Exactly, But …

“Why, they wonder, are their fellow employees still out of jobs while the owner gets a government payroll loan and has the money to invest elsewhere?” (Owner Nancy Bass Wyden spent more than $100K on stock in Amazon this year.) “Bass Wyden … says she needs to spend money to make more money while the Strand isn’t performing, a means to keep it afloat in the long term. The workers … see her putting her personal wealth before the institution. The truth, it seems, lies somewhere in the middle, with...
Tags: Amazon, Art, Words, Nancy Bass Wyden, Bass Wyden, 11.09.20

Young Opera Singers Are Paying To Audition Via Video. Does Anyone At Companies Actually Watch? We Can Find Out.

Zach Finkelstein, a professional data analyst as well as a lyric tenor, spoke with 15 applicants to young artists’ programs and looked at YouTube Analytics figures for their privately uploaded videos. “The data suggests that some companies rejected those singers without viewing any of their video auditions. YouTube reports also indicate that the average company isn’t considering more than a short section of those singers’ arias — the views registered by the platform last, for most, roughly a mi...
Tags: Art, Music, Youtube, YouTube Analytics, Zach Finkelstein, 11.09.20

What Is The Great Art That Will Come Out Of This Pandemic?

“What, I wonder, is the fate of so many of these projects and events, some of them topical and inordinately perishable? With arts groups across the country deprived of ticket revenue and focused myopically on survival, where goes the impetus for the sorts of ambitious dramas, operas and other productions that put a stamp on an era?” – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Theatre, 11.10.20

Cool Stuff: Disney Landscapes and Superhero Cities Are Breathtaking in Art by Cliff Cramp and Mark Chilcott

Artists Cliff Cramp and Mark Chilcott have delivered some stunning pop culture for our consumption in the past. Not too long ago, Cramp crafted a series of The Lord of the Rings pieces that brought J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth to life beautifully, and Chilcott provided several different versions of Batman in Gotham City. Now both artists are back taking in different pop culture iconography in their signature styles. This time, Cliff Cramp has honed in on some astounding landscapes of Disney’s ...
Tags: Art, Frozen, New York, Movies, New York City, Spider-Man, Disney, Brooklyn, Little Mermaid, Mulan, The Little Mermaid, Gotham City, Batman, Winnie The Pooh, Daredevil, Tolkien

$4.4 Million Deficit At Chicago Symphony

“The Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association announced a $4.4 million operating deficit for the fiscal year 2020 at its annual meeting, held online Nov. 10. That period – which ran from July 1, 2019, to June 30, 2020 – included the pandemic, which forced the cancellation of all CSOA-presented concerts since March 12.” – Yahoo! (Chicago Tribune)
Tags: Art, Music, CSOA, Chicago Symphony, Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association, 11.10.20

Long-Awaited Statue Honoring ‘Mother Of Feminism’ Unveiled In London, And Feminists Are Livid

Sculptor Maggi Hambling argues that her statue is for Mary Wollstonecraft — who published A Vindication of the Rights of Woman in 1792 — not of Mary Wollstonecraft. The latter it is certainly not: it is a small, silvered figure of a generic naked woman arising out of an abstract mass incorporating vague images of breasts. As writer Caitlin Moran put it, “Imagine if there was a statue of a hot young naked guy ‘in tribute’ to eg Churchill. It would look mad. This, also, looks mad.” – The Guardian...
Tags: Art, London, Caitlin Moran, Mary Wollstonecraft, Visual, Maggi Hambling, 11.10.20

Another Art restoration In Spain Goes Very, Very Wrong

“In the footsteps of the unintentionally iconic Monkey Christ, the Tintin St George, the near-fluorescent Virgin and Child – not to mention the less than sinlessly executed Immaculate Conception – comes … well, it’ s hard to say. The latest Spanish restoration effort to provoke anguished headlines and much social media snarking is, or rather, was, a carved figure adorning an ornate, early 20th-century building in the north-western city of Palencia.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Spain, Visual, Tintin St George, 11.10.20

Real-life Giacomettis take a rainy riverside stroll: Alan Schaller's best photograph

‘I’d just been to a Giacometti show and was feeling inspired. I went out on to Tate Modern’s balcony – and everything aligned’It is often said that the hardest place for a street photographer to shoot is the place they are from. I’ve lived in London my whole life and fortunately haven’t found that to be true. The city is a bit of a blessing for a photographer like me, as there is so much to play with: iconic backdrops, architecture from many different centuries, a wide variety of cultures and de...
Tags: Art, Photography, London, Culture, Art and design, Tate Modern, Alberto Giacometti, Giacometti, Alan Schaller

Jazz Trumpeter Irvin Mayfield Pleads Guilty To Fraud Charge

“Irvin Mayfield and Ronald Markham, a pair of musicians-turned-impresarios who had worked to put New Orleans’s jazz scene back on its feet after Hurricane Katrina, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to conspiracy to commit fraud, capping a precipitous fall from grace that now leaves them each facing up to five years in prison.” –
Tags: Art, People, New Orleans, Irvin Mayfield, Ronald Markham, 11.10.20

"She likes jokes. She likes the one David Hockney told her once. It goes: 'The trouble with Van Gogh is if you tell him something it goes in one ear and stays there.'"

"She laughs again.... Maggi, I exclaim, you are smoking again! Didn't you give up five years ago? She says she did but last year, on her birthday, her large bronze sculpture of a rising wave was being erected, and it was fraught, and 'I thought: fuck it. It's my birthday. I'll smoke.'... She smokes with sensational gusto... I can't stand namby-pamby, take-it-or-leave-it smokers. I call them 'crap smokers' and Maggi is not a crap smoker.... 'I think I was once put forward to paint the Queen Mothe...
Tags: Art, London, Smoking, Law, Wikipedia, Margaret Thatcher, Sculpture, Naked, Mother, Malorie Blackman, David Hockney, Charing Cross, Motherhood, Oscar Wilde, Van Gogh, Mary Wollstonecraft

Assemblage Space for Service Blueprints

Yesterday I gave a talk on how some of the futures thinking from TENETS, specifically the Assemblage Space tool, might help teams move from current state to future state blueprints for Service Design. It was the talk I’d written yesterday’s Visual Fields post for. It was hosted by the fantastic SDN Dallas Team (thanks guys), and the good news is that they recorded the whole shebang, including the Q&A at the end. So grab a flask of coffee and dive in. In addition, I’ve made the ...
Tags: Design, Marketing, Innovation, Futures, Miró, SDN Dallas Team

Happy Planner Skinny Classic Meal Planner Oct 26 - Nov1

    This week I mixed Modern Farmhouse with Florals in my Skinny Classic Meal Planner. I’m looking for new ideas for salads. I usually make a salad everyday the same way. This week I mixed it up by doing beets and adding fennel. If you have any good salad tips that you love, please share. Happy Weekend!     [Author: Coquette]
Tags: Crafts, Fashion, Design, Planning, Planner, Meal Planner, Coquette, Crafty, Modern Farmhouse, MAMBI, Planner Spreads, Classichappyplanner, Embracethediscs, Happyplanner, Instaplanner, Meandmybigideas

Happy Planner Classic Spread Week of Nov 2-8

Happy November! I just bought all the ingredients to make pumpkin pie and I can’t wait to start baking this week! I’m still using both of the Fall sticker books and I can’t shake the seasonal feeling as the leaves are falling and turning orange around here in Napa. Have a great week! Classic Happy Planner: Wild Styled (Michael's) Sticker Books: Happy Planner Fall (last year's), Happy Planner Fall ($19,99 at Michael's), Colorful Boxes ($19.99 at Michael's) and Colorful Shapes ($19.99 at Michael...
Tags: Crafts, Fashion, Design, Planning, Napa, Michael, Planner, Coquette, Crafty, MAMBI, Planner Spreads, Beforethepen, Classichappyplanner, Embracethediscs, Happyplanner, Instaplanner

Happy Planner Classic Spread Week of Nov 9-15

We are finally having cold weather in Napa and it’s giving me all the cozy knitting vibes. I bought some new holiday scrapbook paper pads at Michael's and love this sweater knit paper so much I put it in this week’s spread. It worked so well with the The Happy Planner Wild Styled Sticker Book ($19.99 at Michael's). I’m slowly enjoying giving my catch all planner a little holiday update. That’s why I love disc bound planners so much! Have a great week everyone! Happy Planner Classic: Wild Styled...
Tags: Crafts, Fashion, Design, Planning, Napa, Michael, Planner, Coquette, Crafty, MAMBI, Planner Spreads, Beforethepen, Classichappyplanner, Embracethediscs, Happyplanner, Instaplanner

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