What Do You Need To Know To Have An Aesthetic Experience?

“While aesthetic experiences are universal, most people would probably agree that some of us are more aesthetically sensitive than others. But what does that really mean? In casual conversation, we’ll make claims such as This car is beautiful, and we’re prone to thinking that there is something inherent to the car that makes it aesthetically pleasing. From there, a logical deduction is that aesthetic sensitivity describes the ability to detect and appreciate beauty wherever it exists. However, ...
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100-Year-Old Viking Burial Site Discovered

“The Gjellestad site is the home of the Jell Mound—one of the largest Iron Age burial grounds in Scandinavia. A landowner first discovered it in 2017 when requesting permission to build drainage ditches across the field near the mound, with experts confirming the find in autumn 2018.” – The Art Newspaper
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The Great American Essays

“We’re going through a particularly rich time for American essays: especially compared to, 20 years ago, when editors wouldn’t even dare put the word “essays” on the cover, but kept trying to package these variegated assortments as single-theme discourses, we’ve seen many collections that have been commercially successful and attracted considerable critical attention.” – LitHub
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Beirut’s Cultural Community Struggles To Rebuild After Last Summer’s Explosion

“With no support from the government, a collapsed economy that has made financial hardship a normal part of life, and a spike in coronavirus cases that has overloaded hospitals, the Lebanese have been left to fend for themselves, rebuilding and reconstructing their beloved city with grit and determination.” – Artnet
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Wall Street Ponders Implications Of “Wonder Woman” Release

“This is an unprecedented move for a major Hollywood media company, especially for a $200 million film, and a grand experiment that could have long-lasting implications if successful,” Credit Suisse analyst Douglas Mitchelson wrote in a report. – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Credit Suisse, 11.19.20, Douglas Mitchelson

1000-Year-Old Viking Burial Site Discovered

“The Gjellestad site is the home of the Jell Mound—one of the largest Iron Age burial grounds in Scandinavia. A landowner first discovered it in 2017 when requesting permission to build drainage ditches across the field near the mound, with experts confirming the find in autumn 2018.” – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, Scandinavia, Visual, 11.18.20

Defining Creativity (And How To Look For It)

Modern psychology’s approach to creativity was born in 1950, but it was the Sputnik shock of 1957 that turned attention to the role that creativity plays in the real world. Over the following decades, psychologists would come to understand that creativity is not merely a matter of how we think, but also a function of our personalities (some people are inclined to be more open-minded than others) and where we work or learn (some environments are more conducive to creativity than others, for exam...
Tags: Art, Ideas, Sputnik, 11.17.20

The Opera That Changed Everything: Mark Swed On ‘Einstein On The Beach’

“Almost nothing about what composer Philip Glass and director Robert Wilson put onstage was opera. Einstein has no narrative. Einstein has no Einstein, even though a great many onstage are dressed in the iconic image of frizzy-haired scientist. Einstein on the Beach has no beach. … Everything about [the piece] seemed new and revelatory in 1976. … When the Metropolitan Opera presented the touring production that fall after an ecstatic European tour, in which every seat at every performance was s...
Tags: Art, Music, Einstein, Philip Glass, Robert Wilson, Mark Swed, America Los Angeles, 11.18.20

3 Brain Rules to Live By

As presenters, our ultimate goal is to get the information we share into the long-term memory of our listeners. This can be achieved many different ways, but there are certainly limiting factors. It’s important to understand the limitations your audience faces in order to deliver an effective message. There are three key brain rules we will discuss here to follow to ensure maximum absorption of the material you present. Give the Working Memory a Chance Working memory is the step your brain tak...
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‘Marge Vs. The Monorail’: An Oral History Of Maybe The Greatest ‘Simpsons’ Episode Ever

“Featuring parodies of The Flintstones, The Music Man and several disaster movies, as well as a family of possums and some memorable lines from guest star Leonard Nimoy, ‘Marge vs. the Monorail’ helped to chart a new course for The Simpsons. … Twenty-seven years on from when it first aired, five key figures involved in making the episode shared their memories of creating a classic.” – Vice
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Why Election Conspiracy Beliefs Are Ripe Right Now

“More and more we view opposing partisans as alien to ourselves, dislike and distrust them, and see them as iniquitous. “Viewing opposing partisans as different, or even as dislikable or immoral, may not be problematic in isolation,” the researchers write. “But when all three converge, political losses can feel like existential threats that must be averted—whatever the cost.” Which of course includes alleging that elections are rigged.” – Nautilus
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Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. Bids To Buy Iconic Simon & Schuster

The powerhouse publisher was put up for sale by its owner, ViacomCBS, in March, and the company has since fielded more than half a dozen inquiries, according to three people familiar with the process who declined to be named because the matter remains confidential. – The New York Times
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How To Sing Opera In Mandarin Chinese

Katherine Chu and Juliet Petrus, both alumnae of San Francisco Opera’s Merola/Adler young artists’ program, have written “the first book to introduce Mandarin as a language for singing, with a detailed explanation for the creation of sounds and a system for learning them. … Singing in Mandarin combines a brief study of linguistics, notes about the history of China and Taiwan, the development and significance of Pinyin …, a wealth of information about Mandarin pronunciation, and scores with mult...
Tags: Art, Music, China, San Francisco, Taiwan, San Francisco Opera, Juliet Petrus, 11.16.20, Katherine Chu, Merola Adler

Shutterstock Forecasts Creatives Will Use Calm Colors in 2021 After 2020’s Vivid Hues

In 2021, the visual world will reject this year's shift toward saturated hues and embrace a calmer, more natural aesthetic, according to Shutterstock. The company just released its annual Color Trends Report, which predicts that the next year will be defined by three colors: Set Sail Champagne, Fortuna Gold and Tidewater Green. This projection is...
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This Dyson Award-Winning Invention Can Turn Rotting Veggies Into Renewable Energy

Apparently, rotting vegetables can be good for something other than fertilizer. Instead of literally going to waste, they can be upcycled to create a material that absorbs stray ultraviolet rays and turn it into renewable energy.Read more...
Tags: Science, Design, Solar Energy, James Dyson Award, James Dyson Awards, Eat Your Veggies Though

Andrew White, Versatile Musician And Jazz Scholar, Dead At 78

“Mr. White, who played the oboe, saxophone, bass and other instruments, performed and recorded for more than five decades” in classical and rock as well as jazz. … “He self-produced more than 40 albums of his music, encompassing contemporary jazz, classical oboe, funk, and rhythm and blues. He self-published [an] autobiography … as well as treatises on music, educational manuals and his original compositions and transcriptions.” – The Washington Post
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Depressed? Here’s Why You Should Cut Back On Social Media

The curated images of other people’s lives we see on the screen can leave us feeling like we’re comparatively inadequate. The often spoken of “fear-of-missing-out” is a real thing. When you have dozens of people doing something once, with continual updating it can appear like everybody is doing something all the time. The political aspects of social media can make things worse. Even when people agree with you, the slew of information can be too much, says Dr. Erin Elfant, a clinical psychologis...
Tags: Art, California, Social Media, Ideas, Erin Elfant, 11.06.20

Neighborhood Dance Studios Struggle To Survive Pandemic

From the small operations that give youngsters their first lessons (especially in lower-income areas) to big establishments like the Broadway Dance Center in Manhattan, dance studios, and the skilled pros who run and teach in them, still have to pay the rent and other expenses even as income has plummeted since COVID-19 struck last spring. Here’s how a few of them are trying to avoid closure and keep dance available to their neighborhoods. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Dance, Manhattan, Broadway Dance Center, COVID, 11.18.20

Art Dealers Are Making Buyers Commit Not To Flip The Art. Are Such Contracts Enforceable?

“Contractual terms preventing buyers from reselling works at auction for a fixed period of time — which have become increasingly popular as dealers seek to stamp out speculation that can damage young artists’ prospects — as well as agreements granting galleries the right of first refusal on resales may violate consumer rights, according to Martin Wilson, chief general counsel at [auction house] Phillips. … Fellow lawyers in the UK and US largely agree.” – Artnet
Tags: Art, UK, US, Visual, Phillips, Martin Wilson, 11.18.20

For The Second Time, D.C. Director Is Ousted From A Theatre Company He Founded

“Complaints by staff members and months of internal conflict have led to the ouster of Mosaic Theater Company Artistic Director Ari Roth. … The end to Roth’s tenure at the company he set up in the final days of 2014 is a bitter close to what had seemed a successful revitalization of his career as a theater leader in Washington. Just before creating Mosaic, in December 2014, Roth was fired as artistic director of Theater J, the company he ran for 18 years as part of the DC Jewish Community Cente...
Tags: Art, Washington, Theatre, Roth, Ari Roth, Mosaic Theater Company, 11.18.20

'Indigenous fashion is the future. It’s time for First Nations people to reclaim it'

Australian fashion is taking notice of the country’s oldest design traditions – and we’re only just scratching the surface Continue reading...
Tags: Fashion, Design, Life and style, Australia news, Culture, Art and design, Indigenous Australians, Australian lifestyle

Groundbreaking: “Wonder Woman” Will Be Released Online And In Theatres Simultaneously

The decision to forgo a traditional theatrical release is surprising because “Wonder Woman 1984” was expected to be one of the biggest films of 2020 and had the potential to surpass $1 billion in ticket sales. The $200 million-budgeted movie was originally supposed to hit theaters this past summer. However, it was delayed time and time again amid the coronavirus crisis. – Variety
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Simon Stålenhag directed a music video for Duvchi

I'm a big fan of Simon Stålenhag (previously at BB) but found the screen production of Tales from the Loop more cold and distant than his disarming, monumental artwork. His own directorial debut, though, is full of warm magic: the video for Geronimo, a song from Duvchi's forthcoming album This Kind of Ocean [Amazon]. — Read the rest
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Poland Freezes Its COVID Arts Bailout After Celebrities Are Caught Receiving Millions In Funding

“The ministry of culture released the names of more than 2,000 beneficiaries of its 400 million złoty ($106 million) support fund [last] Friday. Soon after, critics began scrutinizing the list, which included not only cultural foundations, orchestras, theaters, entertainment venues, and arts schools, but also several successful singers and actors.” A big backlash ensued, with accusations of corruption and cronyism flying. – Artnet
Tags: Art, Poland, Issues, 11.17.20

2020 National Book Awards Winners Are Most Diverse Crop Ever

“Charles Yu’s Interior Chinatown, a satirical, cinematic novel written in the form of a screenplay, has won the National Book Award for fiction. Tamara Payne and her father the late Les Payne’s Malcolm X biography, The Dead Are Arising, was cited for nonfiction and Kacen Callender’s King and the Dragonflies for young people’s literature. The poetry prize went to Don Mee Choi’s DMZ Colony and the winner for best translated work was Yu Miri’s Tokyo Ueno Station, translated from Japanese by Morgan...
Tags: Art, Words, Malcolm, Les Payne, Charles Yu, Don Mee Choi, Kacen Callender, Interior Chinatown, 11.18.20, Tamara Payne, Yu Miri, Tokyo Ueno Station

Turn Your Doodles into Detailed Monsters with Google's 'Chimera Painter' Web App

I spend a lot of my free time drawing, and a lot of my drawings happen to be of monsters. It’s a fun hobby, and comes in handy when it’s my turn to DM a tabletop roleplaying session. However, I know there are many folks out there who wish they could bring the creatures lurking in their imaginations to life, but they…Read more...
Tags: Google, Art, Drawing, Webapps, Lifehacks, Tabletop Games

Unknown Da Vinci Sketch Of Jesus Discovered, And Scholar Says It Proves ‘Salvator Mundi’ Is Not By Leonardo

“[This] is the true face of Salvator Mundi,” said Annalisa Di Maria of the UNESCO Center in Florence. “[It] recalls everything in the drawings of Leonardo: it is his language, and speaks loud and clear.” Di Maria argues that this sketch is the study for the real Salvator Mundi by Leonardo; the painting under that title which was sold three years ago for the highest price in history ($450 million), and whose authorship is still debated, looks very different. – Artnet
Tags: Art, Florence, Visual, Leonardo, Di Maria, Salvator Mundi, 11.18.20, Da Vinci Sketch Of Jesus, Annalisa Di Maria, UNESCO Center

Ethan Stiefel Named Director Of American Repertory Ballet

“The position has been open since former director Douglas Martin’s departure in 2019. …. Stiefel, a former American Ballet Theatre star with directing, teaching and choreographing experience, [begins next July and] brings major name recognition and international credentials to the New Brunswick, New Jersey–based ARB.” – Pointe Magazine
Tags: Art, Dance, New Brunswick New Jersey, American Repertory Ballet, Stiefel, Ethan Stiefel, Douglas Martin, 11.17.20

Leonardo Da Vinci’s To-Do List from 1490: The Plan of a Renaissance Man

Most people’s to-do lists are, almost by definition, pretty dull, filled with those quotidian little tasks that tend to slip out of our minds. Pick up the laundry. Get that thing for the kid. Buy milk, canned yams and kumquats at the local market. Leonardo Da Vinci was, however, no ordinary person. And his to-do lists were anything but dull. Da Vinci would carry around a notebook, where he would write and draw anything that moved him. “It is useful,” Leonardo once wrote, to “constantly observe,...
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Should robots have faces? – video

Many robots are designed with a face – yet don't use their 'eyes' to see, or speak through their 'mouth'. Given that some of the more realistic humanoid robots are widely considered to be unnerving, and that humans have a propensity to anthropomorphise such designs, should robots have faces at all - or do these faces provide other important functions? And what should they actually look like anyway? Continue reading...
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