How to add new paint brushes to Photoshop on a Mac or PC

It's easy to add new brushes to Photoshop once you've downloaded them. Sharaf Maksumov/Shutterstock You can add new brushes to Photoshop by downloading them from the internet to your computer and then using the "Import Brushes" menu. When you download a new Photoshop brush, make sure to remember where you save the .ABR file — you'll need it to add the brush. You can find the "Import Brushes" option in Photoshop's "Brushes" panel. Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for ...
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Why Play Is Essential To Ideas

Because thinking minds are different from evolving organisms and self-assembling molecules, we cannot expect them to use the same means—mechanisms like genetic drift and thermal vibrations—to overcome deep valleys in the landscapes they explore. But they must have some way to achieve the same purpose. As it turns out, they have more than just one—many more. But one of the most important is play. – Nautilus
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Should A Museum Diversify By Selling Some Of Its Best Art?

“MOLAA’s collection is, to be charitable, spotty. But the bizarre claim that certain first-rate artists are “overrepresented” in the collection, which chief curator Gabriela Urtiaga offered to The Times as a rationale for trying to unload 59 works, mostly graphics, does not inspire confidence in upgrading it.” – Los Angeles Times
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The Complications Of What Tolerance And Respect Mean

“Today many regard tolerance not as the willingness to allow views that some may find offensive but the restraining of unacceptable views so as to protect people from being outraged. Regarding tolerance as the demand of those who might be offended, rather than as a permission for those who might offend is to turn the idea on its head.” – The Guardian
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By The Numbers: What Theatre Looked Like In 2019

“A bright spot in the report indicates that the U.S. professional not-for-profit theatre field attracted an estimate of 38 million audience members to 180,000 performances of 21,000 productions in 2019, and more than one million Americans subscribed to a theatre season that year.” – American Theatre
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City Of Austin Radically Reimagines Its Arts Funding

Under the new system, recipients of cultural funding needn’t be non-profit organizations or individual artists. Now “businesses and unincorporated groups” are also eligible to receive money from the city. – Sightlines
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‘Burroughs and the Dharma,’ the Real Story

James Grauerholz: “William was not a Buddhist: he never sought or found a “Teacher,” he never took Refuge, and he never undertook any Bodhisattva vows. He did not consider himself a Buddhist, nor — for that matter — did he ever declare himself a follower of any one faith or practice. But he did have an awareness of the essentials of Buddhism, and in his own way, he was affected by bodhidharma.” – Jan Herman
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The Problem With Hatchet Job Restaurant Reviews

Ted Gioia: “Why write this way? Why compare tomato soup to totalitarian dictators? It’s fun. And it’s easy. There are no real stakes for describing bad food. For these pugilist reviewers, the worst outcome is a bored reader, and thus the sheer unimportance of the subject sanctions a degree of exuberant cruelty unmatched in any other branch of criticism.” – The New Republic
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Consolidation: Major Broadway Theatrical Licensing Agency Is Sold To Competitor

In the letter, Dramatists Play Service says that the move was partly inspired by the challenges facing the theater business posed by coronavirus. It’s a public health crisis that has brought Broadway and other centers of the live events industry to their knees, dramatically reducing the fees that can be garnered for licensing plays and musicals to theater companies around the world. – Variety
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Queering The Christmas Pantomime

“Madre Goose tells the story of an LGBTQ+ community of activists rallying against gentrification and materialism. All the wacky costumes, silly characters and daft jokes are as you’d expect from panto, but it has punk songs, psychedelic green-screen backgrounds and embraces inclusivity.” – The Guardian
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All The Ways Senator Mike Lee Is Wrong In Blocking A National Latinx Museum

“There is a vacuum when it comes to the representation of Latinos in U.S. culture and that vacuum gets filled by figures like Trump, who regularly vilifies Latinos, describing Mexican immigrants as criminals and “rapists.” As I’ve written in the past, the cultural arena offers little to counter to these depictions: it’s either a steady diet of stereotype (maid and drug trafficking roles in Hollywood movies) or just straight-up invisibility.” – Los Angeles Times
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Shop the Cricut 12 Days Sale | Huge Discounts on Bulk Supplies + 10% off + Free Shipping!

  If you love Cricut, don’t miss this sale! Things are selling out! Shop the Cricut 12 Days Sale | Huge Discounts on Bulk Supplies! Also get an Extra 10% off + Free Shipping on any order with Promo Code CREATE If you’re like me and are getting a Cricut machine for Christmas, you’ll need... Read More
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Ian Jenkins, Archaeologist And Curator Who Oversaw The Elgin Marbles, Dead At 67

“[He] always insisted that the sculptures should, like poetry or music, be thought of as superb pieces of human artistic endeavour, and regretted the role they had come to play in what today is termed contested history. He devoted many hours of research to them, reconstructing their original arrangement. This was harder than might be thought, as only about half survive, and he was quietly pleased … that some of his ideas had been incorporated into the displays at the new Acropolis Museum in Ath...
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Why Right-Wing Talk Radio Is So Effective

Good talk show hosts know their job isn’t to find or interview “good guests”; it’s to build a trust relationship with their audience, cemented over years, caller after caller, day after day. Truly effective hosts like Limbaugh and Michael Savage talk to their listeners as if they’re close and trusted friends. This is a dynamic unavailable to podcasting or television, as it is impossible to replicate without live listener interaction. – The Nation
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How Annabelle Lopez Ochoa Transformed Her Choreography To Adapt To Lockdown

“No choreographer has done more to extend their repertoire during lockdown than Amsterdam-based Annabelle Lopez Ochoa. By the beginning of December, she was about to premiere her eleventh new filmed work using Zoom, and another two have been made digitally to be performed on stage.” – Bachtrack
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Facebook’s Doom Machine

The cycle of harm perpetuated by Facebook’s scale-at-any-cost business model is plain to see. Scale and engagement are valuable to Facebook because they’re valuable to advertisers. These incentives lead to design choices such as reaction buttons that encourage users to engage easily and often, which in turn encourage users to share ideas that will provoke a strong response. – The Atlantic
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Jeff Koons and Salman Rushdie Teach New Courses on Art, Creativity & Storytelling for MasterClass If MasterClass comes calling, you know you’ve made it. In the five years since its launch, the online learning platform has brought on such instructors as Martin Scorsese, Helen Mirren, Steve Martin, Annie Leibovitz, and Malcolm Gladwell, all of whom bring not just knowledge and experience of a craft, but the glow of high-profile success as well. Though MasterClass’ lineup has expanded to include more writers, filmmakers, and performers (as wel...
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Spotify To Stream NPR Podcasts Internationally

“The streaming-audio company inked a deal with NPR to distribute 26 podcasts — including NPR News Hour, Planet Money, Car Talk and Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! — outside the U.S. A few NPR shows that are available on Spotify U.S. aren’t part of the international-distribution pact, including most notably Fresh Air hosted by Terry Gross.” – Variety
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At Least One Ballet Company Can Do A Live ‘Nutcracker’ This Year — Outdoors, Under Palm Trees

Gia Kourlas reports on how Miami City Ballet took its version of George Balanchine’s staging — given a tropical look for the company three years ago — and reshaped it for outdoor performance, with costume tweaks and new projections. – The New York Times
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Virginia Governor Allocates $11 Million To Revamp Richmond’s Monument Avenue

“Virginia Governor Ralph Northam wants to redesign Monument Avenue, a promenade in the capital city of Richmond lined with shrines to Confederate generals” — four of which were removed as a result of Black Lives Matter demonstrations this past summer, while the fifth, of Robert E. Lee, has been covered with protest art — “and he’s tasked the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts with the job.” – Artnet
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The Looming Crisis For Immigrant Artists In The US

An O-1B visa is a temporary visa for “individuals with an extraordinary ability in the arts or extraordinary achievement in motion picture or television industry,” according to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Ultimately, it gives an artist permission to work in their job title for up to three years at a time. A crucial component to getting this kind of visa is showing evidence of substantial achievements and showing that you have work lined up for the duration of the visa. Enter ...
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Man Who Burned Down Kyoto Animation Studio Charged With Murder

In July of 2019, Shinji Aoba, now 42, allegedly poured gasoline around the studio building and set it alight; the fire killed 36 people and injured 33 more, including the suspect himself. (Prosecutors had to wait until he had recovered from his burns and undergone an extended psychiatric evaluation before they could indict him.) Aoba now faces trial for murder, attempted murder, arson, trespass, and breaking Japan’s arms-control law. – Variety
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Court Rules For Museum, Against Heirs In Case Of Kandinsky Bought Under Nazis

“In a decision watched closely by restitution experts, a court in Amsterdam ruled on Wednesday that the Stedelijk Museum there can retain a Wassily Kandinsky painting that it acquired during World War II and which came from a Jewish collection. The 1909 work, Painting with Houses, has been the focus of a restitution battle that has been viewed as a litmus test for Dutch restitutions policy.” – The New York Times
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Amid Firestorm, Americans For The Arts CEO Goes On Paid Leave

“Lynch’s decision on Wednesday comes after a Washington Post report revealed widespread condemnation of AFTA by advisory council members and current and former staff, who criticized what they have deemed insufficient efforts toward racial equity, transparency and accountability. The article also described charges of a hostile workplace that included sexual harassment, retaliation and intimidation.” – The Washington Post
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America’s First Fully-Staged Indoor Opera Performances Since COVID Arrived Are This Weekend

Opera Orlando is presenting Die Fledermaus on Thursday and Saturday (Dec. 17 and 19) at its regular home, the Walt Disney Theater at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. These days, that’s news. (Socially distanced seating and other safety measures will be in effect.) – Orlando Weekly
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Mobilier PLÔ, quand le bois rencontre le plastique

Nous sommes actuellement entre deux mondes, deux principes, deux orientations… Les visions plutôt classiques, traditionnelles et les nouveaux acteurs qui souhaitent, tentent de faire bouger les lignes. L’écologie au coeur de toutes les réflexions des designers (enfin bientôt, espérons), les créations intégrant cette préservation ou limitation de l’impact sont trop souvent anecdotiques, à la limite de l’acte de communication. Sans parler du style (en écho au domaine automobile, même si cela chan...
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