Ephemeral edible: gingerbread monolith appears on San Francisco hilltop, then collapses

Christmas day sweet sighting in Corona Heights park attracted visitors who took pictures and even took a biteLike the other monoliths that have mysteriously appeared across America and the world in the waning weeks of 2020, the one that popped up on a California hilltop on Christmas Day seemed to come out of nowhere.Also like the others, it was tall, three-sided and it rapidly attracted crowds of curious visitors before an untimely destruction. Continue reading...
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Birds of a feather

Exotic wildlife and an evolving cast of furniture bring this Georgian home to lifeThis is the house that keeps on giving,” says rug designer Wendy Morrison, who lives in Dunbar, East Lothian, with her family – and lurcher Eddie, as well as some pet chickens and a cockerel, Napoleon – in a Georgian farmhouse. “It has beautiful bones and was built with a lot of thought and love, as Georgian houses tend to be.”Wendy and her husband Gregor, and sons Woody, 15, and Harvey, 12, initially rented the ho...
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San Francisco startup Bumblebee Spaces can make small apartments livable for remote work by turning studios into offices and storing furniture in the ceiling - see how it works

Bumblebee 2177 San Francisco. Bumblebee Smart-home robotics company Bumblebee was started by an Apple and Tesla veteran. The company's robot technology stores furniture in the ceiling when not in use. Bumblebee can convert bedrooms into offices, exercise studios, and more. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at-home orders have made the case for Bumblebee Spaces, a modular smart-home robotics startup staffed by Apple and Tesla alums. The compa...
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