LA Movie And TV Production Shuts Down

Production shutdowns are expensive, and a delay of a few weeks would disrupt series’ delivery dates and air pattern. This is especially crucial for broadcast series whose current seasons are already airing. – Deadline
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An Enormous Expansion Of Melbourne Contemporary Museum

The proposed new building, the NGV Contemporary in Melbourne, will be Australia’s largest gallery of contemporary art and design, says Tony Ellwood, the director of the National Gallery of Victoria. It will span 30,000 sq. m, one third of which will be exhibition space. – The Art Newspaper
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Has The Gagosian Gallery Left San Francisco?

As of Thursday, Dec. 31, the gallery phone was disconnected and the exterior banner as well as signage in the window had been removed. Mentions of the San Francisco location have also been stripped from the Gagosian website, which serves as an online hub for its myriad galleries. – San Francisco Chronicle
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The Biggest Archaeological Finds Of 2020

As always, Egypt was fruitful ground for archaeologists, with the discovery of the first ancient Egyptian funeral parlor, the world’s oldest Illustrated book, and a mummy buried with a secret painting gallery, among other finds. But the biggest news in Egyptian archaeology this year was undoubtedly the excavation of over 100 painted sarcophagi in Saqqara, an ancient burial ground south of Cairo. – Artnet
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Ray Bradbury’s Outsized Influence On American Culture

There were other fine sci-fi writers, but Ray was the one who first engaged the mainstream audience. He had a huge impact on both American literature and popular culture. He was also one of the most significant California writers of the last century. – Los Angeles Review of Books
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Reverse-Engineering Zoom To Make Online Theater

“Jared Mezzocchi has been systematically exploring what Zoom and the editing program Isadora can offer theatre practitioners during the pandemic. He has been working in the field for over a decade and has explored it from multiple points of view — designer, director, playwright, artistic director. … We Zoomed in November to talk about the production, how to reverse-engineer Zoom, Isadora as the way forward, and more.” – HowlRound
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Getting the Question(s) Right

As a blogger, I think I’m supposed to begin the New Year with reflections and projections. But the traumas of 2020 are still too fresh and the way forward is too murky. What I will do is suggest that at least one question I’ve seen raised about the nonprofit arts industry in 2021 is the wrong one. – Doug Borwick
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More Museums Are Presenting “Sponsored Content.” Is This A Problem?

“On either side of the Atlantic, museums have teamed up with corporations in an effort to utilize their spaces—and collections—in order to reach new audiences and make a little extra dough.” – Artnet
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He’s The King, The Grandfather And The Godfather Of Roller Disco

At the height of the disco craze in the late 1970s, Empire Rollerdrome, a rink in Brooklyn across the street from where the Brooklyn Dodgers once played baseball, was ground zero for what would become a major fad: dancing to glitzy pop music on eight wheels on a maplewood floor. At the center of it was Bill Butler, about whom New York magazine wrote, “He would do all these things that just looked impossible — spins and dips, and changing direction on a dime. It was like watching a whirling derv...
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When Theatre Comes Back To Stages It Will Be Different. But That’s OK

“While there have been times during the past year when theatre and all who work in it have felt helpless, unloved and ignored, there is also plenty of evidence that it does matter and can make itself matter – not just to its own community but beyond. When theatre doesn’t just think of itself, when it thinks beyond the next show and the box office, it can and does make a difference – over and over again.” – The Stage
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What Recent Research Reveals About Narcissists

“There’s a difference between everyday selfishness and real narcissism – and there’s a distinction between a normal personality trait and the harmful, rare personality disorder. As the research around narcissism has evolved in recent years, psychologists and psychiatrists have learned more about these differences.” – Psyche
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Angela Hewitt Gets Custom-Made Replacement For Her Smashed Piano

Her horrible 2020 began in January when movers dropped her four-pedal Fazioli, the instrument on which she made every recording she’d done since 2003. Paolo Fazioli, the eponymous piano maker, had five new pianos made for her to choose from, and it took her about half an hour to pick one. Is it her new best friend? “I guess it is. Sorry old one. Not that I’m promiscuous.” – The Guardian
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8 Top Book Cover Design Trends for 2021

If you want to stand out as an author, your book must have a great cover. Here are the biggest trends in book cover design for 2021.
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Inside The Largest Trove Of Nazi Propaganda

Today, one of the world’s largest collections of Nazi propaganda sits in a climate-controlled warehouse at Fort Belvoir, in northern Virginia. Much of it is virulent; most of it is never seen by the public. – The New Yorker
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Figures Are In: North American Movie Box Office Income Was Down 80% In 2020

“As predicted, domestic movie tickets sold between Jan. 1 through Dec. 31 came generated an estimated $2.3 billion (or $2.28 billion) compared to $11.4 billion in 2019, according to Comscore estimates. That’s the lowest showing in at least 40 years.” – The Hollywood Reporter
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Progress Report: BIPOC Representation In American Theatre

“Time will tell if theater grantmakers adopt the coalition’s demands en masse, and some of the demands have yet to make it into grantmakers’ toolboxes in a meaningful way. But at the very least, We See You has done a huge service for funders by creating a checklist of familiar, provocative, and disruptive action items.” – Inside Philanthropy
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Unknown El Greco Painting Discovered In Spain

The small canvas depicting Christ carrying the cross and wearing the crown of thorns, owned by a private individual, was authenticated after two years of study by a team at the University of Lleida. – ARTnews
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Author Of ‘War Horse’ Insists He Wasn’t Trying To Censor Shakespeare’s ‘Merchant of Venice’

“[Britain’s Sunday Times] described [Michael Morpurgo’s] ’21st-century sensibilities’ as having prevented the inclusion of the play in Tales from Shakespeare, his retelling of 10 Shakespeare plays for children aged six and older.” Morpurgo says that this way of describing his decision is bogus: he had to choose only ten plays, and he felt they should be stories appropriate for eight-year-olds, which The Merchant of Venice is not. – The Guardian
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In China, Foreign Films Have Lost Half Their Market Share In One Year

“Imported films accounted for only about a sixth of China’s total box office in 2020, a nearly 55% decrease year-on-year, industry data tracker Maoyan Entertainment said Monday. The decline highlights the chaos COVID-19 has wrought on Hollywood release schedules as well as the diminishing appeal of foreign content in what has just become the world’s largest film market.” – Variety
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How to Keep Your Kid's Artwork From Piling Up

Around his fourth birthday, a boy I was fostering began drawing what he called “ghost families.” He couldn’t quite draw people, but he could draw something that resembled ghosts, and they were darling. Once he landed on his artistic specialty, he lingered there for a while—that is to say, the stacks of colored…Read more...
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Dorms Designed By Louis Kahn In India Saved From Wrecking Ball

The board of governors of the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad admitted that an international outcry prompted their decision to call off plans to demolish 14 of the school’s 18 buildings designed by Kahn in the ’60s and completed in 1974. But the buildings are still considered unsafe to use because of deterioration in their bricks and damage from a 2001 earthquake. – Dezeen
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Jungalow Founder Justina Blakeney Created Native’s New Limited Edition Packaging and Scents

In a year that both confined people to the insides of their homes and offered up more than its fair share of doom and gloom, many found themselves turning away from the stark white, Scandinavian-style minimalism that's come to define modern, Instagrammable home decor. Instead, scores of home dwellers reached for bright, happy colors and...
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Sydney’s Reopening Theatres Say They’re ‘COVID-Safe.’ Are They?

The Opera House finally became the last of the city’s major venues to require masks, but enforcing the policy is not easy, and most of the theatres are selling up to 75% of capacity, as opposed to the less-than-half that’s been standard in where venues have been open in Europe and North America. Will these performances become super-spreader events? – The Guardian
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As Australia’s Arts Festival Season Begins Amid The Pandemic, All Eyes Are On Sydney

“The [Sydney] Festival is poised to open on Wednesday and its administrators are on high alert. Though [New South Wales] Covid-19 case reports remain low, the list of exposure sites is growing by the day. … With Perth Festival following in early February and Adelaide Festival” — the largest arts event in the Southern Hemisphere — “a few weeks later, what happens in Sydney will be keenly observed.” – The Guardian
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Lee Breuer, Experimental Stage Director, Dead At 83

“A tenacious outsider who refused his sole Tony Award nomination — for his biggest hit and only Broadway show, the Sophocles adaptation The Gospel at Colonus — Mr. Breuer flourished in the scrappier realm of Off Off Broadway, even as the scale of his works and ambitions took him to larger stages, including the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Delacorte Theater in Central Park and the Comédie-Française in Paris.” – The New York Times
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Amazing projection mapped lightshow on laser-cut wood

Artist Gabriel Schama shared this commissioned collaboration with Limelight 3d Mapping: "The animation is projected onto the surface of Pachamama, a 13 layer, laser-cut plywood sculpture, which is 40 inches square." Be sure to check out his Instagram for more cool stuff. — Read the rest
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Artist collaborates with other species

Aki Inomata places various materials in tanks and enclosures with animals. She then records the interactions, and in some cases presents the modified materials as sculptures. The effect is often quite lovely. Image: YouTube / TEDx Talks
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Creativity, Uncaged

Advertising is a visual medium. This is truer today than ever before because people don’t read, they glance. And with a world full of glancers and screen addicts, the high bar for “breakthrough creative” is now sky-high. Fine art breaks through Detailed illustrations of mythical and phantasmagorical birds take center stage in these striking posters […] The post Creativity, Uncaged appeared first on Adpulp.
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