Record Streaming Music In 2020

The year 2020 ended up setting a streaming record in America, increasing 17% for the year to end with an unprecedented 872.6 billion streams. – Variety
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What If We Put Everyone Into A Giant Multi-Billion City?

The entire population of the earth could live in a giant sustainable city occupying a fraction of the earth’s surface, freeing the rest of the world for rewilding and the return of stolen lands, according to a new movie by architect Liam Young. – Dezeen
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Claim: Our Music Theory Education Is Racist

“When we restrict ourselves to Western art music, we forgo the opportunity to speak about basic yet essential musical elements such as groove, timbre, improvisation, and post-production in styles where these are powerfully foregrounded. Today’s leading theory texts cover more or less the same material as those we used as students. Why then do we as a discipline remain so averse to change?” – NewMusicBox
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Record Number Of Women Directors For Big Hollywood Movies In 2020

The yearly by San Diego State University found that women accounted for 16 per cent of directors working on the 100 highest-grossing films in 2020, up from 12 per cent in 2019 and only 4 per cent in 2018. – Irish Times
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The Dance Of Everyday Life

“The way we move has changed in the past year, indoor spaces seeming claustrophobic and our outdoor spaces not vast enough, backyards and gardens reinvented into havens. We’ve become resourceful and grateful for the places we occupy and with whom.” – The New York Times
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‘One Of Last Great Shared Texts In Our Culture’ (And It’s A 70-Year-Old Comic Strip)

“In a highly polarized culture … [it’s] the most recent and arguably final example of a great American work of art loved broadly and without reservations by the masses, the elite, and everyone in the so-called middle. Is Peanuts the last American artwork with universal appeal? And what is the spiritual message it conveys that engenders that appeal?” – Literary Hub
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What Editors Do

Lish’s job on Carver is perhaps too extreme to serve as an example of the role of the editor, but what any kind of boundary breaking always does is to draw attention to the boundary itself—in this case between editor and writer, who together with the text form a kind of Bermuda Triangle within whose force field everything said and done disappears without trace. – Paris Review
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The Ballet World In Degas’s Paintings Was A Mean, Sordid Place

“In Paris, its success was almost entirely predicated on lecherous social contracts. Sex work was a part of a ballerina’s reality, and the city’s grand opera house, the Palais Garnier, was designed with this in mind. A luxuriously appointed room located behind the stage, called the foyer de la danse, was a place where the dancers would warm up before performances. But it also served as a kind of men’s club, where abonnés — wealthy male subscribers to the opera — could conduct business, socializ...
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Is America Turning Out Too Many PhD’s?

The overproduction of Ph.D.s has been an issue for years in the U.S., which has a higher rate of doctorate holders than almost any other rich country. – Bloomberg
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Ellen Burstyn On Her Fame (She’s Been *Very* Fortunate)

“It was never really my intention to be a movie star,” says the actress, who’s probably about to get her seventh Oscar nomination at age 88. “I’ve never been one of those celebrities who got chased down the street by shouting throngs. People are always very nice to me. It hasn’t been at all unpleasant.” – The Guardian
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How To Use Boredom To Your Benefit

Technology might have moved on, but the role of boredom in motivating change is no different for us in the 21st century. Yet not all change is equal. – Psyche
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How Equitable Pay Leads To Better Theatre

“Since pay equity leads to higher quality work, any company interested in having the best product to share with their community will center pay equity within their company because the benefits to the business are undeniable.” – Howlround
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What New Anti-Money-Laundering Rules Will Mean For The U.S. Art And Antiquities Market

One of the provisions added to the National Defense Authorization Act for 2021 makes antiquities dealers subject to the Bank Secrecy Act. One of the key rules requires identifying the individuals behind LLCs — meaning that it will be much harder to buy and sell items anonymously. There’s a strong likelihood that the law will be applied to the larger art market in the next few years. – Artnet
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Cool Stuff: Ben Harman’s ‘Indiana Jones’ Trilogy Print Set Explores the Tombs and Temples

Having kept up with the pop culture art scene for a long time, we’ve seen countless artwork paying tribute to the Indiana Jones franchise. So when a new set honoring the entire adventure trilogy comes along, it has to be something really special to convince us to grab our wallets. Artist Ben Harman, who is best known for creating some stunning Disney-inspired artwork, set his sights on the entire Indiana Jones trilogy by creating a set of prints featuring iconic locations, and they’re absolute ...
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How Pete Docter Is Healing Pixar After #MeToo And #TimesUp

Things might have seemed iffy for the multibillion-dollar animation powerhouse after its founding creative director, John Lasseter, abruptly left in 2017 amid allegations of grabbing and kissing unwilling women. Disney, Pixar’s owner, turned to Docter, who had been at the studio his entire adult life and directed Monsters, Inc., Up, and Inside Out — and was then in the middle of making Soul. In the three years since, he’s calmed things down, ramped business back up, and brought in a younger, mo...
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‘Obscenities, Inanities And Treason’: A Critic On The Riot At The U.S. Capitol

Philip Kennicott: “The whole drama, the body language, the flags and the onslaught, was borrowed from other dramas — genuine displays of revolutionary fervor against autocrats, authentic acts protesting illegitimate governments. But [this] was a charade. Not civic or selfless, but corrosive, destructive and illegal. … One moment in today’s appalling mayhem was telling. As they filed through Statuary Hall, some of Trump’s thugs snapped selfies of themselves, as if they were merely tourists.” – T...
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Could Percussion Ensembles Become The String Quartets Of The 21st Century?

After all, “in 2009, critic Allan Kozinn declared in The New York Times, ‘If you think about it, drums are the new violins,’ pointing out the newfound ubiquity of percussion on new music programs.” And with the 21st-century blossoming of contemporary classical repertoire in the U.S., percussion groups are getting ever more pieces to play and ever more opportunities to play them. Jeremy Reynolds on how and why it’s happening. – San Francisco Classical Voice
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How The UK Art World Will Change Post-Brexit

The symbolic implications of the UK leaving the European Union has hit the art world hard. But the deal will also have a concrete impact on the way the it does business. – Artnet
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Parisian Billionaire’s Museum Is, At Last, Ready To Open

“At 84, the billionaire François Pinault will finally realise a 20-year plan to build a private museum for his contemporary art collection in Paris. France’s third-richest man is poised to open the Bourse de Commerce-Pinault Collection just two blocks away from the Musée du Louvre on 23 January — as long as pandemic restrictions allow.” – The Art Newspaper
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Orbán Gov’t In Hungary Fans Rightist Backlash Against Black Lives Matter Artwork

“Commentators on pro-government television chatshows threatened to pull the statue down if it was erected, and compared it to putting up a monument to Adolf Hitler. Others laughed that it was an absurdity given there are few black people in Budapest. … Notably, most pro-government coverage neglected to note that the [three-foot-tall] statue will only be a two-week installation, not a permanent addition to the city.” – The Guardian
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The Stage 100 For 2021 Honors British Theatre’s Response To COVID

“Arts workers in the NHS, composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, actor Michael Balogun and theatre company 20 Stories High are among those recognised in this year’s The Stage 100 list, which has been reimagined to celebrate the industry’s response to the pandemic.” – The Stage
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MD High Court Rules Rap Lyrics Can Be Used As Evidence Against Defendant

“Three weeks before trial, [defendant Lawrence] Montague used a jailhouse telephone to record a rap verse, which was then uploaded to Instagram. [In court], the State of Maryland introduced the telephone recording of the lyrics as evidence of Montague’s guilt, and [he] was convicted and sentenced to a combined fifty years [on murder charges]. Maryland’s highest court … affirmed [the] conviction, finding that the danger of unfair prejudice posed by the admission of the lyrics does not substantia...
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Hands-On Review Of The Unimatic Modello Quattro U4-A Watch

Could Unimatic have done any better in 2020? That was the question I asked myself when I received an e-mail in the second week of December announcing the new Unimatic Modello Quatro U4-A. Two weeks before the year ended, the brand added another model to the rapidly-expanding line-up of Unimatic models. But the Modello Quattro […] Visit Hands-On Review Of The Unimatic Modello Quattro U4-A Watch to read the full article.
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TAMABLE chair le nuage par Fountain Studio

Un peu de légèreté pour débuter cette nouvelle année… Tel un petit nuage en provenance directe de Corée, le projet baptisé TAMABLE chair est le fruit de la collaboration entre le studio Fountain et le designer Donghwan Song. En préparation de la date anniversaire de BED, demain, depuis maintenant 13 années, ce projet fait écho, non sans une certaine nostalgie à un projet présenté dans les premières heures de vie du blog (en 2008, oui oui). Sur une base de carton et extensible, on s’éloigne lég...
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