Definitions of Art

Trying to define Art is a challenging and hazardous occupation, given the elusive and slippery nature of such concept. Playing with definitions, however, can be a fun exercise to grapple with the enormous variety of artifacts, practices, and experiences called Art. — Read the rest
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The Damages To Art In The Capitol Building

Insurrectionists’ “time in the building is now represented by the damage they left behind. A 19th-century marble bust of former President Zachary Taylor was flecked with what appeared to be blood. A picture frame was left lying on the floor, the image gone. The photos and videos, some of them taken inside by the rioters themselves, were startling.” – The New York Times
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Neil Sheehan, 84, NYT Vietnam Reporter Who Got The Pentagon Papers

“Mr. Sheehan, the son of impoverished Irish-immigrant dairy farmers, graduated from Harvard University and served in the Army before joining the United Press International wire service. Reporting from Saigon in the early 1960s, he became known as one of the “fearless threesome” of Vietnam War correspondents.” – The New York Times
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Yes, Things Might Look Up, But It Will Be A Long Slow Recovery For The Arts

For a broad chunk of the population, turning off that switch might not be as simple as being told it is okay to do so. Some local museum officials I’ve talked to think it might be 2023 or 24 before they return to pre-pandemic revenue levels. – Chicago Tribune
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A New “Arts Worker” Movement

Built on the concept of the “arts worker” — an immense labor category representing 8.8 million Americans doing everything from designing clothing to sweeping museum floors — this movement asserts that the arts are as foundational as farming or manufacturing. And its focus is not so much public relations as it is survival, an aim reinforced daily by the financial devastation the coronavirus pandemic has spread throughout the nation’s creative economy. – Washington Post
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What Dallas Black Dance Theatre Learned About Virtual Performance And Charging For It

Dallas Black Dance Theatre envisions and is now developing a full complement of virtual activities. These include conservatory-level dance training at the same professional level as in-studio classes, student matinee/field trips, lecture/demonstrations, in-school dance residency programs, community outreach, and touring programs made available to presenters, as well as a home-school education program for those looking to incorporate dance into their curriculum. – Wallace Foundation
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‘Now I’m Sounding Like One Of My Characters’ — Suzan-Lori Parks On Playwriting

“It’s like what ‘Michelangelo’ said, right? He’s working with the marble and taking away everything that’s not the sculpture. And let’s put Michelangelo in quotes, ’cause was he really the one who actually said that? But, anyway, the idea still holds. I feel that whatever I’m writing exists already. … Like I’m following something through the woods. Eyes open. Ears open. Heart open. And I’m following a path that is sometimes behind me.” A Q&A with fellow playwright and MacArthur Fellow Branden J...
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Earn your M.A. in Arts Administration at Indiana University.

Advance your career with an Master of Arts in Arts Administration from the nation’s top school of public affairs. Priority application deadline Jan. 15. It takes more than passion to successfully lead an arts organization. Future arts administrators need business acumen, marketing expertise, and management skills to tackle the challenges facing creative enterprises. As a MAAA student at the Indiana University O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs, you’ll learn from top schola...
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Why Are A Bunch Of Teens Convinced That Helen Keller Wasn’t Deaf-Blind?

Blame TikTok and the pathologies of social media in the age of fake news. A couple of (so-called) satirical videos were posted last year on the app; teens picked up on them and made their own vids joining in; as #helenkellerisfake and #helenkellerhateclub got millions of views, the facts that Keller was world-famous for what she achieved and died only 53 years ago got lost. (“Whaddya mean, this blind and deaf chick went to college and wrote books and flew a plane? Puh-leeze lol lol.”) Now that ...
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We’ve Become Much Nicer At Waging War

We have, in fact, become nicer and less violent as individuals. We may have domesticated ourselves by our choice of mates and by breeding out those who are most violent, or killing those who are most violent among us, like the way wolves have been domesticated into friendly dogs who sit on your lap. We may have become nicer as individuals, but we’ve also become better at organizing and using purposive violence. That’s the paradox. We’ve gotten better at making war even as we’ve become nicer peo...
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‘Star Wars’ Fan Fiction Video Is All Over The Place — And Disney Is Fine With It

“Such films have existed almost as long as the franchise itself. Early examples were spoofs, like the 1978 short Hardware Wars and a 1997 Stormtrooper-centric sendup of Cops called Troops. Lucasfilm held annual fan-movie contests in the decade before Disney acquired the company in 2012. But Disney’s stewardship, coupled with the wide availability of higher-quality moviemaking tools, has inaugurated a new era of fan creativity.” – The New York Times
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What Does It Actually Mean To Live In The Now?

The singularity of the now might appear to be a deep and profound insight. It’s the springboard for various more practical strategies for achieving enlightenment and self-enhancement. But the claim that it is always now is so trivial that it can’t support any interesting inference, and there are other ways of justifying these same strategies and practices. – Aeon
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Medieval Silver Hoard Unearthed In Polish Village

Archaeologists from the Polish Academy of Sciences discovered a ceramic vessel containing well over 6,000 coins and rings as well as silver bullion near a village in central Poland, not far from the site of the country’s largest-ever treasure find in 1935. Researchers believe that this hoard may have been the dowry of a 12th-century Kievan princess who married an important Polish noble. – New York Observer
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Connecting Learning Music With Medical Workers

In a six-week pilot collaboration between New England Conservatory and Massachusetts General Hospital this fall, the Boston Hope Music Teaching Project connected teaching fellows from NEC with frontline health care workers for weekly private music lessons. The goal wasn’t to teach them skill or technique, but to provide a refuge from day-to-day life on the COVID ward. – Boston Globe
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Consider The Word ‘Sedition’

“Sedition — Merriam-Webster defines it as ‘incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority’ — is a word that echoes across American history, archaic yet familiar. Historically, charges of sedition have just as often been used to quash dissent … as they have to punish actual threats to government stability or functioning. But to many scholars and historians, the use of the word on Wednesday — and the force of condemnation it conjured — was not misplaced.” – The New York Time...
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France’s Cultural Venues Will Be Closed All Month

“Prime Minister Jean Castex confirmed … [that] museums, cinemas, theaters, concert halls and gyms ‘will not [reopen] in the weeks to come’.” Venues had opened in the late summer with safety measures but closed again on Oct. 30 as COVID’s second wave swelled; planned reopenings announced for Dec. 15 and then Jan. 7 were called off as new cases of the disease kept rising. – Variety
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Young Interior Designers Bring Life To Interior Design

Young interior designers bring much in the way of authenticity and innovative trends when it comes to the world of interior design. The youthful spirit pervades innovations in this field. There are a number of ways in which young designers are bringing new ideas to the table. We will discuss some of these in detail below. Farm Themes. Another young trend in interior design is the farm theme. This theme features farm-themed items like farm print wallpaper and pillows embroidered with images of...
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Venice’s Mayor Wants Museums To Stay Closed, And Half The Town is Furious

“The decision by Luigi Brugnaro, the mayor of Venice, to extend the closure of the city’s 11 civic museums — including the Doge’s Palace, the Museo Correr, Ca’ Rezzonico, Ca’ Pesaro and Palazzo Fortuny — until 1 April, the beginning of the tourist season, has provoked a culture war in Venice and beyond. Italy’s museums have been closed since 5 November under national government restrictions, which are currently due to lift on 15 January” — unless, of course, COVID cases spike yet again. – The A...
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After A Year Away, Boston Symphony’s Music Director Is Back

Andris Nelsons, who has been in Europe since before the pandemic started, returned to Symphony Hall to record three programs pairing Beethoven symphonies with contemporary music for the BSO’s season of streamed concerts. – The Boston Globe
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Nina Ananiashvili Sent To Siberia (For Her New Job)

Once one of the biggest stars at both the Bolshoi and ABT, she returned to her native Georgia in 2004 (at President Saakashvili’s personal invitation) to take charge of the national ballet company. On the condition that she can remain in that job as well, Ananiashvili has now accepted the dance directorship at the opera and ballet theater in Novosibirsk, Russia’s third-largest city. –
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Montreal Symphony’s Next Music Director Is Rafael Payare

A graduate of Venezuela’s El Sistema, the 40-year-old music director of the San Diego Symphony begins a five-year term at the Maison symphonique in the fall of 2022. Payare’s San Diego contract currently runs through 2025-26; he says he plans to keep both jobs, with 14 to 16 weeks per season in Montreal and 10 per season in San Diego. – AP
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Simon & Schuster Cancels Sen. Josh Hawley’s Book In Wake Of Capitol Riot

From the company’s announcement: “We did not come to this decision lightly. As a publisher it will always be our mission to amplify a variety of voices and viewpoints: at the same time we take seriously our larger public responsibility as citizens, and cannot support Senator Hawley after his role in what became a dangerous threat to our democracy and freedom.” – AP
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Flair Magazine: The Short-Lived, Highly-Influential Magazine That Still Inspires Designers Today (1950)

All magazines are their editors, but Flair was more its editor than any magazine had been before — or, for that matter, than any magazine has been since. Though she came to the end of her long life in England, a country to which she had expatriated with her fourth husband, a Briton, Fleur Cowles was as American a cultural figure as they come. Born Florence Freidman in 1908, she had performed on herself an unknowable number of Gatsbyesque acts of reinvention by 1950, when she found herself in a ...
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The rhyme and reason behind DOOM’s villainy

Hip-hop auteur Daniel Dumile’s rapping was fuelled by a remarkable erudition, his multiple characters broaching diverse topics with a beguilling playfulness The post The rhyme and reason behind DOOM’s villainy appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Fonts in Use: Enter a Giant Archive of Typography, Featuring 12,618 Typefaces

Type selection is an intensive process that requires intimate knowledge of a brand’s values, audience, competition, voice, and goals. —Fonts in Use, FAQ Fonts in Use is a typography nerd’s dream come true. The 10-year-old independent archive of typography has collected over 17,000 designs, each using at least one of over 12,000 typeface families from more than 3,500 type companies. Each font is contextualized with images depicting them in the wild, on everything from wine labels and storefronts...
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ByLwansta: Walking in the shadow of DOOM

Rapper, producer, designer and ardent DOOM fan ByLwansta shares the influence the masked villain had on his craft The post ByLwansta: Walking in the shadow of DOOM appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Michigan Opera Theatre seeks Box Office Manager

Possessing the highest level of customer service, the Box Office Manager will be instrumental in the success of Michigan Opera Theatre’s (MOT) exciting and innovative future productions, as well as the success of other productions, events, and operations at the Detroit Opera House (DOH). Job Description:The Box Office Manager oversees both long-term and day-to-day operations of the Box Office, and ensures a hospitable, smooth, and efficient operation. A crucial leader for Michigan Opera Thea...
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