Pink seesaws across US-Mexico border named Design of the Year 2020

Creators say they hope the work encourages people to build bridges between communitiesA collection of bright pink seesaws that allowed people to interact over the US-Mexico border has won the prestigious Design of the Year award, with its creators saying they hoped the work encourages people to build bridges between communities.The Teeter Totter Wall, which bridged across El Paso in Texas and Ciudad Juárez in Mexico during a 40-minute session, was described as not only feeling “symbolically impo...
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The Essential Importance Of Going Out Into The World To Discover Artists First Hand

“These trips were resource-intensive, but through the intrepid efforts of people like David White and Sam Miller, philanthropic support enabled cohorts of Americans to research artists, network with international administrators, and present an array of worldwide artistry throughout the country. This work was often highly subsidized by foreign governments recognizing the importance of global exchange.” – VTDigger
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UK Courts Are Leasing Theatres For Courtrooms – Artists Are Objecting

Three national lockdowns in Britain, as well as tough social distancing guidelines, have hampered the business of England’s court system this past year, creating a huge backlog of cases. Since July, the country’s courts service has been renting suitable spaces — like theaters, but also conference centers and local government buildings — then turning them into temporary courtrooms. – The New York Times
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A Dancer Breaking Ballet’s Gender Norms

What is unique about Ashton Edwards is that he is a man doing serious en pointe work in a professional ballet setting. “Ashton led us there,” says PNB director Peter Boal, speaking of Edwards’ request to study en pointe. “Ballet can be a little bit slow. We said, ‘Why not? Lead us and we will work with you.’ ” – NPR
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What’s To Become Of The Trump Impersonators?

“No one is going to want to see my Donald Trump” now. Anyone who is seeking Trump comedy after Jan. 21, I just feel bad for them.” – Washington Post
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Discovery Of Oldest Cave Painting – Made 45,000 Years Ago – In Indonesia

Humans have hunted Sulawesi warty pigs for tens of thousands of years, and they are a key feature of the region’s prehistoric artwork, particularly during the ice age. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Indonesia, Visual, 01.13.21

Orange County Museum Of Art Chooses New Director

Heidi Zuckerman, who hosts the independently produced podcast “Conversations About Art” and who wrote the “Conversations With Artists” book series, was at the Aspen Art Museum from 2005 to 2019. She revamped the institution’s mission, making it more contemporary, and oversaw the creation of a $45-million museum building designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Shigeru Ban. – Los Angeles Times
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The Quiet Tragedy Of The Man Who Oversaw New York’s New Train Station

It is impossible to know what drives a person to suicide. But in his final months, his mental state took a turn for the worse as pressure grew to finish the project and stress mounted over costs, according to dozens of interviews with friends, family and colleagues. – The New York Times
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Researcher Sets Out To Disprove “Music Makes You Smarter” Idea. But…

“My intention was to show that the relationships are probably spurious, meaning that background influences are the main drivers of the relationships, and once those outside influences, like demographics, etc., are controlled for, the relationship essentially disappears. But hang on. Much to my surprise, not only did they not disappear, but the relationships are really strong.” – ABC (Australia)
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Trump Wanted To End Arts Funding. Instead It Grew

“The years and years of work that we had done to create a pro-arts Congress, whether Republican or Democrat, really came through,” said Nina Ozlu Tunceli, executive director of the Americans for the Arts Action Fund. “Congress became a firewall to prevent that termination from happening.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Congress, Issues, Trump, 01.15.21, Nina Ozlu Tunceli

Election Misinformation Online Dropped A Dramatic 73 Percent After Trump Was Banned From Twitter

Just wow. “The findings, from Jan. 9 through Friday, highlight how falsehoods flow across social media sites — reinforcing and amplifying each other — and offer an early indication of how concerted actions against misinformation can make a difference.” – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Issues, 01.16.21

A Magical Look Inside the Painting Process of Studio Ghibli Artist Kazuo Oga The magic of Studio Ghibli’s films owes much to their characters: the high-flying Princess Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind; the World War I-fighter ace-turned-swine Porco Rosso; the spirited ten-year-old Chihiro, spirited away into the realm of folklore; the dog-raccoon-bear-cat forest spirit known only as Totoro. But to understand what makes these figures come alive, we must remember that they inhabit living worlds. A Ghibli production stan...
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Ireland Is One Country That’s Done Well For Classical Music Online

Or so says pianist Finghin Collins, who’s also artistic director of Music for Galway and the New Ross Piano Festival. Collins: “Ireland has done extremely well in the arts, in the sense that many, many classical music organisations, and others, have pivoted very quickly into the online space. If I speak to my colleagues in France, Germany, Switzerland, continental Europe, they haven’t. … We really managed in August, September, October to get ourselves into this online space where we were able t...
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What New York Could Do To Help The Arts

“So what can the city and/or state do? From grants and loans to small theaters to negotiating with and supporting landlords with non-profit tenants to programs that keep paid staff in their jobs, rather than sending them onto unemployment, to initiatives that care for freelancers and independent contractors who make up so much of our cultural ecosystem, there is no shortage of policy possibilities.” – Gotham Gazette
Tags: Art, New York, Issues, 01.15.21

The Baby Blimp Of The U.S. President Will Be Memorialized At The Museum Of London

The crowd-funded helium balloon made its first appearance during the 45th president’s first UK state visit in 2018, and has since made something of a world tour. The creators: “We hope the baby’s place in the museum will stand as a reminder of when London stood against Mr Trump – but will prompt those who see it to examine how they can continue the fight against the politics of hate.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, UK, London, Visual, Trump, 01.18.21

If You’re Feeling Unmotivated Right Now, You’re Not Alone

Hello, extremely upfront journalist: “I’m writing this article because, to be honest, the piece I need to read most right now is why it’s completely okay to feel sort of hopeless and disconnected from the joys of life.” – Fast Company
Tags: Art, Issues, 01.17.21

During The Pandemic, Art Going To Museums Needs Special Help

Art couriers can’t ride in trucks with art, or ride in follow cars with other people, or generally do everything they used to do in order to get art where it needs to go – and to help mount it. What’s happening now? Robots. (Well, iPads on wheels.) – NPR
Tags: Art, Visual, 01.16.21

Oh, Netflix, Why Couldn’t You Make A Better Ballet Show?

The plot has issues. The characters have issues. The filming of dance itself has issues. “Then there are the voice-overs, each more overwrought than the next. ‘There’s a wicked paradox in ballet,’ one intones. ‘Great flexibility is expected to blossom in a rigid world. The brutal rules and endless isolation, the messing of your mind, it somehow contorts your natural tendency to stretch into a perverse expression of a miracle.'” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Dance, 01.15.21

A Bold Proposal For Galleries

Cancel them. No reform. Abolition. “Why are horror stories of racism, sexism, and abuse in art galleries open secrets that remain unaddressed? The dominant agents of the commercial art world — galleries, auction houses, PR firms, and dealers — hold an obscene amount of power over images and their narratives. … Employers are beholden to profit, and artists turn a blind eye. Employees fear retribution and lack lines of communication to critique their superiors. Art publications hesitate to speak ...
Tags: Art, Visual, 01.15.21

Canada Gets A 24/7 Inuit-Language TV Channel

The new network’s executive director sounds hopeful. “As our elders pass away, we are fighting against time to keep Inuit culture and language alive for our children and grandchildren. TV in Inuktut all day every day is a powerful way to keep a living language for future generations.” – CBC
Tags: Art, Media, Canada, Inuktut, 01.15.21, Inuit Language TV Channel

Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival Director Has Some Things To Say About The Issues Facing The Festival

For one thing, there was a pandemic last year (and this year), which canceled darn near everything. Then, in November, came the fire that destroyed the Doris Duke Theatre. Pamela Tatge: “We all want to make as much dance as possible happen for our artists and our audience, so, to lose one of our primary spaces was devastating. … What has been significant to us is people’s attachment to that space and to Jacob’s Pillow as a beacon for the field of dance. The outpouring of memories, of love and s...
Tags: Art, Dance, Jacob, 01.16.21, Doris Duke Theatre Pamela Tatge

We Have So Many Conspiracy Theories Because They’re Stories, And Stories Are How We Live

This is not great. “We are condemned to navigate the Space Age world with Stone Age minds; because of this inherent biological anachronism, man is the ape that imitates, tells stories, and morally condemns others.” – LitHub
Tags: Art, Words, 01.15.21

Community meetings in the San Fernando Valley, Jan. 18-25

  Uly Aquino, of Granada Hills, plays basketball at Holleigh Bernson Memorial Park in Porter Ranch on Friday, October 16, 2020. (Photo by Sarah Reingewirtz, Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG)     Community meetings bring people together for exchange of ideas and memorable shared experiences plus the potential for positive personal, change and community enrichment. Wings Over Wendy’s: Veterans of all services and their supporters meet online on Zoom. Meet and greet, 8:30 a.m., followed by meeting,...
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Cricut 12″x180″ Bulk Premium Vinyl (Permanent or Removable) just $8.40 (Reg. $29.99)

  If you love Cricut, don’t miss this sale! Cricut 12″x180″ Bulk Premium Vinyl (Permanent or Removable) just $8.40 (Reg. $29.99) That’s 15ft of vinyl! If your total is $50+: At checkout, apply promo code THRIFTY10 or CREATE to get 10% off + free shipping. For Even More Awesome Online Deals
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Dealing With The Legacy Of Abuser, Murderer, And Music Producer Phil Spector

Long before he murdered Lana Clarkson, it was clear Phil Spector (who died over the weekend) was not a good guy. “Ronnie Spector’s 1990 autobiography Be My Baby laid bare the full horror of their marriage: the house surrounded by barbed wire and guard dogs; the threats to kill her, either himself or via a hitman; the gold-plated, glass-topped coffin he installed in the basement and threatened to display her body in after she was murdered.” And oh yes, the Wall of Sound – Phil Spector transforme...
Tags: Art, People, Phil Spector, Ronnie Spector, Lana Clarkson, 01.17.21

A 3,000-Year-Old Painter’s Palette from Ancient Egypt, with Traces of the Original Colors Still In It

It’s a good bet your first box of crayons or watercolors was a simple affair of six or so colors… just like the palette belonging to Amenemopet, vizier to Pharaoh Amenhotep III (c.1391 – c.1354 BC), a pleasure-loving patron of the arts whose rule coincided with a period of great prosperity. Amenemopet’s well-used artist’s palette, above, now resides in the Egyptian wing of New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. Over 3000 years old and carved from a single piece of ivory, the palette is mar...
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Perhaps You Need Some Help This Week Recognizing Right-Wing Iconography And Dog Whistles

Here’s a crash course in the iconographies of hate groups that have coalesced around the current president of the United States. – Hyperallergic
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The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Is Getting Some Covid Relief Funds

Along with other arts groups in the city, the BSO is seeing some funding for its workers. The BSO’s CEO “said the money will help the organization make up for revenue lost from having to close its physical doors. He added that it will help BSO pay staff and musicians, while supporting the community through its music”. – Baltimore Sun
Tags: Art, Music, BSO, 01.15.21

The Essential Octavia Butler

Of course, if you’ve already read Parable of the Sower, much of the last four years might have felt a little too eerily familiar. But moving on: “Butler was an observer and ponderer. The probing mind that animates her novels, short stories and essays is obsessed with the viability of the human enterprise. Will we survive our worst habits? Will we change? Do we want to?” (And, also, probably you should start with Kindred.) – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Words, 01.15.21

Motion Picture Academy Changes, And Expands, The International Shortlist

The Academy concluded that there was no way to keep the larger executive committee’s deliberation process secure on Zoom or other platforms – so the “preliminary committee,” a smaller group, is now the only arbiter of what movies will be nominated for Best International Feature. Unrelated (or so they claim), the shortlist has expanded from 10 to 15. – The Hollywood Reporter
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