Kazu Hiro creates remarkably lifelike busts

Makeup artist Kazu Hiro also creates larger-than-life sculptures of notable people. Each one is very realistic. YouTuber NAKIzm stopped by his exhibit at last year's LA Art Show Hiro won the Academy Award for Best Makeup and Hairstyling for Darkest Hour (2017) and Bombshell (2019). — Read the rest
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Time To Bring Back Leonard Bernstein’s Musical?

Mark Swed thinks so: Bernstein “devoted four years to the musical. He wrote more music for it than for any other theater work. The show had a $900,000 sponsorship from Coca-Cola. It was billed as the musical of the decade. The show closed on Broadway after seven performances. It was the biggest artistic disaster of Bernstein’s life. The reviews were just awful, all of them. Critics called it ‘simplistic,’ ‘sophomoric’ and ‘a Bicentennial bore.’ Bernstein thought he had written his greatest show...
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Albany Symphony – Director of Development & Marketing

Dedicated to championing the music and composers of our time and celebrating the people and history of the NY Capital Region, the Albany Symphony seeks a Director of Development & Marketing to be the key driver of the organization’s fundraising, audience development, and communications functions. The Albany Symphony provides a fast-paced and collaborative environment and welcomes candidates from ALAANA communities. SummaryThe Director of Development & Marketing is responsible for planning, ma...
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The Future of Music Faculty Fellowship – Apply by May 1

CIM’s Future of Music Faculty Fellowship is a first-of-its-kind career development initiative for Black and Latinx music professionals considering and/or pursuing an academic career. By spotlighting and preparing exceptional future faculty leaders, the competitive fellowship takes aim at the representation gap on music faculties nationwide. The Future of Music Faculty Fellowship is a first-of-its-kind career development initiative for Black and Latinx music professionals considering and/or c...
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After The Storming Of The Capitol, Classical Music Feels More Vulnerable Than Ever

Of course, this feeling (and the lack of funding, and alarm about orchestras’ survival) started long before the pandemic, and long before the assault on the Capitol Building. But: “The trials of the past year have brought forth many of the qualities we already admired about classical music: its resilience, resistance, persistence and endurance. But permanence? I’m not so sure anymore.” – Washington Post
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Robert Cohan, 95, Who Exported Contemporary Dance From The US To The UK

Cohan founded an outpost of Martha Graham’s school in London in 1966, and, a couple of years later, The Place. That venture (including the London Contemporary Dance Group) “initially performed pieces from Graham’s and other choreographers’ bodies of work, but Mr. Cohan soon decided that going forward it would offer only works that had been specially created for its dancers. Under this new policy The Place became a hothouse for cultivating local talent, producing important choreographers like Ri...
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After 30 Years, London Review Of Books Editor Steps Down

Mary-Kay Wilmers was one of LRB‘s co-founders in 1979, and after co-editing it since 1988 became sole editor in 1992. Two women will take over: “Wilmers will continue at the paper as consulting editor, with the LRB’s deputy editor Jean McNicol and senior editor Alice Spawls succeeding her.” – The Guardian (UK)
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After Inheriting A Massive Khmer Art Collection, A Daughter Returns It To Cambodia

When Nawapan Kriangsak inherited the priceless art collection of her father, scholar and collector Douglas Latchford, she already had a plan in motion to return his art to Cambodia, from whence most of it came during that country’s civil war. Latchford’s death in 2020 ended extradition efforts after “federal prosecutors in New York charged him with trafficking in looted Cambodian relics and falsifying documents, and said he had ‘built a career out of the smuggling and illicit sale of priceless ...
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When Writers Of Color Have To Save Themselves

Brian Lin: “At the start of the pandemic, I emailed friends, colleagues, and mentors, all POC, to ask two questions about their literary lives. What is a recurring situation that’s destabilizing and hard to navigate? What guidance would you offer a fellow person of color for navigating such situations?” – Los Angeles Review of Books
Tags: Art, Words, Brian Lin, 01.25.21

When Broadway Returns, Ticketing May Be Different

Why did Jujamcyn switch from Ticketmaster to SeatGeek (more commonly a sports ticket app in the U.S.)? For one thing, SeatGeek is very commonly a contactless system, which now seems possible valuable for preventing viral spread. Also, there’s the ease of selling more things: “Beyond selling tickets, its technology could be used to allow customers to order food and drink, arrange transportation, purchase merchandise and get other information.” – The New York Times
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SOPHIE, Innovative Music Producer, Electronica Musician, And Trans Icon, 34

She died in what her team said was a “terrible accident” in Athens while celebrating the full moon. “SOPHIE was a trailblazer in almost every respect. The Scottish-born, L.A.-based producer transformed underground dance music, melding the worlds of house, techno, trance, pop and the avant-garde into something brazenly new and undeniable.” – NPR
Tags: Art, People, Athens, Sophie, 01.30.21

The Greek Language Is Deluged With English Right Now

The word for pandemic is absolutely Greek, but nearly everything else the Greeks discuss about COVID-19 is English – and a leading linguist is worried. “Far too many [English terms] are entering spoken and written Greek. On the television you hear phrases such as ‘rapid tests are being conducted via drive-through’, and almost all the words are English. It’s as if suddenly I’m hearing Creole.” – The Observer (UK)
Tags: Art, Words, 01.31.21

Colorado Symphony Can Breathe Easy For A Few More Months

A $2 million donation means that musicians and staff have salaries and health care through June, despite the fact that there’s no revenue coming in from concerts. – Nine News (Denver)
Tags: Art, Music, Nine News, Colorado Symphony, 01.29.21

Sharon Kay Penman, Historical Novelist Of England And Wales, 75

Penman’s best-selling, lengthy books about medieval England and Wales were stuffed with research – and drama. But “such was her commitment to the factual record that she kept a running list on her website of historical errors in her novels, owning up to even the most minor offense, like describing a medieval greyhound as ‘brindled,’ long before the breed developed that particular coloration.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, England, Wales, People, Penman, Sharon Kay Penman, 01.29.21

Duke Bootee, Who Changed The Course Of Hip-Hop, 69

Writer, studio musician at Sugar Hill Records, and singer, Bootee couldn’t take the upbeat party aims of early hip-hop. So he wrote “The Message” about the serious, gritty life of his hometown, Elizabeth, N.J. Questlove: “The world (me included) absolutely froze in its tracks the week it debuted on radio. … Hip-hop was once known as party fodder, a fad. ‘The Message’ pulled a 180 and proved it could be a tool of sociopolitical change.” – The New York Times
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An Appraisal, And An Appreciation, Of Cicely Tyson

Wesley Morris: “Alas, she would not be playing the most daring, out-there characters. And let’s face it: the great parts were always headed to someone whiter anyway. The more audacious move was to declare herself a moral progenitor, to walk with her head high so that Denzel Washington might become a man on fire and Viola Davis could learn how to get away with murder.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Viola Davis, People, Denzel Washington, Wesley Morris, Cicely Tyson, 01.29.21

Apple Also Blames Facebook For Undermining Democracy

And now there’s a tug of war about the future of the internet – and the future of any kind of privacy. – Wired
Tags: Art, Issues, 01.29.21

The Dramatic Importance Of Club Dance To City Life

That’s merely one thing that’s missing right now, of course, but it is missing, and Dublin isn’t going to let people forget the joys of moving their bodies alongside so many others at dance clubs. “Who’s in charge of making sure we have the facilities to be a city? Who’s in charge of making sure there’s somewhere for us to dance?” – Irish Times
Tags: Art, Dance, Dublin, 01.30.21

Tonys Voting Has A Plan, But The Awards Date Is A Mystery

The Broadway League and the American Theater Wing: “One, the much-delayed awards will be scheduled ‘in coordination with the reopening of Broadway.’ And two, the voting will take place from March 1 to March 15.” OK. Why not be flexible at this point? – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Broadway, Broadway League, 01.29.21

The Forgotten Black British Writers That A Booker-Winner Wants To Bring Back

Bernadine Evaristo, author of 2019’s Booker prizewinning Girl, Woman, Other, is launching, or relaunching, a series of Black British novels that didn’t quite make it into the British canon. “Our appreciation of literature is deepened when we understand the foundations from which each new generation creates literature anew, but because so much of the body of black British literature hasn’t been taught in schools or universities, or immortalised on television and film, or even been widely or seri...
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Beaming Music To Potential Extraterrestrial Life

The SETI Institute is ready to take music to Mars, or wherever. While it’s a listening project, it’s also now a beaming project. A founding astrophysicist and a musician “have devised the ‘Earthling Project’: a call to people everywhere to upload snippets of song that [the musician] plans to meld into a collective human chorus. An initial composition will be launched into space this summer, inscribed on a virtually indestructible disk alongside Wikipedia and the Rosetta Project, a sampling of 1...
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Looking For Movies About Wall Street For, Well, Reasons?

You won’t find them on the usual streaming suspects. – The Verge
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Corky Lee, Photographer Of Asian America, Dies Of Covid At 73

Lee, the son of immigrants from China, “was determined both to restore the contributions of Asian-Americans to the historical record and to document their present-day lives and struggles, especially those living in New York.” – The New York Times
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Photographer Mick Rock: ‘Social media means we won’t see another Lou Reed’

The veteran, who also snapped David Bowie and Iggy Pop, talks of the birth of the ‘real underground’ and why it won’t happen againVeteran English photographer Mick Rock embodies the music scene of the 1970s, from his famous shots of Lou Reed, Debbie Harry, Freddie Mercury, Iggy Pop and David Bowie, right down to his convenient birth surname.A bystander who almost accidentally shaped the subversive look of an era, Rock is now to release images from his archive to mark the birthday of his late fri...
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Freud's muse ignored? Row breaks out over sale of June Furlong's art collection

The Liverpool artist’s model, who was also drawn by John Lennon, was understood by some to have left her paintings to a museumShe was a Liverpudlian life model who posed for thousands of artists, including Lucian Freud, who described her as “an exotic creature with a deep penetrating mind”, and John Lennon who, as an art student in his pre-Beatles days, asked if it would be “all right” to draw her.June Furlong befriended many of those artists and, just months before her death last year, she was ...
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