How Much Do Composers Get Paid For Commissions?

The reality is that many questions surround composer pay. Some people wonder why they’re not being paid more. Some people are surprised by the amounts they have been paid. Some people worry they should have gotten more, but weren’t bold enough to ask for it. Some composers get asked to name their number. Others are told, “this is the budget.” Some of us are making a living from our commissions. Some of us have other jobs that help pay the bills. – NewMusicBox
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Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Manager, Dallas Opera

Reporting to the Director of Marketing, Sales, and Patron Services, the Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Manager works collaboratively within the Advancement team and throughout the full organization to produce email communications and update website content. In addition, this position creates and implements strategy for website development and email automation functionality to drive revenue, innovation, and increase The Dallas Opera’s digital footprint. Email Communications and Automation Ca...
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Super creepy new paintings by Ryan Heshka

The amazing Ryan Heshka has a new series of paintings and will make them available for sale this Friday, February 5th at 9:00 am PS. He says "These works were produced purely for my own enjoyment and experimentation, and are part of a small number of paintings I was able to produce this past year that were/are publicly available. — Read the rest
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The Pandemic Has Brought Out The Medieval In Us

“Was there a connection between the sudden relevance of medieval anecdotes and an apparent increase in blackletter fonts on leftist social media? If plague humor was in, so too were ornate, eye-catching fonts derived from a Gothic style. And as platforms such as Instagram evolved last summer—becoming more text-heavy, politicized, and less about the passive consumption of lifestyle imagery—text-based infographics featuring blackletter became central tools for sharing information, arguments, and ...
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Binging Or Drip Drip Drip? The Pros And Cons Of Streaming

Are we really just pleasure-seeking audiences looking for that instant hit of media indulgence? As the effects of lockdown and zoom fatigue have exposed, society seems to be increasingly experiencing media fatigue. – The Conversation
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How Do We Mitigate The Chaos Of Social Media?

“I think we’re witnessing, in real time, society grappling with the emergence of social media as a very powerful force. Experts who have been studying this stuff have been warning for months, if not years, that these types of disturbances could happen as a result of online platforms. And this isn’t the first time that we’ve seen social media activity manifest in a real-world threat to democracies or disruption of an economy. But the scale, publicity, and extremity of these recent events feels n...
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LA Theatre Raises $700K In A Single Online Fundraiser. Here’s How

It was with no small amount of happiness that Center Theatre Group this week said it had generated more than $700,000 through a single fundraising event: a boisterous Zoom party featuring an impressive list of theater makers and celebrities. The event was part of the RWQuarantunes program, launched last year by WME partner Richard Weitz and his teenage daughter, Demi, to raise money for groups devastated by coronavirus shutdowns. – Los Angeles Times
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Advertising and Sales Manager, Dallas Opera

Reporting to the Director of Marketing, Sales, and Patron Services, the Advertising and Sales Manager is responsible for managing media placement, budget, content, and production for all print, digital, broadcast, and out of home advertising to support the ticket sales and revenue goals of The Dallas Opera. This position also manages all direct sales activity including planning, content, and production for direct mail and all aspects of the subscription campaign. Advertising Manage media p...
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Director of Finance

Looking for a Director of Finance excited to work with a Nonprofit Organization Overview Baltimore Center Stage seeks a confident, collaborative, leader for the position of Director of Finance. The Director of Finance is a direct report to the Managing Director and works closely with senior department heads. This position will help lead the conversation around and about institutional issues that have a theater-wide impact, and shares in the responsibility and leadership of Baltimore Center...
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Record Amount Of Buried Treasure Found In UK (By Amateurs With Metal Detectors)

The vast majority, 96%, were discovered by metal detecting. Norfolk, Lincolnshire, Essex and Hampshire were identified as hotspots for treasure with more than 80 pieces found in each county during 2019. There are approximately 20,000 detectorists in England and Wales, and 348 of their discoveries were acquired by or donated to UK museums in 2019. Of the found treasure, 84% were “object cases”, meaning non-coin finds. – The Guardian
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A “Unique Addition” to the Whitman Repertoire

When PostClassical Ensemble undertook our world premiere recording of the 1944 radio play Whitman, we did so believing that Bernard Herrmann’s Whitman setting is a singular addition to the repertoire of “melodramas” – compositions for music plus the spoken word. – Joseph Horowitz
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Build Back Better

At this point I would implore arts organizations not to return to pre-pandemic practices with nothing more than modest tweaks. This is a time for serious reconfiguring. So let me suggest three categories for new or significantly expanded approaches. – Doug Borwick
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When Dancers Form COVID Bubbles

A look at how small groups of (properly tested and quarantined) dancers and choreographers got together (at long last!) to make work this past summer at two centers of dance in the Hudson River Valley. – The Washington Post
Tags: Art, Dance, Hudson River Valley, 02.04.21

25 Years Ago A Luddite And A Techno-Utopian Bet On Whether Technology Would Destroy The World…

“History is full of civilizations that have collapsed, followed by people who have had other ways of living,” Kirkpatrick Sale said. “My optimism is based on the certainty that civilization will collapse.” – Wired
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QOTD: Should Design Be Consistent Across Brands?

Let me start this out with an auto-writer pet peeve of mine: I hate the phrase “design language.” I have since I started working in automotive media in 2007. I am not sure why — it’s probably just too much PR/corporate speak for me. I’ve banned that phrase from this site via our internal style […] The post QOTD: Should Design Be Consistent Across Brands? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Should Prime-Time TV Series Work In COVID Storylines? Or Is That The Last Thing The Audience Wants?

“In [writers’] rooms all over the internet, hospital dramas, first-responder shows, situation comedies and courtroom procedurals were having similar debates. To ignore the events of the spring and summer — the pandemic, America’s belated racial reckoning — meant placing prime-time series outside (well, even more outside) observable reality. But to include them meant potentially exhausting already exhausted viewers and covering telegenic stars from the eyes down.” – The New York Times
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Archaeologists Discover Stone And Bronze Age Burials At Site Of Stonehenge Tunnel

“Bronze age graves, Neolithic pottery and the vestiges of a mysterious C-shaped enclosure that might have been a prehistoric industrial area are among the finds unearthed by archaeologists who have carried out preliminary work on the site of the proposed new road tunnel at Stonehenge.” – The Guardian
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Theatre Of Screens (But Is It, Though?)

Whether or not onscreen theater feels like theater may depend on whether it offers a feeling of liveness, with all the potential for error and surprise and invention and anything-could-go-wrong-at-any-moment contingency that liveness affords. – The New York Times
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How Did A Book Of New Poetry Get Passed Off As The Work Of Ancient Buddhist Nuns?

Matty Weingast’s The First Free Women: Poems of the Early Buddhist Nuns was marketed by America’s leading Buddhist publisher — and hailed by many readers — as a translation of the Therigatha, a collection of Pali verse attributed to the very first community of Buddhist nuns. But as scholars familiar with the actual Therigatha got a look, they saw just how little of what Weingast wrote resembles the original, and quite a brouhaha arose. Does Weingast acknowledge that his work isn’t a translation...
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Despite Pandemic, UK TV And Film Production Only Down 21 Percent In 2020

As per fresh stats from the British Film Institute, film and TV spend on Brit shores was £2.84B for the year, down a surprisingly slim 21% on the year before. Film bore the brunt of that decline – 31% down for the year in comparison with 11% for high-end TV. – Deadline
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U.S. Supreme Court Unanimously Rejects Suit Over Guelph Treasure

The collection of ornate medieval reliquaries is now held by Berlin’s state museums; the American heirs of German Jewish art dealers, claiming that the objects were sold to the state under duress in 1935, sued in U.S. federal courts to recover them under “the international law of genocide.” The SCOTUS ruling declares, “We do not look to the law of genocide to determine if we have jurisdiction over the heirs’ common law property claims. We look to the law of property” — which says this is a matt...
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Libel Lawsuit In Poland Could Derail Holocaust Research, Observers Fear

“Two Polish historians are facing a libel trial over a book examining Poles’ behaviour during the Second World War, a case whose outcome is expected to determine the future of independent Holocaust research under Poland’s nationalist government. … [The case] comes in the wake of a 2018 law that makes it a crime to falsely accuse the Polish nation of crimes committed by Nazi Germany.” – The Guardian
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Miranda Richardson's teenage obsessions: 'I rescued a kestrel and became fascinated by birds of prey'

With the release of her new film Rams, the actor remembers her love of westerns and John Wayne, playing male parts at her all girls’ school and the thrill of frightening humourI grew up in Southport, Lancashire, with a cinema about 50 yards from my house. So Saturday mornings were spent with The ABC Minors: the Saturday cinema club with the theme song set to the tune of Blaze Away by Abe Holzmann, a red ball bouncing over the lyrics so you could sing along. Continue reading...
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Could We Really Revive The Federal Theatre Project? How Would That Work In 2021?

The short answer is that it couldn’t work the way it did in the 1930s: the legal and theatrical landscape then was too different. (For a start, there was no such thing as not-for-profit theatre.) But there are certainly possibilities; here are a few of them. – American Theatre
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Grief and grievance: how artists respond to racial violence in America

In a new exhibition, the work of 37 artists has been brought together to show how art can react to the epidemic of violence towards black AmericansAt a time when black Americans are twice as likely to die of Covid-19 as their white counterparts while a reckoning continues over ongoing police brutality, a new group exhibition is opening to tell the story of black grief in America, from the 1960s to present day.Grief and Grievance: Art and Mourning in America opens 17 February at the New Museum in...
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America Needs A Creative Intervention

With misinformation and disinformation (here’s the difference) flourishing unchecked online, being able to discern fact from fiction is especially crucial. We witnessed the fatal violence and the humiliation on the world stage that ensues when a critical mass of our citizens can’t tell the difference between lies and truth. How can democracy, which relies on an informed citizenry, prevail when so many are confused, or are the victims of lies? –
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Kirill Serebrennikov, Russia’s Most Famous Dissident Director, Fired From His Moscow Theatre

On Tuesday, Serebrennikov hosted an event at the Gogol Center — which he has directed since its opening in 2012 and which has become one of the Russian capital’s hottest theaters — revealing season plans for 2021. On Wednesday, the city of Moscow’s culture department announced that Serebrennikov’s contract would not be renewed when it expires in 3½ weeks. (For years he has battled embezzlement charges widely believed to be trumped-up.) – The Calvert Journal
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Stunning Aztec Eagle Carving Unearthed In Mexico City

The 42″-by’28” bas-relief of a golden eagle, carved from a reddish volcanic rock called tezontle, was found by archaeologists at the Templo Mayor, the Aztecs’ main religious site in what was then their capital city, where it was on the floor of an area devoted to the sun god Huitzilopochtli. – Smithsonian Magazine
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Was Philadelphia’s Leading Classical Radio Host Just Fired?

Gregg Whiteside, who for 17 years hosted weekday morning programming and the Philadelphia Orchestra concert broadcasts at WRTI, abruptly disappeared from the air last month, with only a brief farewell note about his retirement (as it was termed) several days later on the station’s website. The staff had been alerted with a one-sentence memo saying that Whiteside no longer works there “effective immediately,” and station execs have said absolutely nothing about the matter since. –
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Poetry Magazine Faces Down Furor Over Printing Work By Sex Offender

“[The prestigious journal] has doubled down on its decision to publish a poem by a convicted sex offender as part of a special edition dedicated to incarcerated poets, telling critics that ‘it is not our role to further judge or punish [people] as a result of their criminal convictions’.” – The Guardian
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