Montclair University Cultural Official Accused Of Verbal Abuse

“Emily Johnson, an Indigenous self-described dancemaker and choreographer published a letter she sent to the National Endowment for the Arts on Thursday detailing what she calls “abusive” experiences working with Jedediah Wheeler, executive director of Montclair State’s Office of Arts and Cultural Programming.” – Politico
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Theatres Are Closed, Staff Are Furloughed, Colleagues Have Died, So How To Move Forward In 2021?

With joy. No, truly: “We must now work urgently, with purpose, centered in joy. … This is not joyful expression solely for the purpose of joy; they are the tools that work in community and can withstand great stress.” – American Theatre
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Who, Or What Collective, Should Create 45’s Official Portrait?

One suggestion: 43, aka painter George W. Bush. – Hyperallergic
Tags: Art, Visual, 02.05.21

The Future (And Some Of The Present) Of Comics Is Black

Yes, Black Panther is returning to comics, but also, so very much more than Black Panther. Here’s a guide for newbies. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Words, 02.07.21

Waterstones Doesn’t Want To Pay Its Furloughed Workers Minimum Wage

Some furloughed workers says they can’t make rent, can’t buy food, can’t make it in general, at 80 percent of their pay – and of course, that means the workers weren’t being paid much before the virus hit. From the workers’ petition: “It is not our intention to damage or attack our company. We are dedicated to our jobs and adore our colleagues, hold great belief in the product we sell and love the people and customers that we encounter daily. Rather we set up the petition with the aim of raisin...
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There’s A ‘Museum Of Comfort’ In Spain

Well, on Instagram, actually. Yes, another InstaMuseum. Did Spanish people invent something to make life easier, better, more comfortable? Into the “museum” it goes. Part of its goal: “We have to generate a narrative for Spanish design.” – El Pais
Tags: Art, Instagram, Spain, Visual, 02.05.21

Upending A ‘Typical Immigrant Story’ With Steven Yeun

Yeun, who got the job as Glenn on The Walking Dead five months after he moved to Los Angeles, is starring in Minari right now – the movie famous at the moment because the Hollywood Foreign Press Association didn’t consider this extremely American story American enough since the protagonists mostly speak Korean. “Minari premiered at Sundance and took home the U.S. Dramatic Grand Jury Prize and an audience award. Yeun’s father sat next to him during the screening, which unnerved Yeun. … With this...
Tags: Art, Los Angeles, People, Glenn, Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Steven Yeun, Yeun, Minari, 02.03.21

How Did Arts And Culture Respond To Trump?

The internet is healing, I would say now, but we should all know better: a garbage vortex of such scale doesn’t just disappear, but drifts on, accumulating more and more trash, slowly choking everything around it. – The Drift
Tags: Art, Ideas, Trump, 02.03.21

Let Us All Now Praise Christopher Plummer

Look … “He wasn’t just a pro. If there were a fabulous comic-book A-team of character actors — an Expendables, a Wild Bunch, an Avengers Initiative — Christopher Plummer would have been the one you put in charge of it, the Reed Richards or Morpheus of the crew. And he would probably have designed and built the headquarters but wouldn’t have told you he did any of it: He would have just let you find out on your own, by doing your homework, because that’s how he always figured things out — and wh...
Tags: Art, People, Christopher Plummer, 02.06.21

The Coronavirus Is Devastating Film And TV Careers

Yes, it’s devastating all kinds of careers in the arts. One TV director: “The big question is ‘will I ever work again?’ And if not, how can I best say goodbye to an industry I have been part of for all my working life?” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Media, 02.04.21

The Last Agency Holdout Agrees To A Deal With Writers Guild In Hollywood

Nearly two years after screenwriters fired their agents in a fight against agency actions that were costing TV writers quite a bit of money, the Writers’ Guild Union approved a new deal with WME. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, 02.05.21, Writers Guild Union

Edinburgh’s Royal High School, With Its Greek Revival Architecture, Was Saved From Development

Or from bad development, anyway. Now it’s up for bids not for sale but for “sustainable longterm uses.” The fight against a luxury hotel development galvanized Edinburgh preservationists. “For campaigners, the fate of the Royal High School, established as a free educational facility for rich and poor children alike with the ethos that all deserved to learn in an unapologetically lavish environment, represents a fight for the heart of Edinburgh, and indeed Scotland.” – The Observer (UK)
Tags: Art, Scotland, Edinburgh, Visual, Royal High School, 02.06.21

'We want our riches back' – the African activist taking treasures from Europe's museums

Mwazulu Diyabanza has been fined and jailed for entering museums and forcibly removing ‘pillaged’ African artefacts. He tells our writer why the British Museum is now in his sightsMwazulu Diyabanza makes no secret of why he is in France. If coronavirus had not closed most of Europe’s museums, the Congolese activist would probably be inside one right now, wresting African objects from their displays to highlight what he sees as the mass pillaging of the continent by European colonialists.And it’s...
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In Britain, Thousands Protest The Idea Of Closing To The Public A Library That Was Left To The Nation

The Wallace Collection “is in internal consultation” about closing the library and archive that was left to the country in 1897. Is that even legal? Will anyone notice during the pandemic? (More than 10,000 people certainly have noticed.) – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Britain, Words, Audience, Wallace Collection, 02.05.21

Sundance Went Virtual This Year, And That Worked OK

The last big film festival from 2020 had its virtual tryout this year. It wasn’t terrible, but, says one critic: “I’m usually whiny and cranky about Sundance. Why are we in the snow? Why January? I could see all you people in Los Angeles. But this year, I was so nostalgic for every bit of the experience. I wanted nothing more than to be packed into a crowded shuttle bus, talking to strangers about tiny movies. I was so craving everything Sundance stands for that I even tuned in to festival dire...
Tags: Art, Utah, Media, Los Angeles, Tabitha Jackson, 02.05.21

Even The Met Is Considering Selling Some Art To Make Ends Meet

The Met’s director, Max Hollein: “Every museum in the U.S. is having these conversations. … For us not to discuss this now would be irresponsible.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Visual, Max Hollein, 02.05.21

Robert Jones, Film Editor Of Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner And Love Story, 84

Jones dropped out of college, and yes, started his career working in the shipping room at 20th Century Fox. “The Los Angeles native scored Academy Award noms for his work on comedy film series It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World and the Katharine Hepburn and Sidney Poitier-starring Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. Jones also cut films such as 1973’s The Last Detail, 1975’s romantic comedy Shampoo and 1976’s musical drama Bound for Glory, which scored him his third Oscar editing nomination.” But he actual...
Tags: Art, Los Angeles, People, Jones, Sidney Poitier, Katharine Hepburn, Robert Jones, 02.06.21

Director Kelly Reichardt On The Commitment To A Daily Process Of Making Art

The director of Meek’s Cutoff and First Cow is also feeling, well, a bit cynical. “There’s so much celebration of women and people of color this year and I’m thinking ‘that’s great,’ but a cynical part of me is thinking ‘Is this just Covid?’ Are they just thinking ‘Let’s just let women in and give them the awards this year – no one’s actually coming to watch the films’ … I don’t know, we’ll have to see where the lasting power is.” – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, Meek, Kelly Reichardt, 02.06.21

Anne Feeney, Singer-Songwriter Whose Fiery ‘Have You Gone To Jail For Justice’ Inspired Peter Paul And Mary, 69

Peter Yarrow said Feeney was “joyous and fiery in her determination to use her music to elevate those who are most marginalised and to move towards greater justice in the land.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, People, Feeney, Peter Yarrow, Anne Feeney, Peter Paul and Mary, 02.05.21

If Britain Takes Its Vaccination Strategy From ‘Contagion,’ A Movie, So What?

A lot of science fiction and fantasy predicts the future – so why not a well-researched movie about a pandemic? (It’s worth noting that Britain’s vaccine response has been one of the fastest in the world.) – Irish Times
Tags: Art, Ideas, Britain, 02.06.21

This Indian Comedian Was Thrown In Jail For Jokes He Hadn’t Told

This is not a democratic move: “The Muslim comic [was] thrown in a Madhya Pradesh jail on January 1, 2021 with four others on suspicion that he might make some jokes about Hinduism.” – Vice
Tags: Art, Issues, Madhya Pradesh, 02.05.21

Ballet Dancers, Getting Real (And Sometimes Really Funny) On TikTok

If Instagram is about selling your moves – and your clothing line, your toe shoe line, your skin care routine, etc. – then TikTok is about being yourself. Kind of. “Casual, confessional and playful, TikTok offers a release for ballet dancers, particularly students, who spend their days chasing impossible perfection. TikTok is a place to laugh about the impossibility, rather than obsess over perfection.” – The New York Times
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Turns Out Inaugural Poet Amanda Gorman Was Inspired By Composers

Gorman: “I love Black poets. I love that as a Black girl, I get to participate in that legacy. So that’s Yusef Komunyakaa, Sonia Sanchez, Tracy K. Smith, Phillis Wheatley. And then I look to artists who aren’t just poets. While I was writing the Inaugural poem, I was reading a lot of Frederick Douglass, a lot of Winston Churchill, a lot of Abraham Lincoln. I was also listening to the composers who I feel are great storytellers, but they don’t use words so I try to fill in that rhetoric myself. ...
Tags: Art, Winston Churchill, Words, Abraham Lincoln, Gorman, Frederick Douglass, Amanda Gorman, 02.04.21

Skywhalepapa enthrals Canberra crowd – even as winds keep him grounded

Thousands gather before dawn for the official launch of beloved Skywhale’s new companion Many cities have patron saints. In Palermo in southern Italy there is a story that a vision of Saint Rosalia, a young hermit, saved the city from a plague. In Berlin, you can see a black bear everywhere you look: on the city’s coat of arms, on street signs, as statues like teddy bears telling visitors they are welcome.Around the world, part of living in a city is to believe in mythical creatures or visions t...
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