Organize Your Information, ‘Til We Rise to the Occasion

I created this blog on January 1, 2007. Not long ago, it surpassed one million visitors. That's more than a bit mind-blowing, the idea that so many people have read my opinions, discoveries, revelations, both here and in my books. Thank you!The initial purpose of the blog was to document our creation process on each show we produce, both our progress through the process of learning music and blocking, polishing the show, etc.; but also my progress as I discover what makes the show tick, and als...
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Broadway’s Master Hair Maker Packs It In

From “The Elephant Man” to “Chicago,” “Cats” to “Thoroughly Modern Millie,” Huntley was the designer behind the wigs and often-elaborate locks that helped define the lasting visual impression of some 300 projects, earning him a special Tony Award in 2003. – The New York Times
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SF School Board Chief Explains Why Lincoln And Washington Names Were Removed From Schools

“There’s this idea that because we’re removing the names we’re somehow removing the stories in what we’re learning, and that in fact is not the case. It’s really just sharing in our schools what is and isn’t uplifted. And that’s part of my work as a school-board member. That’s been my work as a teacher. What are we highlighting in our classes? And what are we teaching our students? And what isn’t being uplifted in our time and our public-school system that we’ve seen throughout history?” – The ...
Tags: Art, Washington, Issues, 02.06.21, SF School Board

Reimagining “Live” Performance During COVID: Will Any Of It Stick?

By emptying stages and dancefloors, the pandemic has generated an urgent need to reimagine the live music experience – both for artists and the audience stuck at home. So, how is Covid reshaping the creative thinking behind live music performances, and what lasting impact could there be? – BBC
Tags: Art, Music, 02.08.21

Amanda Gorman Has Quickly Become A Superstar Poet

Her inaugural poem made her a superstar. And while her rise may seem swift and meteoric, Sharon Marcus, an English and comparative literature professor at Columbia University, says we’re overdue for a poetic mega idol. “There have been celebrity poets for a long time. It’s more unusual to not have a celebrity poet — to have long periods of time where there aren’t celebrity poets — than to have celebrity poets,” said Marcus. – Washington Post
Tags: Art, People, Columbia University, Amanda Gorman, Sharon marcus, 02.08.21

The Professional Dancer Who Also Runs A Dairy Farm

Jean-Daniel Bouchard said although his twin passions may seem like something of a contradiction — farming can be gruelling physical labour and involves plenty of financial mathematics, versus an art form that depends on imagination and creativity — they help him find balance. – CBC
Tags: Art, Dance, 02.03.21, Jean Daniel Bouchard

The Man Who Realized Attention Was A Precious Commodity

His epiphany was this: One of the most finite resources in the world is human attention. To describe its scarcity, he latched onto what was then an obscure term, coined by a psychologist, Herbert A. Simon: “the attention economy.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Ideas, Herbert A Simon, 02.04.21

David Stull Discusses Acquiring Opus 3

The president of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music speaks about the school’s historic acquisition of Opus 3 Artists. – Aaron Dworkin
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, San Francisco Conservatory of Music, David Stull, 02.06.21

Can a New LACMA Rise from the Rubble? Quaffing Michael Govan’s Kool-Aid

The doubts engendered in me by the shifting ground (related to the proximity to the La Brea Tar Pits) under the cranes being used for construction of LACMA’s new Geffen Galleries caused me to reflect back on Govan’s spotty track record for delivering on his ambitious, provocative proposals. – Lee Rosenbaum
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, LACMA, Govan, Michael Govan, 02.05.21

The Purpose Of Playing

The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once described play as ‘[b]ecoming and dissolution, building and destruction without moral implication, in eternal innocence’ – as an act to be found ‘in the world only in the play of the artist and child’. – Aeon
Tags: Art, Ideas, Friedrich Nietzsche, 02.04.21

Minnesota Orchestra Posts A Record Deficit

On Thursday morning, the orchestra released its operating results for the fiscal year ending Aug. 31, 2020. The big news: a deficit of $11.7 million, the largest in its history. Last year’s deficit was $8.8 million, another record-breaker. No one who follows the orchestra has forgotten that the record-breaker before that, for 2012, was $6 million, enough to help lead to a lockout that lasted 15 months. – Minnpost
Tags: Art, Music, Minnesota, 02.05.21

Charles McGee, Dean Of Detroit Artists, 96

McGee, the prodigious dean of Detroit’s visual arts scene whose works can be seen everywhere from the Detroit Institute of Arts to the Broadway Station of the People Mover and who made invaluable contributions as an influential teacher, gallery owner and arts advocate dating back to the 1960s, died Thursday afternoon of natural causes at his home in Detroit. He was 96. – Detroit Free Press
Tags: Art, People, Detroit, McGee, Detroit Institute of Arts, Charles McGee, Broadway Station, 02.06.21

Saint Paul Conservatory of Music seeks Executive Director

SPCM, one of our community’s premier independent music schools, seeks a creative and thoughtful leader with a deep commitment to music education, experience working with the community, and a passion for social justice opportunities through music. The Saint Paul Conservatory of Music (SPCM) has provided high-quality music education to the Twin Cities community since 1985. Originally founded as part of the University of St. Thomas School of Music, The SPCM became an independent non-profit commu...
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Actor’s homophobia made her commercially toxic, tribunal told

Seyi Omooba is suing Leicester theatre and talent agency after being sacked for Facebook post on homosexualityA sacked actor who would have refused to play the role in which she had been cast as a lesbian because it was against her Christian beliefs made herself “commercially toxic” and her continued employment would have forced the show’s cancellation, a tribunal has heard.Seyi Omooba was due to play Celie in a production of The Color Purple at the Curve theatre, Leicester, but was removed from...
Tags: Facebook, Religion, Theatre, UK News, Culture, Christianity, Stage, Leicester, Employment tribunals, Celie, Seyi Omooba

Elton John Says Brexit Negotiators Screwed Up, And Screwed Over Musicians

Elton John says his tours can absorb the costs and the paperwork, so theoretically Brexit’s horribly negotiated touring musician deals (note: what deals?) don’t affect him. But, he adds, “I don’t want to live in a world where the only artists who can afford to tour properly are those who have been going for decades and have already sold millions of records.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Music, Elton John, Brexit, 02.07.21, Elton John Says Brexit

The Women Who Created The Blues

For popular music fans, “rock created the music publications we read today. R&B created rock. Blues created R&B. And Mamie Smith made the blues a national sensation.” – NPR
Tags: Art, Music, Mamie Smith, 02.07.21

A Group Of D&D Teenagers, With The Help Of The Kennedy Center, Give An Artistic Boost To The Home Of The Simpsons

In Springfield, Oregon, if you see people wandering around with choose your own adventure-style art books in their hands, don’t be surprised: “Three writers, an executive editor and an illustrator worked side-by-side with local businesses and organizers at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., to create the 51-page illustrated epic journey along Main Street in Springfield.” – The Eugene Register-Guard
Tags: Art, Washington, Ideas, Kennedy Center, Springfield, Springfield Oregon, 02.07.21

Hachette Pushes Out The Last Of The Mainstream MAGA Publishers

Kate Hartson, a fit 67-year-old who once ran a small press specializing in dogs, had all the trappings of a liberal book editor, including an apartment on the Upper East Side and a place in Hampton Bays. But she also seemed to be that rarest of figures in New York media: a true believer in Donald J. Trump, people who worked with her said. She published “Triggered” by Donald Trump Jr., Mr. Lewandowski’s “Trump: America First: The President Succeeds Against All Odds” and the work of other Trump d...
Tags: Art, New York, America, House, Fox News, Hachette, Upper East Side, Words, Newt Gingrich, Trump, Donald J Trump, Jeanine Pirro, 02.07.21, Kate Hartson, Donald Trump Jr Mr Lewandowski

Artists urged to shrug off Brexit blues in cross-Channel project

People in UK and France encouraged to submit work exploring new relationship between two countriesArtists on both sides of the Channel are being encouraged to beat the Brexit blues in a project exploring the new relationship between the UK and France.I Love You, Moi Non Plus aims to highlight how the arts across all disciplines from painting, illustration, photography, music and writing can break down the borders thrown up by Britain’s departure from the EU. Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Europe, UK, France, European Union, UK News, Culture, Britain, Art and design, Stella Mccartney, Brian Eno, Tamara Rojo, Brexit, Ai Weiwei, Jean Paul Gaultier, EU Continue

Pro Tip: Not All Of Those Suddenly On The Market ‘Seldom Seen’ Artist’s Works Are Real

Five Florine Stettheimer works showed up in 2020. But there was a bit of an issue: “Only two turned out to have been actually created by Stettheimer. Of the other works, two were removed from the marketplace and the attribution changed on the third.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Visual, Florine Stettheimer, Stettheimer, 02.07.21

Young Poets Think Amanda Gorman Is Giving Them Cultural Cachet – And Access

One youth poet laureate: “She was given the platform to really pull people in and witness the magic of it, and I think that once you get that, you’re going to be hooked.” – BBC
Tags: Art, Words, Amanda Gorman, 02.05.21

You Want Robots To Move Well?

Hire some choreographers. “Choreo-roboticists (that is, roboticists who work choreographically) believe that incorporating dancerly gestures into machinic behaviors will make robots seem less like industrial contrivances, and instead more alive, more empathetic, and more attentive. Such an interdisciplinary intervention could make robots easier to be around and work with—no small feat.” – Wired
Tags: Art, Dance, 02.07.21, Choreo

How The Novel Became Women’s Work

At least in the 18th century. “Wherever they were writing, these women had dared to move out of the conventional female role of service and self-sacrifice to pursue their own needs and drives. Dogged by financial insecurity, ill health, and bad eyesight as a number of them were, it took a special kind of courage to defy the stifling social expectations of the time and to bear the often brutal discouragement they faced, usually in the family.” – LitHub
Tags: Art, Words, 02.05.21

The Action Star Revival Had Largely Left Black Actresses Behind

Nothing against the (many) kick-ass, and asskicking, Black actresses of the science fiction universes, but for something closer to reality? Enter Queen Latifah. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Media, 02.07.21

Cindy Nemser, Who Founded The Feminist Art Journal, 83

Nemser started calling out sexism in the art and art history worlds half a century ago. “Her serious criticism and scholarship belied a whimsical streak she would occasionally indulge, as she did in a 1973 issue of The Feminist Art Journal when she parodied the Gilbert and Sullivan song ‘I’ve Got a Little List,’ from The Mikado, substituting ‘piggy’ — as in the male chauvinist kind — for ‘victim’ in the first line and name-checking a couple of male art critics of the day.” – The New York Times ...
Tags: Art, People, Gilbert, Sullivan, Cindy Nemser, 12.07.21, Feminist Art Journal, Nemser

The Best Time To Correct False, Er, Fake News Is Not In Advance

Warning people off doesn’t work: “We hear a lot about inoculating people against fake news or ‘prebunking’ it, but new research shows that the best time to fact-check a false headline — and have subjects remember the fact-check a week later — is after the subject has already read the headline.” – Nieman Lab
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Often, The Art Was Taken By Force, So This Activist Says He Can Take It Back

Mwazulu Diyabanza is a Congolese activist who would prefer France’s museums were open so he could get some attention for taking African objects from their displays “to highlight what he sees as the mass pillaging of the continent by European colonialists. And it’s not just the mighty museums. Diyabanza and his supporters also plan to include smaller galleries, private collections and auction houses in their campaign. ‘Wherever the riches of our heritage and culture have been stolen,’ says the 4...
Tags: Art, France, Visual, Mwazulu Diyabanza, Diyabanza, 02.07.21

Frances McDormand, Chloe Zhao, And Nomadland Emerge As Frontrunners

Nomadland took top honors at the London Film Critics Circle on Sunday night. Zhao won for screenwriting, though; Steve McQueen took home Best Director honors for Small Axe, his anthology series of five films on Amazon Prime. – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Media, Steve McQueen, London Film Critics Circle, Zhao, Nomadland, 02.08.21, Frances McDormand Chloe Zhao

As Protests Continue Across Russia, Pussy Riot Releases A New Song In Support

Lead singer Nadya Tolokonnikova, who has been imprisoned before for her music and activism: “Art is the most important weapon I have against a repressive regime.” – BBC
Tags: Art, Issues, Nadya Tolokonnikova, 02.07.21, Russia Pussy Riot Releases

OK, Sure, Disease Is Not A Metaphor, But COVID-19’s Impact Sure Feels Fire-Like

Philip Kennicott: “Inflammation isn’t just an actual symptom of the disease. It seems to be part of its etiology, its moral and social origins and effects. Covid makes bad things worse; it inflames things.” – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Ideas, Philip Kennicott, 02.05.21

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