Why Some Are Inclined To Be Seduced By Conspiracy Theories

In the face of complicated events, bewildering new technologies, and sometimes contradictory information, the explanatory power of some occult yet totalizing narrative easily overmasters more prosaic explanations of the world. To those in thrall to such conspiracy beliefs, observable reality conceals plots that are hatched in secret by powerful people and organizations with malevolent purpose—to control, harm, or kill us. – New York Review of Books
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Cambodia is turning the tide on looted statues, but some things cannot be returned | Ashley Thompson and Stephen Murphy

While we celebrate the repatriation of $50m of ancient Khmer objects, the damage to Cambodian society is permanentAt the end of January, the Cambodian Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts announced the most significant return ever of stolen antiquities to south-east Asia: more than 100 ancient Khmer objects with an estimated value of $50m assembled over the course of six decades by Douglas Latchford.At his death in August 2020, Latchford was facing federal charges in the US for the alleged key role...
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Tickets for ‘Immersive Van Gogh’ experience in LA are on sale: What you need to know

After successful showings in Toronto and Chicago last year, the “Immersive Van Gogh” exhibit is set to open in a location in Downtown Los Angeles on May 27. Pre-sale tickets are now available at with most weekends through Labor Day sold out or in limited supply. The exact venue for the exhibit will be revealed closer to the opening date. As well as opening in the L.A. area, the event masterminded by creative director Massimiliano Siccardi will open at SVN West (formerly Fillmore We...
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Getting Behind The Real Tom Stoppard

Sir Tom occasionally shades into Saint Tom, thanks to a notably ample collection of friends who remark on his generosity and kindness. He remembers birthdays, he lends money when others are in need, his wit always beguiles. He is an unstoppable correspondent, keeping in touch with everyone, including long-ago landladies, and for 50 years he wrote once or twice a week to his mother. But Hermione Lee astutely observes that his charm can be a form of concealment, a means of detachment. Overall, a ...
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Dramatic Stone Henge Discovery In Wales Suggests Irish History

Its diameter of 110m is identical to the ditch that encloses Stonehenge, and it is aligned on the midsummer solstice sunrise, just like the Wiltshire monument. A series of buried stone holes that follow the circle’s outline has been unearthed, with shapes that can be linked to Stonehenge’s bluestone pillars. One of them bears an imprint in its base that matches the unusual cross section of a Stonehenge bluestone “like a key in a lock”, the archaeologists discovered. – Irish Times
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Pennsylvania Governor Proposes Zeroing Out Funds For Public TV

The state has issued $750,000 to seven stations annually since 2019. The funding, which is divided evenly among the stations, supports technology needs and operating expenses. It also covers program-related fees, production and distribution costs, and acquiring equipment. – Current
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A Norwegian Book Festival Becomes 12 Global Festivals

“One of the things I wasn’t thinking about, but which is very obvious to me now, is the great value of having each festival stage exactly what they would like to present. This has brought in a richness I couldn’t have dreamt of.” – LitHub
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Do We Have The Will To Stop Invention Of A Doomsday Device?

What we haven’t pulled out yet is a black ball: a technology that invariably destroys the civilisation that invents it. That’s not because we’ve been particularly careful or wise when it comes to innovation. We’ve just been lucky. But what if there’s a black ball somewhere in the urn? If scientific and technological research continues, we’ll eventually pull it out, and we won’t be able to put it back in. We can invent but we can’t un-invent. Our strategy seems to be to hope that there is no blac...
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Needed: A Philosophical Means Of Regarding Technology

We live in a technopoly, a society in which powerful technologies come to dominate the people they are supposed to serve, and reshape us in their image. These technologies, therefore, might be called prescriptive or manipulatory. For example, social networks promise to forge connections — but they also encourage mob rule. The proper response to this situation is not to shun technology itself, for human beings are intrinsically and necessarily users of tools. Rather, it is to find and use techno...
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Choreographer Annie-B Parson Says The Pandemic Has Made Us All Dancers

“I realized right away with COVID that people were becoming dancers, in that their spatial awareness was growing. We were literally afraid of each other’s presences. We were backing away from each other on the street, remember? … Our bodies were very, very alive, unfortunately with this negative sense of contagion, but nevertheless it was a choreography that was being learned.” – Slate
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Empty Movie Theaters Are Being Rented Out To Video Gamers

The cinema chain Malco has been doing this in six Southern states since November, and the South Korean chain CGV started it in January. With prices for a small group of players running around $100 for two hours, it’s not close to making up for the lack of moviegoers, but it’s at least a bit of income. And the gamers seem to love it; said one, “The sound quality is particularly amazing. The sound of the gunshots is just so vivid, and when something flew directly at me from the screen I even scre...
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Too-Sexy BMW on the Catwalk at NY Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week 2021, which oddly enough begins today and ends tomorrow, marks the return of BMW of North America to the catwalk. BMW rejoins Fashion Week, a celebration of fashion, culture, design, and economic development. This year, BMW chose to collaborate with acclaimed women’s fashion designer, LaQuan Smith, on a custom-content series. Smith, a […] The post Too-Sexy BMW on the Catwalk at NY Fashion Week appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Did The BBC Censor This Play About Buckingham Palace?

“Peter Barnes had 14 soliloquies on BBC Radio 3 [in the late ’80s] under the umbrella titles Barnes’ People and More Barnes’ People. They attracted remarkable actors, including Laurence Olivier (in his final role), Judi Dench, Alec Guinness, Alan Rickman, Janet Suzman and Jeremy Irons. Barnes wrote, though, a 15th monologue, which the BBC, in mysterious circumstances, withdrew from production in 1990. A True Born Englishman, in which a Buckingham Palace lackey recalls his career.” – The Guardia...
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Historic Weyerhaeuser Corporate Campus, Under Threat Of Development

The site, which the City of Federal Way annexed in 1994, has been lauded over the years for the pioneering way it intertwines building and landscape. Today, it is caught up in controversy over plans to build massive warehouses that opponents say would disrupt the balance with nature but that the property’s new owner says are necessary to pay for restoration of the headquarters building and maintenance of the grounds. – The New York Times
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Orchestras Must Overthrow The Tyranny Of Subscription Programming, Says NY Times

Anthony Tommasini: “[The format] locks them into standard-issue, week-after-week programs loaded with the classics and sprinkled, at best, with unusual or new choices. … Why can’t orchestras be nimble and respond to sudden inspiration, or current events? If the Pittsburgh Symphony has a hit with a premiere, why must audiences in other cities wait years to hear it?” – The New York Times
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They’ve Found The Emperor Hadrian’s Breakfast Room, And It Was Quite Something

“Researchers discovered the breakfast area within the ruins [of Hadrian’s Villa east of Rome], and it reveals how the emperor and his wife began each day with an impressive display of power. They believe the emperor would have sat on a raised marble platform, flanked by fountains. … Both Hadrian and his wife were positioned as if on thrones, with retractable bridges further setting them apart from their many servants.” – Artnet
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Whatever Became Of Shelley Duvall? This.

A sting of Robert Altman films in the 1970s made her into a major movie star with a Best Actress win at Cannes. Then came Kubrick’s The Shining, a physically and emotionally grueling film shoot leading to a performance that strikes viewers as either brilliant or grotesque. She spent the ’80s and early ’90s producing children’s television with marquee Hollywood actors. Then she up and disappeared — until 2016, when the Dr. Phil show found her in Texas and aired a disastrous interview. Writer Set...
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At Last Minute, Trump Made The Arts Commission Overseeing Capitol All-Male, All-White

“After Donald Trump made a flurry of hasty, last-minute appointments to the board that oversees the design of much of what is built in the capital, the CFA is once again all White and all male after decades of more diverse membership.” – Washington Post
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Southern Hemisphere’s Largest Arts Festival Watches And Waits As COVID Restrictions Come And Go

“Adelaide Fringe festival is scrambling to determine how the sudden closure of South Australia’s borders to Melbourne residents may affect dozens of its shows. The festival, the second largest open-access arts festival in the world after the Edinburgh Fringe and the largest in the southern hemisphere, is scheduled to open on 19 February and run for four weeks.” Last week, the Perth Festival lost its opening events when Western Australia imposed a sudden five-day lockdown. – The Guardian
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L.A. MoCA Is Restructuring, Will Hire New Executive Director

“Museum of Contemporary Art Director Klaus Biesenbach will take on a new role as artistic director … [and] will focus on programming, collections and exhibitions, international and digital outreach as well as fundraising and development. … The executive director … will steer daily management and operations at the museum, including ‘establishing key strategic, institutional and capital priorities, long range planning,'” and diversity initiatives. – Los Angeles Times
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Netflix And Dave Chappelle Make Peace, And His Show Is Back

“I asked you to stop watching the show and thank God almighty for you, you did,” he told an audience in Austin. “You made that show worthless because without your eyes, it’s nothing. And you stopped watching it. They called me and I got my name back and I got my license back and I got my show back and they paid me millions of dollars.” – Variety
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Jazz Pianist Chick Corea, 79

“Since the 1960s, Mr. Corea had been a prolific and dynamic force in music, building on his early training in classical music, Latin jazz and traditional jazz to build an original style that freely crossed musical boundaries. During a six-decade career, he won 23 Grammy Awards, more than any other jazz performer.” – The Washington Post
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Seattle Chamber Music Society – Executive Director

Seattle Chamber Music Society (SCMS) presents outstanding chamber music in the Pacific Northwest with festivals in January and July and community engagement programs through the year. Under the artistic leadership of violinist James Ehnes, preeminent musicians from around the world perform in the Nordstrom Recital Hall of Benaroya Hall in the heart of downtown Seattle. OrganizationSeattle Chamber Music Society (SCMS) presents outstanding chamber music in the Pacific Northwest with festivals i...
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Zoom – It’s A Song Lyric, It’s A Facilitator Of Romance…

As a nonsense word perfect for a doo-wop song. It’s a video app that connects people and (sometimes) facilitates romance. – WBUR
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Now That ‘The Great Gatsby’ Is In The Public Domain, Will It Be Understood Better?

The novel has been misinterpreted for a long time: just after it was published, Fitzgerald complained to Edmund Wilson that “of all the reviews, even the most enthusiastic, not one had the slightest idea what the book was about.” And that’s continued in the popular mind for nearly a century. (The idea of a Gatsby-themed party, after all, seems pretty wrongheaded once you think about the actual character.) Will the new adaptations — a miniseries, graphic novels, stage works, books written from t...
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