Met Museum Director Defends Deaccessioning To Pay Expenses

“The Met has a responsibility to our field and our global community,” Max Hollein says in a long statement posted today on the Met’s website. But, declaring a “historic crisis” for museums, he says: “It is my professional opinion that a deliberate deaccession program is appropriate, useful and necessary for a museum like ours. I also believe that we must face this once-in-a-generation challenge brought by the pandemic by supporting the museum as a whole, especially its staff, while also taking ...
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London’s Frieze Fair Will Rent Its Space For Pop-Up Galleries

The art fair leased a pair of converted townhouses in December last year, and it has now revealed that they will open as a new hub for international galleries to rent out for short periods, starting in October. – Artnet
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12th-Century Moorish Bathhouse Uncovered In Seville Beer Hall

There had always been rumors, and a few hints in surviving records, that there had been a hammam where the Cervercería Giralda now stands, but most people (including the owners) shrugged them off and figured the building was 1920s Moorish Revival style. Then the owners started renovating … – The Guardian
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DIY or Hire? 8 Projects for First-Time Homeowners

Although there are many joys and excitements associated with the purchase of your first home, there are just as many new processes that you must learn. From analyzing inspections to renovating rooms, there are many things involved in home ownership. With numerous DIY projects on the docket, it can be difficult to know when to hire help versus when to complete something on your own. In this article, we will share eight projects for first-time homeowners. In addition, we will share which pro...
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Book Sales Are Up 20 Percent In Australia. And Book Subscriptions Are Booming

Among the winners of this literary resurgence is a micro-industry: book subscription services, which curate a selection for you and deliver them to your home. In an era of information overload and a crowded literary market with an often debilitating degree of choice, it isn’t hard to see the attraction of professionals highly attuned to the market – or algorithms catered to your tastes – making the decisions for you. – The Guardian
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Nielsen Will Begin To Track Diversity Alongside Ratings Numbers

The initiative combines entertainment metadata with Nielsen’s audience measurement data. It’s designed to equip content creators, owners, distributors and advertisers with data around onscreen diversity and representation to enable more inclusive content. – Los Angeles Times
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4,000 Priceless Scrolls, Texts & Papers From the University of Tokyo Have Been Digitized & Put Online

The phrase “opening of Japan” is a euphemism that has outlived its purpose, serving to cloud rather than explain how a country closed to outsiders suddenly, in the mid-19th century, became a major influence in art and design worldwide. Negotiations were carried out at gunpoint. In 1853, Commodore Matthew Perry presented the Japanese with two white flags to raise when they were ready to surrender. (The Japanese called Perry’s fleet the “black ships of evil men.”) In one of innumerable historical...
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Now: Better Theatre Than Yesterday

“This present moment places us in an exciting crossroad between former traditions and the emergence of technical and multi-platformed storytelling. I do not believe we are in a purgatory until we return to in-person venues, but instead that we are on the precipice of incredible innovation. The future of our art form will be deeply impacted by the ways in which we respond to the present situation today.” – Howlround
Tags: Art, Theatre, 02.18.21

The Woman Who Saved Samba, Back When It Was Outlawed

“A century ago, samba becoming synonymous with Brazil’s cultural identity would have seemed impossible. In the early 20th century, Rio’s ruling elite were ashamed and afraid of the rhythm, which was linked to African-Brazilian cults. Samba faced police persecution: musicians were frequently arrested, their instruments confiscated or destroyed; gatherings were abruptly shut down. It might not have lasted were it not for the intelligence and diplomacy of the entrepreneur, artist, spiritual guide ...
Tags: Art, People, Brazil, 02.17.21

Charge: UK Government Has Forgotten Culture Post-Brexit

MPs at the digital, culture, media and sport committee hearing told DCMS minister Caroline Dinenage that her department was treated as an “afterthought” by the government, and that during Brexit negotiations the creative industries were not prioritised, despite their accounting for about a quarter of the UK’s economy. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, UK, Issues, DCMS, Caroline Dinenage, 02.17.21

(Un)Daunted: Crystal Pite On Choreographing For The Paris Opera Ballet

“You feel the weight of the famous Palais Garnier opera house itself, and the history and legacy of the legendary dancers who have performed there. And then there’s the pressure of expectations, but after about eight minutes in a room full of dancers, I felt okay. They were all so welcoming, and you could sense how hungry they were for something new. There was real passion during the rehearsal process. It’s true that you can feel exhausted by the institution itself. The company has 154 dancers....
Tags: Art, Dance, Garnier, Paris Opera Ballet, 02.16.21

Boston Symphony Finds Its New CEO At The LA Phil

More than a year after it began its search for a new president and chief executive, the Boston Symphony Orchestra is expected to announce on Thursday that it has found a new leader on the opposite coast: Gail Samuel, president of the Hollywood Bowl and chief operating officer of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Music, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Hollywood Bowl, LA Phil, Boston Symphony, Gail Samuel, 02.18.21

How Big Tech Subverted The Public Square

“A functioning market required transparency, a mutual understanding of exchanges and a shared moral framework. And, as Rana Foroohar puts it in this brief animation for the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA), surveillance capitalism – pioneered by Google, and now, to varying degrees, ubiquitous worldwide – comes up short on all three fronts.” – Aeon
Tags: Google, Art, Ideas, Public Square, Rana Foroohar, 02.18.21

Taiwan CDC personifies diseases as cartoon characters

Taiwan's Centers for Disease Control produced a series of covers featuring characters that personify common diseases and such. [via Cassandra Khaw] Except for our dashing hero, Quarantine, they're idealized as attractive villains. Everything is wonderfully-illustrated yet moist with problematic vibes. — Read the rest
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Why It’s Important To Make Art With Your Kids

“When young children make art together with their caregivers, they share a new experience which can reinforce bonding. Creativity is an extension of babies’ natural desire to share and communicate.” – The Conversation
Tags: Art, Issues, 02.18.21

U.S. Newspapers Are Starting To Accept The ‘Right To Be Forgotten’

Back in 2014, when the EU passed a law allowing people to petition Google to de-index old news stories about them (e.g., criminal convictions or embarrassing incident from youth that became public), American newsrooms were dead-set against the idea. Now, The Boston Globe, The Plain Dealer of Cleveland, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and some other papers have begun to institute such programs on their own, and industry consensus may start to turn. – Slate
Tags: Google, Art, Eu, Words, Cleveland, Boston Globe, Atlanta Journal Constitution, 02.16.21

Research Paper Linking Violence To Video Games Is Retracted

“Zhang and his co-authors reported high levels of statistical significance for their finding, but the reported differences in the effects of violent games versus nonviolent games were too small for that high statistical significance to be possible.” – Science
Tags: Art, Media, Audience, Zhang, 02.16.21

Marfa, Texas Is Getting An(other) Arts Center

“For the last year, Michael Phelan — a contemporary artist who has lived in Marfa full time since 2014 — has been quietly planning another destination within miles of both [of Donald Judd’s] sites: Marfa Invitational, an interdisciplinary, year-round arts and cultural foundation, set on five acres of high desert.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Issues, Marfa, Donald Judd, Marfa Texas, Michael Phelan, 02.17.21

For First Time, Boston Symphony Will Have Female CEO

“In picking [Gail Samuel], the orchestra looked west, to one of the most successful American orchestras of recent years” — the Los Angeles Philharmonic, where she is COO — “for its choice to succeed Mark Volpe, who led the Boston Symphony for 23 years. Samuel will be responsible for steering the organization out of one of its most dire crises, the pandemic.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, Samuel, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Boston Symphony, Mark Volpe, Gail Samuel, 02.18.21, First Time Boston Symphony

‘You can smell the sweat and hair gel’: the best nightclub scenes from culture

Writers and artists including Róisín Murphy, Tiffany Calver and Sigala on the art that transports them to the dancefloor during lockdownThere have been many notable nightclubs in film history. The Blue Angel in the Marlene Dietrich movie; the Copacabana in Goodfellas, accessible to privileged wiseguys via the kitchen; the Slow Club in Blue Velvet, with the emotionally damaged star turn Isabella Rossellini singing the song of the same name. Continue reading...
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Why It’s Time To Reopen Movie Theaters

“Despite being indoors (a red flag), the sort of behavior engaged in at the movies is, relatively speaking, benign. Patrons who can and should wear a mask for the duration of their visit face the same direction and don’t chatter much. … [And] movie theaters in the age of the coronavirus have placed an almost disconcerting emphasis on safety.” And no one has found a case of COVID transmission directly traceable to a cinema. – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Media, 02.15.21

‘Like The Metro At Rush Hour’: Vatican Museums Reopen To The Public, And It’s A Mess

“Museumgoers took to social media to complain about the institution’s failure to implement effective social-distancing measures in some of its most popular spaces last weekend, in particular those decorated with frescoes by Raphael and his workshop. … In an open letter to museum management posted on Facebook, [a Vatican docent said] that he was ‘deeply ashamed and embarrassed’ that he had led a group of unsuspecting tourists into a situation which he likened to ‘Dante’s inferno.'” – The Art New...
Tags: Art, Facebook, Vatican, Raphael, Dante, Metro, Visual, 02.17.21

This Summer’s Glyndebourne Opera Festival Will Happen (Almost) As Normal

Says managing director Sarah Hopwood, “We are determined to present a festival this summer in whatever form is possible. We consider this essential to protect the livelihoods of our staff and freelance artists we employ and to continue to engage with our audience.” Audiences will be limited to 50% of capacity, and other COVID safety measures will be in place. – Harper’s Bazaar
Tags: Art, Music, Harper, Sarah Hopwood, 02.18.21

California’s Red Oak Realty launches home improvement service

Enhance will do up to $40,000 worth of staging and repairs to a home before it hits the market. Sellers don't pay for the work until the sale closes.
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Celebrate Black creative visions with Chrome

This Black History Month, the Chrome team is showcasing exciting new work by Black artists in a collection of themes that let you customize the look of your browser.We commissioned six contemporary artists and invited them to turn Chrome into their canvas. Working in different mediums and bringing different points of view, each artist has presented their interpretation of the ways people use Chrome: finding new knowledge, connecting with each other, exploring our world and taking action towards ...
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Did The Louvre Just Ruin Its Cy Twombly Mural?

“After a renovation of a storied gallery at the Louvre Museum in Paris, the Cy Twombly Foundation has claimed that a monumental ceiling painting by the late artist has been permanently altered, thanks to a new paint job on the surrounding walls and a change in lighting. … [The Foundation] is demanding that the Salle des Bronzes be returned to its original state ahead of the museum’s reopening to the public.” – ARTnews
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UK’s National Theatre Ends Tours To Europe

Yes, it’s because of Brexit: a statement from a company spokesperson said that “the potential additional costs for visas and current uncertainty around social security contributions mean regrettably it is currently not financially viable. We hope that in future we’ll return to tour in Europe. However, that will not be possible until we have further clarity on these points.” – The Guardian
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Damien Hirst: 'I flirted with the idea of pickling people'

As a survey of his work opens amid the snow of St Moritz, the artist talks about his obsession with blood, his disconnection from the art world, and why he misses banter with his army of assistantsIf anyone should have been ready for this it was Damien Hirst. Thirty years before the pandemic that has made the modern world feel mortal, a young artist from Leeds was putting dead animals in glass tanks and arranging drugs in medicine cabinets to ram home the fragility of life.Now Hirst is in lockdo...
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