Why Are So Many Writers Having Difficulty Writing During COVID?

“The problem with writing is it’s just another screen, and that’s all there is … I can’t connect with my imagination. I can’t connect with any creativity. My whole brain is tied up with processing, processing, processing what’s going on in the world.” – The Guardian
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Consider The Ushers…

Usher is a variant of the French huisier, from the Latin ostiarius, a custodian of the doors. The role comes from early modern theater, where Randle Cotgrave’s 1611 dictionary also has them as “audiencers.” The Gentleman Usher would be among the most active figures running an aristocratic house, supervising honored guests in performances, courtly masques, or other entertainments. – Van
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American Shakespeare Center Loses Director, Will Be Actor-led

Ethan McSweeny has served as artistic director of the American Shakespeare Center since 2018. He announced his resignation effective Feb. 11, 2021. – Washington Post
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Cancellation Of New London Concert Hall Adds To UK Musicians’ Woes

“It’s a further confirmation of the parochialization of British music and the arts,” said Jasper Parrott, a co-founder of HarrisonParrott, a classical music agency, in a telephone interview. The mood among musicians was low, Parrott said, especially because of changes to the rules governing European tours that came about because of Brexit. – The New York Times
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When Anthony Haden-Guest Met The Christos

It was during the Running Fence project that Christo and Jeanne-Claude took me to meet the Charles Schulz, the late creator of Peanuts, who had a home in the county capital, Santa Rosa. We had coffee in Snoopy mugs and wiped our lips on Charlie Brown and Lucy napkins. This was before the explosion of branding, he was just fond of his creations. He liked the Christos too, indeed had spoken up at one of the hearings to say he was surprised by the local opposition to the project. – White Hot Magaz...
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29 small gifts and gestures for friends or family members who are having a hard time self-isolating or social distancing

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Appreciating loved ones can become much more challenging when you can't physically be together.Sending someone you love a small gift during this time can be a meaningful expression of kindness. Many of the products and services below are entirely contact-free, as noted throughout. Staying connected to those you love, but cannot physically be with, is a lofty task. It's often difficult to replicate the joy ...
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When Thornton Wilder Came Up With An Act Four Of ‘Our Town’

“Following his enlistment in the military in World War II, only ten days before he would age out of eligibility for active service, Wilder reported for training in Miami, Florida, on June 27, 1942, having completed the screenplay for Shadow of a Doubt. In what was surely a most unusual training exercise, Wilder quickly participated in what was referred to as Act 4 of Our Town for the program Contact, broadcast out of WKAT in Miami on July 8.” – Literary Hub
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How Hollywood Has Shaped Our Views Of The Presidency

When the idea and the office of the president was regarded with a sort of reverence, presidential representations were more heroic, historian Dean J. Kotlowski writes, pointing to the “schmaltzy, character-themed biographies” of the 1930s through early ’60s. And in a sort of reversal, where a fictional representation led to a very nonfictional one, researchers Michael P. Rogin and Kathleen Moran note that the political film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington had a strong influence on the nation’s hig...
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New Sundancer Boat a BMW Designworks and Sea Ray Collaboration

Designworks, BMW’s California design studio, has announced their first collaboration with Sea Ray, the storied boat builder, on their new Sundancer 370 Outboard. Released to coincide with the 45th anniversary of the Sundancer series, it’s a swoopy-looking departure for the iconic maritime manufacturer. According to Sea Ray, their agenda is to move Sea Ray forward, […] The post New Sundancer Boat a BMW Designworks and Sea Ray Collaboration appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Pigs Have Learned To Play Video Games

In a research lab at Penn State, “four pigs — Hamlet, Omelette, Ebony and Ivory — were trained to use an arcade-style joystick [with their snouts] to steer an on-screen cursor into walls. … And the pigs even continued playing when the food reward dispenser broke — apparently for the social contact.” – BBC
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Breakthrough: Scientists Figure Out How To Talk To Dreamers In Their Sleep

An international team of researchers was able to achieve real-time dialogues with people in the midst of lucid dreams, a phenomenon that is called “interactive dreaming,” according to a study published on Thursday in Current Biology. – Vice
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The Real Failures Of Our Cultural Policies

“The hidden costs of socially engaged arts practice is inextricably connected to the crisis of social care and service provision. It is also a result of the unwillingness of commissioners of publicly funded socially engaged practice to accept responsibility for the care that participants of the activities they support need, both during and after the project.  This amounts to a moral failure of cultural policy: poorly funded projects are often relied upon to provide the evidence, case studies, s...
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Why Do We Have Such Trouble Getting Monuments Of Women Right?

Consider, for instance, the new, widely derided “For Mary Wollstonecraft” monument in London. “Why couldn’t a statue of Wollstonecraft, the individual woman, be seen as universally inspiring and iconic? It was hard not to view the monument as a victim of its own good intentions, inadvertently becoming yet another example of a female form as emblem of an abstract idea, such as the Statue of Liberty or Marianne, a symbol of the French Republic, or any number of nameless angels, goddesses or grace...
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Cricut Maker $299.99 (reg. $399.99) or Explore Air 2 $179.99 (reg. $249.99) direct from Cricut + Free Shipping!

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Why “Noisy” Brains Are So Attractive (And More Difficult)

“The use of antidepressants has inadvertently left many of us less able to feel empathy toward others, laugh, cry, dream, and enjoy life just when we need those things the most: in the middle of a global pandemic.” – Nautilus
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How To Spot A Forged Dead Sea Scroll Fragment

“In 2009, the Green family, owners of the Hobby Lobby chain of arts-and- crafts stores, began acquiring a series of weathered fragments advertised as Dead Sea Scrolls, including this one, … [which] were displayed at the Museum of the Bible. … Last spring, however, scientific analysis proved what a number of biblical scholars had begun to suspect: the sixteen fragments the Greens purchased were forgeries.” Here, in one of Harper’s trademark Annotations, Madeleine Schwartz explains how researcher...
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What’s At Stake For Chicago With The Sale Of Second City (To A New Yorker)

Chris Jones: “The issue now is the future of an institution that is not just a major tourist draw to Chicago but one of the very few avenues for diverse, Chicago-based comedic talent to move to a national stage. A decades-long success record needs no reiteration here, nor does the entertainment-industry dominance asserted by the coastal cities that typically see Chicago as a market or a location, not a generator of content.” – Yahoo! (Chicago Tribune)
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Thousands Are Angry About New Bronze Doors For 800-Year-Old Cathedral

“Plans to mark the 800th anniversary of Burgos’s magnificent Gothic cathedral with three enormous new bronze doors have ushered in an unholy row, with UNESCO advising against the project and critics attacking the €1.2m portals as an ‘artistic outrage’. … More than 31,000 people have signed an angry petition attacking the new doors as ‘an eyesore however you look at them’ and claiming ‘no anniversary warrants such ill treatment of our heritage’.” – The Guardian
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Could This Series Be The ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ For The 14th Amendment?

“The new Netflix series Amend: The Fight for America, produced by Will Smith and Larry Wilmore, seeks to [teach] not through song, but extended, sleek, bingeable verve. … Amend, which focuses solely on the importance and liberties granted by the 14th Amendment, stretches across six hour-long episodes, each devoted to a different area of interest: citizenship, love, women’s rights, immigration, resistance to the amendment, and the Civil Rights Movement. Within these episodes are both broad histo...
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Finally, The Obama Presidential Center Is Underway

“This month, in the wake of an appeals court decision favorable to the city and the recent completion of federal reviews, Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced that the Obama Presidential Center, including a 235-foot tower and major taxpayer-supported infrastructure, would finally be getting underway.” – Chicago Reader
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Performance artist with Pfizer tattoo on head ate a live bat outside of European Parliament as an act of protest

Russian artist/activist Petr Davydtchenko ate a live bat outside of European Parliament on Wednesday. He was protesting what he feels is an unequal distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. Davydtchenko had hyped up the event but ate the creature before the announced time so police wouldn't be there stop him. — Read the rest
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New Concert Hall For London Was A Doomed Project

Martin Kettle: “Justifying the cost, the priority, the location and the uses to which the hall would be put were all delicate tasks in any case. It was hard not to see it as an elite project, only distantly connected with wider public need at a time when funding was being squeezed.” Then came Brexit, followed by COVID. “It was a nice idea in some ways, but the case for it was never strong.” – The Guardian
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City Of London Abandons Plan For New Concert Hall

“An ambitious £288m concert hall that was supposed to be ‘the Tate Modern of classical music’ has been scrapped by the City of London Corporation, which said the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic made the plan impossible to complete.” The recently-announced departure from London of the project’s highest-profile advocate, Simon Rattle, probably made this decision inevitable. – The Guardian
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ABT Alum Takes Reins At Uruguay’s National Ballet

In 2012, a different ABT alum, Julio Bocca, was named director of the Ballet Nacional del Sodre in Montevideo with the remit to raise the company’s level. One of the first things he did was recruit his colleague, ABT soloist Maria Riccetto, to come back to her hometown and join the company; so she did, and she became a major celebrity in Uruguay, nearly as big as soccer stars. She retired from dancing at the end of 2019 at age 39, and as of the beginning of 2021, she is the BNS’s artistic direct...
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Arts Groups Get Snagged In Facebook’s Australia News Ban

As the Australian government pushed the social media giant, along with Google, to pay news outlets there for use of their material for links, the search engine made deals, while Facebook decided to block all news links in the country as of Thursday. That morning, more than 250 Australian cultural organizations found their Facebook pages wiped clean: it seems they qualified as “news publishers” under the company’s definition. Facebook is making them fill out an appeal form online and then simply...
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Dolly Parton To Tennessee: Please Don’t Put A Statue Of Me In The State Capitol

“I am honored and humbled by their intention but I have asked the leaders of the state legislature to remove the bill from any and all consideration. Given all that is going on in the world, I don’t think putting me on a pedestal is appropriate at this time. … Perhaps after I’m gone if you still feel I deserve it.” – CBS News
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