All Of The Updates And Winners From The Golden Globes

If you want to watch (as we post this, Best Supporting Actor has already been awarded – and muted). – The New York Times
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Raymond Cauchetier, Whose Photos Captured The People Of French New Wave Cinema, 101

Cauchetier, whose death was caused by COVID-19, was a self-taught photographer who “documented the revolutionary early films of Jean-Luc Godard, François Truffaut and other New Wave directors a half-century ago with now-classic portraits, only to go uncredited for decades.” – The New York Times
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Steve McQueen Will Let Critics Decide If ‘Small Axe’ Is TV Or Cinema

McQueen, whose series of (what some of us would call) films hasn’t been entered for BAFTAs or Oscars, says, “I just make stuff. You are the guys who want to put labels on things. That limits your thoughts and your imagination. If you want to be limited by form then fine. But kids aren’t. It feels dusty. It feels like an old conversation.” – Irish Times
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What It Was Like Being A Freelance Dancer During The First Year Of COVID-19

Maria Kochitkova left the San Francisco Ballet in 2018 to go freelance. Her career was going well; she had bookings out for many months. Then came March 2020. Everything – everything – was canceled. She and her ballet dancer partner “changed our living room into a studio space and bought a special floor and a ballet barre. I am a very disciplined dancer and, as hard as it was, I just kept working. I took Zoom ballet classes. … I knew that I was not the only one who was struggling.” – Pointe Ma...
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Are novelists already writing about the Covid era? An author investigates

People wear face mask in New York, Feb. 25, 2021. John Smith/VIEWpress via Getty Images The novelist Julia Dahl asked fellow writers how they are taking on, or steering clear of, the coronavirus.  "We need to chronicle this," said Jodi Picoult, who has multiple projects related to Covid.  Others said they weren't ready to process the pandemic, or they're waiting to see what comes next. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Last month, I turned in the copy edits for my fou...
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How The Internet Has (So Far) Transformed Celebrity

We live in a fragmented celebrity world, due mostly – but not entirely – to social media. It’s a global culture “where somebody can have nearly 17 million subscribers on YouTube and plenty of people can have no clue who they are.” – The Guardian (UK)
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The Committed Artistic Life Of Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson

The artist wrote, “The magnitude of research and study of Afro-Amerikans is what I have dedicated my life. My works are the missing pages of American history.” She worked in as many mediums as she could; she believed “that life for her people in America was an act of near-superhuman perseverance, and she was determined to capture that history.” – The New York Times
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Dealing With The Existential Void At The Heart Of Our Constant Information Overload

It’s not easy for any of us. “More information isn’t always a good thing, particularly when it’s an overload of unwanted (even predatory) (mis)information.” And the designers of search engines use keywords that, to put it mildly, don’t always work for humans who aren’t the search engine designers. But new apps may give some hope. – Slate
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Ruth Carter Gets Her Star, The First Costume Designer To Do So Since Edith Head

The designer of Black Panther, Selma, Dolemite Is my Name, Malcolm X is the first Black costume designer (and second costume designer ever) to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Eddie Murphy: “I’ve never had a wardrobe designer [like Carter] whose clothes actually influence how you play your character — how you walk, how you stand. She really is instrumental in bringing your characters to life. There’s no one like her.” – Los Angeles Times
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TikTok Fame Remakes A Young Artist’s Narrative

A young Australian potter thought she’d always be known to other people as “the cancer girl.” But her popularity on TikTok has changed that understanding – and her life – dramatically. “Sherritt has gained half a million followers on TikTok by hosting a wildly successful series from her Ballarat art shed, where every week she makes a new piece from a giant pile of mystery slip casting moulds.” – The Guardian (UK)
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The Internet Archive Digitizes A Lot Of Books

How does that work? With a lot of human effort, and at a mind-blowing pace of 3500 books per day. “Clean, dry human hands are the best way to turn pages.” – Open Culture
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If You Want To Watch The Golden Globes Tonight, Here’s How

And here’s who is nominated, and who, and what, might win. – Los Angeles Times
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Oscars So Puritanical? One Director Thinks So

As her movie Never Rarely Sometimes Always – a quiet but hair-raising quest movie about two 17-year-olds from Pennsylvania going to New York to obtain an abortion – teeters on the verge of awards nominations, director Eliza Hittman called out at least one Academy voter who refused to watch the movie. She wrote in a (now-deleted) Instagram caption, “This email came in last night and was a harsh reminder that the Academy is still so painfully monopolized by an old white puritanical male guard. I ...
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The Real Story Of Billie Holiday And The FBI

Behind the new movie The United States vs. Billie Holiday stands a lot of history – and playwright Suzan-Lori Parks. Parks: “Jimmy Fletcher is literally, actually an agent for the United States and she falls in love with him. To me, this is all about how we love this country and it dismisses us, and how for Black people, the fastest route to being an American is to throw someone of color under the bus.” – Los Angeles Times
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How Is The San Francisco Symphony Staying Afloat Right Now? [VIDEO]

“We can make music online and everything, but it’s not the same as being onstage together.” But there are benefits – like practicing in Golden Gate Park, having extra time with kids at home, and filming themselves running in from gardening to perform the William Tell Overture, or performing in a gorilla mask, for an online audience. – KTVU (Oakland)
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Tear Gun captures and freezes tears and shoots them back at whomever made you cry

This amazing project from 2016 recently resurfaced on social media. Yi Fei Chen is a designer based in the Netherlands. She built the Tear Gun as a project while attending design academy. For Yi-Fei Chen, a graduate from Design Academy Eindhoven, her impossibility to speak up in self-defense during a confrontation with her tutors resulted in an internal burst of frustration, but externally only defenceless tears emerged. — Read the rest
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Reframing Nature Photography

Nature photography means what – Ansel Adams? The National Geographic‘s contests and covers? Or … the nature that’s around us all of the time in cities, in parking lots, in the area between apartment buildings, the in-between spaces where plants, bugs, birds, rodents, and some humans thrive? “Working within predominantly Black neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Los Angeles and her home city of Oakland, [California-based photographer Channell] Stone photographs locations like overgrown lots and green spa...
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Yuval Waldman, Violinist And Conductor Focused On Music Composed During Times Of Oppression, 74

Waldman’s parents survived WWII and the Nazi occupation of Ukraine, and “his career in some ways reflected his multinational upbringing and his sense of music as a lifeline in a turbulent world.” – The New York Times
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President Biden Reverses The Truly Terrible 45 ‘Classical Architecture’ Order

The executive order, which the former president signed “in December after losing his bid for re-election, was titled ‘Promoting Beautiful Federal Civic Architecture,’ and it praised Greco-Roman architecture as being ‘beautiful” while describing modernist designs as ‘ugly and inconsistent.'” – The New York Times
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Why Having No Blockbusters Contending For The Oscars Is Actually Great For The Movies

The year of no movie theatres meant the year of no blockbusters; most have been pushed off for a year or more, and that’s … just fine? Justin Chang: “If the Oscars should go forward this year — and I think they should — then surely they should reflect that precarious new reality. They should also call for a bold new definition of what constitutes popular filmmaking, one that goes beyond the simplistic criteria of box office domination and franchise recognizability to include those pictures that...
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Brexiters buy KGB artefacts for ‘museum of communist terror’

Portrait of Lenin and spy tools among items snapped up at auction by group planning UK exhibitionIt depicts the Russian revolutionary leader in characteristically serious mood, staring across Red Square, perhaps, and rendered with more than a touch of kitsch.But while a Soviet-era oil painting of Vladimir Lenin, which sold for nearly $2,000 at auction in the US, might capture the man as many know him, its buyers are not exactly Bolsheviks. Continue reading...
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‘A mural that celebrates Black joy’: Oakland home honors women of the Black Panther party

A two-story mural on the side of Jilchristina Vest’s house is dedicated to a piece of history that isn’t often toldJilchristina Vest always wanted people to look up to Black women. Now, thanks to a two-story mural on the side of her Oakland home, they literally do.The mural, dedicated to the women of the Black Panther party, was unveiled earlier this month. Vest’s house sits at Center and 9th streets, in the heart of the West Oakland neighborhood where the Black Panther party began, once known a...
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Theatre designer warns of obstacles for arts workers in Europe post-Brexit

Andrew Edwards urges government in open letter to reopen talks to renegotiate an EU-wide visa system for arts workersA British opera and theatre designer has told of an “intimidating” post Brexit experience in Schiphol airport in Amsterdam which nearly cost him his first paid job since the pandemic started a year ago.Andrew Edwards says the “roadblock” he experienced is a foretaste of the “humiliation” to come once Europe reopens its borders with musicians, crews, and crafts people working in th...
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