VP, Lyric Unlimited – Lyric Opera of Chicago

Lyric Opera of Chicago seeks a Vice President of Lyric Unlimited to be the senior leader for this vital department, dedicated to education and community initiatives that connect Lyric Opera to the city of Chicago through collaborative programming. ABOUT LYRIC OPERA OF CHICAGORenowned internationally for its artistic excellence, Lyric Opera of Chicago was founded in 1954 and distinguishes itself by presenting the finest artists in the opera world. Lyric is dedicated to producing and performing...
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VP of Marketing and Communications, Omaha Performing Arts

The Omaha Performing Arts (O-pa) welcomes nominations and applications for the position of Vice President for Marketing and Communications, available in the Spring of 2021. The Omaha Performing Arts (O-pa) welcomes nominations and applications for the position of Vice President for Marketing and Communications, available in the Spring of 2021.The OpportunityO-pa’s next Vice President for Marketing and Communication will join a dynamic and forward-thinking organization that consistently receiv...
Tags: Art, Jobs, Disney, Broadway, Holland, Nebraska, Omaha, Catherine, Kristin Chenoweth, Omaha Performing Arts, Holland Performing Arts Center, Suzanne, Broadway League, Pollstar, Holland Center, Marketing and Communications Generates £1 Million For Indie UK Bookstores was launched in the US a year ago and in the UK in November. Pitching itself as a socially conscious way to buy books online, it allows booksellers to create a virtual shop front. For books ordered directly from these online stores, booksellers receive 30% of the cover price from each sale without having to handle customer service or shipping. When a sale is made and not attributed to a specific bookseller, 10% of the cover price goes into a pot that is split between all of the sho...
Tags: Art, UK, US, Words, 03.01.21, Indie UK Bookstores

Social Scientist: We need to Treat Disinformation With A Vaccine

“Our information crisis can and should be treated like a virus. Responding to fake stories or conspiracy theories after the fact is woefully insufficient, just as post-infection treatments don’t compare to vaccines. Indeed, a growing body of social science suggests that fact-checks and debunkings do little to correct falsehoods after people have seen a piece of misinformation (the unintentional spread of misleading or false stories) or disinformation (the intentional spread of such a story with...
Tags: Art, Ideas, Sander van der Linden, 02.24.21

Moving Berlinale Film Festival Is An Economic Blow To Berlin

“Our entire industry is in the worst crisis since World War II,” says Thomas Lengfelder, chief executive of the Berlin Hotel and Restaurant Assn. (DEHOGA Berlin). “Even today, there is still no telling where the pandemic will lead us. Unfortunately, political leaders are still not giving us any prospects.” – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, Berlin, 03.01.21, Thomas Lengfelder, Berlin Hotel

UK Artists Have Been Hit With A Double Whammy

“There have been two great catastrophes.The first has been the abandonment of freelancers, many of whom work in the arts. A whole swathe of them – about a third – have fallen through the cracks of the income support scheme and are ineligible for loans that have helped many others. The final debacle has not had anything to do with Covid at all but will be just as devastating. The new rules that follow Brexit mean that touring in Europe will now be vastly bureaucratic and significantly more expen...
Tags: Art, Europe, UK, Brexit, Issues, COVID, 02.26.21

Survey: When Theatre-Goers Will Be Ready To Return To Theatres

With the disclaimer that this wave of the research reflects current expectations about the pandemic, based on anxieties about vaccine distribution and the spread of COVID variants, and that theatregoers may adjust attitudes if they see prospects improve, the findings are unavoidably bleak for theatres. – American Theatre
Tags: Art, Theatre, 03.01.21

Hyundai Releases Bayon Euro Crossover

Don’t get too excited. Hyundai’s Bayon is at present a European-only crossover SUV that the brand announced today. All-new in the B-segment, Bayon is named after Bayonne, a sought-after vacation destination in the south of France. The growing popularity of SUVs in Europe was the reason for Hyundai’s introduction, and the forward-motion stance of the […] The post Hyundai Releases Bayon Euro Crossover appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: Europe, Design, Technology, France, Eu, SUV, Korea, Autos, Crossovers, Hyundai, New Cars, SUVs, Crossover, Don, Bayonne, Bayon

Has COVID Shutdown Made Dancers More Adaptable?

“I am hopeful that we will see a generation that has built a confidence and competence of cognitive flexibility. That is the ability to shift how one thinks about things, and use their own internal and external resources to figure out a solution to an otherwise difficult problem.” – Dance Magazine
Tags: Art, Dance, 03.01.21

MIT Has Figured Out How To Read Unopened 17th-Century Letters

In those days before mass-produced envelopes, important letters were intricately folded and then sewn shut; until now, modern-day scholars couldn’t read such items without cutting open the stitching and damaging the delicate old paper. MIT scientists have now developed a way to do digital x-ray scans of the letters and use virtual reality software to derive images of what they’d look like if opened. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Mit, Words, 03.02.21

What’s Anthony Hopkins’s Secret? ‘No Acting Required’

“If you follow a superb screenplay, the language is a road map, and so you don’t have to act.. … When you learn that language you pack that into the suitcase of your brain, and those words inform your body. They move you around the set. … It’s there for you, all written down. But we tend to make mincemeat of it by wondering what it all means.” – The New Yorker
Tags: Art, People, Anthony Hopkins

Artificial Intelligence Has A Grammar Problem

Sometimes Grammarly doesn’t do what it should, and sometimes it even does what it shouldn’t. These strengths and failings hint at the essence of language and the peculiarity of human intelligence, as opposed to the artificial sort as it stands today. – The Economist
Tags: Art, Words, 02.27.21

Reviewing The First Play Written By An Artificial Intelligence Bot

“The biggest revelation, though, is that while a computer’s imagination touches, somewhat randomly, on themes of love, loneliness, clowning and performance, it is most often obsessing about sex, which may not be surprising, given the prevalence of internet pornography.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Theatre, 03.01.21

Eye of the Storm review – moving film about Scottish painter in love with nature

James Morrison’s work was full of awe for the natural world, and this documentary does his landscape painting full justiceScottish painter James Morrison died shortly before the completion of this affectionate documentary about his life and work, and it’s a fitting tribute to an articulate and self-effacing artist with an extraordinary affinity for Scotland’s everchanging land- and seascapes. It’s directed by Anthony Baxter, best known for highlighting the stubborn local resistance resistance to...
Tags: Art, Film, Scotland, Painting, UK News, Culture, Art and design, Glasgow, Donald Trump, Aberdeenshire, Morrison, James Morrison, Anthony Baxter, Documentary films

A Little Island Grows Off Manhattan

Little Island completes the transformation of the Meatpacking District, where for decades freight cars delivered animals to slaughterhouses that lined and bloodied the nearby blocks. Now it’s a high-end neighborhood of sleek apartment towers, unaffordable art galleries and fashion retail. The long-abandoned freight viaduct has become the iconic High Line park, while the Whitney Museum of American Art sits just to the south, nudging its grey-metal prow toward the river along Gansevoort Street. –...
Tags: Art, Manhattan, Visual, Meatpacking District, Whitney Museum of American Art, Little Island, 03.01.21

Amazon made a small change to its app icon after the design reminded some people of Hitler's mustache

An Amazon logistics center in Lauwin-Planque, France. Pascal Rossignol/Reuters Amazon changed its app icon after users flagged a resemblance to Adolf Hitler's mustache. The icon was overhauled earlier this year. The updated icon has avoided comparisons to the Nazi war criminal, but been compared to "Avatar" character Aang.  Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. The recently redesigned Amazon app icon has been changed yet again by the tech company after some customers saw ...
Tags: Amazon, Icons, Apps, Design, News, Trends, Tech, Retail, Hitler, Adolf Hitler, Tech Insider, Annabelle Williams

How To Reopen Theatres Safely? Artists Turn To Global Network

The protocols these countries have developed the past year to permit some live performances depend greatly on the magnitude of the pandemic and the efforts by government to contain it. South Korea, for example, has operated some theater almost completely uninterrupted since the coronavirus manifested itself, and Australia has been inching back to widespread theater openings since the fall. American arts workers and theatergoers alike are entitled to ask: Why not us, too? – Washington Post
Tags: Art, South Korea, Australia, Uncategorized, Global Network, 03.01.21

What Was ‘The Mona Lisa Of Ancient Egypt’? A Gaggle Of Geese

“Called Meidum Geese, the painting was discovered in the 1800s in the Chapel of Itet at Meidum. Itet was the wife of the vizier Nefermaat, who ruled Egypt from 2610 to 2590 B.C. The powerful couple was able to commission works from the most sought-after artists of the day.” – Artnet
Tags: Art, Egypt, Visual, 02.25.21, Itet, Meidum Itet, Nefermaat

What Happens When Public TV And Radio Stations Combine With Digital News Startups

“The cultures of public media (nonprofit, built around broadcast, sometimes a little sleepy) and digital news startups (often for-profit, built around text, real-time and a little frenetic) are not the most natural media match. Public media outlets — typically the larger and better-financed partner — often enter these deals specifically in hopes of injecting that digital DNA. But the host risks rejecting the transplant if it goes into the process with the wrong attitudes or assumptions about ho...
Tags: Art, Media, Joshua Benton, 02.25.21, Digital News Startups

Sorry, But The Golden Globes Are Just Problematic.

Who votes for these things? The members, currently totaling a scant 87 compared to the nearly 10,000 eligible Oscar voters, of the LA-based group of entertainment writers and photographers, working for media outlets overseas, known as the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. THe HFPA currently has no Black members, and hasn’t for 20 years. – Chicago Tribune
Tags: Art, Media, La, Hfpa, Hollywood Foreign Press Association, 02.28.21

Texas Ballet Theatre Loses Its Headquarters To Winter Storm

The snow and frigid temperatures that struck Texas in late February caused “a massive water pipe break” at the company’s office/studio complex in Fort Worth. “It is impossible to overstate the damage to the Fort Worth facility,” said management in an email to patrons. “The building will remain inoperable for the near future.” For the time being, TBT has moved operations to its satellite site in Dallas. – CultureMap (Texas)
Tags: Art, Texas, Dance, Fort Worth, Tbt, 02.25.21

Glimmerglass Opera Festival To Build Outdoor Stage For 2021

The opera festival in Cooperstown, New York, directed by Francesca Zambello, will offer — in “the most ventilated area we could find” — 90-minute abridgements of Il trovatore, The Magic Flute, and La Périchole as well as a Wagner concert program featuring bass Eric Owens, an evening of musical theater hits, and world premieres of a new dance work, a one-act opera about US military spouses, and a play (starring Denyce Graves) about America’s first all-Black opera company. – The New York Times ...
Tags: Art, Music, US, America, Wagner, Francesca Zambello, Eric Owens, Cooperstown New York, Denyce Graves, 03.01.21, La Périchole


H C Smith Ltd is pleased to represent the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance in its search for a new President & Chief Executive Officer. The DPAA ( serves as its community’s indispensable source for traditional, diverse and innovative experiences in ballet, opera and orchestral music. The Alliance seeks a dynamic, creative and experienced individual for the position of President & Chief Executive Officer to be the administrative head of the organization and to lead the...
Tags: Art, Jobs, Board, Dayton, Board of Trustees, Alliance, Miami Valley, Benjamin Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center, DPAA, Cesar Pelli, Victoria Theatre, Smith Ltd, Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra, Dayton Ballet, Dayton Performing Arts Alliance, Dayton Opera

UK To Spend Another Half Biillion For Arts Sector’s COVID Recovery

The government is topping up the £1.57 billion ($1.9 billion) Culture Recovery Fund announced last July with an extra £300 million ($416 million), with an additional £90 million ($125 million) for English national museums and heritage sites and £18.8 million ($26 million) for local community-based projects. Alongside that funding designated for England, arts groups in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland will get £77 million ($107 million), an amount roughly proportionate to their share of the...
Tags: Art, UK, England, Northern Ireland, Issues, Scotland Wales, 03.02.21

‘Lamborghini’ Of Ancient Roman Chariots Unearthed At Pompeii

“The chariot is preserved in remarkable detail, officials say, with four iron wheels, metal armrests and backrests, and a seat perched atop that could sit one or two people. Notably, the chariot is adorned with metal medallions depicting satyrs, nymphs and cupids, suggesting the possibility that it may have been used in marriage ceremonies.” – NPR
Tags: Art, Pompeii, Visual, 02.27.21

Unknown Titian Painting Identified In English Village Church

“The Last Supper was gifted to St Michael and All Angels Church in Ledbury, Herefordshire, in 1909. Art historian Ronald Moore believes he has now discovered Titian’s signature on the canvas during restoration work.” – BBC
Tags: Art, Visual, Titian, St Michael and All Angels Church, Ronald Moore, Ledbury Herefordshire, 03.02.21

Stratford Festival Will Open This Summer, But With A Short Season Held In Tents

In a regular year, it’s North America’s largest summer theatre festival, but with the pandemic only barely starting to subside, Stratford is planning to present just a dozen or so performances, each featuring no more than eight cast members and running about 90 minutes, on two stages under large canopies outside their theatres in central Ontario. – Global News (Canada)
Tags: Art, Theatre, North America, Stratford, 03.01.21, Ontario Global News

Business secretary plays down prospect of major tax rises in budget

Kwasi Kwarteng says emphasis now is on trying to provide critical support rather than reducing deficitCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe business secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng, has played down the prospect of significant tax increases to start reducing the deficit in the public finances in Wednesday’s budget.While the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, has said the country cannot not “go on spending money for ever”, Kwarteng said the priority for now was to support the economy. Co...
Tags: Business, Politics, Money, Theatre, Economics, Tax, UK News, Tax and spending, Public finance, Culture, Museums, Economic policy, Kwasi Kwarteng, Rishi Sunak, Kwarteng, Coronavirus

'I'd like to join Pixar one day': meet Afghanistan's first female animator

Born under Taliban rule, Sara Barackzay studied abroad and now hopes to start her own schoolA woman in traditional dress breaks open the bars of a prison. A young child dances, oblivious to a backdrop of tanks and explosions. The drawings by Afghanistan’s first professional female animation artist, Sara Barackzay, reflect the struggles of her young life.Barackzay, who lost her hearing as a child, left Afghanistan to study in Turkey, but has returned with the hope of starting a specialist school ...
Tags: Design, World news, Turkey, Afghanistan, Culture, Taliban, South and Central Asia, Illustration, Art and design, Global development, Pixar, Women's rights and gender equality, Animation in film, Sara Barackzay, Barackzay

​These light-emitting "smart" tattoos could act as medical monitors

Researchers at UCL and IIT have created a temporary tattoo that contains the same OLED technology that is used in TVs and smartphones.This technology has already been successfully applied to various materials including glass, food items, plastic, and paper packaging. This advance in technology isn't just about aesthetics. "In healthcare, they could emit light when there is a change in a patient's condition - or, if the tattoo was turned the other way into the skin, they could potentially be comb...
Tags: Health, Design, Technology, Sports, Data, Innovation, Machine Learning, Health Care, Ucl, Prosthetics, Product Design, IIT, Human body, IIT Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Franco Cacialli, UCL Scientists at University College London UCL

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