Atlanta Ballet – Executive Director

Atlanta Ballet is one of the premier and oldest dance companies in America and the official state ballet of Georgia. Established in 1929 by dance visionary Dorothy Moses Alexander, Atlanta Ballet is currently led by Artistic Director Gennadi Nedvigin. A Bolshoi trained former principal dancer with San Francisco Ballet, Nedvigin was recruited to Atlanta Ballet in 2016 to elevate the artistic excellence and stature of the professional Company. Atlanta Ballet performs at the 2,750-seat Cobb Energy ...
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Hollywood Made Out Big Time In The Stock Market

A month before “meme stocks” like GameStop and AMC Entertainment took flight and captured the public imagination, many of the world’s entertainment giants were the beneficiaries of a nine-figure windfall driven by retail trader enthusiasm. – The Hollywood Reporter
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The Artistic Power Of AI

“AI as scientist conception runs the risk of missing out on a — the — characteristic feature of AI, particularly machine learning. Once this feature of machine learning is thrown into relief, AI as artist seems a more fitting conception.” – 3 Quarks Daily
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The Constant Crises Of British Theatre

The UK’s theatrical culture is obsessed with the idea of theatre as storytelling, both as a discourse and as a conditioning of what the work is and should be like. This is extremely rigid: theatre is not storytelling but an experience. In London almost every season announcement sounds the same, everyone seems to be saying, “We are telling new and important stories.” – Howlround
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Using Lockdown Boredom For Good

“During this period of soul-crushing boredom, it would be valuable to pay more attention to what people are feeling and thinking, rather than trying to distract and lull them; to collect our daydreams, reveries and thoughts from this time, and let expectations and desires find common expression.” – The Guardian
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Research: The Intricacies Of Detecting Bullshit

Recently, researchers have begun to treat bullshitting as having two separate dimensions. “Persuasive bullshitting” is motivated by a desire to impress or persuade. “Evasive bullshitting” is different — as a “strategic circumnavigation of the truth”, it’s the sort that a politician might engage in when trying to cover up a mistake, for example. By definition, the creation of either type of bullshit is intentional, though of course the spreading of bullshit may not be. – Research Digest
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Airstream 30FB Office Travel Trailer Perfect for Working From Anywhere

Airstream recently released its Flying Cloud 30FB Office floor plan, putting dedicated office space in its most popular product line. Replacing a sleeping area with office space, the idea was formulated due to the growing popularity of working remotely and the idea of digital nomadism. At 30 feet in length, the 30FB Office is a […] The post Airstream 30FB Office Travel Trailer Perfect for Working From Anywhere appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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There’s Nothing New About Cutting Offensive Stuff From Children’s Books, So Calm Down About Dr. Seuss Already

For instance, ugly ethnic stereotypes from the 1920s and ’30s were removed from the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books all the way back in 1959, and from Mary Poppins and The Story of Dr. Dolittle in the ’80s; Roald Dahl himself rewrote the original, now-cringeworthy portrayal of the Oompa-Loompas in the early 1970s after complaints from the NAACP. – The Guardian
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Shop the Cricut St. Patrick’s Day Sale! Get Bulk Supplies Up to 72% off!

  If you love Cricut, don’t miss this sale! Things are selling out! Shop the Cricut St. Patrick’s Day Sale & Get Bulk Supplies Up to 72% off! Some great items:   Free Shipping on $99+ orders with Promo Code MARSHIP   For Even More Awesome Online Deals
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Dance Among The Irradiated Ruins Of Fukushima

Eiko’s performative gestures are captured in opulent compositional detail as she defiantly inserts her body amidst crumbled buildings, vine-encrusted train tracks, large bags of radioactive trash, upended cars, tender memorial altars, washed-away fields, crushed fishing ports, and abandoned beaches. Over the course of the collaborator’s five trips, nature’s resiliency is revealed as Eiko inhabits regenerating (while still contaminated) gardens, fields and forests in her traditional kimonos, red...
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What Has An Entire Year Lost To The Pandemic Done To Top Ballet Pros?

“In ballet when you lose a year, you lose a lot. It takes years of sacrifice and training to become a professional, and the performing life of a dancer is short. For elite ballet dancers, a solid career lasts around 15 years — and that comes after roughly a decade of schooling. Could this pause alter the evolution of dance generations?” Gia Kourlas talks with New York City Ballet principal Ashley Bouder. City Ballet apprentice Savannah Durham, and ABT principal James Whiteside. – The New York T...
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How To Fix Our Online Dystopia? It’s A Design Problem

In this new wilderness, democracy is becoming impossible. If one half of the country can’t hear the other, then Americans can no longer have shared institutions, apolitical courts, a professional civil service, or a bipartisan foreign policy. We can’t compromise. We can’t make collective decisions—we can’t even agree on what we’re deciding. – The Atlantic
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$158 Million Restoration Of Air Force Academy Chapel Is Biggest Modernist Preservation Project Ever

Listed as a National Historic Landmark District, the Air Force Academy campus is still one of the most advanced fusions of technology, education, art, and architecture that the country has ever seen. At its heart, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill’s Walter Netsch Jr. designed an aluminum skinned chapel pointing straight up to the sky and the heavens beyond it. – The Architect’s Newspaper
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Hollywood Stars, The Theater Needs Your Help!

“In one of the more surprising revelations of the shutdown, it turns out that the American theater has no towering figure even attempting to lead it through this crisis, the way Andrew Lloyd Webber has in Britain. … In such a scarily perplexing time, there is no one to rally the troops, let alone do what I’m hoping you will: Make the theater’s case to the culture at large. You, with your incandescent charm, would be brilliant at that. Even though, in some ways, it’s a very tough sell.” – The Ne...
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Warner Bros. Has Dropped Pepe Le Pew From Looney Tunes

The amorous/borderline-rapey skunk was cut from Space Jam 2 and is not included in any future projects, though studio sources say that this is not because of last week’s tweet from New York Times columnist Charles Blow that Le Pew “added to rape culture.” (Alas, it seems the cut scene from the Space Jam sequel showed the stinker finally getting what he deserved.) – Deadline
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What It Was Like At The Movies The First Weekend New York’s Cinemas Reopened

Capacity Limits: “Not really an issue for Chaos Walking, a poorly-reviewed mess of a sci-fi adventure.” Distancing: “Fortunately, AMC’s ordering system handles this well, automatically blocking off two seats on either side of your party.” Mask Compliance: “This is where the whole thing kind of falls apart.” – Gothamist
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Milwaukee Repertory Theatre Will Pay Its Employees To Get Vaccinated

“We are incentivizing each one of our employees with a payment of $200 to get vaccinated,” Chad Bauman said. “We believe it’s incredibly important not only in terms of protecting our staff in general, but also protecting our patrons and artists when they come to us and know that the highest number of employees that they see at the Rep will be vaccinated as well.” If all 150 people get vaccinated, it will be about a $30,000 investment. – Milwaukee Business Journal
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2022 Hyundai Kona N Uncovered – Again [Updated]

Hyundai’s New-for 2022 Kona N has been revealed along with the previously-announced Kona, but this time supposedly without masking. A glimpse was provided to tease viewers, and heighten the hype around what they’re calling an addition to their high-performance N division. When an automaker has a designation such as Mercedes-Benz’s AMG division, or BMW’s M […] The post 2022 Hyundai Kona N Uncovered – Again [Updated] appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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2022 Hyundai Kona N Uncovered – Again

Hyundai’s New-for 2022 Kona N has been revealed again, but this time supposedly without masking. A glimpse was provided to tease viewers, and heighten the hype around what they’re calling their high-performance N division. When an automaker has a designation such as Mercedes-Benz’s AMG division, or BMW’s M cars, the assumption is a much higher […] The post 2022 Hyundai Kona N Uncovered – Again appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Charleston Symphony Eliminates Music Director Position

To cope with the huge income shortfall caused by the pandemic, South Carolina’s largest performing arts organization will let go of conductor Ken Lam after next season; concertmaster and principal pops conductor Yuriy Bekker will become the orchestra’s artistic director, with guest conductors being engaged for core classical concerts. – The Post and Courier (Charleston)
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Gritty posed for an official nude portrait

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Benjamin Davis (@benjamindavisart) The Flyers commissioned artist Benjamin David for this intimate portrait. He told the Philly Voice: Davis said it was hard to tell how long it took him to complete the painting because he "kind of spaced out a little bit," but he estimated it was about 90 minutes.  — Read the rest
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What’s A Conductor Good For? Let A Veteran Orchestral Player Tell You.

“A great maestro, through the sheer force of his or her spiritual presence, can inspire musicians to play not with our hands but with our hearts.” Barbara Bogatin, longtime cellist at the San Francisco Symphony and former principal in the Milwaukee and New Jersey Symphonies, explains how one little explanation from the likes of Kurt Masur or Esa-Pekka Salonen can make all the difference in a performance. – San Francisco Classical Voice
Tags: Art, Music, Milwaukee, San Francisco, Esa Pekka Salonen, San Francisco Symphony, Kurt Masur, 03.09.21, Barbara Bogatin, New Jersey Symphonies

Paris Biennale Is Permanently Discontinued

“The Paris Biennale, founded in 1962 and once the world’s most prestigious art fair, is no more. After years of confusion, scandal and strife, the French union of antique dealers that ran the fair has announced its decision to ‘turn the page of the Biennale, in order to set up a new event’ in the city, scheduled for the end of November and start of December.” – The Art Newspaper
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Jair Bolsonaro Blocks Arts Funding To Brazilian States With Pandemic Lockdowns

“A national culture secretary published the decree last week making clear that proposals under the Rouanet Law, which provides funding to cultural projects on a case-by-case basis, will only be considered if they involve in-person interactions and come from regions ‘where there is no restriction on circulation, curfew, lockdown or other actions that prevent the realization of the project.’ States trying to curb the spread of COVID-19 will not be eligible for support.” – Artnet
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TV Newsman Roger Mudd, 93

“[A] Peabody Award-winning journalist who spent a quarter-century at CBS News and NBC News and came close to becoming a No. 1 network anchorman — not that he wanted that, anyway” — he was most famous for his reporting on the scene at Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination, asking Ted Kennedy a pointed question whose abysmal answer sank the latter’s presidential prospects, and a CBS Reports special that sank the public’s and Congress’s trust in the Pentagon. – The Hollywood Reporter
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Norton Juster, Author Of ‘The Phantom Tollbooth’, Dead At 91

“A budding architect with a self-confessed tendency to procrastinate, Mr. Juster … stumbled into literature much as his most famous hero, Milo, stumbles into the marvelous world of wordplay and adventure in the classic 1961 [book]. They were bored and entirely unsuspecting of the wonders that awaited them.” – The Washington Post
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Director of Digital Content, Atlanta Symphony

The Director of Digital Content is responsible for the development and creation of digital content for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. An innovative leader, the content director develops content and manages a cross departmental team to ensure the Orchestra engages both core and new audiences on digital platforms, including the ASO social media platforms, as well as via all electronic media, including the Virtual Stage, radio, television, digital broadcasts and recordings. Reporting to...
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Milwaukee’s Danceworks Changes Collective Leadership Model Amid Protests

A recent leadership change at Danceworks has led to the longtime artistic director’s resignation and a letter from a co-founder criticizing the board of directors for “disempowering” the dancers who make up much of the staff.  – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
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