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The only good thing about all of this is getting to say fungible a lot it is a funny word. What does it even mean?Sign up here to get an email whenever First Dog cartoons are publishedGet all your needs met at the First Dog shop if what you need is First Dog merchandise and prints Continue reading...
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Embracing Ambivalence

Even though ambivalence is a common experience, as a concept it’s frequently misunderstood. It doesn’t mean that you don’t care about something or that you’re indifferent. Ambivalence refers to the presence of strong feelings, but in opposition. You love your parents but find them annoying. Your successful colleague inspires you, but you also envy her. – Psyche
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2021 Maybach S 580 Tips the Scales at $184,900

Yesterday, Maybach heralded the arrival of the S 580, with the type of announcement you’d expect if you started at $184,900, or roughly 69 percent of the $269,039 median home price nationwide, according to Considering that Beverly Hills, California is the only place in the U.S. where I’ve seen more Maybachs on the street […] The post 2021 Maybach S 580 Tips the Scales at $184,900 appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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UK Theatre’s Darkest Year

Ridiculous as it might seem now, eight to 10 weeks was initially discussed as a likely closure period. The more pessimistic were talking about the summer of 2020. –
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A Beeple JPG File Sells for $69 Million At Auction

The price was a new high for an artwork that exists only digitally, beating auction records for physical paintings by museum-valorized greats like J.M.W. Turner, Georges Seurat and Francisco Goya. Bidding at the two-week Beeple sale, consisting of just one lot, began at $100. – The New York Times
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Eight Consequential Inventions Of Literature

“Project Narrative is the world’s leading academic think tank for the study of stories, and in our research labs, with the help of neuroscientists and psychologists from across the globe, we’ve uncovered dozens more literary inventions in Zhou Dynasty lyrics, Italian operas, West African epics, classic children’s books, great American novels, Agatha Christie crime fictions, Mesoamerican myths, and even Hollywood television scripts.” – Smithsonian
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Across US, Artists Are Losing Their Health Insurance

“Across the nation thousands of actors, musicians, dancers and other entertainment industry workers are losing their health insurance or being saddled with higher costs in the midst of a global health crisis. Some were simply unable to work enough hours last year to qualify for coverage. But others were in plans that made it harder to qualify for coverage as they struggled to remain solvent as the collapse of the entertainment industry led to a steep drop in the employer contributions they rely...
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The Implosion of ‘Reply All’ And How Gimlet Media Went Awry

When Reply All, Gimlet’s tentpole podcast, began airing a four-part series about the reportedly unhealthy and racially exclusionary workplace atmosphere at Bon Appétit magazine, former Gimlet employees began accusing the company itself of those very problems, and the series was abruptly pulled. Reporter Nicholas Quah investigates, finding that Gimlet’s problems, especially regarding exploitation and equity are fairly typical of fast-growing startups, especially when the founders and early emplo...
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Inside The Implosion Of ‘Reply All’: Where The Fallout Fell

The conflict over the podcast’s, and producing company Gimlet Media’s, diversity and equity problems unfolded amidst a fraught unionization campaign and negotiations for the acquisition of Gimlet by Spotify. While important steps have been taken as a result of the controversy, there’s been some collateral damage. – The New York Times
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For Digital “Creators” Everything Is For Sale

“Tens of millions of people around the globe consider themselves creators, and the creator economy represents the “fastest-growing type of small business,” according to a 2020 report by the venture capital firm SignalFire. But as the market gets more and more competitive — and the platforms and their algorithms remain unreliable — creators are devising new, hyper-specific revenue streams.” – The New York Times
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Hindu Supremacists Force Shutdown Of Indian Theatre Festival

“The annual theatre festival organised by the Indian People’s Theatre Association in the small town of Chhatarpur became the object of abuse and violent threats by Bajrang Dal, a hardline Hindu group linked with the ruling Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata party (BJP). The festival has been running since 2015, with theatre groups from across India taking part in plays and workshops over five days. However, this year Bajrang Dal began a campaign, accusing the organisers of programming ‘anti-nat...
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How Amazon Blocks Libraries From Lending E-Books

Librarians have been no match for the beast. When authors sign up with a publisher, it decides how to distribute their work. With other big publishers, selling e-books and audiobooks to libraries is part of the mix — that’s why you’re able to digitally check out bestsellers like Barack Obama’s “A Promised Land.” Amazon is the only big publisher that flat-out blocks library digital collections. – Washington Post
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Inventor Of The Cassette Tape, Lou Ottens, Dead At 94

As chief of new product development for Philips in 1960, Ottens invented the first portable tape recorder. But it was reel-to-reel, a format which he (like many) found frustratingly bulky, so he set out to invent a tape that would fit in a jacket pocket — and wound up transforming the audio world. Yet later, he quite matter-of-factly stated that the cassette had been completely superseded by the CD — which he also had a major hand in developing. – The Guardian
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A piece of NFT art just auctioned for a record-breaking $69 million. NFT artists making millions say the craze could permanently change the art world

Part of "The​ Bitcoin Angel" from Trevor Jones. Trevor Jones NFTs have been shaking up the art world, and auction house Christie's has already found success pivoting. NFT artist Trevor Jones says traditional art markets could become obsolete in the face of NFTs. Mike Winkelmann of Beeple says galleries will end up pivoting to cater to this emerging market. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. NFT art has suddenly dominated headlines across the world, and it's imp...
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Why Are There So Few Women Percussionists In Orchestras?

“Today, in London’s seven top orchestras, women only account for 3% of all the timpani and percussion positions. In fact, there are more men called David with jobs in percussion than there are women.” – The Guardian
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Men Dancing En Pointe: Why Should Only The Women Get To Do It?

Dancing on the tips of the toes has always been part of the ballerina mystique; traditionally, men have done it only for comedy. Now there’s a crop of male ballet dancers who are taking pointe work seriously, and they want the rest of us to take it seriously, too. – The Guardian
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This digital art just sold for nearly $70 million - the highest crypto-art sale to date

Beeple's piece sells on Christie's site. Christie's Beeple's latest art ranks among some of the most expensive pieces sold by living artists. The price for the digital art piece jumped from $15 million to $60 million in under an hour. It was the first NFT to be sold by a historic auction house. See more stories on Insider's business page. Digital artist Mike Winkelmann - known online as Beeple - has smashed crypto-art records yet again with a nearly $70 million sale. On...
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Yahoo News Is On TikTok? Yes, And It Has Over A Million Followers

Yahoo may be seen by much of the minivideo app’s Gen Z core audience as a dinosaur, but Yahoo News has been on TikTok for only a year and is now the third most popular news outlet on the platform, ahead of CBS and NBC News and The Washington Post. The Yahoo News account’s bio reads “Yes, we still exist.” Sarah Scire reports on how the project got started and how its producers make it work. – Nieman Lab
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The Switch To Virtual Concerts Has Changed These Musicians’ Work Permanently

“It seems like a good time, as the pandemic continues to block live performances in all but a few socially distanced, outdoor shows, to revisit the topic of performing for the camera. … Their responses range from poetic to practical to pensive to feeling trapped-in-a-digital-prison and beyond, … [but] the musicians all say their professional careers now and forever forward will consist of a hybrid of live and virtual performances.” – San Francisco Classical Voice
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San Francisco Opera Costume Shop Creates Sing-Safe COVID Masks

The opera’s wardrobe team crafted the mask from materials used in making its corsets — with a billowy shape aimed at allowing ample room for singers to belt out song, while tightly sealing in aerosols that could potentially spread the virus. – NBC
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How The Arts Can Be A Tool In Community Wealth-Building

“Too often, arts-based approaches undermine rather than support equity, as Richard Florida … now acknowledges. … How does one ensure arts-based development avoids this outcome and instead promotes equity?” One of the final reports from ArtPlace America (a ten-year, multi-institutional project researching creative placemaking that ran from 2010 to 2020) offers some promising case studies. – Nonprofit Quarterly
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Sleep in a far-out UFO that landed in otherworldly Joshua Tree, California

In 1968, Finnish architect Matti Suuronen revealed the Futuro home, a pre-fab fiberglass-reinforced plastic structure just 50 square meters inside. There were fewer than 100 of the homes ever built and 60 to 80 of them survive to this day. (The original Futuro in New Zealand just sold.) — Read the rest
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This digital art just sold for nearly $70 million - the highest crypto-art sale in history

Beeple's piece sells on Christie's site. Christie's Beeple's latest art ranks among some of the most expensive pieces sold by living artists. The price for the digital art piece jumped from $15 million to nearly $70 million in under an hour. It was the first NFT to be sold by a historic auction house. See more stories on Insider's business page. Digital artist Mike Winkelmann - known online as Beeple - has smashed crypto-art records yet again with a nearly $70 million s...
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Angry French Arts Workers Occupy Theatres, Demanding Reopening

“Theatres, cinemas, museums and other cultural spaces have been shut since France’s last full lockdown in October, and … thousands marched in cities across France last Thursday to demand they reopen with social distancing. The Paris march ended with around 50 people forcing their way into the shuttered Odeon Theatre and refusing to leave. Similar actions were seen on Tuesday at two other major theatres — the Colline in eastern Paris and the National Theatre of Strasbourg — and there have been s...
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Touring Broadway Shows Are Gearing Up To Restart In The Fall

“Subscription packages for some of Broadway’s biggest hits are being sold at a handful of the nation’s performing arts centers, while a host of others have booked dates and plan to [start selling] subscriptions later this spring. Although performances are almost six months away and could change, … the return of Broadway road shows is critical to the financial recovery of regional arts centers.” – The Washington Post
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Netherlands Is Creating Master Blueprint For Returning Artworks Looted From Colonies

” On 29 January, the government of prime minister Mark Rutte became the first in Europe to approve a central mechanism for repatriating colonial loot. … Now, a research consortium of nine museums and Amsterdam’s Vrije Universiteit is preparing to launch a €4.5m project in June that will develop practical guidance for museums on colonial collections.” – The Art Newspaper
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These Fragments Were Dismissed As Fake 140 Years Ago. Were They Actually The Oldest Surviving Biblical Manuscript?

An antiquities dealer in Jerusalem came forward in 1883 with what he claimed were fragments of the original book of Deuteronomy. After scholars at the time pronounced them forgeries, the dealer committed suicide and the fragments eventually disappeared. Now a scholar, working with old photos and transcriptions of the fragments, argues that they are an early (and somewhat different) version of the last book of Moses and that they date from before the Babylonian Exile. – The New York Times
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"I have been painting tabletops, flowers, still lifes and figures, boomeranging to earlier themes. And tennis balls. I have painted tennis balls for at least five years."

"I don’t think I ever paint the color accurately. It’s a funky color. There is a whole debate over the color of tennis balls. Are they yellow or are they green? I think that every tennis ball shifts between that range in the course of their life. They start off neon, like a toxic sludge, but once a ball starts to lose its fuzz and pick up the residue of whatever surface you’re playing on, they get dull. I would say they start off neon green and go more toward yellow over time." Said Eddie Martin...
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Things to do in the San Fernando Valley, LA area, March 11-18

  Apple pie with cinnamon for Pi Day in 2011. (Photo by Matman from Lublin/Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported)   Here is a sampling of upcoming arts and cultural events in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles area. EVENTS   Atlas Obscura – Celebration for Pi Day: Four ways to observe Pi (3.14) on March 14: “The Secret Arts – Pie Art,” with Lauren Ko on how to make museum-worthy pie art, 4-5 p.m. March 11 ($15; “Accidental Discoveries – Mathematics...
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Rare Vincent van Gogh Painting Goes on Public Display for the First Time: Explore the 1887 Painting Online

Images courtesy of Sothebys Not every Vincent van Gogh painting hangs at the Van Gogh Museum, or indeed in a museum at all. Though many private collectors loan their Van Goghs to art institutions that make them available for public viewing, some have never let such prized possessions out of their sight. Such, until recently, was the case with Scène de rue à Montmartre (Impasse des Deux Frères et le Moulin à Poivre), painted in 1887 but not shown to the world until this year — in preparation for...
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