A Dance Program To Help Unhoused Women Find Home Boosts Itself Online

A formerly in-person series of dance workshops in Portland, whose profits go to aid women and marginalized gender people experiencing homelessness, actually expanded during the pandemic. “In some ways, the need to switch yielded some positive change for the workshops. The team ended up creating an Instagram account and getting a website running, … two assets that they’d functioned without in the first two years.” – Oregon ArtsWatch
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Leon Gast, Filmmaker Of ‘When We Were Kings,’ 84

Gast spent 22 years making the documentary about the Rumble in the Jungle, and in the end, it paid off: “In 1996, Mr. Gast and Mr. Sonenberg took it to the Sundance Film Festival, where they received a special jury citation and 17 distribution offers. Critics praised the film, which nearly swept the awards for documentary films that season — including, in early 1997, the Academy Award for best documentary feature.” – The New York Times
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Brand Fonts: Why Some Website Typeface Combinations Look So Stunning

Your “brand voice?” It start with your brand fonts! And the #1 place to start using your brand fonts is on your website. There are two companies offering you the ability to customize the typefaces on your website, and they’re easy — and often free — to use. In this post, you’re going to get the resources you need to use beautiful brand fonts on your website — plus five tips that will show you how to combine website typefaces like a pro. Google Fonts is free and offers a robust collec...
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A Broadway Pop-Up Concert Slash Rally Briefly Invigorates New York

With Chita Rivera, André De Shields, and an array of singers and dancers, the pop-up on the anniversary of Broadway’s shutdown gave paying work to performers who haven’t seen much of it in a year. And it was hopeful: “Although they aren’t likely to perform inside theaters again until after Labor Day, the message of the show was that the end of the industry’s nightmare seemed to be getting closer.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, New York, Theatre, Broadway, 03.12.21, Chita Rivera André De Shields

We’re Longing For The Communion That Only Theatre Can Provide

We mourn together for our lost months and years. “Every day the theatre is dark, an opportunity for transformation is lost—yes, for the performers, remaking themselves so completely that, on the best of days, they lack any tether to the real world. But just as importantly, for the audiences who find that bearing witness to those performances, has remade them just the same.” – American Theatre
Tags: Art, Theatre, Audience, 03.11.21

Musical Brit Awards Exclude Nonbinary Musicians

So do most awards – and that excludes nonbinary, extraordinarily popular singer Sam Smith. The official line: “The Brits are committed to evolving the show and the gendered categories are very much under review. But any changes made to be more inclusive need to be just that – if a change unintentionally leads to less inclusion then it risks being counterproductive to diversity and equality. We need to consult more widely before changes are made.” Well, corporate-speak aside, perhaps next year. ...
Tags: Art, Music, Sam Smith, 03.12.21

Angelica, Eliza, And Healthcare Workers Making Pandemic-Related Art

Some healthcare workers created dances to deal with the losses and tragedies – and stresses of people not believing in the virus’ toll – and some painted. Some silkscreened; some embroidered on old bedsheets when fabric became less available. But all of the healthcare workers used art to cope. One physician: “The suffering we have seen with COVID-19 is [a] thousand times worse than any other illness, ever in my lifetime.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Los Angeles, Visual, Angelica Eliza, 03.12.21

Live Theatre Finally Gets Its Own Guidelines In Los Angeles

The guidelines are stringent – each county must cycle completely out of “colors” of COVID-19 infections before indoor theatre can open, and they have to cycle way lower rates before outdoor theatre can open at a low capacity, with reservations and assigned seating, and only with people from within 120 miles of the theatre. It’s weirdly different from movie theatres, but: “Any progress — any change that allows arts groups to rebuild a sense of community — is critically important.” – Los Angeles ...
Tags: Art, Theatre, Los Angeles, 03.12.21

Novelist Yaa Gyasi Goes Shopping In Her Own Bookshelves During The Pandemic

We all have books that are waiting for just such an occasion. When the author of Homecoming and Transcendent Kingdom was young, her parents made her “write a report on the children’s book I was reading at the time. I think it was The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. … I wrote something to the effect of ‘This book is very good. If you’d like to learn more about it, read it yourself.’ I’m happy to say that was the end of the book reports but not the end of my love for reading.” – The Guardian (UK)...
Tags: Art, Words, Yaa Gyasi, 03.12.21, Marcus Pfister

Cricut Explore Air 2, Blue + Everything Bundle $239.99 (reg. $497.82) at Cricut + Free Shipping!

  If you’ve been wanting a Cricut, don’t miss this sale! They are selling out! Get the Cricut Explore Air 2, Blue + Everything Bundle for just $239.99 (reg. $497.82)! with Promo Code MARSHIP Included: Cricut Explore Air™ 2 machine Premium Fine-Point Blade + Housing Fine Point Pen, Black LightGrip Mat, 12″ x 12″ (30.5... Read More
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Patrick Dupond, French Ballet Star And Former Director Of The Paris Opera Ballet, 61

Dupont was a household name in France, where his death was major news and occasioned a press release from the president’s office. He was sent to audition for the Paris Opera Ballet School at 10: “His talent and charm made him a favorite of the school’s director, Claude Bessy, who championed him despite his often rebellious attitude and frequent misdemeanors.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, France, People, DuPont, Paris Opera Ballet, Claude Bessy, Paris Opera Ballet School, 03.13.21, Patrick Dupond, French Ballet Star

How ABT Pivoted To TikTok

At least a little bit: “‘The expectation of an elite ballet company is that it’s going to be really cutthroat and really scary and really intimidating,’ Holloway said, but ABT is a big, supportive family who like to have fun” – and both the older Instagram and fairly new TikTok accounts emphasize that for their younger-skewing audiences. – PopSugar
Tags: Art, Dance, Audience, Abt, Holloway, 03.11.21

The Grammys Slid In Under The Pandemic Wire Last Year, But They’ll Be A Bit Different In 2021

The head of the Recording Academy, perhaps even downplaying the disastrous pandemic for most musicians: “This has been an extraordinarily challenging year for everyone and the music world in particular.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Music, Recording Academy, 03.13.21

Netflix May Be Trying To Make Password-Sharing Harder

Here we go: “When users open the Netflix TV app, they will be asked to verify their account with a code that is either texted or emailed to the account holder. If they aren’t the account holder, users will be reminded, ‘If you don’t live with the owner of this account, you need your own account to keep watching.'” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Media, Netflix, Netflix TV, 03.11.21

Herge’s Heirs Are No Fans Of A French Artist’s Edward Hopper/Tintin Mashups

So much not fans that they’ve sued the artist making the images. Hergé’s heirs specifically said of Xavier Marabout’s images that “it was not funny to take advantage of Tintin by putting him in an erotic universe, especially as Hergé had chosen not to caricature women.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Edward Hopper, Visual, Hergé, 03.12.21, Xavier Marabout

The Secret History Of Women Writing Liner Notes

Representation is a problem across the board in the Grammys, including – weirdly, wildly – the writing of liner notes (which is an actual Grammy), a category women have won three times since the inception of the award in 1964. But women are still writing liner notes: “The ability to take an intricate snapshot of a particular recording and then trace the concentric circles of its resonance beyond the studio are reasons notes still matter and why these women authors so deeply value them.” – The N...
Tags: Art, Music, 03.12.21

The Pandemic Has Shown Us That We Need A Lot More Art

Yes, we need food and water, air and health care. And we’re desperate for cultural nourishment as well. For one family at an outdoor event, “After weeks of seeing very little but the inside of our house, it felt almost impossibly bright and colourful. When we reached a magical glade hung with giant, sparkling thistledown, my eight-year-old tugged on my hand. ‘Artists are so clever,’ he said, his eyes like saucers.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Ideas, 03.12.21

Want To Hear The Lego Microtonal Guitar?

Of course you do – and the electromagnetic harp, the “evolved piano,” and more of the winners of a new instrument competition. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, 03.12.21

The Co-Collaborator Behind John Le Carré

Nick Cornwell, the son of both people who created John Le Carré: “It was easy to misunderstand her as just a typist – and many did – not only because she also typed everything, as he never learned how, but also because her interventions were made in private, before the text was ever seen by anyone else. I was witness to it as a child and then as a teenager, but by and large only they knew what passed between them and how much she reframed, adjusted, trained the novels as they grew.” – The Guard...
Tags: Art, People, John Le Carre, 03.13.21, Nick Cornwell

French Actor Wears A Donkey Costume Soaked In Fake Blood, And Then Strips, At The Cesars

The details: “Actress Corinne Masiero took the stage in a donkey costume covered in fake blood, before stripping down to a faux gore-soaked gown and, finally, fully undressing altogether, while presenter Marina Fois looked on in shock and (eventually) the audience applauded.” The message? Arts workers need a lot more support. – Vulture
Tags: Art, Media, Marina Fois, 03.12.21, Corinne Masiero

The Stunt Doubles Of The Art World

When museum staff are preparing for a show, they need maquettes, like an actor’s stand-in, to represent the works themselves. But they can’t be replicas. They’re “‘really just trying to evoke the salient features, the sculptural qualities’ of the original pieces. Their utility stems from their simplicity.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Visual, 03.12.21

Lampedusa cross made from capsized refugee boat to tour England

Display of moving memorial made in aftermath of 2013 boat tragedy aims to provoke debateA cross made from the wreckage of a refugee boat that capsized in the Mediterranean is to tour English museums and art galleries later this year to encourage debate and reflection on the plight of migrants.The cross, acquired by the British Museum in London five years ago, is one of a number made by a carpenter on the Italian island of Lampedusa, close to the Tunisian coastline. Continue reading...
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Hollywood’s Deliberate Refusal To Center Black Stories And Actors Costs It Billions Of Dollars

Every time a Black-led film makes tons of money – say Girls Trip or heck, even Black Panther – the same stories pop up. Black-led films can make money! There will soon be more! But, a new report says, if Hollywood chose to address racial inequities, “the industry could generate an added $10 billion in revenues a year.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Los Angeles, Black, 03.11.21, Deliberate Refusal To Center Black Stories

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