How Broadway Is Connecting With Fans Through A Virtual Stage Door

Old platforms have pivoted, new ones have emerged. And now any fan, with just a few smartphone taps, can arrange a video message, a live chat or even a private coaching session with a favorite star. – The New York Times
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The best logos of Y Combinator’s W21 batch

Our picks for the most intriguing companies of Y Combinator’s latest batch were based entirely on substance and our endless expertise, so it’s time for something much more superficial. Here are the 11 best logos from the hundreds of companies that presented yesterday. Watching companies go by 60 seconds at a time for like 8 hours was pretty mind-numbing even when a lot of them were cool, but I always perked up when I saw something with a nice logo. So I started marking them down, and sure enough...
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UK Vinyl Record Sales Hit Highest Level Since 1980s

UK record labels enjoyed a 30% boost in income from the sale of vinyl records last year to £86.5m, the highest total since 1989, as fans unable to attend live music because of pandemic restrictions spent their spare cash on building up their record collections. The number of vinyl records sold, led by classics such as Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours alongside new releases from Harry Styles and Kylie Minogue, also hit a three-decade high of 4.8m last year. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Music, UK, Fleetwood Mac, Kylie Minogue, 03.23.21

The Unusual Places Dance Went Out This Year

From parking garages to lakes and rooftops, outdoor performances can be exhilarating for artists and audiences alike. Vistas that would be impossible to re-create onstage are now more available. – Dance Magazine
Tags: Art, Dance, 03.18.21

Unprecedented: The Smithsonian Is Searching For Six Museum Directors

The institution has never searched for six directors simultaneously — although it has never had to develop two new museums at once, either. The absences come at a jarring time, when normal operations are in flux and finances are strained. – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Visual, 03.24.21

Tenure-Track Africanist Dance Specialist

The University of Akron School of Dance, Theatre, and Arts Administration seeks a dance practitioner in African Diaspora dance with the skillset to drive UA Dance to new heights. Responsibilities Candidates should possess expertise in multiple African diasporic dance forms such as hip-hop, African-inspired jazz and / or tap, contemporary African dance, dances from any region / country in Africa, Afro-Caribbean, street jazz, or urban dance. This position requires the candidate to possess q...
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Warner To Start Theatrical Release Of Its Movies Again

But the window between theatre debut and release to streaming will be shortened. The shortened theatrical window matches recent changes from other studios instigated by the COVID-19 pandemic’s devastating effects on the film business. – The Verge
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Are We At A Creative Reckoning?(It’s All Good)

Deborah Cullinan: “When we finally arrive in this future, we, the people, will be brazen about the power of artists and of art and creativity to change everything. We will have, at last, comprehended and put to action the real potential of our own strength as creative souls.” – Howlround
Tags: Art, Ideas, Deborah Cullinan, 03.22.21

Dance Was An Integral Part of Christian Worship For Centuries

In the earliest period of Christianity, dance was frowned upon as pagan. (St. Augustine, in his typical way, was particularly scornful.) But when folks want to dance, it’s hard to keep them from it, and by the 9th century the church was permitting and even encouraging dance; by the 13th, it was being formally incorporated into liturgy. (Then came the Reformation and Counter-Reformation …) – The Conversation
Tags: Art, Dance, 03.22.21

Science Fiction Was Depicting Climate Change More Than A Century Ago

“For a few decades in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, authors from across ideologies and genres published stories that today would be called ‘cli-fi,’ or climate fiction.” Among those authors were no less than Mark Twain and Jules Verne (who wrote about industrialists intentionally heating the Arctic in order to mine coal). – JSTOR Daily
Tags: Art, Arctic, Words, Mark Twain, Jules Verne, 03.18.21

Jeep Gladiator Top Dog Takes On Moab

The Jeep Gladiator Top Dog concept vehicle is headed to Moab for the first time. First built in 2020, it sat in limbo for events to open up again, and the 55th Annual Easter Jeep Safari was the opportunity Jeep had been waiting for. Due to COVID-19, the host group, Red Rock 4-Wheelers, had Easter […] The post Jeep Gladiator Top Dog Takes On Moab appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Screens Versus Pages – How We Read Depends On What We Read On

Because we use screens for social purposes and for amusement, we all — adults and children — get used to absorbing online material, much of which was designed to be read quickly and casually, without much effort. And then we tend to use that same approach to on-screen reading with harder material that we need to learn from, to slow down with, to absorb more carefully. A result can be that we don’t give that material the right kind of attention. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Words, 03.17.21

3,000-Year-Old Gold, Silk, Jade Discovered In China Could Rewrite History

“The treasures unearthed at the Sanxingdui site in Guanghan, Sichuan, belonged to a highly-developed civilisation that may have lasted for thousands of years but never appeared in any historical records. … [The objects’] quality and craftsmanship far exceeds that of artefacts made at the same time in other parts of China.” – South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)
Tags: Art, China, Visual, 03.20.21, Sanxingdui, Guanghan Sichuan, China South China

Jean Nouvel Wins Competition For Dramatic New Opera House In Shenzhen

The design of the Opera House takes on unconventional forms, opening up the space and integrating the opera house into the Greater Bay Area. Entitled Light of the Sea, the proposal puts in place a curved, light, transparent, and floating roof, under which performance spaces such as opera hall and concert hall are placed. – ArchDaily
Tags: Art, Music, Shenzhen, Opera House, Greater Bay Area, 03.22.21

Advertisers: If We Can’t Put Commercials On Netflix And Amazon Prime, We’ll Just Have To Make Our Own Movies

“With more people home and glued to their streaming services, many of which don’t allow advertising, companies are finding they need to be creative about the ways they get in front of audiences no longer seeing 30-second commercials. More are turning to traditional Hollywood production companies like Imagine to partner on feature films like The Day Sports Stood Still, which is infused with Nike’s ethos but carries none of the traditional branding audiences are used to seeing.” – The New York Ti...
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Nike, Netflix, 03.23.21

COVID Shutdown Has Wiped Out Entry-Level Hollywood

“While the pandemic overturned the lives of workers industrywide, those just beginning to establish their careers in an industry that is notoriously difficult to break into were disproportionately impacted. The production shutdowns in L.A. and New York eradicated on-set gigs that PAs and extras rely upon, while furloughs and layoffs at agencies decimated entry-level office jobs.” – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, New York, Hollywood, Media, 03.23.21

The beluga whale who became famous: Aleksander Nordahl's best photograph

‘He was called Hvaldimir and he would play in front of crowds at Hammerfest harbour in Norway. One woman dropped her phone and he fetched it for her’In April 2019, a beluga whale appeared alongside fishing boats off the coast of Norway. He was wearing a harness. A fisherman called Joar Hesten freed him, and saw the harness had stamped on it “equipment of St Petersburg”. The media went crazy, and the whale was named Hvaldimir, a combination of hval, the Norwegian word for whale, and Vladimir, a n...
Tags: Art, Europe, Photography, Instagram, Putin, Animals, Russia, Environment, World news, Culture, Wildlife, Conservation, Art and design, Marine Life, Oceans, Awards and prizes

Paris Review Names New Editor (The Second Emily In A Row)

The magazine, co-founded and long run by the late George Plimpton, “has a new editor, only the sixth since being founded in 1953, but its third since 2017. Emily Stokes, currently a senior editor at The New Yorker, succeeds Emily Nemens, who announced earlier this month that she was leaving to work on a new book.” – AP
Tags: Art, Paris, Words, New Yorker, George Plimpton, Emily Nemens, 03.23.21, Emily Stokes

The Best Character Actors In The Business (Well, Most Of Them)

“[Here are] the results of an industrywide survey we conducted to answer one simple question: who are the most memorable character actors working today? To find out, we polled nearly 60 directors, showrunners, casting directors, and critics — and when we tallied the results, 32 names had emerged from a field of more than 300 suggestions.” (The only problem: anyone who has been nominated for an Oscar or won an Emmy was disqualified, thus leaving out the likes of J.K. Simmons and Melissa Leo.) – ...
Tags: Art, Media, J K Simmons, 03.22.21

Actors’ Equity Faces Rebellion Of Its Own Members Over COVID Restrictions

“Quietly simmering frustrations erupted publicly last week, when more than 2,500 union members signed a letter, circulated by a Broadway performer and signed by Tony winners and Tony nominees, plaintively asking, ‘When are we going to talk about the details of getting back to work?'” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Broadway, Tony, 03.23.21

How Our Stories Frame Our Issues

“Why should storytelling matter so much? Because it conditions us to respond to society. Artists teach us what to take notice of and what to turn away from, whom to empathize with and whom to tune out. Plato thought this power too consequential to be entrusted to poets, whom he would ban from his ideal republic, leaving the politics of representation in the hands of philosopher kings. Today, this authority is vested in studio executives.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Ideas, Plato, 03.23.21

Actor George Segal, 87

“[His] long career began in serious drama but who became one of America’s most reliable and familiar comic actors, first in the movies and later on television. … Sandy-haired, conventionally if imperfectly handsome, with a grin that could be charming or smug and a brow that could knit with sincerity or a lack of it, Mr. Segal walked a line between leading man and supporting actor.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, America, People, Sandy, Segal, George Segal, 03.23.21

Soprano Christine Goerke Named Associate Artistic Director Of Michigan Opera Theatre

“The move brings a singer at the peak of her international career to Detroit. She will perform locally at least once a season, take the lead in casting MOT productions and complement [artistic director Yuval] Sharon’s experimental streak with a sensibility forged within the core of the operatic tradition.” – Detroit Free Press
Tags: Art, Music, Michigan, Detroit, Christine Goerke, 03.23.21, Yuval -RSB- Sharon

Mills College Will Shut Itself Down

The 169-year-old liberal arts college in Oakland, which has left an extraordinary legacy in American arts (especially contemporary classical music), is one of the few all-female undergraduate schools left in the U.S. But the pandemic has only intensified longstanding declines in Mills’s enrollment and financial health, and administrators say that the school will accept no more new students, stop issuing degrees after 2023, and turn itself into an institute. Alumnae are organizing to fight the d...
Tags: Art, Oakland, Issues, Mills, Mills College, 03.23.21

After National Backlash, Australian Festival Cancels Artwork That Was A Very Bad Idea

“On Tuesday afternoon organisers of the [Dark Mofo] festival, which is run by the Museum of Old and New Art [in Tasmania], announced that the work by Spanish artist Santiago Sierra – in which he planned to immerse a Union Jack flag into the donated blood of Indigenous people, as a statement ‘against colonialism’ – would no longer go ahead.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Tasmania, Jack, Visual, Santiago Sierra, 03.23.21

Explore a New Archive of 2,200 Historical Wildlife Illustrations (1916-1965): Courtesy of The Wildlife Conservation Society

Between the 1910s and the 1960s, a nature-lover with a sure artistic hand and a yen to see the world could have done much worse than signing on with the Wildlife Conservation Society. During those decades, when the WCS was known as the New York Zoological Society, its “Department of Tropical Research (DTR), led by William Beebe, conducted dozens of ecological expeditions across tropical terrestrial and marine locales,” says the organization’s web site. This long-term project brought together bo...
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'To convey black beauty is an act of justice': Tasweer photo festival – in pictures

Image-makers of African heritage from the worlds of fashion, design and photography – including Tyler Mitchell, Namsa Leuba and Nadine Ijewere – are celebrated in a new show for Qatar’s festival of visual culture Continue reading...
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