Hyundai Pony Heritage Becomes Design Studio Centerpiece

While automotive enthusiasts have mixed opinions on the cultural clout of electric vehicles, there’s one aspect of electrification that’s undeniably cool — the resto-mod potential. Despite the historic appeal of driving around in vintage automobiles, they’re often painfully slow with ridiculously long braking distances and a lack of standard features many people living today would deem […] The post Hyundai Pony Heritage Becomes Design Studio Centerpiece appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Benin Bronzes Are Not Safer Held In The West, Say Researchers

“They have been equally unsafe in the hands of British, not least because of attack in 1897, which destroyed so much royal and sacred landscape,” said Dan Hicks, an archaeology professor at the University of Oxford in England who has written extensively on the Benin Bronzes. And, he added, many Benin Bronzes have headed to market in Europe, leaving their whereabouts and their safety uncertain. “The most important of the collections have been sold off in the West.” – ARTnews
Tags: Art, Europe, England, University of Oxford, Benin, Visual, Dan Hicks, Benin Bronzes, 04.12.21

Dallas Symphony Invites Out-Of-Work Metropolitan Opera Orchestra Musicians To Play Joint Concert

“Someone on our team said, ‘Wouldn’t it be fun if we could bring together musicians around the U.S. who are not working, for some project?’ It morphed into involving Fabio Luisi, who’s been really bummed out about the Met, which has had such a hard year. He thought about Mahler 1, and bringing in about half the Met Orchestra. – Dallas Morning News
Tags: Art, Music, Dallas, Mahler, Fabio Luisi, 04.12.21

Top Music Industry People Weigh In On The State Of Streaming

Senior figures from Spotify, Apple and other streaming services have commended the virtues of streaming, and few in the world of music would dispute that the platforms saved the music industry. Music streaming in the UK now brings in more than £1bn a year in revenue. But the fact remains that artists can be paid as little as 13% of the income generated, receiving as little as £0.002 to about £0.0038 per stream on Spotify and about £0.0059 on Apple Music. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Spotify, Music, UK, Spotify Apple, 04.10.21

Steven Leigh Morris On What Did In LA Stage Alliance

“When members of the community say about LASA that they didn’t feel included or respected, my heart goes out to them. I ran the organization, and I often felt the same way.” – Stage Raw
Tags: Art, Theatre, LA Stage Alliance, Lasa, 04.09.21, Steven Leigh Morris

Marshall Marcus Talks the UN and Arts Organizations

The Secretary General of the European Union Youth Orchestra shares about the connection between the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the mission of arts organizations. – Aaron Dworkin
Tags: Art, Un, Ajblogs, European Union Youth Orchestra, 04.10.21

Doubting Thomas: Greenville County Museum Sells “Alma’s Flower Garden” in a Non-Transparent Transaction

Taking a page from the problematic playbooks of the Berkshire, Everson and Baltimore museums, the Greenville County Museum of Art, South Carolina, has become the latest poster child for deplorable deaccessions. – Lee Rosenbaum
Tags: Art, Baltimore, Ajblogs, Thomas, 04.09.21, Greenville County Museum Sells, Alma 's Flower Garden, Berkshire Everson, Greenville County Museum of Art South Carolina

And Now: Virtual DJ’s Powered By AI

“Virtual entertainment is the new cultural center of gravity,” Authentic Artists founder and CEO Chris McGarry told Protocol. Authentic Artists has developed a dozen such virtual DJs thus far, and is powering their performances with a custom-built AI music engine that uses a catalog of 130,000 MIDI files to generate performances in real time. The resulting music is being fed into the company’s animation pipeline, and there’s a feedback mechanism for Twitch audiences to change the course of a se...
Tags: Art, Media, 04.07.21, Chris McGarry

Legendary Poster Artist Tyler Stout Has Created a ‘Halloween’ Poster and It’s on Sale This Friday

Better clear some wall space because there’s a new Halloween poster from celebrated artist Tyler Stout on the way. The 24″ x 36″ 4-color screenprint pays tribute to John Carpenter‘s immortal horror classic, and you’ll be able to pick it up (or at least try to pick it up) this Friday. And nothing says Halloween like the third week in April! Take a gander at the poster below. Collider debuted the Tyler Stout Halloween poster, as well as the following details: 24” x 36” Screen Print – (4/Colo...
Tags: Art, Halloween, Movies, Cool Stuff, John Carpenter, Tyler Stout, Carpenter, Tyler, Mike Gregory, Grey Matter Art, Grey Matter, Tyler Stout Has, Broken Press Limit, Estimated Shipping

Legendary Poster Artist Tyler Stout Has Created a ‘Halloween’ Poster and It’s on Sale This Week

Better clear some wall space because there’s a new Halloween poster from celebrated artist Tyler Stout on the way. The 24″ x 36″ 4-color screenprint pays tribute to John Carpenter‘s immortal horror classic, and you’ll be able to pick it up (or at least try to pick it up) this week. And nothing says Halloween like the third week in April! Take a gander at the poster below. Collider debuted the Tyler Stout Halloween poster, revealing it’s on sale Thursday, April 15 at 1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PT. ...
Tags: Art, Halloween, Movies, Cool Stuff, John Carpenter, Tyler Stout, Carpenter, Tyler, Mike Gregory, Grey Matter Art, Grey Matter, Tyler Stout Has, Broken Press Limit, Estimated Shipping

Hot Off The Press — How The Sacramento History Museum Became A TikTok Star

Museum docent Howard Hatch started making short videos of him working an old printing press. Soon the museum had more than a million followers on TikTok – WESH (Sacramento)
Tags: Art, Media, TikTok Star, Howard Hatch

What I’ve Learned Watching Dance Online For A Year

Work filmed or streamed that is performed with a live audience present cannot replicate the exchange of energy, delight, sorrow, laughter, and tears of being physically present in the theater – yet it does satisfy somewhat my craving for watching dancing. – Oregon Arts Watch
Tags: Art, Dance

How To Help Students Catch Up After Lockdown? The Arts

that arts education contributes significantly to social-emotional well-being as well as college, career and citizenship readiness. – San Diego Union-Tribune
Tags: Art, Issues

Artist Rachel Whiteread Has Changed Her Art, And Her Life

Whiteread won the Turner Prize when she was 30, the first woman, and youngest artist, ever to win – and she id it for casting an entire house in London. She’s been casting objects and the spaces around objects for three decades. But now? Now, she’s building new things. – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, London, Visual, Rachel Whiteread, Whiteread, 04.11.21

How Gabby Giffords Uses The French Horn To Help Her Recovery

The ex-Arizona representative was shot ten years ago. She’s rebuilt her life with constant therapy, including playing the French Horn, which helps with her ability to speak. – PBS News Hour
Tags: Art, People, Arizona, Gabby Giffords, Horn

Poets Lost A Lot Of Readings, Series, And Opportunities During The Pandemic, So What Do They Think Is Next?

“For readers still thawing from a year in isolation, two questions in [Sesshu Foster’s untitled] poem are especially prescient: ‘How to start again? How to wake up?'” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Words, 04.11.21

After More Than A Year Apart, Singers Miss Collaborating

Afro-Brazilian musician Luedji Luna: “It’s been a sad year for artists and for the three of us: What we love doing most is performing with each other.” But it hasn’t been all terrible. “When the pandemic started, we all reacted differently. Xenia is more of a meditative person, so she wasn’t online much. Larissa started to produce beats. And I became a mom.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, Larissa, Xenia, Luedji Luna, 04.12.21

The Hollywood Bowl Is Back, With Celebration And Caution, For The Summer Of 2021

Though the bowl will be limited to 4,000 in a venue that seats 17,500, the excitement is real. “The organization is still ramping up to tackle the complexities of reopening, but Smith said the L.A. Phil is planning 45 to 60 concerts.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Music, Smith, Audience, Phil, 04.09.21

Benita Raphan, Maker Of Lyrical Short Films That Hover Between Documentary And Experiment, Has Died At 58

Raphan’s “genius” films – about people with unusual minds and talents – weren’t quite documentary; they were that, but more. “Up From Astonishment (2020), her most recent film, is about Emily Dickinson. In it, ink blooms on a page; butterflies pinwheel; there are empty bird nests, an abacus and various inscrutable shapes. Susan Howe, a poet, and Marta Werner, a Dickinson scholar, are the film’s narrators, but not really. Ms. Raphan had sampled clips from her interviews with them and used their ...
Tags: Art, People, Emily Dickinson, Dickinson, Susan Howe, 04.11.21, Benita Raphan, Raphan, Marta Werner

The Great Depression’s Dance Marathons Were An Exploitative Craze

They might sound like yet another fun thing for young people to have done back in the day, but no. They were even deadly, with reports of at least two dancers dying near the dance floor as others simply passed out. “Dance marathons, also called walkathons to avoid legal and moral scrutiny, were essentially the Netflix dating show of that era. As an emcee entertained the audience with dancers’ biographies over live music, the couples danced, stumbled and dragged each other for weeks on almost no...
Tags: Art, Dance, Netflix, 04.11.21

We Know Theo, But What About Vincent Van Gogh’s Sisters?

He (and Theo) had three. From reading a book that includes some newly translated letters, we can learn that “Lies was frustrated that women didn’t have more professional options that were socially acceptable. We learn about how Wil often copied Vincent’s drawings and was his favorite model, and that the two wrote to each other about art and literature and inquired about one another’s mental health.” – Hyperallergic
Tags: Art, Vincent, Visual, Vincent Van Gogh, Theo, Wil, 04.11.21

The New Ascendance Of The Nature Memoir

We’re all looking for something – solitude, connection to nature, an escape from our houses and apartments – and so, publishing is providing us with many (many) nature memoirs. But where to start? Check out this heavily annotated list. – LitHub
Tags: Art, Words, 04.09.21

The MTV Show ‘The Real World’ Jump-Started Reality TV As We Know It, But At A Huge Cost

In 1992, television wasn’t all about the latest competition or race or humiliation reported to the camera. So when The Real World started, it was a shock. Perhaps not as much of a shock – but a choice that has echoed for nearly three decades – is the way the show framed Black cast members. “The show often sacrificed nuance in favor of drama when framing the Black castmates for the network’s predominantly white audience.” – BuzzFeed
Tags: Art, Media, Mtv, Black, 04.08.21

The British TV-Watching Public Complained A Lot About An Excess In Coverage Of Prince Philip’s Death

As a matter of fact, there were so many complaints about the bump in programming for special coverage of the Duke of Edinburgh’s death that the BBC had to set up an whole new temporary complaint page. And it wasn’t just the main channel. “BBC Radio 4 and Radio 5 Live also aired special programming charting Prince Philip’s life, while BBC Four was paused and displayed a message directing viewers to switch over for a “major news report”. – BBC
Tags: Art, Media, Bbc, Edinburgh, Bbc Four, Philip, BBC Radio, Prince Philip, 04.10.21

The Boston Symphony’s Lucia Lin Says Classical Music Is Not Eurocentric

And she has the duet series to prove it. Lin, who commissioned duets before adding interviews to her presentation of new work: “In the beginning I just wanted to have these duos written. Then I decided, you know, part of the reason people are afraid of new music is they don’t understand it. What happens if people get to know the composers a little bit?” – Boston Globe
Tags: Art, Music, Lin, Boston Symphony, 04.09.21, Lucia Lin

BAFTA Wins Include A Fair Number Of Surprises

Chloé Zhao won another directing award for Nomadland, which also won best film on the second night of the mostly online awards. Anthony Hopkins was a surprising win for The Father; at 83, he’s the oldest male actor to win a BAFTA. Promising Young Woman and Emerald Fennell also came in for surprising wins, and Youn Yuh-jung’s win for Minari capped a late surge for the actor. – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Media, BAFTA, Anthony Hopkins, Fennell, Chloe Zhao, Minari, Youn Yuh jung, 04.11.21

Performers In South Africa Protest For More Government Help During The Pandemic

For the performing arts community, the closure of Cape Town’s Fugard Theatre was something of a last straw. “In just a decade of existence the theatre, named after world-renowned playwright Athol Fugard, had become a much-loved venue that put on work by local writers as well as internationally known plays and musicals.” Artists are asking their government to do much, much more for them – and their strapped venues. – BBC
Tags: Art, Theatre, South Africa, Cape Town, Athol Fugard, 04.09.21

The Messy, Low-Budget, Rediscovered Late Soviet Era Lord Of The Rings

The 1991 project was believed to be lost. “But after Tolkien fan clubs urged the broadcaster [Channel Five] to scour the archives of its Soviet predecessor, Leningrad Television, workers for Channel Five managed to find the footage last year” – and to put it online for all of us to enjoy in late March. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Media, Tolkien, Channel Five, 04.10.21, Leningrad Television workers for Channel Five

Gianluigi Colalucci, Restorer Of Michelangelo’s Colors, Has Died At 91

In the 1980s, Colalucci led the team that restored the Sistine Chapel. “To paint the Sistine ceiling, Michelangelo labored atop a towering scaffolding, his neck craned skyward and paint dripping onto his face. In an enterprise that captivated the international art world, Mr. Colalucci assumed the same position for the delicate task of cleansing the chapel of the layers of filth that had accumulated during the intervening centuries.” – Washington Post
Tags: Art, People, Michelangelo, 04.09.21, Gianluigi Colalucci Restorer Of Michelangelo, Colalucci

Stephen Hawking — A Life In Ideas Obscured By Celebrity

Hawking was no Newton. He said so himself. At a White House event in 1998, First Lady Hillary Clinton read a question from the Internet: “How does it feel to be compared to Einstein and Newton?” He replied, “I think to compare me to Newton and Einstein is media hype.” Then again, as Charles Seife demonstrates in Hawking Hawking, he “worked very hard to cultivate” these comparisons. – New York Review of Books
Tags: Art, White House, Ideas, Hillary Clinton, Stephen Hawking, Einstein, Newton, Charles Seife, 04.29.21, Newton He

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