How to Create Vignettes That Really Pull a Room Together

Back when we were allowed to freely visit other people in their homes, you may have noticed that some had what was seemingly an area of knickknacks or other pieces of “decor” grouped together that somehow...worked. It didn’t look like some random junk taking up space, or the clearance aisle of a Home Goods—it looked…Read more...
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Helen McCrory remembered: ‘She had a brightness about her. She was a star’

Richard Eyre, the National Theatre director who cast the actor in some of her earliest roles, pays tribute to her after her deathPart of the tragedy of Helen McCrory dying at such a young age, leaving a husband and two young children, is that professionally she had everything to look forward to. She had established herself as a very considerable actor in the theatre and on film and television.She had a brightness about her, a luminosity: she was, in short, a star. She lit up a stage or a screen ...
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Full Class Project: Drama Class ABCs

In “Drama Class ABCs,” students work together as a class to create a children’s alphabet book of important theatre-related words and phrases. This project can be done in person or virtually. It challenges students to select and define 26 important theatrical vocabulary words and phrases, and explain those words and phrases in simple language that […]
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7 Great Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

(Image source: Pixabay)  Are you looking for some gift ideas for a pet lover? We wrote this short, yet informative guide to present the latest and best gift ideas for your friends or loved ones who live with a companion animal.   1. Pet Art   A custom pet portrait would make a beautiful centerpiece in any pet lover’s home. There are as many types of pet art today as there are artists. Some sketch, others paint, while others specialize in digital art and more. There are also traditional medi...
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