What Math Says About Who Will Win The Oscars Tonight

A dubious proposition, but a possible one: “If numbers or data or statistics can provide any ounce of entertainment, there’s no better time than the present.” (If you’re a betting person, bet on Nomadland to take it all.) – The Hollywood Reporter
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Eight Smithsonian Museums Are Getting Ready To Reopen

All of the eight reopened briefly in 2020, between July and October. Coronavirus surges in November closed them again. But many others in the Smithsonian portfolio have remained closed since March of 2020, and the schedule for those isn’t yet clear. – The New York Times
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The Oscars, Intimate And Sometimes Surprising

Here are the live updates and the winners list as it happens. – Los Angeles Times
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No, No One’s Going To Watch The Oscars

Broadcast TV ratings have been declining for years, and this ceremony will be no different – and won’t mean anything about the actual movies involved. “I have long thought that the thing the Oscars needs most is one of those old Christmas special sets, with the cool living room sofa, the baby grand and that front door through which all the guests enter. Especially this year, when, until recently, so many of us have been unable to cross any threshold but our own. What better way to capture the m...
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Electronic Music’s Suppressed Innovators

Laurie Anderson: “It’s very interesting … that a lot of that early work in electronics was done by women. Some of them wanted to do nothing less than change the way people listened, which is telling. They wanted to think about how sound could recalibrate our body and mind.” – The Guardian (UK)
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When Lesbian Writers Made Paris The Center Of Modernist Thought

A biographer says of Natalie Barney and her wealthy, artistic circle: “They were destined, if you like, to break away. I think of modernism as this break from old ways of writing, old ways of seeing, and old ways of being. Of course, to be lesbian or to be gay, you have to break away because look at the patriarchal models, look at the Christian models. You can’t look at the Bible! I mean … leave it, move on. And they did move on in a really trailblazing way.” – Slate
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How To Enjoy Yet Another Online-Ish Awards Show

Embrace the absurdity: “Look, things are going to get weird. There was a small fire within the first 15 minutes of the Emmys. (It started as a bit, but then a slightly panicked Jennifer Aniston could not put out the flames with an extinguisher.) In the closing moments at the MTV Video Music Awards, the Black Eyed Peas wore pants with glowing crotches as they belted out ‘I Gotta Feeling,’ with lyrics encouraging everyone to ‘party every day.’ (Not something anyone should do in a pandemic.)” – Wa...
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The International Booker Shortlist Is Out

Ready to read? The shortlist for the international prize, which is for a book translated into English in Britain and Ireland, features a couple of authors who write in French. The list includes science fiction, memoir, and more. Chair of the judges for the shortlist, Lucy Hughes-Hallett, said, “This is a fantastically vigorous and vital aspect of the way fiction is being written at the moment — people are really pushing the boundaries.” – The New York Times
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Behind The Scenes Of The Best Picture Nominees

What the directors say, including clips about how to make a dramatic scene more dramatic with whispers – and how to cast a “good guy” to make a point in a scene about a not very good guy at all. – The New York Times
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The Real Nomads Of Nomadland

One says, “It’s kind of simpatico with Fern’s story [in the movie]. My husband died, and we don’t have kids, so I just sold everything and just thought that I would travel for a bit, and fell in love with it.” And, just like Fern, she says, “I can’t see me living a different way now.” – BBC
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The Two Types Of Post-Pandemic People

Who dominates in the (hoped-for, perhaps arriving) after-COVID era will affect theatre, music, dance, and other performing arts. Psychology professor Laurie Santos: “The pandemic has taught us that there are negotiable things that we can subtract from our schedules, … and some of those subtractions feel good.” – The Atlantic
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Shakespeare’s Birthday Just Went By, And He Barely Seems Older At All

Charles McNulty on the Bard in 2021: “Shakespeare’s characters keep drawing us back because we want to understand them more fully. They leave us with an impression of unfinished business. Just as no one in our lives can be fully known, so the figures in his plays reveal only so much about what they think, feel and believe.” – Los Angeles Times
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American Ballet Theatre Dancers Spend A Month In A Bubble In Southern California

It was both arduous and oddly pleasant for the dancers, used to touring – and to playing for packed houses; only 10 percent of the theatre can be sold in this case (but the ballets are available to stream online). “Jose Sebastian, one of the eight dancers performing Lovette’s ‘La Follia Variations,’ said the experience of living and rehearsing in the bubble has had its upsides. Typically performers fly into a new city for a show and rehearse on the stage for one day, he said. Having so much mor...
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Maine’s Attorney General Says Arts Robert Indiana’s Estate Overpaid Lawyers By Millions

The litigation after the artist’s death in 2018 has been extensive, but perhaps the fees were quite a bit more extensive than they should have been. “The attorney general’s office filed papers in Knox County Probate Court this week demanding that the executor of Indiana’s estate, James W. Brannan, a Maine lawyer, put back into the estate nearly half the money, $3.7 million, that he had paid out to seven law firms.” – The New York Times
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The Detroit Symphony Gets A Letter From A Non-Fan Of Black Composers’ Music

And then DSO vice-president Erik Rönmark posted the letter to social media (with the patron’s, or former patron’s, name redacted). Response on social media was strong. The CEO of a tech company wrote: “You just won yourself a new patron at the $125 level. My company … would like to sponsor 4 new patrons at this same level, preferably people under 40 and/or BIPOC. How can we do this? Keep up the good work!!” – Classical FM
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How to Safely Move Your Houseplants to Your New Place

Pretty much everything about moving is hard and annoying and makes you swear that you’ll never move again. But moving with a large collection of (or even a few) houseplants is even trickier. You want to make sure they survive the trip, that their pots don’t break, and that the soil doesn’t spill everywhere and get the…Read more...
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Meet the miniaturist whose tiny homes are a delight

Carmen Mazarrasa builds exquisite doll’s houses where she can control everything – except when the mice decide to move in…At moments of unrest I open Instagram and scroll impatiently until I see what I need to see, and then I exhale, a gleeful loosening. What I am looking for is something recognisable – a plant, a pencil, a chair, a bowl of dumplings – shrunk to a fraction of its size. How to describe the pleasure, the sweet, squealy pleasure of studying a miniature iPhone, suitable only for a b...
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Which Actors Benefit From Oscar Nominations?

Well, what a surprise: “For white actors, Academy recognition quickly leads to starring roles, both in big-budget blockbusters and prestige dramas. For actors of color recognized by the Academy, landing those roles typically takes much more time—if they ever land them at all.” – Vice
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Scott Rudin’s Decades Of Power And Damage On Broadway And In Hollywood

At the crux of the matter, there are hints at rottenness that extends far beyond Rudin and his protegés: “Many wondered how artists who consider themselves politically enlightened could be so eager to work with Mr. Rudin, knowing how badly he treated his employees. ‘People are acting like the industry is changing, but the fact that someone like Scott is still in power makes me doubtful of that,’ said Josh Arnon, 25, who worked at Mr. Rudin’s office from October 2018 to August 2019. ‘It’s crazy ...
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Art Peaked 30,000 Years Ago

Or so some believe. “The more you look at images from the walls of Lascaux and Chauvet, the more you realise art really has invented nothing since those days at the end of the ice age. It is hard to take in how comprehensively these ancient artists anticipated the future. It takes time to fully absorb this – say, a year in and occasionally out of lockdown.” – The Guardian (UK)
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When A Lot More Of Us Are Vaccinated, What Will Moviegoing Look Like?

Probably there will still be a lot of private showings, now that we’re somewhat used to the idea. And then … a return to Moviepass, or something like it? “To survive beyond the pandemic, theaters must persuade moviegoers not just to come back, but to come back more frequently than they did—to start thinking of their local cinema as akin to their favorite coffee shop. Because a return to pre-pandemic habits isn’t enough.” – The Atlantic
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What To Expect From The Oscars Red Carpet

According to Laverne Cox, it can’t all be fashion – but then it can’t all be politics, either. “There’s so, so much work that goes into a look. This is the sad thing about there not being red carpets. It’s a whole cottage industry of stylists and hair and makeup people. I think we can celebrate that and also do something else. I can shout out the designers that I’m wearing and also talk about something that is important to me.” – The New York Times
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Theatrefolk Featured Play – A Deep, Poetic Journey Into Something by Forrest Musselman

Welcome to our Featured Play Spotlight. A Deep, Poetic Journey Into Something by Forrest Musselman is a dramatic character study for high school student performers with excellent movement opportunities. Jane wants to break out of her box. Colour cows green and the sky purple. She wants a deep poetic journey into something. The problem is she […]
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